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Review #1, by Mustard_ManHarry Potter and the Las Plagas: Prologue

8th November 2007:
As an avid resident evil 4 fan I salute you. Best crossover ever

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Review #2, by Mustard_ManHarry Potter and the Fight of Logic VS. Love: New Acquaintances

4th November 2007:
This story is the only reason I stay on this site...I cannot wait until they both admit they actually do like eachother. The plot...amazing I doubt J.K could write anything as good. thank you and God bless.if your not catholic nor believe in bad

Author's Response: This is the only reason you stay on this site??? Wow, that's amazing to hear! I'm so excited to know that. That makes me definately want to write more faster, but I'm not sure how fast I will be able to get it out after chapter 20, but I will try my best.

I'm even more amazed knowing that you think that JK could write as well. Wow! lol

And don't worry, I am catholic. I take no offense to it.

Thank you so much for reviewing my writing. I hope that you continue to review on the rest of my chapters, it is really appreciated.

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Review #3, by Mustard_ManThe Fifth House: Aftermath

30th September 2007:
good story but man way too much filler in some of the chapters

Author's Response: Thank you for your review and positive suggestion. I will take that into account.


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Review #4, by Mustard_ManCollision: Finding his world

27th August 2007:
Good Story...Keep em' comin'

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Review #5, by Mustard_ManTo the Past, From the Future: The Funeral

25th August 2007:
Oh man I can imagine last few chapters being really intense. If they could change the future this would be the greater story then the deathly hallows.

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Review #6, by Mustard_ManPotter, M.D.: The Internal Bleeding

21st August 2007:
House and Harry that was the last thing I would expect. Nonetheless a very good start, I hope to see more

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Review #7, by Mustard_ManTo the Past, From the Future: Taking Her Place

17th August 2007:
What a twist. It just sucks that Harry and Ginny have to die now

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Review #8, by Mustard_ManHarry Potter and the Merging of the Soul's: Prologue And Doubt.

16th August 2007:
Well I can honestly say this has the makings to become a great...AWSOME story please do continue.

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Review #9, by Mustard_ManHarry Potter and the Dream of Reality: chapter 4

16th August 2007:
LMAO polish our brooms...I didnt know they felt that way towards eachother. But in all seriousness this is a very well written story I tip my hat to the author

Author's Response: Hahah yeah, I wrote that and then thought that same exact thing. But it is meant to be purely innocent lol.
Thanks for the review and kind, kind words! Stay tuned for the rest of the story :)

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Review #10, by Mustard_ManTo the Past, From the Future: The Dream of Invasion

15th August 2007:
this chapter was well worth the wait...the intense sexual innuendos were amazing. update soon por favor(sp)?

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Review #11, by Mustard_ManA New Adventure: Chapter 1-- A Day in the Life of an Idiot

12th August 2007:
I've never gotten mad during a story before until I read what Harry did. At least Ron was right and it got him a girl. I'm enjoying this story dont hestitate to continue

Author's Response: wow, thanks! Yeah, I was pretty mad at Harry myself. That idiot. I am glad you're enjouing the story. The next chapter is on its way so be on the look out for it. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by Mustard_ManTo the Past, From the Future: Right This Time

11th August 2007:
Hands down the best story on this site... i'd prefer reading this over DH.

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Review #13, by Mustard_ManHarry Potter and the Sands of Time: Voldemort in the making

11th August 2007:
I'm interested to see what happens next. good story so far

Author's Response: thank you for your review!

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Review #14, by Mustard_ManTo the Past, From the Future: Pulling the Magic

10th August 2007:
well i hope you can continue with this story please please please please.

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Review #15, by Mustard_ManTo the Past, From the Future: Just His Shell

9th August 2007:
AHH! why.I know his fate will be decided tommorow but I just cant imagine his father killing him. brilliant story hooked since the first chapter, I thank you for making such a riveting story.

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Review #16, by Mustard_ManTo the Past, From the Future: A Hallucinating Eighteenth

7th August 2007:
thank god it finally came out...I can now take the pins and needles out of my arse. the story itself was really good I can only hope the next chapter comes sooner then later

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Review #17, by Mustard_ManChanges...but only for the Good!: Lies from a hidden diary 1

6th August 2007:
keep going...the anticipation is killing me

Author's Response: I'm glad u like it, that really rockz! (:

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Review #18, by Mustard_ManPuzzled Feelings: Chapter 6

27th July 2007:
That got intense when they were at the hospital. overall great story and I will miss it. good job

Author's Response: its not over yet! theres plenty more to come! thank you for reviewing!

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Review #19, by Mustard_Man:

27th July 2007:
just leaked a few tears I did.not to easy to do, congrats

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and for reviewing! =)

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Review #20, by Mustard_ManDedicated: Drunk

27th July 2007:
to be honest this story has grown on me, at first i didnt overly enjoy the thought of the whole cheating thing but you've written it in a way that really appeals to me. I know that may not mean much or anything at all but one things for got talent

Author's Response: Well, thank you very much, that does mean a lot. The storyline is going to change quite a little bit a little further on but I'm glad you enjoy it now.
Thank you for the read and review.

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Review #21, by Mustard_ManPuzzled Feelings: Chapter 5

27th July 2007:
I like the story very much. I enjoy the syle of writing in which you write with.

Author's Response: why thank you. and thank you for reviewing.

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Review #22, by Mustard_ManTo the Past, From the Future: Happiness in the Darkest of Times

26th July 2007:
Such a beautiful, heartwrenching story. I hope it ends well or else I will go crazy.

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Review #23, by Mustard_ManHarry Potter and the Peace Before the Storm: 19 years of Peace

26th July 2007:
thank you for filling in the voids that J.K probably will not I cannot thank you enough for writing this story.

Author's Response: Thank you for the praise and it was the clues she left behind that helped me fill them:)

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Review #24, by Mustard_ManKeep Holding On: Keep Holding On

25th July 2007:
quite enjoyed the story

Author's Response: I'm glad! Thanks!

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Review #25, by Mustard_ManThe Day After: The Day After

25th July 2007:
Quite enjoyed the story. The ending of the 7th book left something to be desired and this fills the void very well

Author's Response: Thanks. But read ... JK is writing an encyclopedia about the characters. :)

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