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Review #1, by Cadyn BlackThe One: The One with the Inappropriateness

25th December 2009:
I am honestly in love with this story!I LOVE Hayley and Sirius together!
But there is one thing that bothers me...sometimes you don't use the right, here's an example (from the preview) " I rather /go/ the whole school about my furry little problem, he said, mimicking James."
It's just little grammar/writing mistakes that really takes away from the awesome-ness that is this if you could just keep an extra eye out for those things it would be great!
Okay, so i hope you update soon! I can't wait!!

Author's Response: thanks!.. i think i edited that out now.. :)

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Review #2, by Cadyn BlackI Dare You: Ch. 1- Dares

23rd August 2009:
ohhh...this shall be interesting!!
Update please!!!

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Review #3, by Cadyn BlackBragging Rights: Chapter Seventeen. Lily.

24th February 2009:
That didn't happen. It didn't! The dare is so stupid, they all couldn't have done it without the guys knowledge, what happens when they find out?
OMG, Freaking out! -i do that alot with this story.
Anyways, i am so excited for the next chapters and agree that the sequel should be posted after this story is over (sadness).

Girl's fav color:

UPDATE! Please! :)

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Review #4, by Cadyn BlackBragging Rights: Chapter Sixteen. Elsie.

24th February 2009:
Are you KIDDING!
here i am again, FREAKING OUT!!!
*freaking out*
I can't stop reading, the story is so addicting!
I don't want anyone to break up, don't let the guys know, kill off Molly and let everyone else live out their happily ever after!

Thank you. yes, so yeah, um...update and don't do anything too mean, i know how that was just pathetic.

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Review #5, by Cadyn BlackBragging Rights: Chapter Thirteen. Lily.

1st February 2009:
Slight freak out, honestly!
I say they won't do it. James is too much a sweetheart and no matter how much Lily wants the bragging rights, she won't do it.
Niether will Mute, i think. It might have just been a ploy against Lily...
But what about Camilla? OMG right there! She and Sirius need to talk!
Elsie and Peter-congrats for them but i am a Peter hater anyways.

Okay so i LOVED the freakishly long chapter and can't wait for more! Update soon please!!!
bazillion(cuz that is so a number!)/10

Author's Response: I like your reasoning, and I think you might be right. Or wrong. Not telling. haha. I honestly thought it was a ploy myself, and then I wrote chapter fourteen and realized that Mute didn't have the guts to plot against Lily--that's Camilla's job.

Thanks so much for reviewing!! I really appreciate it!

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Review #6, by Cadyn BlackBragging Rights: Chapter Eleven. Camilla.

25th January 2009:
Kinda freaking out here!
Update like SUPER fast please!!
Awesome chapter and story, and everything!!
10(more like a billion, but they keep trying to restrain me)/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm really, really glad to hear that you're enjoying the story!

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Review #7, by Cadyn BlackI'd Lie: Reconciliation

12th January 2009:
Awesome story!
I really like it and hope you post soon!!

Author's Response: I'll do my best! Thanks!

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Review #8, by Cadyn BlackBragging Rights: Chapter Nine. Lily.

11th January 2009:
WHAT?! James CAN'T help Lily date Remus who is in love with Mute! This is going to be awful! Yet so amusing to watch!!:)
I LOVE the story and all the different characters!
The pictures at the beginning of the first 4 chapters were gorgeous! You do great work!
I love your style and hope you update soon!!
10/10 (though you deserve so much more!)

Author's Response: Yeah...I'm afraid it is going to be interesting, but resolved quickly =)
Thanks so much for reviewing! And thanks for commenting on the chapter images! lol. Thanks again!

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Review #9, by Cadyn BlackHome Is Where The Prat Is: Mischief And Mistakes

1st December 2008:
I am LOVING this story!!!
PLEASE update soon!
The story is so funny and at first i was a bit weary of the whole 'living together' thing but i REALLY like it!
Keep writing and updating!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so glad you like the story :]

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Review #10, by Cadyn Black:

22nd March 2008:
Okay...since i read this in German class i still like it! So yeah keeping going with it and write!!
But PLEASE reread your summary and fix the spelling! Sorry it bugs me! So yeah just go over that and keep writing!!
Love~Cady...or Cassie, i guess!!

