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Review #1, by SnapegirlCaptive: There's no place like London

16th December 2011:

This is an interesting start to your story. I can't wait to find out more.

I wanted to give you my email so you could talk more with me about doing some artwork for my story Return to Prince Manor. Here it is-- kfilardo @ comcast . net

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Review #2, by SnapegirlBella Rosa: Gabe

14th October 2010:
Poor Gabe! He lost both his wife and child. No wonder he wanted to get away from there. It's understandable. And I recognize the ceremony he does from my own research into Native American customs. I loved the way the dogs interacted with the little girl. So many big dogs are just like that, they love kids are a lot like big plush toys, you can hug them to death, rip their fur out and they won't mind.

The bit with the dogs almost drinking wine was funny too. I knew a dog once who drank beer!

Hmm . . .so Bella is eyeing him. Her parents would KILL her if she took up with him, though actually I'm more afraid for Gabe if she does. She could easily break his heart . . .even if it's already broken . . .again. Because she's selfish and he doesn't seem like that at all. That kind of girl's always trouble for a guy.

Looking forward to the next one! 10/10

Author's Response: Yes, poor Gabe had many reasons to leave home, but did he have to travel so far? I remember your stories with Native rituals. I plan my story to be a sort of melding of Native beliefs and the wizarding world. When you think about it, each could be a good influence on the other. The scene of Jacob and the little girl is based on a true story. I was once sitting outside of a coffee shop with my St. Bernard and a little girl came along who was usually afraid of dogs. Her parents couldn't believe she wasn't scared and took a few pictures of her hugging the dog. My Golden Retriever, Edward, used to love beer. We had to be careful not to spill any when he was around. He'd run over and lap it up:D I'm also worried about Gabe but if anyone can handle Bella, he can. He's a true warrior. He may be hurt but has his Native beliefs to pull him through. I've mentioned before that this story will make you laugh and cry before it's over. A lot of it's based on real situations. I just submitted the third chapter for validation. If we're lucky, we'll see it early next week. Thanks so much for the review and I'll see you next time, in my story or one of yours.

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Review #3, by SnapegirlBella Rosa: Bella

14th October 2010:
This is great! I can totally picture Bella acting like a rebel and defying her family this way. I wonder if she'll meet Gabe and they'll hit it off. It would be something if they ended up as lovers, even for a short time.

Author's Response: I was delighted to see you had read and reviewed. Your opinion means a lot to me. At this point Bella is all about being rebellious and defying her family. She loves to thumb her nose at them. Can you imagine what would happen if the "noble and ancient House of Black" found out she was hanging around with Muggles, drinking Muggle wine and smoking cigars? It wouldn't be pretty. She's not doing what they demand her to do or need her to do. Thanks so much for the review. If I may be so bold, I'd like to suggest that you check out Kerichi's story entitled "Our Little Secret." It's my favorite "next generation" story. You won't be disappointed.

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Review #4, by SnapegirlMy Life as a Snape: Morgan

29th July 2010:
That was sweet! I'm so glad they found Morgan and she was all right. Really cats are the only animals who can survive for long outside of a house by themselves. Some dogs might be able to manage it, but most can't or get hit by cars.

Poor Emma, getting sick after her date. Aww!

I thought it was funny how she yells at Sam for eating so much and at Matt for sleeping. Those are the two things teenage boys love to do best. My nephews sleep till 12 noon or later in the summer! And once my nephew Joe came in from a hockey game, he'd missed dinner, and ate a pound of sliced ham and a loaf of Italian bread! Then again he's 6'3 and built like a . . .well hockey player.

I can't wait to meet Merlin and see how Matt's birthday goes. Will Harry send him a present?

Author's Response: Well, I couldn't let Morgan die. Emma would have been heartbroken. I wouldn't want to get sick after a date, but it was cold and rainy.

A lot of teenagers love eating and sleeping. I love sleeping, and I eat because I have too. I've sleep that late before, but I try not to, because then I feel like I've slept the day away. As for your nephew, that's a LOT of food, but he's pretty big so, he'll need a lot of food.

Harry probably will. I haven't decided yet. :) Thanks so much for reviewing, I really appreciate it!

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Review #5, by SnapegirlMy Life as a Snape: School and Jealousy

17th June 2010:
Actually I liked it, but the part I liked best was when Sev threw them out of the house and made them sleep in the tent in the yard. Totally hilarious and also so totally Severus! Great job! And if Emma really loved Draco . . .Harry would just have to learn to deal with it!

Author's Response: I almost forgot to write the part with her birthday!!! I'm so terrible. I was writing, and then I realized I skipped her birthday so I just had to go back and do it. I'm glad you like it and thanks. :) The thing with Draco isn't going anywhere, because she does love Sam. I'm not trying for her and Sam to have a perfect relationship, which is why Draco came in. Thanks so much for reviewing!!

