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Review #1, by FlameoftheWest7Redemption: Redemption // Change of heart

23rd April 2011:
Great story! This moment in the book sent me into raptures and I have loved it ever since. The Malfoys will always be my favorite HP couple, and they're the only ones I'm inspired to write. I enjoyed yours very much!

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Review #2, by FlameoftheWest7Before The Wedding: Before The Wedding

6th June 2010:
Beautiful descriptions and emotions. I've written a fic about their wedding as well, and describing the elaborate clothes and surroundings was my favorite part, so I bet you enjoyed it too! Great job.

Author's Response: I did enjoy it! Thank you so much for the complements and review, it's very encouraging :)


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Review #3, by FlameoftheWest7From A Death Eaters Eyes: From A Death Eaters Eyes

6th May 2010:
Great story! I loved the part where she's interacting with Narcissa, and the scenes in Malfoy Manor. These are great characters and you told their stories well.
Also, Thank you for reviewing my story!


Author's Response: Thank you very much, I am glad you liked it.

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Review #4, by FlameoftheWest7Till death do us part.: I Do.

6th May 2010:
Great job! I liked this story. The description of Lily in her wedding dress is very pretty.
Thank you for commenting on my story!


Author's Response: Thankyou so much for reviewing my story :D
JilyRonks x

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Review #5, by FlameoftheWest7The Biggest Betrayal of All: The Biggest Betrayal of All

21st February 2010:
This was a very good story! I have often speculated about Pettigrew's motives and his character, and I think you did a great job showing the reactions of all three characters to his betrayal. I am a Sirius fan so I particularly liked his version! Great job.

P.S. Thank you for your kind review of "The Wedding of the Decade." :)

Author's Response: I am glad you like Peter's characterisation. I was trying to show that he wasn't bad the whole time they knew him, and that he had a good reason for becoming a death eater. I love Sirius as well, he is definitely my favourite maruader, and maybe my favourite HP character over all.

It's no problem. Normally I don't read Lucius/Narcissa, but I had a need to read a few. I also nominated it for Story Seekers in the Ravenclaw common room on the forums.

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Review #6, by FlameoftheWest7Burning, Burning, Burning: One

13th September 2009:
I liked it very much! Lucius and Narcissa are definitely my favorite pairing, and you've written them well!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you think so. :)

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Review #7, by FlameoftheWest7And the Willows Wept: And the Willows Wept

13th September 2009:
I think it's lovely--very well articulated with complex, deep emotions. I absolutely love this pair. Your story was particularly interesting to me because I've written one-shots about a couple of the events in their past mentioned here. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Lucius/Narcissa is one of my favourite pairings as well...I think there is so much potential there to write fics because we know hardly anything about the pairings. I shall have to check out some of your fics :)
Thanks again! xxx

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Review #8, by FlameoftheWest7Sleepless Nights: Prologue

15th March 2009:
This is very good--a most enjoyable read! I write Lucius/Narcissa too; I think their relationship is very interesting and three-dimensional. I like the fact that you've made them an amicable couple--I've always thought they were perfect for each other!

Well done!


Author's Response: Thanks a lot! =)
I'm looking forward to read your story!

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Review #9, by FlameoftheWest7The Malfoys' Fight: Some Recollections

17th April 2008:
Hooray, you've finally updated! I've been checking back really often, waiting for this!
Great work, keep more coming please!


Author's Response: I updated quite some time ago, but probably you missed it; not that I'm complaining - thanks for the review, as always!

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Review #10, by FlameoftheWest7Memento Mori: Potterwatch

14th March 2008:
Whoa! I always thought it would've been Bella who got him!
FUNNY chapter--the part about Peeves was great, and "the man who dares to call himself headmaster" rofl.

Oh, I remember from your last reply you wanted to know what OTP is? It's One True Pair--as in your ultimate, favorite ship. Lucius and Narcissa are my OTP. Big Surprise, eh?

On that note, I have a question: Will there be any more mention in the story about the flower-shaped scar on Lucius's chest? (you know, the one Cissa gave him?) 'Cause I think it would be really romantic, in some later chapter, to include it somehow!


