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Review #1, by jammieconHunting The Hunters: Hermione's First Raid

2nd April 2010:!! this is fantastic!! it took you so long to update, i had actually forgotten how much i loved this story, and writer's block or no writers block, your writing style is really captivating and hey so far the plot is brilliant! pls stop taking month-long breaks and update SOON! your fans need you! :P :)

Author's Response: I couldn't help my writer's block last time, but hopefully this time it won't be as long for an update! I'm hoping for either the end of this week or the middle of next week to finish the next chapter. Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by jammieconHunting The Hunters: Tracking the Hunters

21st August 2009:
hey, this story is so great, i'm actually a fan of yours and this was the only story which i had kept untouched, but recently i've been struggling with my resolve to wait till its finished, because you haven't updated Noboyd's Wife for a while, now that you added chapter 10 to that story i've been dying for chapter 11 and i check for an update every 30 minutes!! so anyway i got so sick of waiting and now i'm reading this story and i'm ashamed of myself for breaking my resolve but oh well, you're half to blame because your stories are so delicious :)) thanks for writing them and keeping us all very happy!

Author's Response: Haha you're welcome =] I'm glad you like my stories! Nobody's wife is still being written, no worries =] I'm actually hoping to have the next chapter up by monday *crosses fingers*

Thanks for the review!!

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Review #3, by jammieconNobody's Wife: Going After Skye

17th August 2009:
come on is that the best you can do after leaving us hanging for so long! no more cliffies please! we just barely had time to get over the whole 'THANK GOD SHE UPDATED!!!' thing before you slapped us in the face with another 'PLEASE GOD MAKE HER UPDATE SOON' crisis!

just in case u cant tell i LOVE your story and i'm just being sarcastically rude

Author's Response: Oh, I could tell, don't worry :P
I'll update as soon as I can, don't worry!!
Try reading my other story Hunting the Hunters in the meantime, if you want =] I'm quite proud of that one too!
Thanks so much for the review!
And I promise there will be an update by the end of the week. PROMISE =]

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Review #4, by jammieconA Change of Vision: Chapter Five

7th May 2009:
swet story! but i felt i was being RUSHED, u could've taken the time to develop characters and situatinos more, but i do understand it was one of your first fics. GREAT job telling a very good story line in only five chapters! God i love your writing.

UPDATE COREU & NOBODY'S WIFE DAMMIT! :p :) and yeah, good luck with ur exams and moving and everything, God ur lucky ur still in school and not looking for a job in these horrible times. all i have to keep ME going is hpff!

i'm done reading all ur stories and now i've moved on to reading your favorites, since ur like my starting point on this site. yay! there are some realy good ones u picked, too. please finish ur own amazing stories tho!!

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Review #5, by jammieconGuide To Being A Good, Or Rather Bad Slytherin: Guidelines

5th May 2009:
WOW ahahahahaa that was so refreshing! how did you come up with that?? LOL i'm still hung-over smiling from the part where rule number 8 was actually because of rule number 6 which was OBVIOUSLY based on rule number 3... ahahahahaha..

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Review #6, by jammieconMy Name is Crookshanks: My Name is Crookshanks

5th May 2009:
hilariously creative :) pretty much sums up the whole HP series, too, which is cool.

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Review #7, by jammieconFor Love And Money: Seeking Salvation

4th May 2009:
umm harry is WATCHING a gryff vs slytherin QUIDDITCH match?? why isnt harry seeker?!

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Review #8, by jammieconFor Love And Money: Valiant Valentines

4th May 2009:
you put a KILT on DRACO MALFOY? what happened to his beatiful formal expensive BLACK ROBES??? tsk tsk.. cliche it might be, but its so draco malfoy. i hope you dont take my comment personally of course, i love your story so far and i didnt even finish this chapter yet, i just saw the word kilt and i was WAT ZA FAK? so i scrolled down to express my feelings. i hope you can take friendly criticism :D

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Review #9, by jammieconNobody's Wife: Draco's (Brief) Return

30th April 2009:
dont do this, i cant b bothered to review cuz i REALLY WANNA FIND OUT what happens next! dude ur endings r so good!

