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Review #1, by chiQs09_IIOpposites attract: Chapter 2: The Shock

18th October 2009:
Great chapter. I love their reactions at the news. I hope they'll get along anyway, and I'm wondering how they are going to handle each other.

Author's Response: Thanks! Read gets better =D

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Review #2, by chiQs09_IIOpposites attract: The introductions

18th October 2009:
Hi there. So I thought of returning the favor and reviewing your story too. Great beginning. So Hermione and Draco both found out that they were made HB and HG, and I'm wondering what Draco'll say if he finds out that Hermione is HG. :)

Author's Response: thanks! dont wonder..go on d next chapter! =)

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Review #3, by chiQs09_IIJust a Little Tipsy: Just a Little Tipsy

11th October 2009:
Hi Liz! It's me. See, as promised, here's my review. Better late then never. Though I'm not sure you still remember that you asked me to review this story. ^_^

Anyway, I love this story. I laughed a few times and even had a moment when I got all teary. That was the part towards the end, when Draco said that Hermione shouldn't say that word again, you know, Mudblood. He really meant it, which proves that he has grown up and changed. And he thanked her with a kiss.
You managed to write Hermione so in canon that even when she was drunk, she was believable. I like her encounter with Draco at Knockturn Alley, and them hanging up posters there, their conversation about the past and what a nasty boy Draco was as a child, and him protecting her from Skeeter, and them kissing that awkwardly that their teeth bump, and Hermione falling on her head. That must hurt, but it made me laugh.

I love this one: "Let's forget Granger. Why I'm Geraldine Hayworth and you're Mitharai Dormens. Lovely to see you!" And then Draco's response, "Why do I have to have such a ridiculous name?" That's exactly how I'd imagine him drunk. At least he was playful.
What a prejudiced boss is that Eustace that he rejected Draco's job application because of his name? Good thing Hermione talked some senses into that man.

The only criticism I have to make is maybe regarding some sentence structures. (God, not that I am good at it.) This for example:
Passing the crooked street [...], Malfoy said...
Going weak in the knees, Hermione felt...
With lead in her legs, Hermione found...
Screwing up her face, she gasped...
Fighting free from Malfoy's grasp, Hermione emerged...

You used these prepositional phrases at almost every beginning of a paragraph repeatedly in a row, so that it sounded like er...a rhyme? Maybe mix it up a little, like "Hermione, going weak in her legs [...], felt..." and then every third paragraph start it with a prepositional phrase.
Just that...

Anyway, thanks for sharing. ^_^

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Review #4, by chiQs09_IIAffairs and the Heart: Love passed into the house of lust

11th June 2009:
Here I finally am, reviewing.
Your writing was, of course, amazing. But the plotline, I mean, hmm... it was a bit confusing and seemed to be rushed. Did he remember all those things about his first encounter with Marietta, his life on Hogwarts in the past etc. all in one day--on his wedding day? And then he found her cheating on him, and got killed afterwards?
Okay, now, why was he killed? I've never seen him being portrayed this way. Wow, Dean Thomas?
And you were right; well, this was a bit brutal. Poor Creevey-brothers. Poor Mr. Edgecombe's child! :(

Author's Response: Well, I was experimenting with a new method before I use it for a real...
He's doing the introspective because he feels so guilty about his past that it is interfering with his present happiness. And he is wholly smitten with her(see the first line or two)
The fact that she does what she does is an example of "he had it coming." Especially since she did not believe or feel that he loved her.

His being killed was an instance of "Karmic smackdown" with no explanation of who did it, because the specific person is irrelevant. Anyone he harmed could have done it with justice.

The purposes of the introspectives were to justify what happened to him and give everyone plenty of motive to kill him. Means and opportunity would be equal.

Mr. Edgecombe was the "child" as well as the "father" as well as the "mother" in his story as which was his business plan in fable. It all depends upon who the other people are in the other slots.

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Review #5, by chiQs09_IIM.M.; or Sentimentalisms: M.M.; or Sentimentalisms

30th April 2009:
Your writing is so beautiful and poetic! Do you know that? Of course you know that! :)
I wish I've read this sooner...

