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Review #1, by ginnyypotterStars, Boggarts, and Extreme Matchmaking: Clothes At Last

26th November 2008:
I love this story!
How come you never posted another chapter?

Author's Response: I am alive people. Sorry, but I did the national novel writing month. I will be posting another chapter by the end of December, though. Thnx 4 waiting!

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Review #2, by ginnyypotterNot Letting Go: The Papers

26th November 2008:
This is really good!

I'm sure you don't remember me, but I wrote the Ron/Hermione fanfic "Out Of Control."

Anyway, I love this story! It's so cute, and the ending is very intense and great. :)

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Review #3, by ginnyypotterToo Little Too Late: Too Little Too Late

5th January 2008:
Wow, I really like this! It's different than a lot of other stories i read, probably because it has a unique plot. Thanks a lot for all the reviews you left my story, Out of Control.

Maybe perhaps we could work together, but for now, I'm not really into writing fan fiction because I'm waiting for a great plot to hit me. Maybe perhaps something where Ron cheats on Hermione. But that's a good idea you have!

Also, we really need to find a better way to talk.

Author's Response: You're welcome! I loved your story! :)

I know what you mean. I haven't done anything in writing for a while.

Yeah, maybe email?

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Review #4, by ginnyypotterLips of an Angel: The Call:: Lips of an Angle

23rd December 2007:
Wow, you're a REALLY good writer! I loved this! Please please write more, i wanna see what happens next!

Oh, by the way, thanks for reviewing my story, Out of Control. Yours was probably the best review i have ever gotten. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll work on writing some more! :)

And, I loved your story! :)

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Review #5, by ginnyypotterJust Friends?: The Father of my Child

22nd August 2007:
Very good! The chapters are really short though. I still like it though.

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Review #6, by ginnyypotterParents At Seventeen: Dada

21st August 2007:
wow, i feel so, so bad for Hermione! I wonder how Draco is going to react if he finds out. Cant wait for the rest!

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #7, by ginnyypotterParents At Seventeen: A New Job and An Accident

9th August 2007:
Oooh, very good! Can't wait till the rest! Why did you make it from Hermione's point of view, though?

Author's Response: i just felt like it. Though there will be only one part in this story that is not anyone's point of view

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Review #8, by ginnyypotterHermione's Baby: Chapter Thirteen

27th July 2007:
Very great! I'm glad you tied up all the loose ends. Exactly what a story needs at the ending!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #9, by ginnyypotterHermione's Baby: Chapter One

26th July 2007:
It's great! Can't wait to read the rest of it!

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #10, by ginnyypotterParents At Seventeen: The News and A New Project

26th July 2007:
I love it! Please write more! I really want to find out what happens!

Author's Response: don't worry, it will be here soon

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