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Review #1, by keladry_leighEyes Wide Open: Lump Sum

22nd November 2009:
i love it! i followed your other stories but then you kinda disappeared for awhile and im glad to see that youre back and writing!

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Review #2, by keladry_leighThe Complicated Life of Mirabelle Rose: Avoiding Boys and Bludgers

25th April 2009:
ah! update please! oh em gee! i love this story! it just shocks me how strong Mirabelle is i know i wouldn't have been able to yell at Sirius like that i probably would have fainted or collapsed and started sobbing then and there! Please update soon!

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Review #3, by keladry_leighGone: An Omen of Sorts

23rd April 2009:
this story is amazing! its such an interesting plot and ive never read anything like it update soon plz! i rly love this story 10/10

Author's Response: thank you! that's really nice to hear. :) chapter 11 has already been written and needs only to be proofread by my beta. thank you for the wonderful rating!

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Review #4, by keladry_leighNever Say Goodbye (Abandoned): Forgive and Find Out

29th March 2009:
i like this story alot! its very twisting and backwards but its good! im glad andromeda told ted because if she hadnt i would have been very upset.but she did so happyness! yay! well update soom plz if you can!

Author's Response: thnxs hun! =]
i will soon! promise!! thnxs again for the wonderful review!! seriously makes me happy that u like it!!!

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Review #5, by keladry_leighEverything Begins with a Change: Chapter 28 - Solitude

20th March 2009:
we understand that you cant update i just hope it gets better soon so you arent under pressure its not healthy get better soon so we can read some of your amazing writing somemore!

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Review #6, by keladry_leighEverything Begins with a Change: Chapter 24 - Control

20th March 2009:
im guessing that point of view was from jack,right? o that dude is like a stalker! i already know whats going to happen cause im rereading this story but i cant rly remember this is an awesome story though and dry sticky paint brushes seem painful so im glad i reviewed!

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Review #7, by keladry_leighThings not seen: Things Not Seen

18th March 2009:
This story is amazing, truely and honestly amazing. im writing this as im bawling my eyes out still cuz i cant stop crying i thought she was gone it scared me but i love this story! you were the first author i read from on here but it took me two years to read this and im glad i did

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Review #8, by keladry_leigh7 Things....: 7 Things....

3rd January 2009:
i love this story! its pretty good and its funny sirius gets slapped alot

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Review #9, by keladry_leighFlying Monkeys: Career Advice

22nd December 2008:
I LOVE IT!this was a hilariusly funny story you must be a big wicked fan, too! i love the play! good luck on future writings

Author's Response: I am indeed a huge fan of Wicked- the book and the show XD Glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #10, by keladry_leighSirius -ly in Love: A Broken Heart

16th December 2008:
as sad as the ending is id have to say its absoulutly prefect it made me cry at how sweet it was this was an amazing story ive read it four times and i new that i had to read it again before christmas so for the past about 4 weekends ive spent as much time as posible rereading this thank you for making such a wonderful story and i wish you the best of luck wih your future writings!
with great respect,

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Review #11, by keladry_leighI Never Told You What I did for a Living: 14. Who I Am Hates Who I've been

15th November 2008:
i so want sirius to end up with lin!

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Review #12, by keladry_leighAngel of Darkness: One day you are going to realise...

1st November 2008:
please continue this story is very intresting its confusing but confusion is good through my eyes only a few spelling mistakes but other than that amazing

Author's Response: Oh, thanks, I wasn't sure, but I think I will

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Review #13, by keladry_leighLife Collides: Thrust Into the Past

5th October 2008:
ahhh update plz i am so glad you updated i just spent an hour going through my fav athours list(which contains 78 ppl) trying to find you and i couldnt then i reised i could search you so i did and found you and i siriusly jumped up and down seeing that you updated i was omgomgomgomg! soo thank you so very much! it was an amazing chapter!

Author's Response: I'm trying, but I've been really run-down with everything. I really don't feel like going into it. The next chapter is 45% done. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by keladry_leighOliver and I: First Practice

5th June 2008:
omc plese update soon i love this story!!!

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Review #15, by keladry_leighRespectable Distance: Piper loves scrimmages and Flanny-Fine Fanny

5th June 2008:
omc(i no) update soon please & thank you

Author's Response: since you've asked so nicely...I was going to put in a chapter of my other story first; nut its really not coming to me. Maybe I'll do another chapter of RD first. Yeah? Sounds good!

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Review #16, by keladry_leighFear of Water: Making it to 20

4th June 2008:
this is torture update too much suspense!

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Review #17, by keladry_leighThe Forgotten Memory: Froggy Pajamas

4th June 2008:
omc( yea i no) please update soon i love this story so much!

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Review #18, by keladry_leighGabrielle: The 5th Marauder: Hogsmeade

4th June 2008:
ohmygosh you do not know how happy i was to see you update i was about to give up on this story but luckily you updated in time thank you but promise you'll update soon

Author's Response: nooo dont give up :)!!! I'm glad you didn't. Should be updating in a few days!

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Review #19, by keladry_leigh:

4th June 2008:
OMC(yea i no) this is one shocking twist never read anything like it before i love it plz update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I just finished my Sirius/OC called The Wizarding Act of 1978 ... which I think you should check out (shameless plug) ... so I should be able to update this one soon!

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Review #20, by keladry_leighROCKSTAR: Damn

4th June 2008:
OMC(yeah i no) that was a wee (hehe) bit risky but im glad he knows!

Author's Response: lol

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Review #21, by keladry_leighOliver and I: A Feathery First Day

21st May 2008:
omg i luv this story i mean i cant believe u didnt get any reviews so please update!thanx! so 10/10!!!

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Review #22, by keladry_leighEverything Begins with a Change: Chapter 21 - Again

17th May 2008:
plz update soon i love this story

Author's Response: okay! I'll try!

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Review #23, by keladry_leighROCKSTAR: Wanting Lily, not Evie

6th May 2008:
im am so cunfused but thats what i get for reading when not feeling good i love this story updae soon plz

Author's Response: Hope you feel better

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Review #24, by keladry_leighLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: The End.

3rd May 2008:
i have read this story so many time but still i cry every time this story truely is the best story i have ever read!!!good luck with your writing

Author's Response: I have previously responded to this review. I believe that there is some glitch within HPFF that has made this review, and 91 other ones of mine, become "unanswered". I am sorry for the inconvenience.

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Review #25, by keladry_leighRespectable Distance: Piper lovesbeing a girl

2nd May 2008:
i love this story update soon plz!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing...I'm working on it!

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