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Review #1, by Emmeline PrinceDaddy Dearest: Come Back to Me

24th August 2009:
I love this really hits home for me. My dad and I are in a similar relationship and it seems all I ever do is forgive him so I feel that I can relate to Rose.

Author's Response: Wow. Well, I'm so sorry to hear you are in a situation that is close to Rose's because I definitely know how much it sucks. Alot of the inspiration for this story is taken from my own life, so I know what you're going through. The best advice I can give you is just surround yourself with people that love you. :)

Thank you so much for the great review! :)

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Review #2, by Emmeline PrinceAnd Baby Makes Three: And Baby Makes Three

13th January 2008:
I think you should start a different series but with Draco's daughter and Harry's son...other than that i loved the story

Author's Response: So, I just made the banner for my new story starring Harry's son and Draco's daughter. I had that idea as soon as I gave Malfoy a girl. LOL. It's called "A Sunny Day in Scotland" and part one should be up soon! Thanks!

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Review #3, by Emmeline PrinceA Twisted Hierarchy: Dishing Out the Dirt

3rd January 2008:
Okay My choice is James...he deserves a chance to explain why he lied to her...on that note Lily should realize that its not all about the way she sees things. I just hope that when she hears the whole story she understands the position that James was in when he lied to her. While I want James to be the next P.O.V I think that Remus or Sirius would be good choices also. I just naturally dislike Peter given what is revealed of him in the books.

Author's Response: Mm, quite true. I guess you could say that Lily was too caught up in the moment to think about the finer details x) But she'll understand soon enough. Thank you!

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Review #4, by Emmeline PrinceTongue Tied: Failing For The First Time

15th December 2007:
so i've read this story about ten times already and im still not sick of it. i love it!!! i have a question though. what was the previous name of the story?? when i started reading it it was already named Tounge Tied and im intrigued

Author's Response: The original title was To A Fault. And I have no idea why it was titled that. I think I just like that phrase. But I changed it when I realized that it wasn't necessarily going to work itself into the story very well.
Glad you love the story. That makes me happy! Thanks for reviewing.


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Review #5, by Emmeline PrinceMetanoia: First Night

4th December 2007:
i love the story overall its great...if she has a charm on the scar does it mean that Remus can see it because he's a werewolf too?? its just a thought i had...any who update soon please!

Author's Response: If it's just an updated glamor charm she's using- which she is- there shouldn't be any reason for Remus to see through it.

Besides... something like that would just ruin the nonexistent plot I have planned!!!

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Review #6, by Emmeline PrinceTo Start with a Memory: A likely but Unlikely Pair

1st December 2007:
great story i love it so far...update soon please oh and now im just curious cause i want to know what the tatto says

Author's Response: Thank you. I'll try to update soon as possible. ^_^

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Review #7, by Emmeline PrinceTongue Tied: Our Star

26th November 2007:
omg...this was a good chapter i loved the gift he gave her...he couldnt have gotten her anything better...i hope that you can update soon.even if it may take a week...a week is better than a month

Author's Response: Well it DEFINITELY won't be a month. It make be a week or a little more. We'll see what happens. But I'm glad you liked the chapter, thanks for reviewing!


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Review #8, by Emmeline PrinceSweet Revenge: Finally, Revenge That WORKED!

25th November 2007:
i think its great that the song wasn't all perfect in the grammatical department it draws away suspicion from Hermione in a way because everyone would expect her to send something that was perfect right down to the punctuation

P.S. i did click it...i felt retarded afterwards though hehe

Author's Response: good! yeah, that was my plan...ok, not really, but I'll let you believe that and not the fact that I can't write songs with good grammar!
ha ha, yeah, do you know what, I copied and pasted the authors note from my other fanfoction site, and *I* clicked it! so don't worry, we're all retards here!

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Review #9, by Emmeline PrinceTongue Tied: Best Friends Are Worthless

25th November 2007:
this story easily became my favorite...i've read it four times already in the course of the week...i cant help but love it...its entertaning, funny, sweet, and overall perfect...even though i've read it so many times it doesnt get old or boring i just love to read it...idk how else to explain my intense like of this story its simply wonderfull...i hope you update it soon because i am just dying to know what happens next...congratulations on a story well written it isnt often that i find a story that i love as much as i love this one

Author's Response: oh wow. That's a lot of reading. I'm so happy you like it so much yay! You're review is the last one I needed to respond to before going to post the chapter. SO again thank you. And now I shall ease your suffering (or escalate considering the end of chapter 19) by posting the next chapter.


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Review #10, by Emmeline PrinceGiving Professor Snape A Dose Of His Own Potion: Something Has To Be Done!

24th November 2007:
update soon...i got all into the story and didn't even realize that i was at the end :( well i love it so far!!!

