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Review #1, by BeautyLoonyKeeperOn the Horizon: new horizons and sights for my eyes

21st November 2010:
*whistles* Now that's a story I love coming back for! :)

So I'm going to copy this into a Word document and save it under "Admirable Works" just so you're aware. It's the stuff I look at when I'm feeling particularly low--sometimes it's torture to look at the Bigger and Better Deal, and other times it inspires me to write. A mixed bag, as it were.

Lovely one-shot. ^_^ I missed your wonderful stories.


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Review #2, by BeautyLoonyKeeperCronus Rising: Prologue

18th July 2009:
Good opening. :) A little fast paced, a not a lot of detail but good nonetheless. :) Can't wait to see what happens!!

Author's Response: It was meant to be a little faced-pace and lack detail. It's just the introduction and I did not really want to get too involved in the major plotpoints in the prologue. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #3, by BeautyLoonyKeeperUnintended: Wake Up Call

16th April 2009:
I have a question!


Okay, that's all. :D


Author's Response: After I post the rewrite of WIITB. I swear I'll post it then. . .I just don't know when that will be! Lol.

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Review #4, by BeautyLoonyKeeperI Love You 'Till The End: I Love You 'Till The End

29th March 2009:
Good God!

(Don't kill me. I know it's been, like, five hundred years since you've seen a comment of mine but hey! You never responded to my email! Anyways.)

LOVED IT! As usual. Wow. Feels nice to be commenting on your work again! I knew you were a fantastic writer but I forgot at JUST how fantastic you were! DAMN!

I'll keep this comment short because I want to read the rest of your work before I go to bed. Not like I'll succeed but hell, I'll do my best. :)


Author's Response: If anything, you should have your spear poised to penetrate my heart, lol. I'm sorry I wasn't able to get back to your email. I've been super busy with the upcoming drama production at my high school, so my online time is really limited. I promise I'll get a response back to you as soon as I can!

Anyway, YAY! It feels nice to see your comments again. I thank you ten times over for your compliments - I really don't think that I'm that good, but it's appreciated all the same.

And don't sweat it. You have all the time in the world to read. Like I said, I'll try to get an email back to you just as soon as I have a free moment.

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Review #5, by BeautyLoonyKeeperWhat It Is To Burn: I See You, You See Me

19th May 2008:
Holy CRAP!

First of all, I applaud Eleanor for her little shouting match with Lily. But Eleanor still is such an idiot.

Another thing, I'm really, really glad that Remus finally found out. It may tear him to shreds but he still has a RIGHT to know. And really, Eleanor should have told him herself rather than Remus finding out about it. I think that Eleanor just needs to step up to the plate and work things out. She needs to start swallowing all the things that stops her and just let everyone know exactly how she feels, including Sirius.

Let's see. I TOTALLY LOVE THIS CHAPTER! And really, it took it's time getting up. But whatever, I'm just glad it's up and I cannot wait for the next one! How many more chapters are there anyway?

Haven't gotten an email from you in a while. Hope you're okay! I would rant more but I've gotta run. :P


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Review #6, by BeautyLoonyKeeperWhat It Is To Burn: Trouble Sleeping

28th April 2008:
I am so SICK of Lily and Sirius already! I cannot stand either one of them. If Sirius wanted to be mad at me, let him be mad. I would have enjoyed my day back at Hogwarts. And with Lily, I would have really been pissed off. First of all, I wouldn't have been scared to death of them but would have been humming or something when I came out of the shower. Like hell I would allow them to ruin my night!

That's really all I have to say. I hope this story gets more cheerful! Sorry I haven't commented earlier but I've got so many stories to read and not to mention I'm taking my exams already. Well, sorry for this to be so incredibly and embarrassingly short but I've gotta run.

Can't wait for an udpate!