*adds to favorites*

Author's Response: thanks, I appreciate it

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Review #6, by chiQs09_IIRegretfully Yours: In the Four Years

15th March 2009:
Oh... and I thought he lost his memory when he realised that Hermione chose Draco over him... :( But he disappeared before Hermione became Draco's wife. Great chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thanks. Glad that you liked it. The memory loss problem wont be solved until the very end chapters (which have yet to be written).

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Review #7, by chiQs09_IIRegretfully Yours: Reunion

15th March 2009:
Took me ages to get here... *sighs* You update so fast I can hardly follow up with reviewing. Y_Y
I love this chapter. I sort of knew that something was wrong with Ron from that moment when Hermione saw him in Diagon Alley and he didn't recognise her. So he can't remember Hermione the way that he should? I'm wondering if he lost his memory due to shock. And maybe Hermione was the cause of it. Hm... great chapter. I'm intrigued :)

Author's Response: Glad that you were able to come back. I love hearing theories, and yours are great. Though that is all I will say on that as I will not reveal anything. I am so happy that you like this chapter. Thanks so much for continuing to read and review.

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Review #8, by chiQs09_IITimeturners-Saving Cedric Diggory: The Idea-Cedric's Life During the Triwizard Tournament

21st February 2009:
Hi Judi,
I'm finally here to review! Yay, first chapter... here we go.
It's funny having named the protagist of your own story after you. LOL There were some confusing lines when Draco was discussing Cedric with Judi. I assume she's his girlfriend or wife? I couldn't tell yet. I was wondering why Draco would agree so quickly to such a sudden idea of Judi's, I mean she didn't even explain her reasons. Draco wasn't friends with Cedric, so why would he care about him? Maybe I just have to read on to find out. ;)

Author's Response: Yes, things will be confusing until I can finish the MDE trilogy. lol. Just read more

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Review #9, by chiQs09_IISeeing Red: Seeing Red

21st February 2009:
I really feel compelled to add ALL your stories to my favourites, and delete all the other stories that aren't as great as yours. Really! *sighs* But you're already my top favourite author, first to be reviewed even though you're last on my reviewing list, so I hope that's fine with you.
I know I've already R/R this story before the server crash, so here I am re-reviewing it. Gods, this is better than a love letter, so poetic and damn sad! And for a moment you made me love Lupin/Tonks, and curse JKR for letting these two people die in the battle.
And again, congrats on winning this challenge at eHPF. I've personally voted for it without looking at the author's name, and was not surprised at all that is was you. :D

Author's Response: Hello sweetheart! You are so good to me :) I'm flattered to be your top favorite author because your writing is phenomenal and makes me feel so humble every time I read it! Thanks a million for coming to replace your reviews; I was especially sad to lose yours because they're always so encouraging! I really wish JKR hadn't killed off Tonks and Lupin because essentially, isn't Teddy going to become another Harry (pretty much)?

This review made my day. Thank you so, so much for writing it and for being a great friend. *huggles*

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Review #10, by chiQs09_IIQuadrivium: The Dragon Hunt

21st February 2009:
Aww... that. was. a great start! I love the beginning and the writing style you used! I love stories like this. I'm currently reading a book that is like this but only without dragons and magic. Your characters have always strong personalities, wanting to be independent individuals, and completely refusing the life they 'have to' live. (I've just re-read Bittersweet and Strange, this is why I've noticed it. LOL) I'm excited to read about Helena's adventure, hunting a dragon with her brother. But remembering one of your one-shots, I think Helena was all by herself. *unsure*

Anyway, I'm glad you've finally posted this story. :D

Author's Response: Hi Mitchy *huggles* Hmm good point about the strong characters who want to fight against the lives they "have" to live. Maybe it says something about me? LOL Thanks Dr. Mitch :D I'm glad you liked this so far! And you'll see why Helena was all by herself in the one-shot. I'm glad I've finally posted this too, it was gathering dust in that Word document I hid in a folder somewhere.

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Review #11, by chiQs09_IIA Clandestine Reality: The Veiled Truth

17th February 2009:
That was a great beginning. I love it! And I love your writing...

