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Review #1, by bester_jesterThe Wandering One : Romania

8th April 2014:
It's amazing how much I dislike Teddy. I think because of my own experiences with being held back by someone, his (not real!) personality really grates on me.

It's just a story it's just a story it's just a story haha

Really great chapter. I liked that you incorporated the dragon activists into the story, and that something is obviously about to happen there.

I'm also really glad that Victoire and Teddy finally got everything out in the open. Hopefully she can go and meet up with Sam now!

Thanks for the update :)

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Haha! Sorry, I just loved this review so much because that's how I felt about Teddy as well. He was sort of inspired by certain ex-boyfriends of mine and I think the irritation just seeped through, so it's so great to hear that you could sympathize with that. :P

Thank you! This chapter was actually kind of hard to write since I've never been to Romania or to a dragon reserve, but I really enjoyed working on it.

I'm so excited to get working on the next chapter - I've had it planned for ages and can't wait to share it. :D We've seen the last of Teddy here... at least for now.

Thank you so much for the brilliant review, I really loved reading your thoughts on this chapter! :)

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Review #2, by bester_jesterRabbit Heart: 12. Heartburn

23rd March 2014:
This story is crazy! So much intrigue and so many twists.

Who is Dillon?!

Awesome, awesome writing. I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Haha! Crazy is a good word for it!

I know! Who is that boy??

Thanks so much for leaving me your thoughts! I try to post a new chapter every week, so I hope you come back again for the next one!

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Review #3, by bester_jesterThe Wandering One : Prague

5th March 2014:
Amazing story! It's a really interesting way to give insight into the second generation without using the same formula everyone else uses.

I love your Victoire! And Sam seems so lovely. I'm holding out for the scene in which she tells him she's an witch!

The little wizarding twists you put on real events/places in history are so well done. You've got a really great imagination.

Okay time to stop rambling. Really love this story, can't wait for more, thanks for making me want to travel more!

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Ahh, thank you so much! :) It's really lovely to hear you're enjoying the story, and finding it original.

I'm pleased you like Victoire and Sam, I've grown quite attached to them and their antics and chemistry are very fun. Haha yes, well we'll have to see how that goes over... :P

Thank you! One of my favourite things about the HP world is the way the magical world would intersect with Muggles, and this story gives me the chance to experiment with that.

Hehe, I'm glad this makes you want to travel more! :) I feel the same way when working on it, I have to admit. Thank you so much for the amazing review, it really made my day! :D

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Review #4, by bester_jesterKeep Calm and Carry On: The Match

17th October 2013:
Ooooh the end made me cringe! Such a great chapter, you're so talented.

I wonder what Rose's game is? Surely she isn't going to be that nice to Edie after losing her job.

Thanks for the update :)

Author's Response: Yesss! I love when Edie causes a good cringe ;) And yeah, Rose is behaving pretty strangely, isn't she? Or maybe she's honestly just that two-dimensional? Thank you for the review! ♥

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Review #5, by bester_jesterAnd Love Prevails: And Love Prevails

10th August 2013:
Oh, the feels! So beautiful. I just loved Harry finding her grave - morbid, but really quite lovely, too.

Just one note - 'she cried out horrifically' doesn't seem to quite fit. 'Horrified', maybe?

As usual, brilliant chapter. I'm so sad it's come to an end.

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Review #6, by bester_jesterTangled Web: Chapter Twenty: Taking The Initiative.

30th July 2013:
WOW is all I can say. This story has taken my breath away. It is, without a doubt, the best Dramione I've ever read.

I love your character development, your plot, and the flair you've given to everyone in this story. Don't ever stop writing.

Author's Response: omgoodness, you're so sweet! thank you so much :)

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Review #7, by bester_jesterAnd Love Prevails: A Girl Who Never Belonged

23rd July 2013:
Wow, the big P word (pregnant, that is ;))! I remember thinking, when they were 'together' for the first time, that they weren't using any protection. However, so much happened since that it completely left my mind.

This chapter is brillant, as per usual. You handle all of your characters with such talent. I love that Harry is so protective of her, and can't help but feel that he's almost a father figure.

I can't wait to see Ignotus back. Preferably in 20..and whatever year Dom is in. It would be more of a culture shock than what Dom experienced when she first time travelled.

Thanks for the update! I just love your writing.

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Review #8, by bester_jesterWriting a Fairytale: Letters, Bezoars and Sparks

15th June 2013:
Hey :)

Your writing is really lovely, and I'm enjoying the story a lot (I almost wrote 'immensely', clearly the era you chose is rubbing off on me!).

I was a bit confused by whose wand Marissa is using in this chapter. Surely she didn't take the healer's wand away from her?