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Review #6, by SnapegirlDancing on the Edge of Madness : Released

10th May 2010:
I really like this it's very cool and I like how Voldemort's Daughter is not really like him at all. I feel sorry for her. I hope that Harry can get over his anger towards her and that Severus can help her feel like a human being again.

Oh and please don't discontinue MLS I think it's a great story.

Have you seen my new one, Moon Fire? I just posted it a few days ago.

Author's Response: This one I still need to get ideas for. I'm considering deleating it, as it is at a dead end for me. :( Thanks so much for reviewing! I might just start writing a chapter and see where that goes.

I won't discontinue MLAS. I just updated it, as I can see that you've reviewed! :) Thanks for thinking its a great story. I sometimes think its badly written, and I'm glad someone likes it!

I'll check it out and leave a review! I'm sure I'll like it.

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Review #7, by SnapegirlMy Life as a Snape: Uh Oh, We've Really Messed Up This Time. . .

10th May 2010:
That sounds like something my nephews did once. They were in so much trouble! Much like what the kids were in this story. It's very realistic and I like how you wrote it! If you need any more ideas, how about bringing Draco into it for a chapter or two. Maybe he needs some extra help or something in potions and ask Severus?

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing!! I really appreciate it. I might bring Draco into it, and I'll be sure to give you some credit, as you were kind enough to give me an idea. I bet your nephews were in trouble, as something bad could of happened! I've never done something like that yet, and not planning to. Thanks!

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Review #8, by SnapegirlFoundling.: Visitors.

24th March 2010:
Great chapter! I love how Harry talked to Minerva/Bas and she thought it was funny that Severus was "Uncle Sev" to Harry. Now I wonder what will happen with Dumbledore and Severus. I hope Severus gets to keep Harry.

So glad you updated!! Yay!

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Review #9, by SnapegirlMy Life as a Snape: Brothers

24th November 2009:
What a neat twist! I like Matt and think he'll be a good addition to their family, and maybe Sev can help him with the nightmares, after all he's been there himself. I guess Sam finally apologized to Emma and that's why they're on speaking terms again? And it looks like Ginny might fancy Matt, now that would be a switch! Will Emma ever go to Hogwarts? Will Matt?

Author's Response: Matt won't and neither will Emma. Matt will go to the same school as Emma, but he won't take the same classes. He's not a wizard, but he knows about magic, therefore he can go. I was thinking about having Matt and Ginny date. . .but I don't think Sev could take that. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by SnapegirlMy Life as a Snape: Tragedies, Funerals, and Breakups

6th November 2009:
Aww that was horrible! Poor Sev and Lily and Emma and Harry. I can't take all of this death and depression. Please PLEASE let them have a child that lives, I really want the two older siblings to have a younger one they can play with and who can be both an adorable little kid and a terrible brat at the same time with them. Plus Severus and Lily deserve another child. Three's a good number.

As for Sam and Emma, I think if Sam is that insensitive, Emma was right to get rid of him. You don't just "get over" losing a family member in a week, a month, even a year. Trust me on that--I lost 6 family members over the course of four months this year. Grief is not a logical animal--sometimes just when you think you've accepted someone is gone, you'll remember somthing or see something and then the grief comes back and you have to work through it all over again. There's also no set time a person has to grieve or not--it depends on the individual.

Emma needs someone who understands that, someone who has also lost a close family member. A guy like that will be able to identify and connect with her, much as Sasha was able to connect with Harry in my story Two Hawks Hunting, which I have just updated, by the way. And I also updated IC too.

Author's Response: Don't worry, they'll have another child somehow. Three IS a good number. Anyway, they'll get another child. I've got it all figured out.

Sam and Emma are just going through a hard time. I'm sorry that you lost so many family members in such a short time. I lost both my remaining great-grandparents within a month of each other. They're not over yet.

Thanks so much for reviewing! So many people favorited this, but they don't review! I'm sad about that. Well 20 reviews IS pretty good. I'm trying to count my blessings.

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Review #11, by SnapegirlHeart of the Phoenix: Lupin's Confession

30th October 2009:
Wow that was a really cool ending! I liked it alot and am glad kaily has the family she always wanted.

Author's Response: thanks so much for reading Snapegirl! I appreciate it!

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Review #12, by SnapegirlHeart of the Phoenix: Through the Eyes of a Potions Master

30th October 2009:
Hmm, the mystery deepens. I hope they are able to help Kaily. And why does she look like Lily so much? I'm glad Severus will get to be a hero this time around. He deserves it.

Author's Response: he does. he's one of the best! Oh btw I LOVE your username!

