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Review #1, by RedMapleJust Drop Dead: Grievances Come in All Disguises

13th August 2007:
Love it! Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Ahh thanks.
And don't worry.
You won't have long to wait.
If only hpff would go a little faster on validations....

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Review #2, by RedMapleHow Can A Death Eater Fall For The-Boy-Who-Lived?!: Interrogations

13th August 2007:
Very cool. I just wish they weren't so short! :D

Author's Response: Well when I write them on Word they're 2 pages long so, I'm sorry. But HOPEFLLY they get longer later. I'm already thinking of a new series on when her mum and dad meet and all, AFTER, you guys figure out/ Know who her dad is. Oh and I hope you don't mind that she's going to get a little 'mean' to Harry. She's an ex-Death Eater remember?Well thxs for the Review so much!!

~Harry_Inu_Lover (Also Known As Lyn)

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Review #3, by RedMapleThe Elegant Deceit: An Unexpected Arrival

13th August 2007:
Very nice start. Can't wait to see where this leads. I enjoyed the descriptions immensely.

Author's Response: thank you very much :]

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Review #4, by RedMapleReparo: Ch. 4: Banana Bread and Red Heads

13th August 2007:
Great Story, Izzy is totally kick ass. And your writing style is refreshing.

Author's Response: Thanks! She is kick ass, isn't she. More is on the way.

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Review #5, by RedMapleHow Can A Death Eater Fall For The-Boy-Who-Lived?!: Birthday Wishes and Flashbacks

29th July 2007:
Not a bad start to the series. I enjoyed her sarcasm and spunk. She has personality and I can tell that she won't back down, which is refreshing after reading the majority of other Harry/OC stories around here.

Author's Response: Thanks that means alot.

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