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Review #7, by BeautyLoonyKeeperHow Will I Know?: Chapter 27: Crumbling

9th April 2008:
I cannot believe that Gabby would react like that!! I suppose it would be expected but GOD! Look what it's doing to Lupin. I can understand the immediate reaction but I hope that she comes to her senses. See now, if I ever found out that a sweet guy like Lupin was a werewolf, I would have been like, "Yeah...and?" I mean, I don't understand the aversion to them and especially a guy like Lupin! I mean, he's so sweet and everything and he's only dangerous once a month for God's sake and even if he came across a human while he was a werewolf, James and Sirius as their animagus forms could take care of him, Lupin said so in the 3rd HP book.

Ah is to be expected but it makes me wonder what will happen next! I can't wait for the next chapter and I was so excited to have seen that you had updated.


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Review #8, by BeautyLoonyKeeperRemembering to Smile: Starry Sky

1st April 2008:
Short and sweet, I must say. Took ya long enough to update for another but wow, very good chapter! I can't wait for another one! 10/10!!

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Review #9, by BeautyLoonyKeeperFootprints: Chapter 6: The Little Things

26th March 2008:
I'm so glad that you updated! FINALLY! I loved it! It was SO freaking funny! I think the situation with Harry not wanting Ginny to know anything is a little overdone but the whole bit with Lily and James is hilarious! That part about how Lily would rather insult a Hippogriff then let them know she thought some of their pranks were impressive...that was funny!!

Anyways, 10/10!

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Review #10, by BeautyLoonyKeeperHow Will I Know?: Chapter 26: All Things Come In Three's - Part 3

20th March 2008:
Wow...that was...intense. It was difficult to read and decently described. I felt like I was actually there, fighting along side them. Yeah, I know, sounds totally cheesy. Whatever.

Nicely written. All very well formatted. 10/10

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Review #11, by BeautyLoonyKeeperMemories of Him: Memories of Him

12th March 2008:
Very nicely written! Well done. It was very nicely proportioned. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks! I worked very hard on it.

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Review #12, by BeautyLoonyKeeperWhat It Is To Burn: Time Is Running Out

12th March 2008:
First off, I loved it overall, but Sweet Merlin, I have a lot to say when it comes to Sirius.

OH MY GOD! I would NEVER let him say those things. And if he walked off while I was there, I would have hauled his sorry butt back onto the patio and let him have it. And probably, I would have punched him way before that. And that's not to mention LUCINDA! She's making Sirius blame all his friends when SHE was the one caught making out and SHE was the one cheating on her boyfriend for MERLIN ONLY KNOWS HOW LONG!

All I have to say is that Eleanor and I are not at all alike. If Sirius was mad at me like that, I wouldn't have allowed him to ruin my night. Damn, I wouldn't allow it to affect me at all, if possible. I would NOT put up with that. I would enjoy myself with my friends and show him that it doesn't bother me in the slightest. And that line about how he can't let go of Eleanor--what bull.

Just saying that things would have been a lot different if I had been there. Sirius wouldn't have known what hit him if he pulled that crap with me. Good Lord have mercy, no! As soon as he started blaming everyone except the one responsible, I would have punched him.

I feel bad for Eleanor and everyone else. Because of one person, so many decent relationships will be torn apart. I mean, Lily and James? Because Lucinda cheated, they'll probably hate each other. And Sirius and Remus, James and Eleanor not being friends...damn.

I was pointing out each and everything I would have done differently the entire time I was reading this. Eleanor's reactions are so much different to mine. I mean, when Sirius was glaring at her at dinner, for example. I would have scoffed, too, but if Sirius glared at me for it, I would have looked at him like, "Yeah, you got a problem?" Damn, I'd let him be mad. I wouldn't give two hoots in hell if he wanted to be miserable during New Year's Eve. By all means, he should be.

Oh, and when Lucinda and Amos were making out in front of Sirius, I was sitting in my seat going, "This is bad...this is REALLY bad." I was sure that Remus would discover them snogging and then the whole thing would blow over from there but this is much worse. Particularly since Lucinda isn't getting any blame at all. James, Remus, and Eleanor are getting the fall.

Screw Lucinda!