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliment and the review!! :)

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Review #10, by jammieconUs Delinquents: Puke and Party Crashers

27th January 2009:
this is an awesome story!! i LOVE your dialogue, and the way you balance conversation and narration... you don't overdo it nor do you spend ages describing a scene/emotions like some authors do. keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thank you!! =D I am touched. Glad you liked it

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Review #11, by jammieconHermione Granger and the Overdone Plotlines: Everything Occurs and Nobody Acts As They Should

13th January 2009:
you're a frickin GENIUS is what you are! its so brilliantly BAD! :))

Author's Response: Hahaha, I'm glad you think so. =]

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Review #12, by jammieconHer Decision: Becoming Snape

14th December 2008:
this chapter is excellent! EXCELLENT!! EXCELLENNT!!!
you wrote it so perfectly, the mood the setting the transformation and everything, especially the CHARACTERS and how you described how draco felt while he said what he said... just truly excellent! :) aah... i'm like warm and fuzzy inside... well then on to the next chapter...

Author's Response: thank you!!
i had heaps of fun writing this chapter, and that transformation scene in particular!
thank you once again!

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Review #13, by jammieconHer Decision: Revelations and a Woman Scorned

14th December 2008:
ooh something feels wrong here... pansy is definietly up to something, she probably ran out to tell blaise the moment malfoy left her house!

i guess we'll find out next chapter!! teehee i'm so excited to finish this story and find out what happens

Author's Response: hahahaa i wish i could tell you!
thanks for reading and im so glad you like it!

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Review #14, by jammieconHer Decision: Dumbledore's Army

14th December 2008:
excellent so far - i love the fact that its incorporating more and more canon characters, and the plot isn't your typical 'they meet, they fall in love, the end!' storyline. there's more here, there's the importance of getting approval from the whole order not just harry and ron, and there's some serious dark vs. light action and drama which very nicely balances out the romantic fluffy stuff to create a very well constructed story with like setting the scene, the background, the incidents that lead to the climax and everything...

i truly love this story! :)

Author's Response: wow
thank you for such a wonderful review! i really appreciate it!

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Review #15, by jammieconHer Decision: Panic and Magical Marks

13th December 2008:
oh wow, this is my first review bcuz its the first time i thought SHIT OH MY GOD WHATS HAPPENING NEXT!!! I NEED TO CLICK ON THE LITTLE ARROW
N O W!!!

never underestimate the power of cliffies! i love them! and i love your story, great job!

Author's Response: hahahaa cliffies are great! not so much for the reader though, i have to admit!
thanks for that - im glad you're liking it

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Review #16, by jammieconBeautiful Disaster: Wrong doings & Wolves...

12th December 2008:
this is the second time i'm reading this story, it's THAT good, the plot is very clever and very realistic and as a million other reviewers said, you're rue to the characters.

BUT in order to be fair i must say your writing in itself has room for improvement. your sentences are too long and informal, so it makes it seem a bit childish and like i'scribbled down quickly. Revise your punctuation and don't feel like you have to make speech EXTREMELY realistic. a reader's mind will fill in the blanks when a character is supposed to be stammering or speaking nervously (or whaatever effect ur trying to go for). If you refer to rowling's writing you'll see she very very rarely uses elipses in speech, but you could always imagine the exact tone and manner in which characters spoke.

Overall, excellent story, good job!

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Review #17, by jammiecon'Til Death Do Us Part: The 1st Installment: Dares

18th January 2008:
the most HILARIOUS thing i've read on the whole world wide fricking web!! SERIOUSLY!!

ur irish arent you?? :) what WAS the shay character saying to slughorn in gaelic???!!

i hope whats coming is as good as this!!!

Author's Response: I have irish heritage but I'm american. And I've forgotten what shay was saying. I wrote it over two years ago.

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Review #18, by jammieconPushing the brink of insanity.: Smile

18th January 2008:
hello hello oh British one... I like your story a LOT, the story is so utterly original!!! seriously, you have quite an imagination, and i'm so happy for you that u got put on the top five list! :) i love the way you developed Blaise's character as a friend, i NEVER read a fanfic that put him in a good light before... also, it was like such a releif that harry/ginny found out abt hermione. well done, seriously!

