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Review #1, by PetronillaWeasley is Our Queen: A New Professor

25th July 2006:
Really, really funny! Good job, I liked the story very much, even if Harry/Ginny is not my favourite ship. The plot is extremely intriguing. I wander what Harry is going to say to Ginny! Please, keep writing...

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! I've been working out the plot for this story for sooo long. I'm rpetty sure I've already got everything mapped out - it's just that now I actually have to write everything. *sigh* Keep reading!

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Review #2, by PetronillaFamous: Introducing Kat

25th July 2006:
That's really nice and original. I liked it a lot! Just, it's not really clear how the battle against Voldemort is going. Maybe you're going to explain it in the following chapters.

Author's Response: The battle is already over but there is a group of people who are continuing Voldemorts ideals.

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Review #3, by PetronillaHermione Granger, a Princess?: I'm Happy...

24th April 2006:
Well, a really, really sad story. The title of the chapter is "I'm happy", but none of them is happy! They're quiet miserable! But I liked the way you wrote this. Good job!
- Petronilla

Author's Response: Poor them... :( They are happy in a way, but in another way they aren't.

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Review #4, by PetronillaLove You Forever: Daddy.

27th February 2006:
Well, first of all I need to congratulate with you, since the story is written fluently and with a good language. The only odd thing is that, everything happens too fast and too easily! You don't give much time to explanations of the facts and to the description of the inner feelings of each character. Harry has already come back, at the second chapter!!! And also the little girl name's seemed odd to me... Isabella... Bella, like Bellatrix Lestrange!!! One of Harry's worst enemies and Voldemort's servants! You could have choosen Lily as a name, like Harry's mother! But all in all I liked your story, I just hope that the situations become deeper in the following chapters. My vote is 7/10.

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Review #5, by PetronillaHarry-Hermione: Legendary Love: Concerned Parents

30th December 2005:
Very nice, very nice indeed! I like your story, it's quiet original and also, I like your way of writing. Just one thing: I don't know if Hermione would have followed her parents' will so easily... anyway, let's read chapter 2.

Author's Response: THe answer to your question is in chapter 10. Read on to find out more.

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Review #6, by PetronillaO Holy Night: Truth Be Told

28th February 2005:
I beg you pardon? I can't believe what I've just read! Oh my God they're just 15!!!! And the worst thing is that... Hermione needed to do a paternity charm, since she wasn't even sure if Harry was the father of her baby!!! I've no words, sorry...

Author's Response:

Author's Response: Um. Is this a compliment or constructive criticism. The whole paternity test thing was just an idea I really liked and i know it wasn't really necessary. Gah, it's hard to explain

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Review #7, by PetronillaChanged By Staff: Tricks of the Mind

21st February 2005:
Dear Nat, first of all, I've to compliment with you for all the faithful readers you have! Your story is really brilliant. I just need to express a feeling I have: I liked much more the first chapters ( let's say, until chapter 9.) and I'd have liked the story to take another twist, like for example, funny situations with Harry and Lily, which could get Hermione jealous! These last chapters are not so original ( I mean, I've already read about something similar in other fictions, something like "Harry get injured and Dumbledore, Hermione and the others do something together to get him back". I just hoped to read something more original, since you've got a lot of talent! Sorry for the comment, I hope you won't mind!

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Review #8, by PetronillaHarry Potter and the Divided Prince: 1 Back at Privet Drive

16th February 2005:
I liked the first chapter. The characters are in canon and you made very good descriptions. Good job so far!

Author's Response: Thanks Petronilla. Hope it interested you enough to keep you reading the rest of the story!

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Review #9, by PetronillaChanged By Staff: Come What May

23rd October 2004:
WOW, it's pure genius!!! I loved the suspance in the last two chapters... regarding Harry, well, isn't that clear? He's a Seer!!! - Petronilla

Author's Response: lol! its a bit more complecated than that (of course, when has it ever been nice and strightforward for Harry?) but i promise you find out *exactly* whats going on soon! Thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by PetronillaChanged By Staff: The Plan

31st August 2004:
WOW... the last two chapters were brilliant! Harry and Hermione were so sweet while they were getting closer and nearly kissed... you write so well... my vote is 10/10!

Author's Response: thanks!!! im glad you like how i write!!

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Review #11, by PetronillaHarry Potter and The War of Races: The Serpent's song

31st August 2004:
I love Harry/Hermione stories as well, and I cannot wait to see how you'll go on..... my vote is 9/10!

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Review #12, by PetronillaHarry Potter and The War of Races: Sedasur Clanif

31st August 2004:
Well.... that's brilliant! Your way of writing is so interesting! It slightly reminds me of Lord of the Rings... I liked it very much, so, please go on... - Petronilla

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Review #13, by PetronillaHarry Potter and the Web of Prophecies: A Conclusion

25th August 2004:
Dear Sarah, your story is absolutely amazing! It's very well written and it gives the right suspence... I expecially loved the character of Adele Fleur... she was so sweet... but also Rachel was nice... my vote is a 10!

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Review #14, by PetronillaChanged By Staff: Trapped

17th July 2004:
Dear Nat, I just wanted to tell you, that I translated your wonderful story into italian, so that my little brother could be able to read it as well... ( and he liked it, of course )... I just wanted to ask you if you could be interested in receiving a copy of your translated story... just to keep it! Let me know!

Author's Response: my story in Italian?! wow! wonder how much of it i could read? probably five words!! My nonna could read it though- but i doubt she would.... i'll think about it and email you.. its too late to think about these sort of things!

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Review #15, by PetronillaChanged By Staff: The Prophecy

16th July 2004:
Great Chapter Nat ! I really think that you are a very talented writer !!

Author's Response: thanks soooooo much!

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Review #16, by PetronillaUnsung Hero: Chapter One

16th July 2004:
Very nice and romantic story... Harry is soooo great !! Very well written as well ! I wish I could write as you do !!

Author's Response: your quite good, i read your story! thanks for the complement tho!

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Review #17, by PetronillaThe Last Stand: Revelations

15th July 2004:
Very well done Nat !! I liked this new chapter a lot !! I am trying to write a fanfiction as well... would you like to read it and give me you comment ? My fanfiction is "HP and the secrets from the past" and at the moment I have written 8 chapters... thank you very much...

Author's Response: sure i'll see if i can check it out! : ) thanls for reading mine

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Review #18, by PetronillaThe Last Stand: Riddles And Dreams

12th July 2004:
Well... I am sure that you know already how to go on... put there a little bit of adventure, and a little bit of romance ( not too much kissing and hugging, may I say !)... and then you have done it !!! I still think that Hermione should remain the smart girl she is always been, even if now she is dating Harry... I mean, there are many fancictions in which Hermione becomes a silly girl, after having kissed Harry.... and I do not lilke that at all.... Anyway, it is not your case !

Author's Response: okay..... i'll keep that in mind... anywho i am going to add a bit more romance (tho keep in mind its pg-13) thanks for the review!

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