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Review #1, by whisper in the windTraitorous Hearts: The Writing On the Wall

27th September 2014:
Im taking back my life. Were taking back this school. Im not eleven years old anymore. This time, He doesnt get to control me. This time, Im going to fight. --> GINNY IS EVERYTHING.

That line...I felt Ginny's soul in that line. It was the same Ginny that JKR wrote and you just took her and you let her bloom in this story and I love that. We get to see her and understand her complexities. You show us that Ginny is strong and she's brave and loyal...but it's not only because she's a Gryffindor. It's because she suffered trauma at a young age and she's not going to sit there and be a victim for the rest of her life. She's going to make her own choice.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing Astoria and Ginny so much justice in this chapter. I was really looking forward to it. You didn't sacrifice either of their personalities for the sake of the other. You've really written some amazing and REAL female characters and I appreciate that so much. For example, since the story is written from Astoria's perspective, we only get to see in Ginny what Astoria sees. And yes, Ginny is brave and strong, but you show us that she is also vulnerable, and obviously so. There's nothing wrong with a woman who can kick butt and think about her complicated relationship with a boy.

Seriously, amazing job with your characterization. Keep up the fantastic work!

And the snippet for the next chapter has me screaming internally. Can't wait! xx

Author's Response: Whisper! Yay! I'm so excited that you liked this chapter!!!

Ginny IS everything. I'm so glad that we're on the same page about that :D

It means a lot to me that you think I got Ginny's character right. That's been a big goal for me in this story. I really want to keep the characters true to who they are in the books, but still be able to show different sides to them/expand on the details given to us in the series. So I really can't even tell you how much that compliment means to me. Thank you.

And also, you GET IT! That's exactly what I wanted to get across. Ginny's story is so much more than being the only Weasley girl, or being shy and becoming outgoing. She underwent a really horrific experience and came out of it so much stronger. I think she's such an an awesome character!

I loved writing this chapter. It was so fun to write a longer scene for the two of them. It isn't always easy, though, and I was really worried about making sure Astoria and Ginny were evenly matched. I also wanted to be true to the trajectory of their characters. I knew they couldn't be friendly in that first conversation in chapter 3--neither of them are naive or overly trusting--but I like seeing them kind of tiptoe around it, until this point, when we really see the possibility of a real friendship start to blossom.

Seriously, this is one of the best reviews I've gotten, ever. Ever ever. I'm just...I can't even! Thank you so, so, SO much!


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Review #2, by whisper in the windTraitorous Hearts: A Family Affair

20th September 2014:
You paint lovely pictures. I could see everything clearly in my head. 10 points to Slytherin for that! Speaking of which, I'm also a Slytherin! Small world, eh?

I love the mother/son relationship between Draco and Narcissa. Even in such a bleak world as theirs, they still have that loving bond. I wish he would run away, but I think he is doing the noble thing by staying for his family's sake. But I do hope he never shoots to kill. I want his soul to stay intact.

I can't wait to see more Ginny! I think all the pieces in this story are coming together nicely.

Author's Response: Thank you! I really appreciate that.

I didn't know you were a Slytherin! Go snakes!

I love that, too. I really wanted to explore Slytherin qualities in this, so one thing that's huge is loyalty. Gryffindors are loyal in a far-reaching way, but Slytherins are intensely loyal to a select few, often their families. So that definitely plays a big role in this story. In the Malfoys' case, it's one of their biggest redeeming qualities.

I always felt particularly bad for Draco, because even though he was unpleasant, what happens to him in the end isn't entirely his fault. He's brainwashed all his life by people he trusts, who tell him that being a Death Eater is awesome. Then, he gets assigned to kill Dumbledore, and it is *not awesome*. I think it's pretty clear that he doesn't want to do it. But he's being used to punish Lucius, who is already on thin ice with Voldemort, so he can't really risk disobeying. That scene where Dumbledore offers him the opportunity to turn around is so tragic, because the scene is cut short. He never really gets that chance to choose. (I'm not sure he could have put his trust in the Order--it would have been hard--but I do believe that if Dumbledore'd had a few more minutes to talk it over with him, it COULD have changed everything). Really, so much of what Draco wanted to do was just to protect his family, because that was *always* Goal #1 for the Malfoys. It doesn't excuse all his bullying, but I think he's still a tragic figure, nonetheless.

