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Review #1, by bronShadows and Sunlight: One

18th July 2009:
so so bittersweet and wonderfully written. exactly how i imagined lily and sev before hogwarts. absolutely fantastic!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it...and that we have the same imagination! ^_^

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Review #2, by bronWhen Luna met Rolf: Epilogue

8th February 2009:
Absolutely Perfect

I'm so glad this had a happy ending, but even if it didnt it still would have been as amazing as it is=]
I'm really going to miss this story, the way you describe Rolf and Luna is incredible and I know that I've never read anything as great as your descriptions before.
Thankyou for an absolutely wonderful journey and an incredible story, and most of all thanks for letting Rolf show Luna how much he needs her, I think that was the sweetest thing of all.
The way you tied up tiny little ends such as the crumple horned snorkack was awesome!

i hope that you now continue with notes on a mirror =]
once again, thanks for an incredible story

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Review #3, by bronWhen Luna met Rolf: My life is Grey if You are not in It

30th January 2009:
awww this chapter is so bittersweet.
i think you used Rolf's guilt and grief really well, and i reckon the next two chapters are going to be even better.
I missed Luna a bit in this chapter, but i loved the discussion between Rolf and Newt just before his death, and cause my friend's grandma has just died and she didn't get to see her before she passed away, it made me realise this was full of memories and emotions lots of people will never experience. I loved Neville in this... he is one of my favourite characters=] and the way you added the thestrals at the end was incredible, it really summed up Rolf's feelings, and i like the way he recalled Luna's diary entry, it was all really sweet!
i can't wait for the next chapter!!! I hope its a happy ending


Author's Response: Oh thank you so much for this lovely review:) And I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave Luna aside for the next chapter as well, but that should be bearable because there are a couple of characters returning to the scene that I hope you appreciate:) Anyway, I'm glad you liked Neville. I wanted him to be the nice guy regardless of the situation:) The thestrals mark the end of a phase for Rolf as they marked an end for Luna at the beggining of this story. So I'm really happy that people enjoyed seeing them again, through another's eyes:D

Thanks a lot for everything! And the next chapter is up tonight! :X::X:X:X:X:X

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Review #4, by bronWhen Luna met Rolf: Always on my mind

24th January 2009:
awww those 3 chapters are so depressing =[
however, they are amazingly written! I felt my heart breaking a little bit as Luna wrote the letter and then again when Rolf read it.
I'm glad Rolf has finally realised he loves her, and i reckon its pretty cool that Luna has gone to Romania. You described the convent really really well and i cant wait for the next chapter.
Your writing makes me forget about the rest of the world, especially the fact that i'm going back to school on wednesday=[ so thanks
i cant wait for the next chapter! I hope that the ending is a bit happier than this chapter


Author's Response: Oh indeed they are meant to be sad, especially Luna's letter as we can all imagine how hard this has to be on her. Her very first love turns out to be a heartbreak... I wanted Luna to go as farthest as possible from Rolf, so I figured out that out of all the places she could have gone to, she would have enjoyed Romania the best. So there she went!

Thank you so much for your neverending source of cheering up:) Your reviews always make me happy! Hugs, Roe

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Review #5, by bronWhen Luna met Rolf: The Borderline

23rd January 2009:
i feel so slack!
i've been on holidays for almost 8 weeks and i havent visited your stories once...
i'm really really sorry, but i'll read the other cahpters tomorrow and review them then

this was a good chapter, it sort of created a bit of tension between rolf and blaise as well as blaise and luna
very well written=]

and once again, sorry for being so slack!

Author's Response: Oh dear, no need to feel like that! No. Indeed no! You're a great reader and reviewer, taking some time off seems like a reasonable thing to do to me:) I'm glad you continue to enjoy this story! Hugs, Roe

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Review #6, by bronAnatomy of a Heart: One Can Only Hope

20th November 2008:
aww! thankyou!
this chapter was really really good.
i think you mean mine field not mined field though
apart from that, i dont even know where to begin!
Draco and Astoria are so so cute! and the way theo just opens up to Daphne like that is so sweet! i liked the way you didnt let anything happen between them though. i think its better to build it all up and, as you said, let them enjoy each others company for a while.
i also really liked the lighthearted exchange between millicent and gregory, it contrasted the depth of the conversation between daphne and theo really well and sort of drew away from the sadness of this chapter. I LOVED the way you described how hogwarts had changed for daphne and astoria, you portrayed their feelings of grief and how it had changed their perspective of life incredibly well!
i'm off to go check out this clip!
update soon, i cant wait for the next round of chapters fr all your stories!