*adds to favorites*

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #12, by chiQs09_IIFlicker in the Dark: Flicker in the Dark

31st January 2009:
Congrats on winning this challenge on eHPF. Though I wasn't completely surprised because you always win if you enter a challenge there. :p
I love the way you wrote this story. They were remembering each and everyone they lost during the battle. It's very sad. I miss Fred the most. *sighs*

Author's Response: Mitchy!! *bear hug* I miss you. Why have we not talked in forever?! I'm so happy that you liked this story. It's fluffier than most stories that I've written, but I had a good time writing it. I was proud to be able to dedicate a friendship story to eHPF where most of my writing friends are! Thanks for the review and I need to chat with you again soon, I'm going through Mitch withdrawal.

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Review #13, by chiQs09_IIRegretfully Yours: Avoiding the Truth

16th January 2009:
Ooh, finally an update. :)
I can't wait to find out why Ron has disappeared for four years, and now returned like he'd never left. And I'm wondering if it has something to do with the fact that Hermione married Draco, and that's why he couldn't come back earlier. Hmm...

As the Dramione-lover that I am, it hurts my soul when Hermione thinks of Ron while having sex with the most attractive, handsome and god-like creature from the HP universe. LOL But if I have loved your Romione from Addict, I'm sure I'll love it here too. I can't wait for Hermione and Ron to meet again. :)

Author's Response: I can tell you that I am about 20,000 wds in and that they still havent officially met again (though there is a really nice spotting scene). It will make more sense in the next chapter.
I do know how you love Draco, and I hope to still do him justice even though this is mostly a Ron/Hermione fic. (I love him too, so you know I will).
Thanks for checking this last chapter out :)

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Review #14, by chiQs09_IIPerfection: Dreaming

21st December 2008:
Great story. I'll read the next few chapters tomorrow. And only review if I have to go.

CCs: You should fix the spelling errors. Other than that, this story is very original.

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Review #15, by chiQs09_IIAddict: Epilogue: Recovery

3rd December 2008:
This was the end? NOOO... :(
I love this story! I also like the ending... I'm glad she could get her life back and with him! :D

My reply to your response to my last review:
I thought he left his wand at home, how was he able to apparate?

Anyway, just that. Please write more Dramiones!!! Please!

Author's Response: LOL, I will one day, right now I am working on a Charlie Weasley story.
Yeah I thought about that after I wrote it, but then I talked to my husband (who is a medic) and he said that even with one punctured lung he still would have been able to get there. I will take his word for it.
Thanks so much for all of your lovely and insightful reviews. :)

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Review #16, by chiQs09_IIAddict: Acceptance

28th November 2008:
Great chapter! Hermione finally opened up! :D YAY!
So that's what happened to Ron! I knew he was dead! And my theory was right! YAY Poor Ron! :(
There is a little flaw though: The store where Ron got the snacks for Hermione was just around the corner. Why didn't Hermione hear the shot? And if Ron was shot in the chest, he wouldn't be able to walk for one or two steps, because one of his lungs was hit. And he wouldn't be able to carry the bag of snacks to Hermione's flat and still have the energy to knock.
You are also still confusing "of course/to course" with "coarse". The latter is actually a description for fabrics. You should look it up. And your dialogues still contain errors, which makes it hard to understand who's speaking/responding. Which is probably why you leave out the speech verbs.
I'm only concerned, because your story is really great and you are a talented writer. A very very talented writer!!! Your description is amazing! You should get those little flaws fixed to make this story perfect!

Author's Response: i am the worst with coarse and course, I know the difference but my fingers dont seem to and I always seem to pass it while editing. I will go back and check it out. I don't remember saying that one of his lungs was hit, just that he was shot in the chest, I also fingured that since he was magical that he used his will to apparate there.
As for hearing the shot even if it were just around the corner it wasn't that close, maybe a few blocks so even if she had heard it she wouldn't have known what where it was and she was sleeping anyway so might not have woken up to a sound that distant. He was slumped on the floor, so I I don't think that he knocked very hard, just a wave of the hand... but I will look into it more. Thank you so much for all of your reviews :)

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Review #17, by chiQs09_IIAddict: Fighting the Temptation

28th November 2008:
So that's where he went when he came late to Hermione's place the other day. :) I thought he intended to come late since they had not set a time...
I've read your first version of this chapter. I think it sounds better now with Ginny talking too. :)
Your dialogues are still confusing. Sometimes I have to think hard who's actually talking and responding. :( And it always throws me off from the story. :(

Author's Response: poop. I will have to work on that. Thanks so much. Glad that the second version is better :) Also glad that I was able to clear that bit up as well.