Heeheehee. Seriously, I'm refreshing constantly. I'm really eager to see the next chapter come up, and to see how people like the increased Ginny presence.

Thanks so much! It means a lot that you think so. And thank you SO much for reviewing!


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Review #3, by whisper in the windTraitorous Hearts: A Changing Tide

18th September 2014:

I just read this chapter on my phone in basically 2 point font. All of the emotions going through me right now...I just cannot deal. From the beginning, I had no idea where this chapter could have gone so that Astoria would end up living. The last thing I expected was for Draco to lie for her! I'm so happy you don't even understand!!!

This story is everything to me.

Author's Response: Bahaha! I'm so honored, first of all, that you'd suffer through 2 point font to read my story. And to have caused such emotional turmoil (can you tell I'm a Slytherin?)!

I am so happy that YOU are happy. That was a killer chapter to write. Draco is conflicted. At this point, even *he's* confused about why he did it. But yes. Plot twist!

I really cannot even form the words to express how delighted I am that you liked it. This review has made my...well, not just day. Possibly my week. Maybe longer! You don't even know.

Thank you so much! And thank you for review bombing me. It's the absolute best!


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Review #4, by whisper in the windTraitorous Hearts: The Stolen Truth

18th September 2014:
OMG WHAT NO! what? what!? I don't understand what could possibly happen after this besides a quick avada kedavra. I'm freaking out here! I'm in class trying not to show any emotion (Astoria style) but inside I'm screaming lol.

Again, you're amazing! Honestly, I can't stress enough how talented you are. The back and forth between Astoria and Draco flows really well and it shows just how much chemistry they have. She intrigues him because he hasn't come across anyone like her before. I like it.

Oh, and I loved the line: "Perhaps they were discussing the remarkable freshness of their lawn!"

Author's Response: This review is the *best* thing about actually having people read your writing. I love getting to read emotional responses to the story!

Astoria would be so proud of you right now!

Thank you. A lot. I enjoy reading your stuff so much. It means a lot to get praise from someone that I think is totally awesome! I've been addicted to Tangled Web ever since I came across it.

I love their chemistry. They really challenge each other. I don't think Astoria's ever met a boy as opaque as Draco, and she's certainly a far cry from the types he's been dealing with, as you say. There's a lot of posturing and poking at the chinks in the armor, which is fun to do, but those to are definitely well-matched combatants. ; )

Hahaha! Yay! I always loved that line, but I wasn't sure that anyone else would find it funny. I'm so glad that you do!


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Review #5, by whisper in the windTraitorous Hearts: The Malediction Perfidious

18th September 2014:
Ahh!!! It's been a long time since I've read words that actually satisfied me. I cannot get over your talent in writing. You weave the words together perfectly. I'm enjoying this story so much for the content, so it is definitely an added bonus that it's written so well.

Ginny + Astoria give me life. I've never read a story with them together before. It's intriguing. I want them to be superheros together. Or best friends. Something!!!

I'm interested in seeing what Draco intends to do with all of this information. He seems to be on the fence about this whole death eater thing.

On to the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, thank you! That really means so, so much.

Ginny + Astoria is everything. I love writing scenes with the two of them, and I am SO happy that you love them, too. In my earliest drafts, when I was still getting a feel for things, they weren't really a factor. Then I was like, "Who do you go to in order to contact the OoP?" and Ginny seemed like the obvious choice. So I put them in a room together and BOOM! They just played off each other so well that I knew there had to be more. :D

This whole "Death Eater" thing has not been good to Draco. He made a decent garden variety bully (you know, if your garden includes venomous tentacula and such), but actually killing and torturing and all the horrible things that Voldemort's followers do? Draco's a bit delicate for that. This is a boy whose how-to-deal repertoire was, "My father will hear about this!", and Lucius is no longer a playable card. He's had to do a lot of growing up in a very short time. He doesn't love being a Death Eater like he always thought he would, but he wants to live and to protect his family, and following Voldemort seems like the best way to meet those ends to him.

Thank you so much for your review!!! It really made me smile.


