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Review #1, by Ruby_Elsi_RiddleA Den of Sin: Anxiety Build-Up

5th April 2011:
Awesome. Man, I could say I wouldn't be angry if the sale of HPFF had gone through, but honestly I just might have because of this story.

Thankfully HPFF is still here (for now, oh NO!).

Ron-You may actually have to kill Harry the boy-who-is-the-biofather-of-'your'-daughter-and-first-son.

Hermione- Get away from Ginny!

We'll see Ginny/Hermione's night in England, next time, yes?

Author's Response: oh my gosh, you have no idea how the possible sale of HPFF is scaring me. i have stories coming out!

but anyway :) oh harry, that's that signal saying RUN AWAY! as for hermione, heh, she's a little stuck as well lol. you'll definitely see hermione and ginny together with the next chap :)

thanks for reading/reviewing!

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Review #2, by Ruby_Elsi_RiddleMisunderstood: A Sensitive Soul.

20th March 2011:
Hilarious! I love it.

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #3, by Ruby_Elsi_RiddleA Den of Sin: Tender Moments and Farewells

15th March 2011:

2 more. 2 more chapters. -sigh- chapter itself was awesome. see you soon.

Author's Response: i know!! but its been a pretty long ride, you've got to admit lol. but im glad that you've stuck it out with me thus far :)

until the next chap!

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Review #4, by Ruby_Elsi_RiddleA Den of Sin: Better Days and Harry's Blonde Problem

4th March 2011:

So you know it's been almost a month since this chapter, right? We need more, plus, Hermione, Draco, Harry and Ron have some things they gotta go over. Watch, Ginny (or another Weasley... or maybe Lavender-now that would be entertaining!-hm) will be the second one to realize that Isabella and Evan are not blood-Weasleys.

Author's Response: haha, oh yes, don't worry i know that its been a while since i've posted on this but im actively working on it! been pretty busy and i dont want to rush this next chap (as it's crucial).

but don't worry it's on the way!! :)

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Review #5, by Ruby_Elsi_RiddleYou Speak to Me in Riddles: I

5th February 2011:
While I'm sure the second person tense of the story is good, I couldn't read more than a few sentences of it like that... writing in second person makes me confused rather than feel like I am Hermione. First person is better for me...

Author's Response: Sorry, most people tend to adjust to it after a few chapters so perhaps you will if you persevere? Ah well, thanks for giving it a go :)

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Review #6, by Ruby_Elsi_RiddleLeaving with a letter: Appointments for Reality

4th February 2011:
So I like the idea of the story. but it's hard for me to imagine Draco like he is, all OOC. Yes he is a good person, but I like dark or semi-dark Draco more than fancy-pantsy Draco and therefore cannot finish reading this story as it has become unbearable for me to read (though that may just be that I'm becoming tired with fanfiction reading as a whole because very few stories capture my full attention anymore).

Good luck, and find a beta.

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Review #7, by Ruby_Elsi_RiddleStudent Crush on a Teacher Tutorial: Student Crush on a Teacher Tutorial

26th January 2011:
What about if you write a story where a professor and a graduated student are in a relationship?

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Review #8, by Ruby_Elsi_RiddleA Den of Sin: Dinner Warfare

7th January 2011:
have i reviewed already?? hmm...i want a new chapter. Ron isn't allowed to have his day because he is evil and stupid and not good enough for Hermione. The baby must be Dracos.

Author's Response: um...i'm not sure if you've reviewed already, but hi there anyway lol.

sure seems like you dont like ron much, but i think that after all that's happened that he deserves SOME kind of joy in his life :)

dont worry, a chap will be coming shortly. possibly on sunday :)


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Review #9, by Ruby_Elsi_RiddleA Den of Sin: Unveiled Secrets and Life Unfair

3rd September 2010:
Okay... so I read the long, descriptive review of the R/H fan... and I wanna say that the whole reason we D/H & H/Hr fans love the pairings is because they're different. Ron just doesn't seem... intelligent enough to be with Hermione (from my stand point). He knows about Quiddich and Wizard's Chess, but that is about it. He always used Hermione to help with homework and formatives. He really never seemed like her "friend", more like someone who put up with her because of Harry.

Draco was second to Hermione in Hogwarts, so he is definitely intelligent enough... and he isn't a bad guy... just a guy that was born to a family with a prejudice problem. Which leads to the whole good girl/bad boy thing going on there.

As for the Harry situation... He's smart... maybe not as intelligent as Draco, but he is smarter than Ron. Plus, he actually was a friend...

It's not that I hate Ron, I don't... he's a good guy, but I never saw him with Hermione... more with either Luna or Lavender.

Author's Response: hi there :)

the reasons that you just listed is EXACTLY why i'm a major D/H fan. H/H is okay, and i can deal with it well enough to write a fic about them, but i absolutely love D/H because they're so different from each other. they clash completely which a) makes a good fanfiction, b) i can actually see them together.

and like you, i dont have anything against ron, but i just can't fully wrap my head around him and hermione.

thanks for your views,
-WP :)

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Review #10, by Ruby_Elsi_RiddleA Den of Sin: Moving On and Disappointing Outcomes

21st August 2010:
I want more... And I kinda hope I can remember to check this sit for more because i cant get alerts like i can on other sites...

Author's Response: glad that you like it :)

and if it helps, i always tend to post on a sunday and thursday, so you can check on those days to see if i've updated :)


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Review #11, by Ruby_Elsi_RiddleMrs Malfoy, Being Found Again: Chapter Four

19th August 2010:
I want more...
I would also, like, love it if you joined fanfiction [dot] net and put this there as well... on there it's easier for me to follow the story because it'll send me an email telling me the story has been updated. :)

here I can do the RSS thing, but rarely ever look at it...

Story is awesome, Ray is a unique name for Draco... better than Drake and Dray makes me think of a girl. Not to mention drake is draco with an E instead of an O so there really is no point to it.

Author's Response: i will try and upload it there but it's going to be harder for me in the upcoming months as I go back to uni and am working again.

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Review #12, by Ruby_Elsi_RiddleShivers of a Serpent: Weapons of Mass Destruction and Pigwee

29th October 2008:
Forget Separate teams...

I'm Team Switzerland all the way...

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Review #13, by Ruby_Elsi_RiddleA Step Closer: So Where’s Hermione?

11th October 2008:
MORE!!! PLEASE??? I love it... i little played out, but...

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Review #14, by Ruby_Elsi_RiddleUnited Again: Explanations and an Accusation

29th October 2007:
I LOVE YOU! NOT ONLY FOR UPDATING, BUT READING TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, AND ECLIPSE.BEST BOOKS know people are starting to say that that series is taking The Harry Potter series/sagas' place on the charts, now that JK Rowling is done with the books... it's sooo cool...

Author's Response: Thanks so much, and i hadn't heard that but i'm not surprised. After all who wouldn't love vampires and werewolves falling for humans?

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Review #15, by Ruby_Elsi_RiddleSecrets: Six Feet Under The Stars

29th October 2007:
600/45.IT'S BRILLIANT...

Author's Response: lol, ok! ok! im going, im going! haha, thanks, im glad you love it. thanks for reviewing, you just made my crappy day so much better :)

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Review #16, by Ruby_Elsi_RiddleThe girl on the inside: daddy does a no-no...

29th October 2007:

Author's Response: rock on thank you... i've got about four more pages to type and then i'll post... look for it next week!

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