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Review #26, by SnapegirlMy Life as a Snape: Grades and Comforts

1st October 2009:
Aww, that was really sweet of Emma. I was like that with my grades too--I always had to get top marks otherwise I was a wreck. And maybe Harry could get some extra help from Lily and Severus in his failed classes over break so he'll do better next time? The last part was funny, about the dreams.

Author's Response: Thanks SO much for reviewing! I'm probably going to use your suggestion for the next chapter, I have writer's block. Thanks!

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Review #27, by SnapegirlMy Life as a Snape: Emma Marie Snape

21st September 2009:
Hey this was a great chapter! I like how you showed Emma as being a normal girl as well as a witch and how she has a nice loving family to rely on. That incident on the roof was funny. Thanks for dedicating the chapter to me, that's really sweet! Will we see more of her interacting with Harry? I think it's funny that Severus, the perfectionist, would remark on OCD. I'd love to see a scene where Harry gets in trouble for something, Emma watches, and then goes to comfort him later. Could be something either in the past or the present. Just an idea. Hurry and post the next one!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing. I'll take that into consideration. I can't type up another chapter yet because I have a new story coming up, Diary of an Ex-Death Eater. You should check it out! Thanks!

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Review #28, by SnapegirlSlytherin Heirs: Chapter one

2nd September 2009:
This is a very cool start, and I think Malia is an interesting character. How does Severus know her family? And how powerful is she? I wonder what she'll be like in class?

Author's Response: thank YYOOUU! !Sev and the Slytherins have know each other for a long time, but that info will come later in the story! Malia is REALLY REALLY powerful! ! her cousin Teira(you havent met her yet) is just as powerful and the two of them are really close! She gets detention with Umbridge and Harry! ! ! !Thanks for the advie, my second chapter should be up soon.

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Review #29, by SnapegirlMy Life as a Snape: Insults and Punishments

25th August 2009:
Aww that was really cute! I like how Severus and Lily handled them and they made up and the end was funny! I just have a few questions. What does Emma look like? And how old is she? Great start! Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. I hope someday my stories might have lots of reviews. Your my faithful reviewer. Um, I'm going to describe Emma in the next chapter and she's twelve, I think. I just wrote a one-shot called Just Broken. It should be out in September!

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Review #30, by SnapegirlThe Forbidden Love: First Meeting and a Surprise Sorting

18th August 2009:
I like the relationship between the two siblings and i hope that they don't fight now that they are in separate houses. I noticed something though, how would first years know a cutting curse, that's really advanced magic that maybe a fifth year would know, but not a first, second, or third year. Otherwise a very good start.

Author's Response: that DOES make sense,i'll fix it,thanks for liking it so far,im having major writers block with the begining of the next chapter,Snape billowed in for potions class and thats as far as i got,any advice?

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Review #31, by SnapegirlFoundling.: Day out.

15th May 2009:
That was a wonderful chapter! I loved how Severus was surprised when Harry hugged him, but thenrecalled that Lily liked to hug also and how he was so mindful of Harry's safety when flying. And also how protective of him he was, that's a typical Snape thing.

Wonder who Tom gave the picture to?

And as to Severus's surprise, I can't even hazard a guess. Update soon, please!

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Review #32, by SnapegirlFoundling.: Investigations.

4th May 2009:
Well, I'm glad Severus found out about the way harry lived at the Dursleys. I wonder where Dudley and Marge were? At her house maybe? Out for dinner? It would have been funny if they had come home and found Sev there.

Can't wait to see what happens now and what Sev tells Harry about the owl and the newspaper! It should be fun! Keep up the great work!

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Review #33, by SnapegirlFoundling.: Found.

21st April 2009:
I like how you had Severus help Harry with his cuts and all and not go insane when he discovered who he really was. because, after all, he's just a little boy and Severus knows this and he wouldn't be mean and nasty to a small hurt kid. Can't wait for more! What will Sev do when he meets Marge?

Author's Response: Yes, I wanted Severus to see Harry for who he really is before knowning his surname. This shows a better side to Severus as well. As for Marge won't see her till a later chapter, maybe i could transport her into your story so Wraith can deal with her.

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Review #34, by SnapegirlFoundling.: Chapter one: Lost.

13th April 2009:
Great start. Poor little Harry, how could they just FORGET him like that? Well, they are pretty nasty people, but still . . .I would be scared to death if I were Harry, all alone and hurt and it's raining.

Funny that one of the dogs here is named Maverick, since I wrote a story where Severus had a dog and that's what his name was!

And I'd say that harry has just found Sev's house.

Hurry and update so I know if I'm right, okay?

Author's Response: I did read your Maverick story 'saving mrs Norris' and it was really good. I was trying to go for a name that matched ripper, your story may have been in the back of my mind, but I didn't fully realise. Poor Harry indeed, it's because he's so scared he works up the couurage to knock on a strangers door(that terrifies me). Hope you enjoy next chapter, just waiting validation.

