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Review #1, by Ella EvansTime Heals All Wounds: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

29th August 2007:
Brava, it was so good! I like the story and development so far and I can't wait to read the rest! Its a very logical evolution of the books as well, which I like about it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I hope you continue to enjoy it. :o)

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Review #2, by Ella EvansFinding Perspective: Epilogue

24th August 2007:
amazing! brilliant! i loved it. 10/10 and a gold star.

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Review #3, by Ella EvansArms of an Angel: Arms of an Angel

22nd August 2007:
Brilliant. Angsty but in a sweet sort of way, if that makes any sense.

Author's Response: It makes sense to me:). Or maybe we're both nuts. :S Hehe. Thanks for the review, Ella Evans! It made me smile

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Review #4, by Ella EvansResurrection: Reunited

22nd August 2007:
good job, i like the story so far.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot, big thankyou for the time you took out to read and review! -R@pier-

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Review #5, by Ella EvansHarry Potter Makes His Own Destiny: Black Sheep

20th August 2007:
ahhh and of course you end it there. haha, good job, cant wait to find out what happens next

Author's Response: I just posted the sensored rewrite of chap 20, as soon as it's validated, please RR, thanks for the review, send more.

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Review #6, by Ella EvansIsn't Someone Missing Me?: Missing

19th August 2007:
brilliant. short but oh so sweet.

Author's Response: Thanks! (I almost forgot I had this one lol...)

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Review #7, by Ella EvansThe House of Black: Crucio

19th August 2007:
dont get me wrong, i say almost only because jkr herself didn't write it. but i can so see it happening this way! loved it. ( I know I already reviewed but i had to clarify that 'almost,' lol)

Author's Response: Oh no, I wasn't offended or anything! I only...umm...*sigh*ed because Jo didn't give Bella a redemption in DH (and she killed off every single one of my favourite charaters while she was at it)

Umm...thanks anyway!

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Review #8, by Ella EvansThousands Say Farewell: Thousands Say Farewell

18th August 2007:
Brilliant, I loved it.

Author's Response: Thanks, Ella Evans.


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Review #9, by Ella EvansAnd His Cousin's Hand-Me-Down Clothes: And His Cousin's Hand-Me-Down Clothes

17th August 2007:
brilliant! i love the series! will there be a third installment maybe? please? maybe the fallout from the weasleys and such, or something like that. good job!

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Review #10, by Ella EvansThe House of Black: The Unforgivable

16th August 2007:
i love it! good evolution of the family, and almost completely believable. it is definitely a feasible senario. good job!

Author's Response: Almost *sigh*

Thanks for your review!

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Review #11, by Ella EvansFinished: Finished

16th August 2007:
no it wasn't because you said "he would triumph against this evil." so it made it seem like it was from harrys pov. i still had my suspicions but good job!

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Review #12, by Ella EvansHer Name Is Petunia: V with a C or K?

4th August 2007:
i love your disclaimer on this chapter, lol

Author's Response: I try to make them funny- it gets so dull, after a while.

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Review #13, by Ella EvansInnocence: Innocence

1st August 2007:
"blissfully unaware of the cruel vicissitudes of fate."
i love that sentence.
good story but i highly doubt, auror training or not, harry would have stayed out of the fight waiting for voldemort. but i like the ending.

Author's Response: Thanks, and yeah I know, but I needed to be able to have harrys thoughts out, and that would have been slightly harder if he was killing Death eaters at the same time.
Glad you liked it though!

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Review #14, by Ella EvansLove Isn't Blind: Prologue

1st August 2007:
ooh wonderfully angsty and set up well. i feel it needs a bit more explanation in certain areas where you just gloss over but this could be intentional on your part. guess i'll have to wait and see. can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanx for your review! It was intentional on my part about it being vague. The chapter was from Harry's POV and his wasn't clear so the things that were missing will be revealed in later chapters!

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