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Review #1, by hannahjane30 Days of You and Me: Distraction

8th January 2013:
I just love this story. The way you portray rose is unlike any story I've ever read. And when scorpious pulls rose on top of him I literally got butterflies in my stomach because her emotions were so well written. Keep up the great work! Update soon!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I definitely wnated to go very different than what I'd seen around lately .So I'm glad you're enjoying it! Thanks :)

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Review #2, by hannahjaneTempting Fate: Chapter Eleven: Of Good and Bad Receptions

24th November 2011:
And again, another wonderful chapter! I was not expecting another chapter to come out this soon, but I am so happy. After the emotional rollercoster the last chapter took me on, I was not expecting to have James come back so quickly. My heart completely melted at "it was never her". This cliff hanger is going to kill me for days until you update, so keep it up with the quick updates!

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Review #3, by hannahjaneTempting Fate: Chapter Ten: Of Resolutions and Confessions

19th November 2011:
I am not normally the type of person that gets all emotional in books or movies, but I honestly cried so hard durring the end of this. With each new chapter your writing gets better and better (each time surprising me, because it's already really good to begin with). Good job!!

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Review #4, by hannahjaneTempting Fate: Chapter Nine: Of Chest Pains and Heartaches.

7th November 2011:
Loved this chapter even more than the last! I really like James's POV, actually more than Lily's and I would love to see it some more in later chapters. The kissing scene was beautiful too (in both POVs), I'd even go as far as to say one of the best kisses I've read on HPFF. Keep up the fantastic work!!

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Review #5, by hannahjaneThe Potter And The Weasley Kids Do Hogwarts: The Storm

24th October 2011:
This is one of the only fan fictions that I've ever read that have really made me laugh out loud. James's comment about scorpious's name was my favorite part of the chapter. Really one of the best stories on this site in my opinion, keep it up!

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Review #6, by hannahjaneThe Quiet Outcast: Albus Potter: Part II

25th July 2011:
Today I was supposed to be studying for a bio exam, but instead I came across this story. Once I started to read I honestly just couldn't stop. I felt like I could really relate to Hugo and I think that's what makes this story different than all the other fan fics. Keep up the great work!!

Author's Response: How much do you really need to know about biology? I'm glad you could find something to connect with in Hugo which is what I try to accomplish with my stories. Your review is lovely and I thank you!

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Review #7, by hannahjaneSeer: III

8th July 2010:
I really like this story! Very original!

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Review #8, by hannahjaneSave the Date: Chapter One: How Does This Work?

28th December 2009:
I love this story already. The way you write Ginny is how I imagine she would be. Keep up the great work, and update soon :)

Author's Response: thanks so much! :) i'm so glad you like my ginny!

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Review #9, by hannahjaneThings Unforeseen: The Seer

5th August 2009:
This story is off the a great start! I really like the plot, its very original. Keep up the great work! I can't wait until chapter 2!!!

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Review #10, by hannahjaneMy Sister's Fiancé: Chapter Five: Torn

21st March 2009:
i lovelovelove this story :)
it's sooo original and cute

Author's Response: aww thanks!! =]

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Review #11, by hannahjaneShameless: Just A Little Heat

15th February 2009:
i like it (: keeep up the great work.
a definate 10/10.

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Review #12, by hannahjaneNightly Patrol: Nightly Patrol

11th January 2009:
omg you should def. make this into a story !

Author's Response: ah. maybe. thanks!

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Review #13, by hannahjaneDelicate: A Long Night

13th June 2008:
awww , such a cute chapter .
expecially the ending .
keep up the great work
and update SOON .

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Review #14, by hannahjaneDefying Gravity: 04..Like Breathing Under Water

13th June 2008:
ohmygod ,
you did NOT just leave me with a cliffhanger !
great chapter .
update soon !

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Review #15, by hannahjaneDefying Gravity: 03..Shocks and Spills

7th June 2008:
another great chapter !
i can't wait to see what happens
when they tell the potters .
is that going to be in the next
few chapters ?

Author's Response: Kinda sorta. Mostly chapter 5. and fair warning, you may not like it!

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Review #16, by hannahjaneDelicate: Boys Don't Cry

1st June 2008:
great chapter .
the ending just
totally shocked me .
keep up the great work
& update soon !

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Review #17, by hannahjaneAdventures as Newlyweds: Chapter Eleven - Maybe I Should Wear Scarves?

30th May 2008:
hahaha ,
i love how you write
forge and gred !
they are my favourite characters ,
and you totally nailed them !
sending those scarfs seems like something they would do .
this was my favourite chapter so far ,
so keep up the great work .
and please , update soon !

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Review #18, by hannahjaneA Mother's Dying Wish: Falling

27th May 2008:
great work !
i love this story , its so original .
keep up the wonderful work ! ! ! !
and please update soon(:

Author's Response: Thank you, I really appreciate the encouragement. Updates will be coming soon!

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Review #19, by hannahjaneDefying Gravity: 02..Bittersweet Epiphany

24th May 2008:
i like this story
a lot.
i cant wait to see the Potter's reaction to all of this.
keep up the great work,
and update soon, PLEASE! (:

Author's Response: It's still a couple chapters away...


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Review #20, by hannahjaneDelicate: Secrets and Cigarettes

20th May 2008:
what a cliffe!
i cant believe you ended it like thiss!
another great chapter, though.
keep up the great work!

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Review #21, by hannahjaneDelicate: Ask Your Mother

29th April 2008:
i liked this chapter.
its nice to know what was really happening with ron and hermione.
and all of the slytherin chants made me laugh so hard.
i read the preveiw for chapter 15, and i am so excited!
it looks really good.
keep up the great work.
and please update soon! :]

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Review #22, by hannahjaneDelicate: The Cherub's Wrath

24th April 2008:
great long chapter.
i wouldnt mind another one this length.
this is my favourite chapter yet,
keep up the great work.
and update soon!

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Review #23, by hannahjaneAs Stupid As Me: Chapter Fourteen: So Sick

23rd April 2008:
ughhh. a cliffy.
this is one of your better chapters, i think.
keep up the great work.
and update soon.

Author's Response: haha. thanks!! =]

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Review #24, by hannahjaneDelicate: Learning to Live Again

15th April 2008:
another wonderful chapter.
keep up the great work.
and update soon

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Review #25, by hannahjaneMr. Popularity Confesses: The Morning After

9th April 2008:
a cliffy.
oh how i hate those:[

well, i can't wait for the extra, extra special prize next chapter.
i hope its as good as i am thinking it will be.

i cant believe someone else watches that show,
life with derek, i mean.
no one else seems to enjoy it as much as i do.

well, keep up the amazing work.
and pleasepleaseplease update as soon as you can.

Author's Response: Bahahhahah, well I hope not to disappoint youuuuu.
Awh really? I love it. I used to be majorly obsessed with it, but Im better now.
:] Thank youuu, I'll tryy.

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