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Review #1, by thegillitineIn Time: FML

19th December 2009:
Fun, fun story
Upbeat (except for this chapter)
Not going to stop now, are you?

My only criticism of this story (the actual story, not the time between updates) is that it goes by too slowly for me. I understand, however, the reasoning behind the flow of the story.

Author's Response: I know it's a bit slow. After the next chapter, things will start to pick up a bit more. Thanks for reading!

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Review #2, by thegillitineFree Will and Fate: The Boy Who Lived

5th October 2008:
You did a great job with writing a quality story so far! Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thanks. I appreciate the feedback.

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Review #3, by thegillitineFree Will and Fate: Secrets and Promises

5th October 2008:
Your plot has thickened a great deal in the last few chapters.
And thank you so much for having the next chapter ready to go.

Author's Response: Hopefully, you'll think it only gets more interesting from here.

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Review #4, by thegillitineFree Will and Fate: Complicated Associations

5th October 2008:
There isn't much to say about this chapter other than good job on the lack of grammar and spelling errors.

Author's Response: Thanks. I appreciate the comment. ;-)

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Review #5, by thegillitineFree Will and Fate: Family Reunion

5th October 2008:
Your story has a huge twist with Snape being his hateful father.
My guess so far is that Voldemort found Lily, James, and Harry at a later date and Voldemort listened to Snape's plea for Lily's life. Most of my questions from the second chapter have been answered by both, statements and things that I'm assuming.

Thank you for not being like most fanfiction writers that I end up reading from, who often insult my intelligence with their excessive need to flat out tell you everything that is going on. You are like a lifesaver, a very minty and refreshing taste.

Excellent job with everything so far. I haven't enjoyed reading a fic this much in a really long time.

Author's Response: Interesting guess as to what happened to James, Lily and Harry. But if you have questions, feel free to ask. I'm sure they'll only increase as the story goes on.

Thanks for the reviews.

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Review #6, by thegillitineFree Will and Fate: Welcome

5th October 2008:
Since you have two Harry Potter characters, I will refer to the Harry that used the time turner as Harry1 and the Harry that went through the alternate timeline as Harry2.

You left so much out (probably intentionally) about the entire Harry/Hermione ship. It makes me wonder what the Harry2 has been through. I also like how you use a butterfly effect so well for the plot so far.

I also like the fair amount of consistency with your words per chapter with the exception of your prologue.

Another thing that I really like about your story so far (up to chapter 2) is that you don't put on a cliffhanger. Cliffhangers are the biggest turnoff for a fanfic in my honest opinion.

Author's Response: Cliffhangers are a useful tool on occassion, but I understand what you mean about overkill. It's especially irksome to deal with on a sight where chapters have to be approved. As this is a suspense story, you may have difficulty with the way some of the chapters end.

As for Harry and Hermione, they're not technically together yet, so keep reading for how that actually happens.

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Review #7, by thegillitineFree Will and Fate: Prologue: Fidelius

5th October 2008:
What a way to establish the story in the first chapter. Awesome story, so far. Again, what a prologue!

Now that I am no longer dazzled by the sheer awesomness (I do recognize that it isn't a word), I would like to say that there are very few grammar mistakes in the Prologue. The mistakes that I saw were in the paragraph that you describe the framed photos in much detailed; you made it a run-on sentence. It may be grammatically correct, but only one semicolon should be used for a compound sentence. I also saw a mistake the second to last Paragraph; you placed a period after One hundred ninety and Months. I know that this is very picky and I don't care if you listen to my advice or not. Most people won't notice it anyway (unless people excel in english).

Your spelling is perfect or near-enough perfect to where I can't see the differences. You must either be a very accurate typist, check and recheck your story very carefully, or have a beta. I cannot believe how many people type minuet instead of minute. It is like my ultimate pet peeve of not looking at spelling. Awesome job.

My 4th 10/10 rating for a chapter ever!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the beginning of the story and I hope you enjoy the rest as the chapters are approved.

I disagree with the items you consider mistakes. They are style choices. That may seem like a cover-all excuse, but the things you pointed out were done deliberately.