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Review #6, by whisper in the windTraitorous Hearts: A Dangerous Revelation

18th September 2014:
hello! Okay, so I am constantly on the edge of my seat with every sentence. Astoria's character reminds me of Ginny's in so many ways. I love Ginny, by the way. She's my favorite character in the books, hands down. I love how Astoria is so guarded compared to the people around her and that being raised by a spy has really impacted her life in such a prominent way. I think she's going to do great things with the information that she has, and it's so believable that she would go to Ginny for all of this. They're both such strong personalities and although Astoria has chosen to trust Ginny, Ginny has to consciously make that decision. She's given Ginny quite the responsibility now and I really hope she makes the right choice.

Honestly, your writing style flows like poetry. The flashback was well placed and I could see time warping like a pensieve. I am absolutely loving all of these characters. Even your portrayal of Draco is astounding. I can sense his typical frigidness and the exhaustion from the situation of the war. He seems like he's over all this investigating for the death eaters.

I'm so glad I finally have a break from my school work to really, finally, get into this story. You are an amazing author.

Author's Response: Oh hi! Yay for surprise reviews. And I'm always excited to hear from one of my favorite writers!

I adore Ginny. She doesn't get near enough credit, because she doesn't have a huge amount of spoken lines in the books. But she's very strong, she has a sense of humor, and she won't take...ahem..."nonsense" from anyone. I admire that.

Astoria and Ginny make good foils for each other in this story, I think, because of their similarities AND because of their differences. Astoria is also strong. She wouldn't laugh at the gag stuff that Ginny learned to, growing up with 6 brothers, but they both appreciate dark, dry humor. And Astoria will put up with people's nonsense if she must, but she'll always be looking for a way to turn it back on them.

The biggest differences between Ginny and Astoria are that they have different values. Ginny values bravery and outspokenness. Astoria values cleverness and knowing when to hold your tongue. Astoria sees things less in black and white--it's all shades of grey to her--and she doesn't see herself as a particularly good person. And, of course, Astoria *is* a bit of a snob, while Ginny is pretty down to earth. I love writing scenes with the two of them because they really balance one another out nicely.

Thank you so much! Oh, I love that description. Thanks. And I'm so glad you like the portrayal of Draco. I hope you continue to like it in later chapters (although always feel free to tell me if there's something I should change)! He's a bit tricky, because I want to show character growth and such, but we are in the Deathly Hallows time period, so I can't depart too much from what's in the books. Always a tightrope act. So am DELIGHTED that you think it's going well. :D

Thank you for reading and reviewing, and for all your kind words! I hope you continue to enjoy the story.

P.S. Chapter 8 is in the queue and, if you love Ginny (and if I wrote it right), that might be a chapter you'd particularly enjoy.


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Review #7, by whisper in the windStars and Meteorites : The Morning

5th February 2014:
that was really good! you're an amazing writer. your sentences flow into a nice picture. I enjoyed it very much. I can't wait until the next chapter! update soon!

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you so much! I appreciate it so much! I am currently halfway through the next one so an update is on the way :D

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Review #8, by whisper in the windTraitorous Hearts: The Lady of Greengrass Hall

19th October 2013:
I am so excited about the little sneak peek for the next chapter! Ginny is one of my favorite characters and your portrayal of Astoria is making me love her, as well. this chapter was so well written (no surprise there) and was clear and concise without being boring. I was so intrigued to know what had happened to cause Astoria so much animosity toward the death eater camp when she seemed to be so pureblooded. really great job with your story and storyline. I am loving this story and cannot wait to find out what happens. please continue updating it!

Author's Response: :D Hi there! Ginny is one of my favorites, too. I hope I do her proud in this story. Her part in the war is so lightly touched on in the books, since Harry's not there to see most of it, but she holds a pretty important place in my version of Astoria's story.

I'm so glad you like it! Of course, that means a lot coming from as good a writer is you.

Never fear, I'm working on the next update now. It's been a tricky set of scenes, but I think I'm getting close to being able to post it. Just a few more bits to work out before then. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #9, by whisper in the windTraitorous Hearts: An Unwelcome Visitor

17th September 2013:
oh. my. gosh.

stop. oh my gosh. okay, so my face throughout this chapter was just slack-jawed. you, my dear, are such a freaking fantastic writer. I legitimately got shivers. this story line is just marvelous and I cannot wait to read the rest!

fjoafnweqv0ejnovoneufweun; uen9pyoegy9gno!

okay, sorry. I'm still fangirling over this chapter (and it's only chapter one!)

