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Review #1, by beckyblackBlinded: “You Are Invited to Dinner…”

18th April 2008:
o me likey!! hope you update soon on this and your other stories as well (HSC)!!!

Author's Response: I'm nearly ready to send chapter 15 of HSC to my beta! *HUGS* Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by beckyblackOld enough to know better, too young to care.: The one after the one before

29th March 2008:
i like how u name ur chapters!! they cracked me up!!! update soon good job!!

Author's Response: thanks.. i lose track of which chapter I'm on...the best chapter titles I read were in a kiddy's book called the giggler treatment, and they were absolutely hilarious!! thanks again!

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Review #3, by beckyblackThe rose, the star, and the wand: Interlude

29th March 2008:
awww!! i wish rose had went with them!! y was scorpius acting so wierd back in romania? hmmm. i ope u update soon!!

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Review #4, by beckyblackThe Greatest Love: Prologue

29th March 2008:
Great story so far!! Your writing is really good! Update soon! Good luck!!

Author's Response: Thank You. I do enjoy writing and the process of creating characters and plots. I hope a lot of people can enjoy my writing.

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Review #5, by beckyblackSecretly Famous: Finally Ginny

29th March 2008:
i love this story pplease update soon!! yay!! i love the plot, cuz im in a band so yeh!! my friend is in another band so we had a battle of the bands and hes such a sore loser!! but anyways yeh keep going lovin this story!! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I wish you and your band the best. 8)

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Review #6, by beckyblackHer Sweet Curse: Death Camp

11th February 2008:
YAY!! you updated!! thank you i cant wait for the next chapter to come out!!

Author's Response: I'm gonna get it written soon! *HUGS* Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by beckyblackBlinded: First Date

5th February 2008:
YAY!! i loved the ending too!! tht was such a good chapter!! thank you!!

Author's Response: Yay me lol... I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing, *HUGS*

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Review #8, by beckyblackBlinded: Bad Dream, Good Dream

29th January 2008:
YAY!! you updated!!! i love this chapter i cant wait to see whats coming next!!! oh and can u plez update Her Sweet Curse? Tht is one of my fav stories!!! well good job on this chapter!! 10/10!!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for the awsome review! I do plan to update ALL of my fics, and more often. But since its been a while I'm re-reading and re-planning them! So definately look for more to come soon. *HUGS*

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Review #9, by beckyblackAce Of Hearts: Anguish

22nd January 2008:
omg i love it soo much! update soon!!! cant wait for more!!

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Review #10, by beckyblackThe throne of Hogwarts or England?: Who am I?

18th January 2008:
awww it was great soo far!!
i actually looked you up because you reviewed my story "Maria Megan Zabini" that you only looked at it because your name is Megan too. HI!! I actually do need help with Maria's muggle friends, u said u culd help? uhm if u still want to my email is
i didnt know how else to contact u so i left it in a review :-)

but good story so far!! keep it up!!

Author's Response: I've sent you an email with all the details. Oh and btw my address is



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Review #11, by beckyblackWhatever Happens, Daddy Loves You.: Snape To The Rescue?

15th January 2008:
com on another chapter!!!

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Review #12, by beckyblackWhatever Happens, Daddy Loves You.: Hypnotized

15th January 2008:
come on u just cant leave us hanging here!!! we need a 13th chapter!!

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Review #13, by beckyblackWhatever Happens, Daddy Loves You.: Hogwarts : Not Just a 2nd Home

15th January 2008:
I love this story but u really need to update!!

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Review #14, by beckyblackWhatever Happens, Daddy Loves You.: I Hate Seeing My Girl Cry.

15th January 2008:
awww come on!! we want you to update!!

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Review #15, by beckyblackWhatever Happens, Daddy Loves You.: 3rd Times the Charm.

15th January 2008:
come on update!! get up off ur butt and update!!

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Review #16, by beckyblackWhatever Happens, Daddy Loves You.: So Young, So Innocent.

15th January 2008:
omg u really need to update asap! please we need another chapter!! come on!! u left that last chappie with us wanting more!! come on!!! at least finish this story really soon!!

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Review #17, by beckyblackCan You Feel The Love Tonight?: A Walk in the Grounds (Can you feel the love tonight?)

15th January 2008:
aww thats so cute! i love the lion king and this song!! i love draco/hermione pairings!! and i love how harry and ron are simone and pumba pumba definately fits ron!! haha!

Author's Response: it does fit doesn't it? i love the dramione pairing and the lion king! now every time i listen to the song i always think of the story. haha i did think pumbaa fitted ron! haha they both love food...thank you for ur review! emma :)

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Review #18, by beckyblackThis Beautiful Blessing: The Real Burrow

8th January 2008:
thank god! i really thought tht harry had betrayed them!! but it was all a dream! good job u really had me going there!! hurry with the nxt chapter please!! 10/10!!!

Author's Response: It's the first thing on my list of things to do. =] It should be coming soon; the moment it's done and read over, I'll have it posted up. ^^ Thanks for leaving a review!

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Review #19, by beckyblackThe Proposal: Epilogue

5th January 2008:
omg i love this story soo much im sad to see it end :-( but i liked how it ended most people wuld probably end it with hermione giving birth or like u kno 5 yrs later or sumthin and show them with thier son or sumthin right? i liked how u ended it good job! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! It was a true ordeal to write a good ending for this, I ended up writing and deleting the first three ends before I wrote this one, so I'm truely glad you liked it.
Thank you for reading and sticking with the story until the very end.
D i a

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Review #20, by beckyblackA New Kind of Forbidden: Clean Up the Mess

26th December 2007:
aww YAY!! i love this story!! i think they shuld see each other but in secret!! kepp updating i kno th queue is closed but wen it opens again!!! 10/10!!! one of my top favs i love rose/scorpius stories if you kno of any other really good ones like this lemme kno cuz i really like this story!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Author's Response: I'm a "Trusted Author", so the queue isn't closed for me!
I'll post a new chapter today or tomorrow!
Thanks so much, and Merry Christmas to you toooo!

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Review #21, by beckyblackWhatever Happens, Daddy Loves You.: Just Another Day at Godrics Hollow.

17th December 2007:
you kno u really need to update b4 the holidays the queue closes on the dec 22 so u need to hurry. please dont keep ur readers in anymore suspense!! we need another chpter!! 10/10!!

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Review #22, by beckyblackThe Proposal: Chapter 22

28th November 2007:
omg i love it soo much hmm i wonder wut will happen now tht jon is out of the way cant wait and please update soon!!

Author's Response: Now Jon's out of the way it'll hopefully make room for some dramione romance sometime in the future.
I'll update by Friday if possible.
Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #23, by beckyblackUnspoken: Chapter Nine

20th November 2007:
this chapter is one of my favorites!! please update again!! 10/10!!

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Review #24, by beckyblackThe Proposal: Chapter 21

16th November 2007:
awww i love tht draco and hermione r gonna b a real married couple now
i cant wait to see how jon reacts update soon

Author's Response: Why did this have to be a dramione, Jon is so sweet I don't like kicking him out...

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #25, by beckyblackWhatever Happens, Daddy Loves You.: Confusion is the New Thing

9th November 2007:
HAHA YAY!! u updated! i love tht they found noelle safe and they finally teach her to play qudditch!! i love the father/daughter relationship between james and noelle! i cant wait to see how her qudditch skills are gonna go in when shes a teenager! cant wait for the next chappie!! LOVE THIS STORY ITS MY FAV!!!

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