*Takes huge breath*

Okay, I'm better now. So, excellent chapter!! Very suspenseful but gosh, you can't a guy with a decent and smart head on his shoulders any more. Sirius wasn't thinking straight. He didn't actually go straight to the problem. Didn't he consider the fact that, if Lucinda hadn't cheated on him, then his friends would have kept that secret from him? Ha! Bet he never thought of that while he was shouting at his best mates when his ex-and-cheating-slagging-girlfriend was cackling with laughter beside him.

1,000,000/10! Wonderful!

By the way, I tried to send an email to the email address to you gave to me but it didn't go through. Why don't you email me? It's

I can't wait for another update! :D :D You rock, girl!

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Review #13, by BeautyLoonyKeeperLessons Learned: Thanks for Nothing

4th March 2008:
LOVE IT SO FAR!! Can't wait for an update!! Flirting with That was hilarious! :D :P


Author's Response: Thanks so much! Updates won't come until the queue reopens, but I promise they will come. :)

I'm glad you found it funny! :D

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Review #14, by BeautyLoonyKeeperWhat It Is To Burn: Turn On Me

26th February 2008:
OH SWEET LORDY! I expected just as much. God, if I were in Eleanor's shoes, I would act as natural as possible. I mean, isn't that the point if you don't want to draw attention? Act normal? Gosh.

Anyways, BRILLIANT as per usual. I was so excited to see that you had updated, again, as usual.

I have a sinking feeling that Lucinda will end up beating the crap out of Eleanor and then Sirius, James, Lily, and Remus come to the rescue, Sirius breaks up with Lucinda, Ellie and Sirius become "renewed acquaintances" and then work from there. It's just a feeling...


Oh yeah, I was wondering. Do you write any of your own original stories? Because if you do, I'd love to read them. There's a site that I post all my work on. You should send me an email if you're interested. :) I bet your original work is as good as your HPFF stories. I mean, how can it not be?



Author's Response: Aw, your words are much too kind. And I'm glad you enjoyed it. I can't say if that will happen or not, but it was a good guess.

To answer your other question: Yes, I do write my own original work, but I don't think it's all that great. But if you're really interested in reading my crappy work, you can hit me up in an email:

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Review #15, by BeautyLoonyKeeperSeventeen Ainít So Sweet (Especially When Youíre A Half-Blood): Come On, Get Higher

19th February 2008:
AH!!! Good Lord, she's got some patching up to do. I'm totally psyched about the next chapter. UPDATE QUICKLY! 50/10

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Review #16, by BeautyLoonyKeeperWhat It Is To Burn: Holiday From Real

19th February 2008:
Good Lord, child, "dramatic joy"? What is that about?? And, "nothing exciting happened"? She got a kitten for God's sake! I would, of all people, consider that exciting. I know, you're talking to a weirdo, boy don't I know that but still...I'm nervous. Eleanor and I are totally different when it comes to guts, but God, I wish she could go to the party with her chin held high. I would be like, "Yes, I kissed you, I enjoyed it. I feel guilty. I'm trying to get over it." I wouldn't let some guy make me chicken out on an awesome party! Sheesh!

But still, I love Eleanor. She'll probably have more guts then I'll ever have in the long run...hopefully. Her nervousness and unpredictable behavior makes up her character. She wouldn't be Eleanor if she didn't flush every two seconds. :P

Wonderful chapter but it was a hell of a lot shorter then normal. Well, not that I'm complaining, I'm just glad you updated!

Can't wait for an update--God, I can't believe I still have to say this. It should be routine now. I, as usual, WANT ANOTHER CHAPTER QUICK! :P 100/10

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Review #17, by BeautyLoonyKeeperLessons Learned: Pranks and Procrastination

15th February 2008:
:) I like it! I'll take a King-Sized Hershey bar for my snack! :P :P

Anyways, I like this so far! And I wouldn't be so nervous about writing in other character's P.O.V. Nothing really to be nervous about. I found this chapter to be hilarious, so I wouldn't worry about it because that's mainly what draws me into a story--humor, which this story is packing to the brim!!

:) Can't wait for an update. I'll be keeping watch for it! 10/10

Author's Response: *hands you king-sized hershey bar*

Thank you so much, I was mainly nervous that I wouldn't be able to write the Marauders' personalities and interactions right. Thanks a billion!