I have never read a story where Astoria is such a strong, good character. I cannot wait to find out more about Draco's part in this, too. honestly, this is amazing. I rarely read fanfiction now because I've been so busy but I'm really glad that I know exactly where to come when I need to relax with some well-written work.

can't wait to read the rest! :)

Author's Response: So, you are the absolute best! This review made me smile so much. It's also probably the nudge I needed to stop being lazy and post the next chapter. It's mostly done, but I've been behind because I'm traveling, and studying, and have allowed myself to become lazy on updating. Shame on me! I'll have to fix that.

I am so delighted that you like it! This one is so fun to write. Thank you so much for this awesome review. It really means so much!

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Review #10, by whisper in the windDragons, Disguises, and Not-So-Dumb Blondes: Dragons, Disguises, and Not-So-Dumb Blondes

1st August 2013:
ahh!! this is the second victoire/teddy story I've ever read and I don't really remember the other one because it was super long ago but THIS STORY WAS FANTASTIC. honestly, your writing is extraordinary. it made the story flow and the characters come alive. it was so light and fun. it pretty much made me smile throughout.

I love how you portrayed Victoire. and your description of her immediately transformed her in my mind. she reminded me of Hermione because of her intelligence but she had a personality all her own...and she was clearly half Weasley lol. you gave her the spice to be one and I really liked that.

Teddy was awesome! he reminded me a lot of Fred and George but when you said he ran his hand through his hair like Harry I was like ahh! I totally see him being raised by his godfather. his relationship with Victoire is adorable. they know and trust each other because they grew up together but they have such opposite personalities that they never allowed themselves (especially Victoire) to really admit to feeling anything more than civility.

and can I just scream about Teddy saying he'd never allow his friends to talk about her like that?!?!?!? I melted. he's such a jokester but also so manly and protective lol.

so yes. all in all, I loved this one-shot. it would be fun if you made a story where like each chapter was one year of their lives and their interactions per year or something like that, if that makes sense. because your portrayal of these characters deserves to be in novel form!

10/10 :)

Author's Response: Oh. My. Gosh! Squeea!

I don't even know what that noise is supposed to be, but it's basically what happened when I read this review.

I am so! glad you liked it :D You're one of my favorite writers on HPFF, so getting a review from you was like...summer vacation! Unexpected free chocolate! I don't know--something really exciting!!!

I wrote this for the House Cup, so at first I was just trying to figure out a story under a time-and-word-limit, which I had never really done. Then Victoire popped into my head and that was that--she took the lead from there. I wanted to see what it would be like to be all Veela-gorgeous, come from a famous family, a Ravenclaw. I felt like it would be such a challenge, since I figured people would really underestimate her, and unlike the rest of the Potter-Weasley progeny, she'd have been the first one to really have to pave her own way, with less of the support network than the others would get, because she's older. But of course, she would have Teddy...

And about Teddy, and Victoire, and Teddy & Victoire, all I can think to say to your response is YES!!! and dance in a circle, flailing my arms about in some kind of happy dance.

Oooh! That would be a fun idea--to take the story and do a series of one-shots. I thought about expanding it, but I hadn't thought of that! Thanks for the idea--perhaps I shall look into that :D

Thank you so much for this review. It made my day like I can't even tell you.

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Review #11, by whisper in the windDon't Forget to Breathe: Unravel

6th June 2013:
I'm loving this story so far! I can't wait to catch up and see what happens. I like how exciting their relationship is. every time they see each other in private I get nervous that they'll get caught.

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Review #12, by whisper in the windThe Reunion: Hello Again

4th June 2013: first chapter is awesome! you saying that it'll get better only makes me look forward to the rest even more! really really good. I was smiling like a fool in the student lounge while reading this lol. 10/10!!

Author's Response: Aha yes I do promise that it improves! And well thank you so very much whisper in the wind! Aweh hahah I'm so glad it brought a smile to your face. (: (Even if it was in the student lounge (; ) Thank you so much for the 10/10! It really means a lot (': And I hope I will see you in the reviews again!

