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Review #1, by quibblerfan135Breaking the Quidditch Code: Another Kind of Courage

3rd December 2010:
yay-you had me filled with suspense on the edge of my seat as to whether they'd win or not=go gryffindor! :) loved this!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! I'm glad it came across that way because I was totally feeling the suspense while I wrote it :) Rejoice, Gryffindors! Thanks :)

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Review #2, by quibblerfan135The Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Patterns

18th November 2010:
aaw sweet :) this may be more of a filler than the other chapters but i liked it all the same :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you liked it in spite of the slowness!

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Review #3, by quibblerfan135The Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Friends and Falling

18th November 2010:
yay-it genuinely makes me smile to see that this story has been updated :D another good chapter-veeery dramatic!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
I'm glad it brings such happiness to you! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #4, by quibblerfan135Kiss and Tell: Seventh Year, Part Two

4th November 2010:
YAY! i love the way you show both points of view and make it flow all at the same time! can't wait to see where things go from here! :D

Author's Response: I'm glad you like that! I do my best with it, and I'm always concerned that it won't turn out very well. Get pumped for the next chapter, it very well may be the last one!

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Review #5, by quibblerfan135Broken: Paranoia is in Bloom

28th October 2010:
dun dun dun! love the action, love the scorose inter-action and love love love the draco/ron bits :D

Author's Response: thank you so much. writing draco and ron is love!! so much fun!!

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Review #6, by quibblerfan135Failure By Design: Jealousy (Part I)

27th October 2010:
happy belated birthday :) ooh i am now really curious as to why mcgonagall wants to see lily! and to see if she ends up hexing molly in hogsmeade :)

Author's Response: THANK YOU
i dont think lily will hex molly . . . but there WILL be drama :)

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Review #7, by quibblerfan135Falling To Pieces: Still Tangled In Yesterday

21st October 2010:
YAY! happy dance :) finally they can talk things through properly! and you're right cliffies are mean but i sorta love them anyway-so dramatic! :)

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Review #8, by quibblerfan135Fall For Anything: All Starting Tomorrow

21st October 2010:
i really do love this story! i just read it from start to finish! you make the characters seem real, even if at times they are annoying it's only because they're flawed and that's not a bad thing! will definitely have to go read the sequel now! :) 10/10!

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Review #9, by quibblerfan135The Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: MVP

14th October 2010:
aaw is it weird that that punch seemed kinda sweet to me?! :) another great chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Hahahaha, it's not too weird! I'm glad that's how you interprated it :)

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Review #10, by quibblerfan135Those girls: That Pain

11th October 2010:
wow what a dramatic chapter! im thinking the baby is a boy-i hope so just to give rose the satisfaction of knowing heather was wrong! :)

Author's Response: Haha You think so?

We shall see... Thank's for the review.

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Review #11, by quibblerfan135The Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Fun with Ouija Boards

3rd October 2010:
i really loved this chapter! and if you hadnt pointed out the whole rampart/rampant lions thing i wouldn't have noticed so no worries there :) i also think rampart kinda sounds cooler than rampant :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad you like it, and that you agree :)

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Review #12, by quibblerfan135Breaking the Quidditch Code: Falcon Cat

27th September 2010:
aaw i love falcon cat-and the idea of victoria as a little diva is so cool :) another great chapter and yay for the quick update!

Author's Response: She really is a little diva. I like that... :)

Thank you so much!

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Review #13, by quibblerfan135I'll Do The Dishes: Sort Of Friends

20th September 2010:
ah Scorpius is just so sweet! while rose is just oblivious really...i loved this chapter-it wasn't confusing and i liked that quite a lot seemed to happen :))

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Review #14, by quibblerfan135Unplanned Parenthood: First

18th September 2010:
yay scorpius punched him! i know i know-violence is never the answer but...well luke deserved it! and now rose has hexed him too! :))

Author's Response: He deserved it! And much more...which may possibly come up in the future...;)

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Review #15, by quibblerfan135Fireworks: Purely Between Friends

17th September 2010:
ah this made me smile :DD 10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! :D

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Review #16, by quibblerfan135Kiss and Tell: Seventh Year, Part One

14th September 2010:
Yay!i absolutely love this story so thanks for updating-and this chapter is awesome btw :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I"m glad you like it!

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Review #17, by quibblerfan135The Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Revenge

11th September 2010:
lol at pussikins :)) but ooh what a cliffie to end on :) cant wait for more! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
We really had to poke some fun at him eventually, didn't we? And I couldn't help the cliff hanger - it's in my blood. The next one is in the queue, and hopefully it won't get rejected again!

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Review #18, by quibblerfan135Breaking the Quidditch Code: Underground Tension (and Squiggles)

9th September 2010:
:D seriously love this! the grotto sounds amazing-awesome idea btw :) bink and meta = still kinda weird but im glad we know what happened :) oh and my favourite part has to be when james admitted kissing avery was better than quidditch :) cant wait for more!

Author's Response: thanks for the props :) I really want to go to a grotto. I know what you mean about Bink and Meta. He's just the guy who likes to take chances, likes different things and oh, man, did he get something different!! Thanks so much!!

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Review #19, by quibblerfan135:

8th September 2010:
ooh a detention :) you did kind of confuse me by calling hugo mr potter though :/ other than that great chapter :)

Author's Response: Hi all who've spotted this error!
Thank you very much for telling me and I've sorted it out!
Sorry for the confusion!x

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Review #20, by quibblerfan135All Together Now: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Lukewarm

6th September 2010:
ah the lily's revenge thing made me laugh-it was perfect :)) i'm glad she finally sorted the whole davey thing out too-now there's room for sirius :D

Author's Response: Thanks! I wanted to keep it light, but still cause some pretty serious emotional damage haha :D Yeah I think she felt bad for continuously leading him on, especially when she realised he went around telling everyone she was his girlfriend - what a weirdo! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #21, by quibblerfan135All Together Now: Four's A Crowd

6th September 2010:
ok well i love it already and this is only the first chapter :D i'd write more but i wanna keep reading like right this second..:)

Author's Response: Wahey, well that's just a compliment of the highest order! Thanks a lot for reading and for taking the time to write a (lovely) review, I really appreciate it.

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Review #22, by quibblerfan135Ask Lily: Stuck With Each Other

5th September 2010:
'So now hes a grinning Potter Platypus' - love that line! :))

Author's Response: Haha thanks! xD

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Review #23, by quibblerfan135I'll Be Seeing You: To Hell and Back

5th September 2010:
yay for updating! :)) this chapter did feel a little choppy but you fit a lot of stuff in so i loved this chapter anyway! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it anyway!

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Review #24, by quibblerfan135Famous Last Words: You're Kidding Me, Right?

31st August 2010:
woops i didnt review the last chapter-or possibly the one before that? hmm who knows but i can say im still loving this story :) and its suddenly got even more interesting with the arrival of mr malfoy! keep going and i promise to review next time too :))

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Review #25, by quibblerfan135I Love Lucy: Cross my heart and hope to die...

25th August 2010:
yay a second chapter! and a good one at that :)

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you for the review, I am glad you enjoyed it!

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