Author's Response: Yeah!!! Still good. Okay, so I think the spell check is really screwy because I swear I'm using it! I'll check again though!
Thanks for the review!

Hugs and lots of presents!


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Review #11, by Cadyn BlackEmpty Promises Always Kept: Love is Patient

19th February 2008:
It was short-pout-but still good...and funny..and sweet, i teared up when he proposed-i am just emotional right now-for no reason, really...
It was great and you need to update more!!! 9/10
Love, ~Cady

Author's Response: Wootttttttt! lol i know- am i lazy or what? Anywho, glad you liked it =]]]


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Review #12, by Cadyn BlackThe Spaces In-between: Spaces

14th February 2008:
I LOVE this story, no words can discribe how much i COMPLETLY LOVE IT!! Suriusly (no pun intended) I am in awe and speechless (let me tell you that NEVER happens!) I LOVE THIS STORY! It is my #1 fav!! It is just so sweet and makes my heart swell and oh gosh I have no clue what to say!! You are an AMAZING writer and wrote an AMAZING story!! *bows to the master*
GREAT JOB!! a GAZILLION(or infity, really)/10!!! ~Cady

Author's Response: -squeals and giddily jumps up and down-

Wow, I actually squealed out loud when I read this. It makes me feel so freakin' happy.

I'm so humbled that you liked this that much! It's really an amazing feeling to know that someone appreciates your work! I can't stop smiling.

-curtsies back- I'm certainly not the master...just a sly student learning as much as she can.

Thanks so much!!!!!!!


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Review #13, by Cadyn BlackMy Marauder: Chapter 22

16th January 2008:
Okay Nikay...I'm reviewing to my own story becuase i ran out of room for my response to your review...So here is the rest...darn it i forgot what i was going to say...*pout*

Author's Response: Sorry that it got cut off so I'll finish my response here! I remembered!!! YAY!

Here we go:
(Your review)...when you write it cause you are amazing. okay well i am sorry about your computer but 7million-bazillion golden stars to your amazing friend(who now rocks a quarter of my universe)for loaning you part of her hard drive for this super-fabtabulous story!!! Okay more games of truth and dare!! OOO maybe taylor could join them for a game of truth and dare sometime!!!PLEASE can you do that!!!I LOVE when they play truth and dare!! Good story and post soon!!! YOU ROCK the rest of my UNIVERSE!!!

My Response:YAY you like how I write! I love getting those comments, they make me blush *blush*

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Review #14, by Cadyn BlackEmpty Promises Always Kept: Uncle Siri

9th January 2008:
Okay...YAY THEY FOUND EACH OTHER!!! happyness!!! now don't you go messing it up! I like it this way everyone is so happy and Sirius and Emma are together again-i love them!!
One thing i had a problem with was Sirius in the beginning...i mean i know he thought she was dead and all but really when you see someone you thought was dead, especially if you loved them like Sirius and Emma, wouldn't you hug them or say something, or at least make your presence known? I don't know it just kinda wouldn't be how i would react...
Well LOVED it and hope you update soon!
YAY I AM FIRST REVIEWER!!! you need to respond to your reviews!
Love, Cady *dance* I am so awesome in here!
a gazillion/10 and yes gazillion is a number! :P

Author's Response: -responds- AHHH, cady no kill becca -hides-
Lol. Well i was like "welll Emma is still under the assumption that Sirius hates her." and with the whole "sirius no talky" thing, it helped her fuel that XD that way it made it sweeter when they said they still loved each other XD lmao.
I am insane.

