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Review #26, by endless_epolgiesThe Outcast of Slytherin: The Walk to Potions Class

9th April 2009:
aww wow. your story. its so good. i feel so bad for Melissa. i can't even imagine how that feels for people to edge their seats away from you simply because your mum was a mudblood. how horrible. i felt so smiley when Harry and Hermione were nice to her!! yaay. but will Ron come round? good story! update soon? x 10,10

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! I really apprieciate it. Hehe (: I am happy that you're enjoying it and I'll update soon!
Lots of Love,



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Review #27, by endless_epolgiesFading in the Shine: Shopping Pains

9th April 2009:
nice little chapter! i really love how different she is compared to her sisters. i must confess though i think I'm a bit like her sisters, i have to walk around the shops like four times before i decided what i want to buy then i walk around again to get to the shops! i love the insight we have into the lives of witches that isnt just Hogwartd! I'm looking forward to this ball! so good chapter! update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm happy you like the chapter. I love to shop honestly, but Sap is a semi-tomboy. LOL! I wanted everyone to see how the sisters interact with each other outside of Hogwarts. But to the other fans, yes Hogwarts will be appearing by the end of chapter 5, and Oliver will be showing up in the next chapter. YAY!

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Review #28, by endless_epolgiesDreamy tendencies.: Should I be scared ?

9th April 2009:
hahahaha.. Draco being scared by Luna. mwahaha. i love that!
i really love the internal thoughts of both Luna and Draco..
i also like how Draco actually seems to be comical. and not just this smouldering sex god! ahaaa.
good chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks i was thinking about having Draco as a sex god but something stopped me.I love the comedy that the two have developed through the story i'm like yay.
Again thanks for all the reviews !!!

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Review #29, by endless_epolgiesTurmoil: Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony. A waltz.

5th April 2009:
haa thats so random walking around the dungeons and the next thing you hear is a waltz! arf arf! doesnt really sound slytheriny does it?.
i like how Draco's trying to make Luna into a Slytherin in his eyes so it's okay for him to think about her.
i like this chapter!! you have so many stories how do you find time to write them all?? Lol.

Author's Response: I know i was in a random state of mind when i wrote that and the time thing well lets just say my schoolwork will never be the same again.No i just try to make sure that i have at least one chapter that i concentrate on while the other is in validation and then i have like a
deadline almost to get it finished.
Thanks for reviewing again i really appreciate them !

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Review #30, by endless_epolgiesTurmoil: Everyone nedds affection even you.

5th April 2009:
"I am Draco Scorpius Lucius Malfoy and I can push over how ever many people I want and get away with it"
hehehe i can actually imagine Draco saying this. i think Draco is is well in character! a wee question for you.. is the carrows in Hogwarts in your story??
i've never thought of this type of pairing before. but i have to admit i like it! =] good chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks.
I have no idea about the Carrows.
Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #31, by endless_epolgiesDreamy tendencies.: I don't want to lose you.

3rd April 2009:
aww so cuttee. i know Harry's concern for Luna! i loved the comparison you made Ron and Harry as Tarzan and Jane. or the monkeys outta it. lol.
i think you've captured Luna's randomness rather really well with her steering off about gnomes. lol. woo. great chapter. !

Author's Response: Thanks ! I liked the monkey thing to LOL thanks for reviewing !!!

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Review #32, by endless_epolgiesStorybook Endings: You're a Freak.

3rd April 2009:
hmm sleeping in jeans. thats not something i find very comfortable. and when there skinny jeans now thats just pain.
not that i know that from experience of anything. :P
im glad im your first review i really liked this first chapter. i find her really interesting and i cant wait to find out about her some more! i take it shes a hufflepuff? update soon! and dont be put off that you havent got any reviews yet theyll come dont you worry! update soon?

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Review #33, by endless_epolgiesIt Girl: Looking into the Future

2nd April 2009:
yay a update! i like the way julietta seems to have an effect on ron so much! i find it tres amusant!
good chapter! :)

Author's Response: haha, thanks. i thought she'd be a great way to emphasize the awkwardness in ron that we all love ;)

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Review #34, by endless_epolgiesDreamy tendencies.: Why does nobody listen to me anymore?

29th March 2009:
ahaha. poor draco. not being listened too. ahahaha.
i love your random bursts of comedy through your story i find this story really refreshing! =]
update soon?x

Author's Response: Thanks i like my random bursts of comedy to again thanks for reviewing Xx
Update as soon as i can get it up !

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Review #35, by endless_epolgiesDreamy tendencies.: Well lets get going.

29th March 2009:
so you reviewed my story, so i thought to myself i might as well take a gander and see your stories. then i picked this one.
its haliriously funny. and i think Snape and Draco are in character! i love this line.
"i'll be looking for white hairs on my hands.

He subconsiously glanced at his hands.

Damn I do have white hairs in my hands.Duh Draco it's because your blonde"

ahahahahaha. tres amusant.

love this so far. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for your review .