Author's Response: thank you!!! i guess that is a very good sign! lol! glad you were enjoying it so much! more on its way!
Rose :)

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Review #11, by Emmeline PrinceMurder at Malfoy Manor: 6

23rd November 2007:
woa pansy is twisted...that is just wrong...jeje but i mean she must like it if she goes through the trouble of brewing the potion

Author's Response: Lucius is hot, who wouldn't take the time to brew up some polyjuice?

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Review #12, by Emmeline PrinceThe Taste of Blood: Foreshadowed Warning

23rd November 2007:
i love your storie and i just finished reading it...i came back to this particular chapter because i cant help but wonder if McGonagall and Snape are involved...i hope you reveal it soon because now im just wondering about it repetedly jeje overall i love this story its not very cliche when it comes to the whole vampire thing and that makes it more appealing...i dont usually read vampire stories but yours is really good

Author's Response: Hmmmm... you will just have to see what happens

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Review #13, by Emmeline PrinceThe Baby Project: Hogsmeade and the Visiting Viktor

22nd November 2007:
I think you should update it again...this story is really good and im sure it just got to the good part...oh well i think it would be a wonderful story if you continued it

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Review #14, by Emmeline PrinceTongue Tied: The Process of Loss

21st November 2007:
i think this chapter was perfect...the feelings are so real...the way she expressess herself and knows that no one knows her...i just dont have enough words to express how much i love this chapter

Author's Response: Aww thanks so much darling! I really appreciate it, thanks for the review.


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Review #15, by Emmeline PrinceLeaving My Mark: Keeping Her a Secret

15th November 2007:
so will he eventually fall in love with her or does he only want to hurt her?? i mean Hermione.i cant help but wonder what will happen next...update as soon as possible

Author's Response: now i can't just tell you, can i? :] you'll simply have to see, love.

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Review #16, by Emmeline PrinceDark Memories: Luna's Story: Draco's Thoughts

12th November 2007:
wow is all i can say...i love the fact that you went into detail concerning Draco's thoughts on Luna and how he thought of her before they were Luna scared of him cause of his story because there's times were it seems that she is...all in all i love it so far and i cant wait for you to update

Author's Response: I thought it was important to see what Draco was thinking/feeling at the moment to how he used to think/feel, I thought it made his new feelings more real.

You'll find out why Luna's scared soon enough I promise. I'll update as soon as I can.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #17, by Emmeline PrinceShampoo: Chapter Two - Girl Trouble

8th November 2007:
omg as is usual i love your sad Draco Phoenix Rising is over but good things must come to an end anywho update as soon as possible this story is brilliant and very funny...i thought the whole is my lipgloss poison bit was funny

Author's Response: Thanks, heh! That one is pretty much PWP, but it's fun.

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Review #18, by Emmeline PrinceDraco: Phoenix Rising: Chapter Forty Eight - Avada Kedavra

5th November 2007:
I just wanted to ask, once this whole story is complete can u please please send it 2 me through email? i love your stories and i would love it if you could send it to email is

Author's Response: Sending! Thanks for asking!

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Review #19, by Emmeline Prince:

21st October 2007:
omg!!! i wish i could buy that much clothes in one go...jeje i probably could but i'd be murdered for it...anywho i think you should bring the story back...its really good and i want to see Harry and Ron's reaction to her new look...and also why Malfoy wasnt there anymore...maybe it was Harry and Ron who just levitated him out of anger cause he was on top of Hermione idk but you should seriously reconsider and start writing this story again

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Review #20, by Emmeline PrinceRuining the Future-Fixing the Past: Detention and a Kiss

17th October 2007:
i was debating whether reading this story or not but i am definately glad that i did!!! i love it and i hope you update it soon

Author's Response: well thank you for reading it, and reviewing, really, thank you

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Review #21, by Emmeline PrinceA New Kind of Forbidden: Welcome Back

14th October 2007:
i am definatly goign to look out for the next chapter! I read More Reasons Than Not and i absolutely loved it

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Review #22, by Emmeline PrinceMore Reasons than Not: Finally A Family

4th October 2007:
aww i loved could not have been better this was a truly amazing story and you are a wonderfull writer!!

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #23, by Emmeline PrinceThe Proposal: Chapter 15

28th September 2007:
oh is he really falling in love with her?? i hope so

Author's Response: Well I wouldn't get my hopes up, but it might ust be;)
Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #24, by Emmeline PrinceMore Reasons than Not: Scorpius and Rose

23rd September 2007:
i wonder how rose and scorpius react to the news that their parents are having a baby together...all in all i love this story more with each chapter update as soon as possible!

Author's Response: haha, yeah, it will be interesting!
thank you so much!! i'm really happy it's getting better, and not worse =]

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Review #25, by Emmeline PrinceThis Beautiful Blessing: Beyond Recognition

22nd September 2007:
i think that after she tells them the truth about ben...I mean harry and ron...they will tell her that malfoy thought she had left him

Author's Response: We'll have to see. ^.^ Thanks for the review!

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