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Review #15, by Cadyn BlackEmpty Promises Always Kept: The cold, hard truth

6th January 2008:
I did change my hair color! I was leaning towards blonde but i have dark brown hair...that and i got my eyebrows done and now they look nice...sorry you didn't need to know that i bet. And practically everything i say is random...
Let Emma have that life, i like that life for her it fits her nicely! I like her with Sirius-they are SO cute!
Okay so have a happy ending, don't make me cry!!
UPDATE SOON PLEASE!! ~Cady 10,000,000,000/10

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Review #16, by Cadyn BlackEmpty Promises Always Kept: An Important Discovery

3rd January 2008:
WOOT I'M NOT DEAD!! I litearlly screamed when I read that bit!! Okay sorry had to say that first!
I LOVE how you write Sirius POV, it is so good!
They are going to find each other!! *happy dancing and singing!*
Alright I am just hyper, I LOVE the story, *add to favs*, and I can't wait for you to write and update more!!! ~CADY!


Sorry that just makes me so happy!!! 20,000,000/10

Author's Response: lmao Cady. Knew you'd be happy about that :D Haha. I make Sirius all mushyyy! lol. And how do you know they're going to find each other? What if one tragically DIES?????

Oh the power of being an author :D

Gooodddbyeeee Cady :D

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Review #17, by Cadyn BlackEmpty Promises Always Kept: This Delicate Life

3rd January 2008:
So you're pro Peter? Didn't see that one coming...
Well this intro little, slightly depressing, chapter was REALLY good! Sets the foundation on how she is feeling-LOVE IT!!
Okay so on to the next chapter...see you in a bit i guess!!
AWESOME job, now that it has a future!!~Cady 10/10

P.S. SO GLAD SIRIUS ISN'T DEAD!! And same for Lily and James, this will turn out good...i just can't wait to see what happens!!

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Review #18, by Cadyn BlackSuicide is Not the Answer: Attempt Failed, Comfort Passed

27th December 2007:
Okay Millicent Bagnold has no sympathy for anyone! well just off of that letter-awful details-on the death i mean the writing is good!
I think your try for the story and your intent was good but it seemed kind of out of character (for both James and Lily) and just kind of written weirdly, i don't know how to explain it. Sorry.
But i am kinda of wondering about the ending...kind of a cliffy there, hopefully the next chapter is posted soon!

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Review #19, by Cadyn BlackSkating on Thin Ice: Skating on Thin Ice

24th December 2007:
OMG i can't believe you actually wrote it!! *hint* don't double space, it makes the story hard to read.
Thank my cousins for playing strip poker in my aunts kitchen...i am scarred!!
SIRIUS IS MINE! thanks you for claiming it for me!

Marauder Strip that is my dream! except for Peter-he can go die, mwhahaha--how do u spell that?

Shock! You cussed! ha i win!!!

Is there going to be romance? becuase i am writing this review while reading the story, so i don't forget to say something--it is a brilliant plan! Don't mock!

You made her parents die! I don't even do that! well you know what will happen but that's far off!

OH! You made them kiss! You knew i was going to make fun of that!

YAY for multi-tasking (which isn't in the dictionary)!

Okay i've finished reading so i can give opinions now!! Here we go:
It was really cute! Sweet and funny! I thought James was well characterized and everything was written well-you used spell check, i can tell.
Just don't press enter so many times, the story becomes really long.

Did i give you any inspiration for the story? Not just my cousins? I don't care if i didn't. you actually used the funny story and wrote about it, more than i was going to do!
It was good and i really hope you keep writing!!~Cady 10/10

Author's Response: it wouldn't let me post without double spacing-don't know why.
sorry you are scarred.
you are welcome

you are asking me for spelling advise? why??? are you feeling alright?

it wasn't outloud. i don't have a problem spelling it.

i do that too, so i can't mock

she needed a reason to be upset, it was the easiest one i could think of

yeah, i did

poor guys who can't multi-task--you almost feel sorry for them (that's not in the dictionary! gasp!)

when i am responding to reviews, i leave a word document open so i can use spell check if i need it-you may laugh at me.
like i said, it would't let me do it any other way

probably, but i can't think of any one particular instance (which wyatt did NOT have to spell for me). we are the same person, just in two different bodies-there had to be inspiration from ou in there somewhere (being a good friend, for one)
i have more motivation
did you not want whipped cream?