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Review #13, by SnapegirlHeart of the Phoenix: The Wrath of Remus

30th October 2009:
Remus is being so nasty, what is up with him? He needs to chill out and stop bullying Kaily.

Author's Response: keep reading! ;)

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Review #14, by SnapegirlMy Life as a Snape: Rescue

23rd October 2009:
That was a great chapter! I love Morgan! She's really cool and I felt so bad that she lost her kittens. I'm sure Emma will give her a good home. I liked how Emma tried to heal her even if it didn't work out that well. She's Sev's daughter, all right! I loved baby Will and Harry and Emma are really cute together, and so are their significant others.

Happy Birthday!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing in time for my birthday! I've got a new chapter thought up, but I haven't typed it yet. It should be up soon. I love Morgan. I kinda based her off Smidgen. I didn't want to copy so I changed it quite a bit. Thanks!

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Review #15, by SnapegirlSlytherin Heirs: Chapter 4

19th October 2009:
That's terrible! I was glad that Teira could be saved and it was really neat how you did it.

Author's Response: Thanks! I sorta created Teira after myself, so i couldnt just let her die!(besides me and my co author have this story planned all the way to a third book, with Teira,Megumi,and Malia in all of them alive) her parents are awful arent they!Wait till you see what Dumblydore has to say to the three of them!

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Review #16, by SnapegirlSlytherin Heirs: Chapter 3

18th October 2009:
Umbridge is so evil! I can't wait for her to die. I like how Severus acts with them, although at one point I was surprised that Teira kind of had an attitude with him, I wouldn't think Severus would tolerate that. One thing I do think you need to do is make the cousins have some class that they're not really good at, because sometimes it seems like they're too perfect and can do everything. Otherwise this was a good chapter.

Author's Response: The three are actually awful at Divination and just have skipped that particular class, or in Teira's case was too busy being in the hospital wing.

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Review #17, by SnapegirlSlytherin Heirs: Chapter Two

18th October 2009:
That was really different and I liked how they had Malia's cousin and sister come to school. But I think they need some serious therapy here and should be gotten some counseling.

Author's Response: Thats just it, Teira, Malia, and Megumi were brought up wonderfully until the age of about 6, then everything changed for some reason. I dont know the reason yet but i will think of one soon enoughg. Malia is the way she is because of her traumatic past, Teira is the quiet and short tempered way she is because of the way her parents brought her up. Her parents are the worst! !and they should have gotten counseling, but they didnt so. . . .

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Review #18, by SnapegirlMy Life as a Snape: Months of Lies

15th October 2009:
Aww that was really sad. Poor Emma. I knew several people who had eating disorders in college and some that I have taught as well. All of them took months with a counselor to get well. That nasty girl was lucky Severus didn't have her thrown in jail. Or worse.

By the way, I've just updated Bubble again.

Author's Response: I know. Its horrible when you have an eating disorder. It just takes control of your life. I'll go check out Bubble. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by SnapegirlMy Life as a Snape: Christmas and Drama

14th October 2009:
I think it's a good length. I loved all the Christmas fun and presents and it was funny how Severus woke them up with freezing water. Emma's prank, or was it Harry's, was really funny. I think it'd be cool if Sev acted like there was nothing wrong--that would really get their goat and drive them crazy.

I think the baby's name should be William Severus--Will for short.

Author's Response: Someone asked me to make longer chapters, so I tried to make it as long as I could without droning on and on. The prank was Emma's. Thanks for the baby name, I might use it.

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Review #20, by SnapegirlMy Life as a Snape: Boyfriends and Letters

13th October 2009:
That's really funny! Sam wa slucky Sev didn't threaten to hex his lips off. And Harry was funny too! Will he get a girlfriend soon?

Author's Response: Yeah, Sam was really lucky. Well, you can't blame him. I mean, what father wants some boy's lips all over his daughter? Harry will get a girlfriend. I think she'll be Ginny, or I might create an OC for him. I don't know. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by SnapegirlDiary of an Ex-Death Eater : Illness

9th October 2009:
Danielle seems like an interesting character. I would like to know more about her background, like who her parents were and why she became a Death Eater and why she turned back to the light. Also, how did she avoid getting arrested after the war? Did Dumbledore survive?

Author's Response: Thanks SO much for reviewing! You're the first and I think you just cured my writer's block. Um, the next chapter will probably explain all that, but after the chapter of MLAS is up. Thanks!

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Review #22, by SnapegirlMy Life as a Snape: Birthdays and Surprises

7th October 2009:
That was a great birthday and I liked all her presents and Harry's letter was funny.

I think she should at least go out for an ice cream or whatever. maybe Sev could catch them kissing? LOL! Then he and Lily would have to do The Talk with her. Assuming Sev didn't kill her boyfriend first. Or Harry for that matter.

