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Review #1, by mrslauraHarry McGonagall: Fun and Danger

9th October 2008:
i just love your stories - i read them on the other site - cause i get an email when you update, so i can read them right away instead of having to check and see if you have updated and so forth.please kep up the great work...

Author's Response: Thanks. I definately do have a lot more stories in my fanfiction net profile.

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Review #2, by mrslauraEchoes from the Past: To Lie or Not to Lie?

4th March 2008:
Hello I just read what you have written here and I think that it is wonderful - I do hope that you are going to finish this story - I would like to be added to your mailing list, if you have one - covenoftwo at yahoo dot com

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Review #3, by mrslauraThe Severus Snape Saga: Classic Romance

3rd March 2008:
i just finished reading this story - i know that it is not finished yet, for now I can not wait till it is - i think that you have done a wonderful job of writing. Please continue. mrslaura

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'm very glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #4, by mrslauraHailey Potter and the Amulet of Secrets: See No Evil

28th September 2007:
hello there
your story is great!!!
btw I found a mistake-thought that you would like to know. You named the Potions teacher Snape in one sentence instead of Aubrey

'Hailey and Kieran decided to pack since they were going to be far too busy with Snape the next evening to have time to get their things together. '

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Review #5, by mrslauraFlashbacks *Part TWO in The Dream Series*: Chapter 31

25th September 2007:
I just finished both of the Dream stories - they are very good - just wondering if you are going to write the 3rd one - Laura

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Review #6, by mrslauraHarry Potter and the War of Shadows: Through the Looking Glass

14th September 2007:
please update soon - would like to know what is happening next

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Review #7, by mrslauraHidden Secrets: Macenzi

21st August 2007:
was wondering when you would finnish this store?

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Review #8, by mrslauraThe Who: Behind Red Eyes

21st August 2007:
wondering if this is still a WIP or is it Completed?

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Review #9, by mrslauraSecrets Behind A Smile: Secrets Behind A Smile

27th July 2007:
I loved this - it was written very well. It made me smile as I read it. Keep writing like this and you could be the next JK.

Author's Response: Oh wow!! Well this review made me smile!! Seriously, thank you sooo much for this review =D


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