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Review #8, by thegillitineLily and James: First Chronicle: Dream On

4th October 2008:
This is a well written fic.
And the best James/Lily fic that has ever been done (but I don't read too many James/Lily fics).

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Review #9, by thegillitine...The Long Walk to Redemption...: ...Chop, Chop, Lets Get To It...

10th May 2008:
Awesome job on this chapter and thanks for putting on chapter 10 so quickly.

Author's Response: Your welcome mate, although the next two chapters will be abit technical in that it involves alot of explanation before I can start with the fun stuff!!! Thanks for the review...

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Review #10, by thegillitine...The Long Walk to Redemption...: ...Fires, Fortunes and Trigger-happy Ole Me...

10th May 2008:
I don't know why, but when I read this chapter I thought of Rambo.

Author's Response: Im not surprised ha ha ha ha...yeah I wanted to create the image of a trigger happy wizard on the loose??? so im guessing it worked...? maybe? thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by thegillitineThe Living Dead: Arcane Magic

6th April 2008:
You make Dumbledore a very unlikable character in this story, but I pity him, but I do not pity him enough to say what Hermione did was wrong.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you have no problems with the way I'm portraying Dumbledore. Though, I will say, near the end he will repent.

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Review #12, by thegillitineThe Living Dead: Scavenger Hunt

6th April 2008:
Awesome job. Yay, this is the first AU that I will see finished!
Thank you!

Author's Response: That's because I'm determined to finish every single story I post, no matter how long it takes.

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Review #13, by thegillitineThe Living Dead: The Age of Love

26th March 2008:
I enjoyed reading this chapter :)

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #14, by thegillitineThe Living Dead: The Battle of the Tower

22nd March 2008:
One idiot down, one more to go. Why couldn't Harry have killed two hideous birds with one stone?

Author's Response: Because the single stone he had got lodged in Snape's filthy brain, and all the grease in the world won't get it loose.

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Review #15, by thegillitineCome Home, Hermione: Part I: Hermione?

21st March 2008:
Excellent job with the chapter. Perfect length too.

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Review #16, by thegillitineTHE ROAD NOT TAKEN: CH 4 - Something Beautiful Begins

18th March 2008:
Good job. I can't wait to see where Harry is sorted and Hermione and Catherine (Kitty)

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Review #17, by thegillitineThe Living Dead: The Poisons Master

18th March 2008:
That copyright thing is interesting. Could you tell me about it or give me a link to where I could find this information?

Great chapter. I just wished that Snape would try skydiving with a faulty parachute or something similar.

Author's Response: Once again, neither Snape nor Ron will ever skydive without a parachute. I don't want the EPA on my tail for the dumping of toxic waste, and those two really are waste, lol.

Just go to Wikipedia and search for "copyright". It's really complicated and I won't attempt to explain it here.

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Review #18, by thegillitineHarry Potter and the One Heir: Godric Gryffindor

15th March 2008:
Excellent and quick read:)

Author's Response: Thanks..

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Review #19, by thegillitineSavage Innocence: Superman For a Day

15th March 2008:
I can't wait to see what Harry does.

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Review #20, by thegillitineThe Living Dead: Weasley vs. Potter

14th March 2008:
One must love the tying of the loose end about Filch and his attempt to do magic. If only Rowling did that in her books...

Author's Response: I couldn't help it. I'm glad you liked that part.

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Review #21, by thegillitineThe Living Dead: Amortentia

10th March 2008:
Good job on the chapter, but I do miss some of the boring details... Oh well, I guess one can't make gold from sulfur.

Author's Response: You're right, one can't make gold from sulfur. You can only turn base metals into pure gold with the Sorcerer's Stone, but that was destroyed way back in First Year, lol.

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Review #22, by thegillitineThe Living Dead: The Chair Animagus

6th March 2008:
Excellent job on this chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing, and for sticking with me.

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Review #23, by thegillitineMemories in my Blood: Chapter 6

2nd March 2008:
I liked this chapter.

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Review #24, by thegillitineHarry Potter No Longer: The Plan For Freedom

2nd March 2008:
I can't wait to see what happens next.

P.S. I love your pen name.

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Review #25, by thegillitineMemories in my Blood: Chapter 5

29th February 2008:
Excellent job on the chapter.

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