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

No, Merissa hasn't taken the healer's wand. Thank you for pointing out a piece I overlooked. I'll be revising the chapter to include Merissa borrowing a wand until Mr Ollivander is able to return to find her a new wand. Thank you!

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by bester_jesterWriting a Fairytale: She is Special

15th June 2013:
This is a different, much better, introduction than it was when I first stopped by (I think the story only had two chapters then). Congratulations on the improvement. the details are lovely and the descriptions are really great. This new/edited chapter has really drawn me in and made me want to read on.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

I've been more than a little apprehensive in posting this story. I really enjoyed reading your review!

I have also been working on revising the posted chapters to include more details and descriptions. It's a facet of writing that I must pay more attention when writing the first time. :)

Thank you for giving my story a second chance! And thank you very much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by bester_jesterAnd Love Prevails: Hallowed Flames

14th June 2013:
Do you enjoy breaking all of our hearts?

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Review #11, by bester_jesterCorrupted: Unhealable

7th June 2013:
This is so heartbreaking, and just so spot-on with contemporary society.

I love everything about this story, it's so well written. I was on edge the whole time, and so angry with the bullies when Al was talking to them.
You had me believing that Lily was going to jump, and that Al wasn't going to stop her.

Mentions of her old smile, and her red hair were what I found the saddest. Bullying is disgusting and it ruins lives, and you've captured that so well.

Thanks for sharing an amazing story!

Author's Response: D'aw, it's sweet of you to review back!

Thank you so much! Glad to know I somehow captured bullying well! What a totally lovely and unexpected review :)

You awesome person, you ♥

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Review #12, by bester_jesterBeauty Queen: Unexpected

6th June 2013:

So happy to see an update! Don't feel bad about not uploading any chapters, life happens and gets in the way.

I am so in love with this story, especially now it's getting super juicy. The way you've characterised everyone (especially Tash's awful mother) is just spot on.

It's kind of sad how excited I am to know what goes on in the meeting. I just want Tash to snap and go crazy at her mum, as she rightfully should. While on that subject, I love Chang! Cho is just mega awesome, and i kind of feel like I can rely on her to back Tash up.

I think out of everyone, Molly is definitely my favourite. She's so bad, it's good. I love her don't-care attitude, and her weird relationship with Gryffin.

Okay time to stop fangirling. Thanks for updating, can't wait for more :)))

Author's Response: Hey! I'm happy that YOUR happy I updated. Means so much that people care about this story! And yes, life did happen and it was awful but do not worry it will not happen again. Promise.

I'm so happy you like the story! And I'm so happy you like the characterization. It's definitely my fave part about this story.

The meeting will definitely be something. I don't know what something means, but yeah that's all I'm going to say. I love Chang too! I think she's always there to be on Tash's side.

I'm so happy you like Molly! She's my favorite too. As you can probably tell considering I put her in every scene I can. And yes, her and Gryff definitely have a weird relationship.

Thanks for reviewing! Next chapter's in the queue so it should be out soon :)

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Review #13, by bester_jesterAnd Love Prevails: A Choice to Leave History Up to Chance

30th May 2013:
Ooh my godness that was all so heartbreaking. Lady Brigid, Dominique seeing them together, her leaving... just wow. One of your best chapters yet in my opinion.

I really am hoping that Dom gets home, even if it's just to see her family for a short amount of time. Or Ignotus finds a way to get to her.. very Kate and Leopold haha that would be brilliant.

Thanks so much for sharing this amazing chapter! This honestly is one of my favourite stories on this site.

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Review #14, by bester_jesterA Fork in the Road: 4

30th May 2013:
Ahh I can't stand Tad! Poor Lily, she's been so brainwashed. I hope she has the strength to stand up to him and go on the course.. and if she does go, what will be Tad's place in her future?

Epic chapter, I really love this story! :)

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! :)

I can't stand Tad either, lol, and I created him... Is that bad? I can't wait for you to read the future chapters and see what happens--I think you'll like it!

Thanks so much!

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Review #15, by bester_jesterResistance : Petunia Dursley

9th May 2013:
Oh my, this is incredible. Congratulations on a great collection of short stories!

My favourites were probably this one and Professor Flitwick's. The raw emotion was just amazing.

It's strange that in all of the Lily Potter II fanfics I've read, she's never been likened to her namestake. And why shouldn't she be? I think perhaps assuming that she inherited red hair from the Weasley side probably takes precedence over anything else. I found your comparison, and Petunia's actions, really moving and beautiful.

Thanks for sharing these lovely stories!

Author's Response: Hello!! :)

I really loved writing this collection, and I'm so happy that you enjoyed it! Honestly, I got really emotional writing both Flitwick and Petunia, and it's amazing to hear that it came across in the writing.