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Review #7, by bronNotes on a Mirror: Notes on a Goodbye

2nd November 2008:
Your vocabulary is INCREDIBLE!
I wish more stories had as much depth and intelligence as all of your stories. Poor Franciszka. She sounds infinitely more beautiful and much saner than Bellatrix. I cant tell whether I like Rodolphus, or whether I'm meant to like him or not, and that's what I love about your writing, you always keep me guessing!
I loved the way you described her dress, and the passion she felt when she and Rodolphus were together, and the way you twisted her passion into nothingness was great!
I can't wait to read more of this story, it may be your best yet!

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Review #8, by bronAnatomy of a Heart: Where Do We Go From Here?

15th October 2008:
Every time I read about Snape's death I get really sad =[
and then adding colin's death to it made it even worse, but apart from that this is a beautiful chapter.

I found myself connecting to both Daphne and Theo more than I did when I read this story last time, maybe cause I already knew the ending but I'm trying to pretend that this is a completely different story.

They are so cute together, and the way you described their despair and sorrow was wonderful, even though it was really, really sad.

Probably my favourite line was:
"One has to know the past in order to understand the present and foretell the future"
Its creepy that history is my favourite subect for that precise reason but it made me love Daphne even more.

I cant wait for the next chapter even though I know you're really busy, heck, so am I!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for this lovely review and sorry for not replying sooner. I've been very busy in real life:)

It is in a way a different story, because I'm going to make separate stories for the three moments in theor lives so feel free to imagine this with another ending for the time being:D I'm so glad you like this story and that you can relate to the characters. Heck you're always such a great reviewer!


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Review #9, by bronWhen Luna met Rolf: Meet the Parents, Part I

14th October 2008:
they're always so so cute!
I'm a bit worried about Alexander's insight into Rolf though... Maybe he's speaking from his experiences and thinks that Rolf will do the same thing...
I'm reading way too much into it!
Oh well.
An awesome chapter, the way you used the descriptions and the thoughts of Rolf and Luna was really well done and I'm so glad that Luna has realised that she is totally in love with Rolf=]

Update soon!!


Author's Response: Oh how lovely to hear that after all these chapters you still find them as cute as ever:) Alexander has his opinion, Rolf has his... they're not congruent but since when did Rolf listen to anything that his dad said? We just don't know now do we?:D

Thank you so much dear for always leaving such wonderful reviews for my stories:D

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Review #10, by bronAnatomy of a Heart: The Beginning of the End

9th October 2008:
i'm so glad you decided to put this story back up=] i love it to bits!

The server crash was very, very annoying but I'm really glad you've decided to put this story up


Author's Response: Thank you so much bron! I'm glad you're sticking to this story:)



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Review #11, by bronStealing the Hours: We All Have Ghosts...

9th October 2008:
beautiful, just beautiful.
An absolute tearjerker however, but still a wonderful chapter!
Poor Draco.. I just want him to be happy.

The dialogue in this chapter was incredible! I loved the way you depicted Astoria and the way she made Draco feel so happy yet simple. You captured Draco's emotions perfectly and the memory of their first meeting was so cute.
Very very well done.
As usual I cant wait for the next chapter!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the dialgue and getting an insight into Draco's mind and heart:) I'm really happy that you like and read all of my stories!


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Review #12, by bronWhen Luna met Rolf: Of Uncomfortable Questions and Adequate Answers

8th October 2008:
oooh good chapter!

so i come back from melbourne and this is here! what a good late birthday present!

this chapter was really cute, the descriptions were lovely and the dialogue between the two was simple and perfect=]

how awkward with the family! i can only imagine what will happen next chapter, but i cant wait!


Author's Response: Thank you so mcuh! I'm glad I could surprise you with a new chapter:)


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Review #13, by bronEnvy: Wendy

13th June 2008:
omg i'm almost crying. i love wendy now, i feel so sorry for her. i'm so glad shes not evil, i mean, there is a part of her that is but it isnt by her will. AND! the verse from the bible you used is one of my favourite =]
aw i'm glad we know what wendy is now, and that dora has realised how lucky she is and is now happy.
this was a great chapter and i cant wait for the next one, this chapter was awesome! there was lots and lots of dialogue, you know how much i love dialogue :)

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Review #14, by bronEnvy: Misconceptions

11th June 2008:
i knew he wasnt upset because she was pregnant!
aw that makes me so happy, but what the heck is wendy doing there? is she going to apologize or whats? WHATS GOING ON!
great chapter, it was very descriptive, but not that much dialogue which is a shame, but i spose cause theywerent talknig to each other there couldnt be any dialogue so it makes sense
please update soon!!! i am so hooked on this story!

