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Review #1, by NaraicNikki Scott's List of Reasons Not to Fraternize with James and Albus Potter: Reason 19, Detention 32

9th October 2009:
where was the dentention?

LOVE THE STORY!it's hilarious!

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Review #2, by NaraicQuiet Connor: Game Over.

26th August 2009:
I love this story! It is so funny! The only way it could be better was if she got together with Sirius in the end. That's just how I pictured it. Love the writing!

Author's Response: Big thankies! xD Glad you liked it, either way. =] Thanks for reading!

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Review #3, by NaraicAlong Came Sirius: Chapter Seven: In the Dark of Night

27th July 2009:
This story is really good! I love sirius and OC fics but this is one of the best I've read! I like how you made Lily and Adara friends b/c they seem like they would be. btw you are an amazing writter!

Author's Response: aw thanks! that makes me feel really good! :]

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Review #4, by NaraicLucy Potter: A Chat with the Cat

12th June 2008:
LOVE the long chapter!! thanks for updating! luv it!!!

Author's Response: The next chap's bein worked on right now!!!

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Review #5, by NaraicWhile You Were Gone: RON'S DISCOVERY

26th May 2008:
LOVE the story! (the stories i love to curl up on a rainy day and read are about Hermione leaving Ron b/c she is pregnant) Another story you would really love is Daddy's Hands. It is REALLY good, but your story is GREAT!!! Does Helenea come back for some revenge? LOVE her charactor

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Review #6, by NaraicI Saw Evans Kissing Santa Clause: I Saw Evans Kissing Santa Clause

17th October 2007:
It is SO funny.

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #7, by NaraicHer Last Moments: Her Last Moments

15th September 2007:
How evil of you.

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Review #8, by NaraicToto, I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore: Where are we?

15th September 2007:
Very good. I LOVE the banner. The twins kinda confused me. I think you should go on. I also didn't understand what the old guy wanted.

Author's Response: thanks for reading....writing the story confused me, but as it was written for a fic exchange, I wrote what I knew....the Twins are Elrond and Celebrian's twins (Arwen's older brothers)....and in the appendix of LotR, I believe that's where it is mentioned, it tells a tale of how Celebrian was attacked and brutalized by Orcs (I think) and her sons went after them out of vengence....well, in my story the old guy wanted the wizard (Sirius) to get Celebrian for his own nefarious plot....and if you are even more confused now, so am I....hehehehee....

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Review #9, by NaraicLiving A Lie: Birthday Surprises

3rd September 2007:
Nice plot. But has alot of runon sentences.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm working on those sentences.

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