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Review #35, by SnapegirlFlowers.: Jadis

5th March 2009:
Oh no, now why did you have to end it there? I want to know what happens! I want Snape to kick the b*** arse good! I hope you'll continue with this and I'm sorry I haven't reviewed in so long, but I've been posting on another site and writing several series and I just got busy. But I've started posting here again and have been getting lots of reviews, so if you want to check out my new stuff, feel free.

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Review #36, by SnapegirlFlowers.: Sons and Daughters

5th March 2009:
yay, I'm so happy they're all getting along! I thought it was funny how Tonks freaked when Sev got him a broom. It's such a typical thing for a dad to get his son.

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Review #37, by SnapegirlFlowers.: The Family

5th March 2009:
Oh boy, that didn't go all that well, now did it? But I'm surprised Harry couldn't tell the direction they were headed in. I'm so glad they're getting married.

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Review #38, by SnapegirlFlowers.: The Wicked Witch

5th March 2009:
Poor Jane, it's sad that she keeps on having these dreams. Maybe Severus could arrange some therapy for her?

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Review #39, by SnapegirlFlowers.: His Old Friend

5th March 2009:
Yes, he's always had that and I'm glad he told Lucius where to get off! Ugh! I really detest that man. Here's to proposing!

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Review #40, by SnapegirlFlowers.: The Reporter

5th March 2009:
Oh no, that is not good! I feel like I'm reading People, Severus Snape and Tonks Affair, a Secret Source Tells All! Ugh! Now what can they do?

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Review #41, by SnapegirlFlowers.: The Potions Master

5th March 2009:
Aww, poor Severus! I don't think Teddy hates him, he's just resentful that now there's a new man in Tonk's life.

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Review #42, by SnapegirlFlowers.: Teddy Lupin

5th March 2009:
Yes that would be right, no son likes to think his mother's boyfriend is the one, especially not at first. I liked the way Severus teased her too.

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Review #43, by SnapegirlFlowers.: The Most Important People

5th March 2009:
Well, now that secret is out in the open, sort of. I have to laugh at ginny, who still insists on seeing Severus back when he was a spy and teacher and not a totally different man. And I'm glad Harry said something to her about Tonks being the one to start it.

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Review #44, by SnapegirlFlowers.: The Minister Of Magic

5th March 2009:
Oh no, hopefully she can get him released and take care of Jane too. That stupid magician, he just couldn't keep his mouth shut!

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Review #45, by SnapegirlFlowers.: The Saddest Girl

5th March 2009:
It's good that Tonks explained things to Robert, she was kind and all. I'm glad Robert finally realizes that it's Natalie he loves. Hopefully she doesn't reject him.

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Review #46, by SnapegirlFlowers.: The Bystander

5th March 2009:
Oh man, that really sucks. I wish Tonks could go with them, it would be good to have an Auror along with Severus to fight them. Poor Robert!

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Review #47, by SnapegirlFlowers.: Gentle Jesus

5th March 2009:
Oh, that's nasty! What is she doing there? Does she know about jane and Severus? I'll have to read the next chapter to find out, won't I?

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Review #48, by SnapegirlThe Locket's of Love: Remembering

2nd February 2009:
Aww, Hermione and Draco are really cute together. I always liked that pairing. Either that or Hermione and Harry is also cool. I like the idea of the lockets. Are they magical in any way? Will Ron get jealous over Hermione and Draco's relationship?

Update soon!

Author's Response: Yeh, i think i was reading a Dramione story like a couple of weeks ago and was still deciding on what couple to base it on and chose this one, the lockets... hmmm you'll have to see ;)
Ron, hmm i think he will have other things on his mind. i'm gonna post chapter 2 today, so it should be validated by the weekend or sooner :)
Estella xx

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Review #49, by SnapegirlAfter The War: Battle Plans

1st January 2009:
really great chapter Amy!

I like how it's all coming together and I hope Deirdre and Raven can rescue danielle in time and kill Umbridge. Unless Ginny is supposed to kill Umbridge because of the prophecy? I also hope raven and Deirdre get married, they are perfect together.

Author's Response: thank you. the next chapter is gonna be up soon. i have tried posting it three times...but as soon as the que reopens i will try again

as for them getting married...we will have to see what happens..more to come!

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Review #50, by SnapegirlAfter The War: Questions

9th October 2008:
Great chapter! I loved the romance and all the new spells and I'm glad they can help Tristan and I really can't wait for the battle.

By the way, I've just updated Ghosts, & there's a real big fight with Wrackspur in there!

Author's Response: thank you!

the battle will be comming soon as i can get it written!

i will definitely be checking your updates as soon as possible!

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