Author's Response: Thank you, Flame!!! *hugs*

So that's what 'OTP' is! Thanks for informing me! I think I read it quite a few times before, and never would have guessed what it means! They're my 'OTP' as well, by the way, but I guess it shows in this story, doesn't it ;D

The flower-shaped scar - yes, it will come up once more, in due time. But that's really for much, much later (Draco will be in College already then).

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Review #11, by FlameoftheWest7Memento Mori: Marked For Death

10th March 2008:
Fabulous, fabulous! I was always disappointed that "Ad Mortem Festinamus" didn't have a chapter about Narcissa's pregnancy, but here it is! (I've been keeping up with the new chapters, but also going back to re-read this with all the changes, and I must say it's all awesome--I love it!
(Sorry for reviewing so much, but this is my favorite ship and story. Lucius and Narcissa are my OTP, hands down!)


Author's Response: Are you kidding me? "Sorry for reviewing so much" - ?! Honestly - I LOVE it! You really, REALLY needn't be "sorry" - for you're making me truly happy! THANK YOU!

By the way - what does 'OTP' mean?

'Ad Mortem Festinamus' was one of the earlier drafts; I merely posted the chapters that I had completed then. I wrote a lot more, about Narcissa's pregnancy for example, but never really finished it, and cut most of it this time, too, because it didn't really convey any point at all, other than that I had fun writing it. (Lucius, for example, was over-anxious, and sent a chamber orchestra after his wife during her pregnancy all the time, because he knew how much she liked classic music, and because he had read that classic music would be beneficiary for a fetus' development - stuff like that).
You compared the chapters? That's cool - not even I did that. I hardly know what I posted then and what not. I have so many different versions on my computer; I had to give numbers to the different drafts to always find the latest ones. And I couldn't say for my life which number is the one I posted as 'AMF'.

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Review #12, by FlameoftheWest7Memento Mori: Under Their Noses

4th March 2008:
Incredible--this is EXACTLY how I think Draco's "priorities" would be shaping themselves. In fact, I think Voldemort is spot-on when he mentions to Lucius, "He did not come and join me, like the rest of the Slytherins. Perhaps he has decided to befriend Harry Potter?"
If Crabbe and Goyle hadn't so obnoxiously thwarted Draco in the Room of Requirement ("The Battle of Hogwarts"), I think he would have said something like, "I know you hate me, and I've hated you; but I hate the Dark Lord even more. I know you're trying to bring him down, so I'm here to help you."

Also, I wanted to praise you for your attention to your readers--I've noticed you respond to each review. Not everyone would do that, but it really makes us feel more like insiders, and endears us all the more to our favorite story and favorite author!

Author's Response: Thaaaanks!

Yes, I try answering all the reviews, even if I'm a bit late sometimes (like now, sorry!). I so much appreciate that readers take the time to give me a feedback that I would find it quite unpardonable not to reply and say thanks. For a start, it is just such a support and reward for me, and then, it also inspires me at times. I do make changes every now and then, based on readers' reactions, because I see that something's not quite clear, or because an idea is just so good and fits so well. For example - right now, I'm working on an additional chapter about the Order because readers asked for it, and I realised that I should really include it. I had drafted it once and discarded it again because I thought no one would care for the bits - and now I see that I was wrong in that assessment. :)

So, keep on telling me what you think if you find the time, I really, really LOVE it!

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Review #13, by FlameoftheWest7Memento Mori: Soul-piercing

2nd March 2008:
I hope you had a great holiday (a rest from writing is good on occasion!) and I encourage you to take your time, because I for one love this story so much that I will wait patiently.
I love the way it fits perfectly within canon, and it never ceases to amaze me how, without any element of suspense (since we know the outcome), these new points of view are so original and intense. Maybe it's because they're my favorite characters...yes, it should definitely have been called, "Lucius, Narcissa, and Draco Malfoy and the Deathly Hallows."
Thank you for another great read,


Author's Response: Thank you, Flame! So good to see you again! Curiously, I didn't get nearly as much 'rest from writing' as I should have had, perhaps. I used it for 'researching' for another story I'm writing, and I tell you, I had LOADS to do. I filled an entire note book, managed to see everything on my list - and back at home now, I realise all the little things I forgot... duh!