Updates soon. (:

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Review #18, by BeautyLoonyKeeperLessons Learned: Welcome Home

15th February 2008:
LOVE IT! (Prepare yourself--you'll most likely find a lot of similar comments. I am known to be a very BIG commenter most of the time.)

:) Can't wait for the next chapter. I was surprised when I found out they were in Ravenclaw. I'm glad this story is surprising me, though!! :)

Author's Response: I love comments. (:

Yay, I love it when I can surprise people. I'm usually very predictable... I'm estatic that you like it this much!

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Review #19, by BeautyLoonyKeeperLessons Learned: Prologue: Soundtrack To Your Life

15th February 2008:
Okay, I have no idea how to put this but I'll give it a go.

I know this sounds SO philosophical-like but, this story is really opening up my mind so far...and it's only the first chapter! I have a huge problem with dealing with stupid people who judge people on looks and I don't act like my real self around anybody because I'm afraid of being laughed at. I'm working on it but this first chapter is really helping me. And, I know, it's a Harry Potter fan fiction story...but still, good Lord, I love characters who don't give two hoots what other people think.

So, now that I've said my piece and acting like a total idiot, I will happily state that I'm in love with this story so far!!! Definitely keep it up because you're looking at one fan who will support it to the end! :) :) I hope you don't stop writing this one!!


Author's Response: Oh my goodness! This review really cheered me up. (:

I'm glad my story could give you help in such a way, I don't think you're being idiotic at all. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

BLK, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. xDD

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Review #20, by BeautyLoonyKeeperWhat It Is To Burn: Come Down

28th January 2008:
Oh yeah...hell, that is a HUGE problem. Good Lord...I am caught in the suspense. DAMN IT! You had BETTER update fast or else!!! Oh wow. Things are going to be tricky between them. I knew, from the beginning, that this was going to become a love triangle and what do you know? That's what it became. I mean, damn Eleanor. Damn Sirius for kissing her in the first place. It was so freaking obvious that he felt SOMETHING towards her but when he lets his feeling out in an amazing kiss, he has to berate himself for it. Yeah, wonderful Sirius.



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Review #21, by BeautyLoonyKeeperWhat It Is To Burn: We've Got A Big Mess on Our Hands

27th January 2008:
Ouch. Eleanor is such an idiot. :P But, psh, she's talking about the arching one eyebrow thing. Damn, I can't do that! Probably half of the human population can do that! I don't know anyone who can!


Wonderful chapter, as per usual. I would have commented earlier but I've had troubles with my computer.


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Review #22, by BeautyLoonyKeeperSeventeen Ainít So Sweet (Especially When Youíre A Half-Blood): Say Okay

15th January 2008:
Another brilliant chapter. Can't wait for more!

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Review #23, by BeautyLoonyKeeperToday I Thee Wed-A Love Story, Hermione, Viktor Krum, and Ron.: My Wedding...

13th January 2008:
LOVE IT! Definitely a well written stories despite the grammar mistakes. Well done!

I think it moves a little too fast and was a little...I dunno...vague?

Otherwise, definitely a well written story. :)


Author's Response: thank you!
like i said down there *points to other reviews* I wrote this at midnight, so I apologize for my grammar mistakes.
i have some more stories coming up, they'll be better written, so I hope you go and read them!
here's your cookie *gives cookie*

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Review #24, by BeautyLoonyKeeperWhat It Is To Burn: Home Is Where The Heart Is

13th January 2008:
Eleanor took care of a shaggy black dog over the summer? Oooo! Anyways, regardless, love it. Aunt Eliza is such a character as Eleanor made her out to be. Rufus? LOL! Love it.

More chapters soon! I was simply DELIGHTED when I saw that you had updated. Well, no more than usual.


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Review #25, by BeautyLoonyKeeperWhat It Is To Burn: Let It Snow

4th January 2008:
Wow is she in a tough spot. I feel sorry for her, personally. I can't wait for another chapter! This was funny especially. I'm surprised I didn't bust a vein laughing so hard. :P :P


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