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Review #13, by whisper in the windDon't Forget to Breathe: It's in Our Hands

3rd June 2013:
it's getting better and better! I really like this weird friendship/flirtationship they have going on. at first I thought it was progressing too quickly but I've realized that this is just Draco's personality and how Hermione is changing based on the crap that's happened to her with Ron, so it works.

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Review #14, by whisper in the windDon't Forget to Breathe: Human Behavior

3rd June 2013:
I really like this story! I haven't read a new one in ages so I'm glad I found yours :) I'll let you know what I think after the next few chapters as well. but great start!

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Review #15, by whisper in the windThe Life of a Young Black: Home Sweet Home

17th March 2013:
I've never thought of, or read, a story about Draco, Blaise and another girl's POV. I'm excited to read this story and see what happens when Draco finds out about his two best friends getting together.

Author's Response: awe why thank you for your review! I actually got the idea by reading a story about how Sirius's daughter was his world after his wife's death, and I thought "well what if he 'hated' her?" And thus, the story was born! Yes, please keep reading and let me know what you think! I'd really appreciate it :)

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Review #16, by whisper in the windThe Other Reality: Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

12th February 2013:
aw! yay!!! that was a fantastic ending to a really good story. i love big families so i like that you made that the theme of the epilogue. good job on the entire story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much (: x

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Review #17, by whisper in the windThe Other Reality: Which Is Reality?

28th January 2013:
That was great!!! I can't believe they're going to forget all that happened. They have a crazy future ahead of them. I just wish that when the future does come, and Draco has a chance to be with Ritch, something clicks and he's back to being the Draco he was for most of the story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You'll get to see how most of it plays out in the next chapter so look out for it :D x

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Review #18, by whisper in the windThe Time I Kissed Draco Malfoy: Lemons and Liquorice

9th January 2013:
Ah! That was an amazing one shot! You write really really well.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much!

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Review #19, by whisper in the windFlesh Memory: Turnabout

9th January 2013:
no! I need the next chapter! this story is so good! it's getting better and better. I love draco's character development throughout the story. and i can't wait to see what happens between ron and pansy because it's obvious that he's going to have a thing for her. i like the idea of them together.

Author's Response: haha. I'm so glad you like this story. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #20, by whisper in the windMission Malfoy: Chapter 9

8th January 2013:
I really liked this chapter! I'm in love with Adrian and Hermione's blooming relationship and connection to one another. You're doing a great job in progressing their characters in regards to one another. I would like to see more Draco though. He's barely ever around! Which I guess is a part of the whole mystery behind him...haha.

Author's Response: lol yes it is :) But he will be around soon. Thank you for reviewing & stay tuned!!!

Rilla :D

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Review #21, by whisper in the windPlaying House with Malfoy: The Morning After

18th December 2012:
yayayayay!!! they finally did it! all that sexual tension was insane for so long but I'm really glad you built it up the way you did. it made the actual moment really perfect. it was really well written too. good job!

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Review #22, by whisper in the windPlaying House with Malfoy: The Parenting Project

17th December 2012:
I am loving this story so far! Great job :)

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Review #23, by whisper in the windAll they want for Christmas...: Proposing

27th June 2011:
aww yay his proposal was so sweet and cute! great job on the story and the chapter :) update soon!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you thought it was cute! I am writing the next chapter right now! I'm very excited about it and the chapters to follow! I will be updating soon!

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Review #24, by whisper in the windHeir Brained: Confessions of Control Freaks

27th May 2011:
this story is AMAZING! it just keeps getting better and better and i absolutely loved this chapter. i can't wait to tell my friends about this story tonight lol.

Author's Response: Awwe, thanks heaps!! It means loads that you liked the story enough to read, review and refer!!

I'll try to update more frequently from now, i relly, really, really will!!

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Review #25, by whisper in the windAll they want for Christmas...: Partying

30th January 2011:
love love love! great chapter, update soon! this story keeps me hooked with every chapter :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that! I just have about 1500 more words to write before it's ready to be put up! Chapter 1 is in revalidation though! it needed some love.

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