I'm glad Lily's having another baby, too bad it's not another girl. How accurate are those exams? I'm asking because my sister is an OBGYN and when she was pregnant with her third child, they did all the usual tests and sonograms and stuff, she even did them on herself, and everyone was sure it was going to be another boy . . .but when she delievered it was a girl! We all had a good laugh at that one!

Baby's name: How about William? William Severus sounds pretty good to me.

I'll check out that one as soon as I finish writing my new chapter of THH.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing. I don't have the next chapter planned yet, and I don't know what's going to happen with the whole boyfriend thing. When I write my chapter, I just write what I'm thinking about at the time. I know what I'm going to do, but I don't have the details planned out.

Um, it really is a boy. Also, when she is pregnant, I might just skip over those months. I've never been pregnant and I'm not even married, so I don't exactly know a lot on that subject. I bet your sister had a fun time re-naming the baby.

Thanks for the name suggestion. I'll probably use it, and give the credit to you. Thanks for checking out my story, I have HUGE writer's block on that one. Thanks!

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Review #23, by SnapegirlMy Life as a Snape: Back to School

4th October 2009:
I really liked the way you described her classes and teachers, they were very realistic. And it's typical of Harry to get into trouble. I hope Draco wasn't badly hurt. I'm sure Severus had some things to say to him once he found out.

If you want a banner you could try asking a few people like maybe deatheaterbabe or lilausty, they did banners for my stories. Or you could go to The Dark Arts site and fill out a request form for one and see who replies.

Yes, definitely! I want Emma to take care of a baby and be a big sister. Plus I love Sev and Lily with babies--so cute!

I think they should take her for a nice dinner in some restaraunt with a friend, like Katie, and maybe she could go on a shopping trip with Lily and maybe to a movie or something at night with Severus. I always loved going to the movies with my dad because I'd get to see something cool with him. Does Emma have a broom? Maybe Severus could take her flying or to see a pegasus race, like in my story Arms of A Dark Angel. I'll give you permission to use my invention if you want--the great sport of pegasus racing. And maybe one of the riders would let Emma fly with him for a bit as a present.

Author's Response: Thanks for your really long amazing review! Sorry. I'm planning on Lily having another baby, but it'll probably be awhile. Maybe on her birthday, Lily will tell her that she's having a baby. Thanks for giving me permission for the pegasus racing, but I probably won't use it. I haven't read that far in that story. I'll have to see if I can get a banner, I went on the site and it looks confusing. Thanks!

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Review #24, by SnapegirlMy Life as a Snape: Sadness and Sleepovers

3rd October 2009:
I felt so bad for Lily that she lost the baby. Aww! And Emma was acting like a spoiled brat and deserved the spanking Sev gave her. I loved the part at the end where Harry and Emma talked. Such a sweet moment. Your writing is improving with each chapter.

And now I think would be the time for some father-daughter bonding, like I mentioned earlier. Maybe Emma could come out and hear her parents talking and hear Sev tell Lily he was sorry he lost his temper and spanked Emma when he was mad and then he might say something like "I'm afraid I'm a bad father, but her mood swings are just so quick it's hard for me to deal with them. It was different with Harry." And Lily laughs and says it's hormones and just wait till she was 13 and then she can say that she really misses not having another baby and Emma then realizes how selfish she was and thinks how they really do love her. Sev finds her in the hall, she runs to him and cries and he hugs her, they talk and then eat dinner.

Author's Response: Well, I've already wrote the next chapter. Its about she and Harry going back to school. Thanks for the idea though. The next chapter after the next one (the seventh one) Emma gets a boyfriend and you get to see Sev's reaction! You're the best reviewer ever!

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Review #25, by SnapegirlMy Life as a Snape: Tempers and Surprises

2nd October 2009:
Well, it would seem Emma's inherited Sev's temper, all right! I think it would be funny if Severus asked her if she were finished with her essay and she said not yet and then asked him if he ever talked back to his parents when he was a kid and he told her a story about his childhood. And maybe they could all pick out names for the baby together? I wonder what it will be?

Another idea. Maybe Emma could have a sleep over and drive Severus nuts by not going to bed till 4AM and leaving the house a wreck (my nephews used to do that all the time) and then he tells her that's it, no more sleepovers for a month, and she gets into a serious fight with him, then he loses it and spanks her. Then she runs to Lily, but Lily has no real sympathy for her cause she deserved it and decides to run away from home, but Harry catches her and convinces her to stay, that they're her family and they love her.

Author's Response: Ha, I'm going to use that. That would be great. Thanks SO much! I'm make sure you get some credit for it. Thanks SO much for reviewing!

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