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Review #36, by endless_epolgies18th Floor Balcony: I'll Always Love You

29th March 2009:
wow you wrote this in an hour? its perfect. or well in my eyes.
you've really captured bereavement and the whole lost love thing so well. !
i've never read a story that was really sad before but this is my first one and you've made me want to read more stories like this.
im just kinda sitting here going "Awww" in my head. it really is wonderful! good job! 11/10

Author's Response: aw thanks! yeah...I'm thinking back to it and i did write it in an hour.. I'm glad you liked it. I'm sitting here blushing like mad at your review!!! Thanks again! 11/10? Thanks! *blushes again*.
I'm sorry I didn't respond to this earlier... I've been on Spring break vacations. :)

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Review #37, by endless_epolgiesI care: Black dresses

26th March 2009:
aww. oh my its so lovely. i know you cant say something about death is lovely. but the way you've written it as made me feel all sad for Cho, and i've never read a Cho story before!
so update soon! i really loved it.!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!
Yeah, I'm trying my hardest to make people like and sympathize with Cho, because she's an easy character to hate.

- Heaven

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Review #38, by endless_epolgiesI Believe: Chapter 7.

18th March 2009:
oh my gosh! ah. okay the last time i reviewed which was only yesterday but still, im pretty sure i hated Draco, now I'm sitting in my room going "aw" and yes because Draco had dumped Hermione! *does irish jig* wahey! things are looking up.. buuut. aww. i feel so sorry for Jackie she gets over Draco or well seems to, likes Ron and in comes damzel in distress. poor girl. i think this chapter is well paced! bravo mes amis! 10/10!

Author's Response: Yes I know you reviewed yesterday... and for some reason on the last review for chapter 6 I accidently said all my stories when I meant all my chapters... anyway, I am glad I got that awh effect out of you! and well... Draco didn't really dump Hermione, and she didn't dump him... it was just kind of they seperated...

I know... so sad... but I am seriously a person who loves angst... indeed.

Thanks so much for the review and the rating! Glad you liked the chapter!

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Review #39, by endless_epolgiesI Believe: Chapter 6.

17th March 2009:
jackie and Ron? aww that would be soo good! he's muchos better than Draco. as far as im concerned Hermione can have him =] adding your story to my favourites! update soon?

Author's Response: Oh my goodness... you reviewed all my stories in one day... today! Wow thank you so much and im glad your adding it! haha!

And... just... remember... I am a sucker for angst... even though I hate it... I still kind of love it... it's like Jackie with Draco, she hates him but usually, almost all the time that love replaces the hate! Haha! That's me and angst for ya.

Thanks again for the review... or shall I say reviews? Haha

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Review #40, by endless_epolgiesI Believe: Chapter 5.

17th March 2009:
I love how you call Draco IT. but why did they take her clothes until she was just in her undies? Hermione is such a pooo bum seriously if her and jackie are supposed to be friends then wouldnt she not know that jackie wouldnt of shouted at a new kid and knew that Draco was lying. i dont know but Jackie doesnt seem like that type of person?
great chapter your story has really got me involved!

Author's Response: Yea I got that from the book Speak... hehehe... oh and well I think you'll find out in the later chapters? Maybe? I forget... they do that because they want to kind of scare her? But it was supposed to be Ginny... and they wanted to get answers out of her... so yea that's why.

With Hermione... it is very complicated... Jacqueline herself is a very complex person... like in the chapter before her dad hit her and that kind of messed her up a little... not much just made her different, of course not in a bad way but... different. Basically I am saying that you can't really expect anything from her... she's full of suprises! So you cannot get all mad at her for that. She's just going from experience of being friends with her.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #41, by endless_epolgiesI Believe: Chapter 4.

17th March 2009:
ah im beginning to get very annoyed with Hermione!! cant she not just keep her nose out of things..and Draco eee. can't he not see? i just want to run up too him and shout SHE LOVES YOU, YOU FOOL! but err. that would ruin the story i suppose. lol. great chapter

Author's Response: Yea Hermione... well in this story she's supposed to be very... how can I say this... demanding, like if she wants something, she wants it, ya know? And I want it to be kind of a phase because to me in a way she hasn't ever really been givin much in life. I mean magic (THE GREATEST GIFT!) but she's been made fun of, which doesnt usually annoy her much and all that and I guess the feeling of Draco kind of making her baddish or something?

I am bad with describing what I'm trying to say... uhh... yea...

Draco... he doesnt see because for all the years they've been best friends and he just doesn't really think about it too much, ya know?

So uh yea haha. Thanks a billion for your review :)

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Review #42, by endless_epolgiesI Believe: Chapter 3.

17th March 2009:
I'm really confused so helpfully you can help me out..
how did Jackie and Draco become to be friends cus afterall we know the attitudes that Slytherins and Gryffindors have towards each other?
It seems to me like Draco is the addiction? could i be right in saying this??
great chapter !! x

Author's Response: Jackie first came to Hogwarts during 2nd year. I haven't really included it in the story yet but something happened during the naming ceremony and yes that is all I can include at the moment... sorry... hehehe... and I am so sorry but I don't understand what you mean by Draco being the addiction?