Author's Response: Oh you know how I enjoy writing dialouge more than anything else. but they weren't talking so I really had to use discriptions...
She should have never lied to him... when will she learn...

And wendy... hmm you guys will see... some might like it... some might hate it... I personally like that's all I will say.

I will update tom... I promise....

Thanks again..

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Review #15, by bronEnvy: Stressing

10th June 2008:
OMG how could you do that?
he wasnt meant to find out like that!
ah well, at least he knows now
i hope hes just angry cause she didnt tell him earlier.
i'm gonna go with that until the update =]
please update soon!
wednesday seems so far away
congrats on your internship by the way. what sort of internship is it? i just read Bring_Back_sirius' review. we are an inquistive bunch arent we lol

Author's Response: Once Tonks didn't tell him rihgt away she was never going to be the one to tell him... hehe..
You guys will know why he's angry by the next chapter... don't worry... or

Yeah it's something to do with exams. They haven't told me what I'll be doing yet.... it's all very hush hush..

And don't worry.. I love questions... and you guys always ask the best... thouhg I never asnwer most of them... but of course that's for plot protection purposes

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Review #16, by bronFlowers.: The Family

10th June 2008:
oh dear
teddy is going to chuck a spaz isnt he?
aww sev is so cute
at least teddy talked to sev.
oh jane and teddy are just so cute
i love that it was teddy who introduced him to the good wizarding world not tonks or sev
this chapter flowed heaps better and i think your block is almost gone!
looking forward to the next chapter, but take your time. you took longer with this chapter and its obviously made a good difference.

Author's Response: Yeah... one step forward and two steps back...

I don't think Teddy and Jane will be a problem... It's like impossible for someone not to like Jane. And OMG I have an idea for a story about Jane... it's sord of related to the book... The Chrysalids by John Whyndam. (and this is a clue because it will tell you a lot about Jane) In the story she have a close relationship with a guy, who's family think he's deviant (you know they're muggles and he's not and they treat him bad). This story shouldn't be long so I hope I'll be able to write it.

I'm glad the flow is getting better because I'll need it write that story... and I have another one that's already started that I have to write...ghhh to much ideas..

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Review #17, by bronEnvy: Rice

3rd June 2008:
aw why did you put that in about his parents? that makes me so sad! i believe that eileen and tobias were in love once apon a time but he just let things deteriorate. nothing you can write will change my opinion. =] i'm so lame
gr why wont she just tell him! shes driving me mental!
but yay that he asked her to move in with him :)
please update soon!!!
by the way, i wrote a wedding scene and its been validated so yeah. its a bit chat though

Author's Response: for an explanation... I guess and I tie in point... you'll see why I did it eventually.

You know I change it up the stories from time to time... except Tobias always ends up a jerk. This is the first time I made both of them pretty bad.

hehe... she afraid... because how do you tell Severus Snape that.. gee... I'm afraid to tell him.

yes.. we all need some progress.

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Review #18, by bronFlowers.: His Friends

3rd June 2008:
hahahaha at your note
this chapter needed to happen to tie up a few ends before we go headlong into the next part of the story
gosh. writers block is a bitch isnt it.
go and read emma or watch emma or read some jane austen
shes good for romance and that sort of thing.
hmmm with the conflict i'm not sure where to direct you but i'm sure you'll get back into the swing of things soon

Author's Response: I'm starting to read... so I'll have a chapter up soon... I think. I decided not to post until I'm very happy with what I wrote. I haven't felt happy about anything in while... just satisfied...

thanks bundels for the support

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Review #19, by bronEnvy: Worrying

30th May 2008:
oh shes so stupid! i wish she would just tell him! delaying things like that just make it worse!
i love harry in this chapter. they seem to be really good friends which is awesome cause i think tonks needs a friend.
oh i wish she would just tell sev!
oh well. there's always next chapter :)
this was nice and long and there were some great desciptive passages.
well done

Author's Response: Tell him... and what would be the fun in I sort of thought Harry and Tonks could be friends when they got older because they are close in age.

I merged two chapters because they were so similar in tone... I decided not to put you guys through the torture of having to read two chapters where nothing really happens.

Thanks for reading agian..