BUT i hope you can take constructive critisism with a "cheers" and a smile :)

your style is very typically teenager-ish, i mean i have no clue how old you are but i could tell that you were in high school, just the whole night club thing and how you write the flirty parts, and the constant truth or dare. i dont know if you do it intentionally, or you wanna work on that..? to somebody who is considerably older, say 25 years old, it might come across as cheesy or like lame.

other than that one thing, i love the way you differentiate between Fergie and Hermione, i can really tell that there are two different people inside that one person andi know thats hard to write as an author because i've tried something similar and failed miserably :S :)

keep it up! and merry christmas to you too and happy new year and all that! ;)

Author's Response: Thank you! And I'm up for CC!
Yeah, I agree, I'm working on changing my style but its not as easy as it sounds! The truth or dare was a weakness of mine, I couldnt think of another feasable way of putting in the aspects that are important in later chapers.
Thank you!

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Review #19, by jammieconUnselfish Love: Unselfish Love

27th December 2007:
your first one-shot was brilliant! very well structured and written, suspense, twist in the end... the works! seriously, i admire your imagination!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #20, by jammieconThe Rightest of all Wrongs: Piecing the Puzzle

27th December 2007:
i cant believe it... u killed ron and didn't even make harry or hermione sad about it? "harry nodded understingly"?!?! SERIOUSLY?!

i'm completely heartbroken! :(((

(...excellent job writing this chapter if u got all ur readers THIS angry and shaken up about ron's death...)

Author's Response: Oh, but they were upset! When I said Harry nodded in understanding, it meant that he understood the meaning of Draco's nod. Not that he was immediately going to accept the death of his best friend. And Hermione was also upset. She may not have cried, but I think that was because she was bottling it up at the time.

I'm sorry you're sad. :( But I suppose you're right, after all the reviews I've gotten saying HOW COULD YOU KILL RON!? I guess I must have done something right. ;)

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Review #21, by jammieconThe Rightest of all Wrongs: Detention

27th December 2007:
oh my God oh my God!!! Ron's going after lucius to the hog's head ahhh next chapter please!!

EXCELLENT cliff hanger! people usually overdo it or do it with incidents that really arent that suspense-ful... sorry i sound stupid i'm excited about the next chapter - point is YOUR STORY IS GREAT KEEP IT UP

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I just love cliff hangers, haha.

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Review #22, by jammieconThe Rightest of all Wrongs: Blaise

27th December 2007:
my dear, your story is well captivating and so interesting even though i must admit i think it's an HP spin-off from the movie she's all that! :) did you initially base your story on that movie or is it coincidence??

it's really good anyway, and this d/h drama is so much better than freddie prinze what-his-face and anorexic brunette chick! :)

Author's Response: You are not the first to have said that, lol. I had never seen the movie when I wrote this, but have since seen it so I can understand where people are seeing the similarities.

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Review #23, by jammieconThe Rightest of all Wrongs: The bet

27th December 2007:
it was really good, especialy for a first FIRST chapter! ususally first chapters are boring but yours was really well paced, it set the scene AND it involved an event or two which is excellent for readers! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you liked it. :)

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Review #24, by jammieconFufilling the Loneliness: Ep2: Deja Vu

27th December 2007:
ooh excellent story! very, VERY well done!

when i logged on today i actually was looking for a draco/hermione fluffy quickie (hehe) before bed, but your summary caught my eye... and now, thanks to your amazing story & page-turner-good pace, i'm only gonna get like four hours sleep before i wake up for work tomorrow!

Author's Response: i hardly get any sleep because of this website, too. Im glad my story was THAT good

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Review #25, by jammieconconflict and conspiracy: Chapter Thirteen- the epilogue

24th November 2007:
hey, that was pretty amazing!! i loved the pace of it and you managed to write so much in just 13 chapters which must have been quite a challenge... its amazing for readers (i.e., me...) i myself am in the middle of a draco/mione romance yet trying to intertwine the bigger picture in it (harry, ron, the horcruxes, voldemort, the whole lot) and i'm going to continue writing now with a few pointers i picked up from ur story. i loved the way u included everything yet stayed focused on d/h and didn't let the other details consume u. such good author's self-discipline! :) cheers and good luck with any/everything else u'll b writing

Author's Response: thank you so much, I'm really glad that you enjoyed it, and that you were able to get some pointers! Let me know what you're writing and I'll read it!

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