I have another suggestion to make for the title - 'Harry Potter And The True Owner Of The Elder Wand' ;D

I'm so happy what you say about the tension; I am always worrying about that because yes, we know EVERYTHING about the outcome already, so I try focusing on the motivations and 'inner life' of the characters instead.

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Review #14, by FlameoftheWest7A Grave Mistake: Chapter 7

2nd March 2008:
This was so intense! Well written, (though I hate it when they fight--it IS going to end happily, I hope? :)
I liked the part when she waited on the stairs for him to return, and when he used the childish nickname in such a hurtful, sardonic way. (I definitely think that while Bellatrix clings to "Cissy," Lucius would call her "Cissa." At least, when he's happy with her! :(
Anyway, a great chapter, and I will be regularly checking for updates!


P.S. I write L/N too, in case you're interested..."The Homecoming", "Fire and Water", "Draco's Arrival", and "Who You Are to Me" are a few.

Author's Response: I was a little afraid to post this chapter because I thought it might be too harsh - but I felt that as long as they stayed in-character, I was justified in posting it. I'm glad you caught on to the "Cissy/Cissa" name game.

We'll just have to see where the story goes, won't we? :) Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by FlameoftheWest7Memento Mori: Welcome Home

16th February 2008:
Naturally, I recognize this as My Favorite Story from ToujoursPur. But it looks like some changes have been made! Did you revise this to make it canon-consistent with Deathly Hallows?
P.S. Did I mention that I love your Lucius and Narcissa? :)

Author's Response: Hey there, FlameoftheWest!!! :D

Yes, I revised the whole story after DH was published. I made some changes indeed; it seemed like a good opportunity to dig out old ideas and add some new, and also - the mention of Scorpius in the epilogue gave me the idea that I could take a wholelot more time to develop the characters, so I did ample of restructuring. Cool to meet you again! And thank you once more for the sweet review!

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Review #16, by FlameoftheWest7A Grave Mistake: Chapter 6

16th February 2008:
Yay, an update! moremoremoremoremore please.

(Only, don't let him get TOO mean to her, because the romantic chapters you write are so nice!)

Author's Response: The next chapter is awaiting validation right now! Glad you like it! :)

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Review #17, by FlameoftheWest7The Malfoys' Fight: The Fight

12th February 2008:
Dark, sensual and edgy--a great combination. This doesn't feel like the all-to-common plotline that presents L&N as dire enemies: rather, she obviously loves him and feels ashamed that she has disappointed him, and Lucius, I think, has a powerful draw towards his wife that is not soley based on attraction (though obviously that's a huge part!) It makes this conflict much more meaningful.
Is this the only chapter? I hope you write some more soon!

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Review #18, by FlameoftheWest7Silence: Nine Months

7th January 2008:
I really like this one! Please keep writing chapters!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #19, by FlameoftheWest7Babying The Dragon: Thunderstorm

7th August 2007:
Aw, it's nice! I like this one.

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Review #20, by FlameoftheWest7Silence: The First Morning

9th July 2007:
Great job! This chapter, along with "War of the Roses" are my favorites--very well thought out. I always have trouble with dialog for Lucius, especially when writing him as a younger person--but your example is quite inspiring!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I liked War of the Roses too - it was fun to write. So was chapter 8, but it's not quite validated yet. I didn't think you had any problems with Lucius in your story, which was fantastic, by the way. Thanks for all the positive feedback and the review!

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Review #21, by FlameoftheWest7What Lies Beneath: The Present- Draco

9th July 2007:
I love the description of Lucius and Narcissa as Draco observes them--it's so subtle and elegant, a very believable style of romance for them.
Well done!

Author's Response: thank you! i really really love this chapter but i don't think i was able to keep up the good writing... sadly. thanks a lot for the review, i really appreciate it, maybe when you get around, i'll see more of them in later chapters :)

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