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Review #20, by bronFlowers.: The Wicked Witch

30th May 2008:
as i said before. any of your writing is good writing. i loved the comment about the time of the month.
awww. are you going to write a sevadora wedding first or will i have to? aw poor jane
i cant help feeling so sorry for her and sev. especially cause she came from that bitch tabitha :( oh well, tonks will be a better mum for her anyway. when is jane going to start calling tonks by her real name? does jane actually know her dad's real name? i cant remember cause its so long since i started reading this.
looking forward to the next chapter

Author's Response: I don't see myself writing the wedding at all. I suck at things like that.... I guess you will have to.

And Jane... the name name she calls her won't be Tonks or Dora... I think you can guess what it is. and hmm. I don't think she knows Severus' real name... she might not need to until she is going to school.

Adn yeah... this story has been going on for sooo long. I really have to step it up. Every story I write I always think It will take ten chapters... look how much I'm at now...

Thanks for reading both stories. I can't wait to update both stories..

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Review #21, by bronEnvy: Bad News/Good News

30th May 2008:
did you make up that bug thing? because if you did that is INCREDIBLE. everyting makes so much sense now! oh you just put me in the best mood! a little sevadora! i knew there was something fishy about Wendy, i just wasnt sure what. and, i cant believe Wendy called Tonks a slut. that was so uncalled for, especially when Wendy was drinking her blood!
oh how will sev react? i hope he doesnt freak out. that would break my heart.
oooh i'm so excited now!

Author's Response: I'd like to take credit but No... I didn't make that up. It's folklore from Trinidad so I've been hearing about these things since I could remember.

Wendy is just bitter right now because well... she doesn't have a

Sev freak out... what... never. * evil grin on my face*

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Review #22, by bronEnvy: Taking Potions

29th May 2008:
does harry understand about them yet? hmm
what is that potion? its worrying me that sev didnt know what it was.
this was a bit of a set-up chapter but thats ok. i know how essential they are and any envy is good envy!
oh i'm getting so excited about flowers and envy! i'm really looking forward to the next round of updates!

Author's Response: Yes... you're right. It is a set up chapter.
Harry orginally thought that there was just messing around but since he's seen how much Sev cares about her, he now thinks that it might be more.

Don't get too excited about Flowers... I'm not totally pleased with the chapter I wrote. I think I have to read some books again.. something more lasting...

Thanks again.

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Review #23, by bronFlowers.: Mr. Cera

27th May 2008:
woo hoo!
party at tonk's place
as long as she says yes of course
oh by the way a chapter of seeing pink has been validated.
oh i'm so excited for the next chapter
the use of dialogue in this was awesome!
please update soon

Author's Response: She said yes... it's not going to be written but she did say it.

I just started writing to see what would happen and by the fourth page he had asked her to marry him then I was like... I could live with that.

And I'll get to reading that ASAP.
thanks bundels

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Review #24, by bronEnvy: Cold Heart

27th May 2008:
oh yay!
i have been hanging out for some updates for AGES!!!
i love it when they realise they're meant for each other, its just so fulfilling!
awww sev is so cute.
i wonder how wendy is going to take it. not well i suppose but that will be very interesting.
great chapter
looking forward to the next one

Author's Response: Yeah... I've been so bad with the updates. But tom it will come... so no waiting..

Well you know how Wendy is... very lady-like... she might not even have any reaction at all... and be all sad to herself because she doesn't want Sev to feel bad... though he should.

I can't wait to post the next chapter.

Thanks again...and again for reviewing. You have reviewed every chapter of like almost all my stories.

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Review #25, by bronLife Goes On: Life Goes On - Because It Must

26th May 2008:
that is absolutely beautiful!
i never liked the idea of everyone having so few kids, i mean, i'm from a big family and i want to have lots of kids cause i know how good it is. i dont think J.K. put that into account in the epilogue. Awww why did ron have to die? the fred thing was funny and very good
really well done. this is one of the post DH pre epilogues that isnt incredulous, so well done.
putting it in the point of view of Mrs Weasley was really clever.


Author's Response: Thank you very much Bron. The Weasleys are really the only "normal" family with normal interactions that Harry sees. (The Dursleys are not normal, and he doesn't know Hermione's family.) Normal includes, for them, large and loving families. That is what Harry would want, I am sure.

As for Ron, his death was a chance for Hermione and George to triumph over the worst that Voldemort's followers could do to them, (and I really like the idea of Hermione and George.) They all deserve happiness.

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