I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed Petunia's reactions to Lily! I think that while Petunia wouldn't have felt a bond with James II or Albus because of their resemblance to Harry, who she resented, the fact that Lily was a girl and reminded her of her sister would open her up to her memories. I wondered when writing this how Snape would have reacted to a second Lily Potter who looked like her namesake!

Thank you so much for this lovely and thoughtful review, it really means a lot to me that you enjoyed these stories! :)

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Review #16, by bester_jesterThe Curse-Breaker Who Loved Me: In Which an Accident and Feelings Occur

8th May 2013:
Ooh please update this story, it 's brilliant!

I love that they're in a different era, and that Fleur seems to forget her propriety around Bill.

You're a very talented writer!

Author's Response: Heh, I don't quite mean to write it as if it's in a different era but I can't help it so you're going to have to forgive any continuity errors :P

Thank you so much for being so nice

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Review #17, by bester_jesterAnd Love Prevails: The Power of Love

7th May 2013:
Finally! Hehe

It was kind of unexpected to me, that he went to her rooms. Like, he's usually so focussed on staying proper and gentlemanly that it was a surprise he changed his mind.

But great chapter! Thanks for sharing!

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Review #18, by bester_jesterThe Con: Chapter Nine

6th May 2013:
Your writing is just brilliant. It's not often that I take note of a story and come back at a later date to check for updates, but I'll definitely be doing that with this one.

I love that your portrayal of a Lily/James ship is done in such a different way. An alternate universe/life swap is just a perfect idea, really original and interesting.

In saying that, I do feel the need to critique just one tiny thing that has been bugging me - why didn't Lily go to a professor, ie Dumbledore? Surely a teacher would be able to set things on the right course. Even just an "I went to McGonagall but she thought I was crazy" would suffice ;)

Love it, want more, please update etc etc etc!

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Review #19, by bester_jesterA Fork in the Road: 3

4th May 2013:
Hey there,

I really love this story! Lily seems like a strong person, but a bit oppressed by Tad. I really hope she finds the strength to go on the training program.

Great writing, keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much! Right now, this story is my favorite of my fanfiction (as seen by the fact that it is most consistently updated), and I'm so glad that love is shared.

Lily and Tad... Well, you'll see! ;)

Please come back for more when I update!


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Review #20, by bester_jesterSix Degrees of Separation: Yule Tidings

30th April 2013:
Great chapter. I'd love to know what Snape said at the ball. Octavius seems jealous of Sirius, which actually surprised me.

Did she seriously just faint?

Author's Response: Haha, she likes fainting, doesn't she? I think Tavi just has a case of overprotectiveness going on, especially knowing Sirius' dating history. Or is there something more?! ;)

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Review #21, by bester_jesterSix Degrees of Separation: Lay Down Your Burdens

30th April 2013:
Ooh a kiss. Poor Jane, she must have been terrified!

Why would Sirius' parents have disowned him on that day? Like, was there a breaking point kinda thing?

Author's Response: Hmm, maybe I'll have to go put in some more detail... I most went that route because HP Lexicon told me that is when his parents disowned him, and it was a good excuse to get Jane and Sirius alone together in a room for some bonding time!

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Review #22, by bester_jesterSix Degrees of Separation: By Your Command

30th April 2013:
Ooh Jane has special powers!

Just a heads up, during the scene when they're walking to the quiddich pitch, there's a bit of botched repeated conversation. Like the text has been copied and pasted too many times.

Why did the slytherin do that??

Author's Response: Uh oh, I'll look into it ASAP! Thank you for letting me know!

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Review #23, by bester_jesterSix Degrees of Separation: Cats & Dogs

30th April 2013:
Oh my, Jane is just hopeless isn't she.

So much of this chapter made me laugh out loud - the suit of armour, James with his 'sir' and 'you're welcome', Fifi tripping over. One of my favourite chapters so far!

Author's Response: Yes! I love it when I can get laughter out of readers! I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #24, by bester_jesterSix Degrees of Separation: Strong Tea

30th April 2013:
Lynn's point of view was unexpected but good. I thought that Jane revealing Remus as a werewolf was a bit abrupt (like, why wasnt her knowledge of it revealed earlier in the story) but it worked out okay. Lily's reaction was really nice.

What stopped Jane from getting hit by the spells? Methinks she might make a good Order member if its a special skill of hers.

Author's Response: I was considering mentioning it before, but I wasn't sure how to bring it up without being awkward or too obvious... might have to edit it in later!

I'll make no comment on Jane's reaction to the spells just yet... all shall become clear in time ;)

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Review #25, by bester_jesterSix Degrees of Separation: Open Your Eyes

30th April 2013:
The contrast between Jane's internal character and what she actually says out loud is so well done. I often forget that she's super quiet until she actually talks to someone.

Another brilliant chapter! You're very talented

Author's Response: Thank you! She's the easiest to write because she is most like me, with a few tweaks, of course!

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