Okay well thanks for the review! Sorry I couldnt answer the questions...

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Review #43, by endless_epolgiesI Believe: Chapter 2.

17th March 2009:
wow. you've managed to put a moral into your story, the first story i've ever came across to do so! =] i totally agree with your authors note! i feel so sorry for Jacqueline! for her to feel so low that she came to drugs i really do pity her, and all i want to do is give her a massive hug! though on the otherhand i did chuckle a bit when you called it Special K cus in the U.K thats a cereal! lol. Hermione isnt that good of a friend is she? for her not to notice that she was feeling so rotten is nearly unbelievable if there supposed to be that close! what year are they in by the way?
great chapter! x

Author's Response: At the moment they are in their 6th year, and yeah in Canada, too, it's a cereal... but uhh once I watched this movie and the girl took a drug called special K so I just used that.

I wouldn't say Hermione is a BAD friend... yet... but she is just caught up in the excitement of everything... she hasn't really been bad except for with Harry and Ron but that was more, how do I say it? Dangerous... but well... a different kind perhaps? I'll go with that.

Anyway thanks so much for the review! I hope I like... answered... fully (?)

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Review #44, by endless_epolgiesI Believe: Chapter 1.

17th March 2009:
wow thats a great first chapter!
your spot on with this girls feelings! And im glad to see that Oc hasnt got everything straight away, and that Draco isnt all perfect because afterall he's been playing away two girls like two..err.. fiddles? it was shot and snappy and i love when a story is like this because i find it hard when people right like 2000 chapter i usally get distracted and this time i didnt! bravo 10,10!!

Author's Response: Haha, awh! Thank you so so so so much! Wow... now I feel good :) Thank you so much for the review and the awsome-ness (?) of it!

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Review #45, by endless_epolgiesIt Girl: Breakfast

15th March 2009:
oooh. i love your story so far.
although at the start i must say i was rather confused with the french even though ive been doing french for the last five years i still couldnt get the gist of what Julietta and Hermione was saying so its a relief that in the third chapter it was put into english. =] is Julietta a veela?
And did Neville and Julietta have something going on or are they related?
hmm so good story so far. update soon!

Author's Response: thanks, im glad you're enjoying it!
you are wondering all the things i hoped people would wonder =)

i hope to update soon but im being a neglectful author and dividing my attention between 3 fanfics! the fourth chapter is mostly finished tho..

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Review #46, by endless_epolgiesRicordare: Jealousy

22nd February 2009:
i really like your story. im confused as too why nobody as reviewed as of yet! im persist with this please!
i loved this line
Harry Potter: Making defeating he-who-should-not-be-named look easy since birth.
update soon.

Author's Response: Why thank you! I'm super glad you like the story and that you took the time to review. It definitely helps to see what I need to work on.

And yeah, that last line has been a favorite of a few others as well. XD

I'll get to updating just as soon as I can. Seems as though I'm in a bit of a writers block right now. Never seems to fail though. Everytime I post something, all my other ideas go out the window.

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Review #47, by endless_epolgiesCatch A Falling Witch: Fighting, an Adrenaline Rush, and Repulsive Looks

21st February 2009:
wow great story so far. i hope you update soon =]

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you've enjoyed this story so far! :D The next chapter will be up shortly!

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Review #48, by endless_epolgiesTo Cross the Line of My Fruity & Nutty Affairs: My Typical Day

21st February 2009:
WHy though WHy? i really dont think i could do whats she's doing with Oliver? though on that subject how did this come about that she became his personal assistant? did he advertise or what? Scottish and Irish people are all the same! head strong and would prefer for someone to do the work for them! haa i would know cus im Northern Irish mwahah!
loved this chapter! i think you protrayed Oliver in a way that makes you want to punch him and fall for him all at the same time! i love how you didnt make her really smart, because I made my character in my Oliver Wood story and in many ive read not many arent that smart. so for oringinality i applaud you!
update soon!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for such an in depth question! hahaa well I am going to dive into the origins of their relationship and how she became to be his assistant in the coming chapters. It's a pretty crucial part of the whole story, actually! So just hang tight!
That's really cool that you're in N. Ireland! I was just there a few months ago for a vacation...its a beautiful place! SO GREEN!
Ah well Oliver just seems like the type that you hate to love. And as for originality...thank you so much for such a great compliment! It made me feel really goood hahahaha.

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Review #49, by endless_epolgiesSome Hearts: Butterflies

20th February 2009:
oooh very promising! i like it. so im adding it to my favourites. =]
i hate it when sometimes you fall for your guy best friend!

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Review #50, by endless_epolgiesLucid Dreams: Chapter 7: Lucid Dreams

19th February 2009:
wowzers. i feel so bad for her mum going missing! im glad you had it that her mum did dissappear because i know its sometimes hard to make bad things happen to your characters!
i looove the way you describe draco it makes go all dazed when you do describe him.
i love your story so muchos!

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