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Review #18, by chiQs09_IIBetray the Night: Chapter the First

26th November 2008:
I thought I should leave a comment since I've read (or am reading) this story too. ;)
I like the idea of your plot about a dead house elf at the Malfoy Manor and Hermione being the one to investigate the case. I'm excited how you'll write your Dramione and still keep it canon with her being with Ron and mother of their kids! And now I'm wondering how you'll do that... It's obvious there's something missing in her life even though it's perfect. She misses going on adventures with her two friends (one of them, her husband now), and I think a little change in her life at the manor will give her back what she's missing, and this will make her realise what she has with Ron. That's only my guess... >_

Author's Response: That was going to be my plot, but now I'm thinking it's a bit cliched, something that's been done before in many many romance movies. :P It'd be a sweet plot, but I think a few wrenches thrown into it should make it even more interesting. :D

Thank you for reviewing, Mitch! It's always a pleasure to hear from you, and it's wonderful that you're reading this story. ^_^

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Review #19, by chiQs09_IIAddict: Facing Crimes

25th November 2008:
I love this chapter. Finally more of Hermione's inner thoughts...I haven't read the next chapter yet, will do hopefully tonight and review tomorrow.
I like the development of her feelings for Malfoy. It sounds realistic. She's slowly realizing how much he means to her and that she misses him when he's not with her. Even a knock on the door would make her heart beat faster.
I think your Dramione relationship reminds me a lot of the associative learning theory "Classical Conditioning" by Ivan Pavlov. That's really cool. ^__^

Sorry for the stupid feedback. I'll give a better one in the next chapter. :)

Author's Response: No such thing as stupid feedback. Really glad that you liked the chapter though and hope that you enjoy the next one as well. Thanks so much.

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Review #20, by chiQs09_IIAddict: Withdrawl

18th November 2008:
So, my theory from the last chapter was wrong, huh? xD
I'm a bit sad and maybe a bit disappointed. I've waited (not long though) for this update and you make it so short??? Just kidding *huggles*
Ron's alive then. Maybe my 2nd theory was correct: they fought or have broken up. And that's why Hermione was angry (sort of) when she saw him. “What are you doing here?” “What? I can’t come by to check on you?” “No. Especially since I know that Ginny sent you.”
I'm hating the Ron/Hermione interaction at the moment. Bring Draco back... *whines*

Author's Response: Draco is coming back and I think it will be updated today, so not a long wait I hope.
I am loving all of the different theories they are fabulous! The truth will be revealed shortly enough, Only a few chapters left. Thanks so much for continuously reviewing :)

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Review #21, by chiQs09_IIAddict: Admitting You Have A Problem

17th November 2008:
I've read all chapters (over the weekend) until here and was super-happy to find an update!!! Thanks a lot.
I love how the story progresses...My guesses are: Ron's been killed and that's what's hurting Hermione. They have loved each other and Ron even remembered their first kiss when it didn't even crossed her mind that it was their 4th anniv. of the kiss. Ron proposed to her and then...he was gone... So something else must have happened to him. :(
My other guess would be:
They fought and he left her. I think Hermione's 'addiction' started after he was gone.

I love the development of Draco and Hermione's 'relationship'. He decided to come later, and she started noticing her dependence on him. I think she needed to know what Draco did to her, that she can't be around other men anymore, hence, the 'bile in her throat' when she was 'screwing' another man. And it just felt right when Draco held her in his arms again when she came home.
I love the scene when she started sobbing in her bedroom and Draco did the same thing what memory-Ron did to Hermione: place his hand on her back and comfort and hold her.

I love Draco's worry, that he even went to Harry and Ginny and ask for Potter's help. Could it be that Harry knew something about it? Because he didn't seem surprised when Draco told him that Hermione only wanted s3x.

I felt sorry for Draco when he went to Hermione's flat and banged with his fist against it. Aww... *cries*

I also love the balance of Draco's POV and Hermione's POV. It's really smooth and flawless. This way we get to know what's going on in their heads when they do whatever they do.