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Review #20, by Cadyn BlackBabysitting the Weasley Kids: Babysitting the Weasley Kids

5th December 2007:
"I don't know. Bread stick?" A bead stick...? If you are going to poke me, at least pick something good
^ Okay can i poke you with a bead stick?

Other than that it was good, obviously! So hopefully i made you happy!!
Oh and i love the username!
Keep writing!! Love ~Cady a.k.a Forge
Technically we can't change our names now...but we'll do it anyways!

Author's Response: Yes, you may poke me with a bread stick.

yay! i am happy.
will do.

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Review #21, by Cadyn BlackRain: The Stars are Calling

1st December 2007:
WOOT shout out!! XD
OMG I am literally crying-I am emotional don't hate it!
The only thing I have to say bad about the story is the SPELLING! goodness did you spell check?
The story was so cute...AND SAD! emo moment?
Good for a first timer! Totally keep writing!!
~Love, Cady

Author's Response: You know what, I DID, so if something is spelled wrong- it is TOTALLY not my fault! But, don't hate me, I LOVE that you were crying!!! Like I've said before, I love to evoke emotion and to me making someone cry is a sign of a well written story! Yes, an emo moment in the 6th grade and thus Rain was born!! WE MUST STEAL SIRIUS!!!!!

Love Forever,
Jamie *hearts* *chocolate*

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Review #22, by Cadyn BlackAlong Came Sirius: Chapter One: Back To School

26th November 2007:
Dude that is a flippin' sweet banner! I totally love it too! and the total way it works and the quotes, i was like dying to read the story, just from the banner!
Great chapter!!
And hey i talk to myself!! it can't be that weird if i do it...wait, nevermind...
Great story, totally love it!! ~Cady

Author's Response: i know!! the banner is AWESOME! i'm in love with it. and eternally grateful to the maker, tomfoolery129! haha. i talk to myself all the time, don't worry. thanks! =]

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Review #23, by Cadyn BlackBetrayals and Campfires: Betrayals and Campfires

8th November 2007:
Okay, well the character development for a one-shot was fantastic! Journey(love the name by the way)has a real past and emotions that make complete sense to the situation with Sirius. And the 'proposal' was so sad! but the ring sounds beautiful!
Great story and a great start! hope to hear more from you!! ~Cady

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Review #24, by Cadyn BlackLooking For Nargles: Nasty Little Nargles

25th August 2007:
Totally fun to read! was it fun to write? i seem to be stuck completely in teh Marauder era with any writing that i do...which seems to be a lot lately!
i love this line it just seems so right for Fred and George to teach their sister:"My brothers, Fred and George, were showing me how to compromise with Peeves." i don't even think the Marauders got respect from Peeves like the Weasley twins did!
all the time i was reading this i kept hearing Luna's words in Luna's (the girl from the 5th movie) voice.
the style was great and i think you did Luna justice! 10/10 ~Cady

Author's Response: It was amazing fun to write. Luna is one of my favorite characters soooo xD Marauder era is funnnnnnn :D and your stories rock on ice so that's all cool :D:D:D:D

hehehehe. No one could control Peeves like Gred and Feorge could. (Except MAYBE dumby...maybe. xD)

mwuaahhahaha. Evanna was great in OoTP wasn't she? Loved her voice...

hehe thanks Cady!


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Review #25, by Cadyn BlackThings Change: Absolutely (Story of a Girl)

21st August 2007:
i love how close audrey and James are, totally cute! and Sirius seems violent?!? and yet so sexy...*drool*...okay yeah sorry...this story is totally awesome and really well written.
and the whole 'home' scene is so sad *tear* let Sirius take care of her!! *sob*

i had to check some of ur stuff out after u reviewed for mine, and i am so glad i read this, totally awesome and can't wait for an update, hopefully soon! XD 9/10 ~Cady

Author's Response: I am so glad you liked it! I'll try an update soon!

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