I love the flashbacks scenes a lot, too. I'm starting to like Ron, though in my stories he's always depicted as an idiot. I'll write one where he is Hermione's hero, too. ^_^ Thanks for the inspiration. :)

However, here is my CC:
I don't think that you need dialogues (in the Dramione part) since it fits your style perfectly. Some of your dialogues seemed forced and you need to work over them. Sometimes I had problems understanding who said what, because of the dialogue punctuation. That through me off.

And you had some spelling errors, too. I'm not good at grammar so I didn't pay attention to that. :)

Aside from that, wonderful writing, amazing description and I'm addicted to this story! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for writing such a long and wonderful review. I am so happy to have changed your oppinion of Ron (Yay!).
I will have to go back and look at spelling errors, I am awful without Microsoft Word. So if that doesn't catch it and my read through doesn't then they just sit there.
I will go back and take a look at my dialogue, glad that you didn't feel that too much is necessary.
I really am so glad that you are enjoying this and I will probably update again either today or tomorrow, so keep a look out. :)

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Review #22, by chiQs09_IIAddict: Hungover

9th November 2008:
Oh my... :o So the guy in the flashback wasn't Draco? I would guess it was Ron.
It's sad to read that Hermione's mother died and after that she hadn't been the same anymore. I hope she wasn't feeling this numbness because of her grief over her mother's death?
I like the way you switched the POV, how Draco thought of the last night when he had met Granger again after such a long time. Even he did thought she wasn't recognizing him.
This story reminds me somewhat of "Lie With Me" with Lauren Lee Smith. I like the way Hermione is like the female character of that movie.
I think I'm intrigued, too, to find out why Hermione had become so un-Hermione-ish... ^_^

Author's Response: I wont tell why she is the way she is, but her mother's death, though traumatic, is not why she is all, um...crazy? different? OOC? I have never seen Lie With Me, but I will take it as a compliment :) Thanks so much for reviewing. I am really glad that you like it.

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Review #23, by chiQs09_IIAddict: The Fix

9th November 2008:
Finally, here to review.
I've never thought of characterizing Hermione like this. I don't know if I like it or not, but I love the fact that it's a Dramione story, and your writing is amazing.
So, the way she controls other people (men) is by sleeping with them? I'm wondering who the guy is in her flashback. I'm a bit confused. In my opinion, Hermione sleeping with random men is the past before she met Draco in that pub. And when she falls in love with Draco, he ditches her (sort of) and she becomes that nymphomaniac woman, just to ease the pain. Or not? I'm very intrigued. I'll add it to my faves... :D

Author's Response: Keep reading and all will be revealed, I think it becomes clearer in the next few chapters who the memory guy is. I don't know if she is really trying to control the guys, I think it is a way for her to escape her own pain. I know that I mention control in here, but it more of a self control, and manipulation of men who are easy. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for reviewing, I hope you still like it and I am happy you want to add to your faves. :)

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Review #24, by chiQs09_IIOranges and Lemons: Wanderlust

9th November 2008:
Creepy. I hope that man standing in the woods was only the caretaker or a weapon? :s
I like the way Pansy and Draco were bickering. LOL Their comments and insults are really funny. And Pansy even defended Hermione once when Draco was being a prat. ^_^ I like them...
Poor Blaise, he's not much into a partying mood...I hope that'll change after another bottle of wine. ;)
I'm looking forward to reading more...this story is really great. :)

Author's Response: mitch!! thankyou so much for your three comments, you rock a lot. you have no idea how awesome it is hearing that you like how i write the characters ♥. thankyou!!!

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Review #25, by chiQs09_IIOranges and Lemons: Clandestine Operations

9th November 2008:
LOL I love it!!!
I like how 'trying-to-shield-all-emotions' Blaise became so emotional when he was in his mother's room, seeing all her belongings and remembering her when she was still alive and he was still a small boy.
I like Draco very much. I wish I could write him like this! I love him! He and Hermione are a great couple. And Blaise hadn't accepted it yet somehow, but since he cared for Draco, he's fine with Hermione. At least Pansy is okay with her. I just love it. So they'll have a little drink now? I'm wondering what Draco's like if he's drunk. xD

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