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Review #1, by gmk_rci93Duplicity: Don't Waste Your Time or Time Will Waste You

30th January 2009:
Wow. Best story ever.

Author's Response: Short and sweet, but thank you!

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Review #2, by gmk_rci93Incandescence: Tears and Rain

29th January 2009:
oh my god. That was so incredibly the saddest thing i've ever read, but also the very best. I almost knew it was coming but then i didn't. I love that you kept me guessing. you are such an amazing writer. Oh my god.

Author's Response: This is one of my favorite chapters, and I'm very happy you enjoyed it too. I had a lot of fun writing it, and it was a really refreshing change from all the fluff. I'm really most comfortable with angsty stuff like this. Thank you SO much for the lovely review, it totally made my day ^.^


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Review #3, by gmk_rci93Incandescence: Touch of Destiny

29th January 2009:
well jeez.
your writing is absolutly excellent!
i love this story so far, it's great!
keep it up =]

Author's Response: Thank you! ^.^ I'm very happy you're enjoying the story, and thank you very much for the positive comments, they mean the world to me.


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Review #4, by gmk_rci93Misery Loves Company: Misery Loves Company

17th January 2009:
that was one of the most amazing stories i think i have ever read! that was amazing!

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Review #5, by gmk_rci93Heart of the Phoenix: Brooms by Night

29th August 2007:
this is seriously an amazing beginning! Keep it up!!! 10/10

Author's Response: Wow, thanks!! :D But...I'm not a dude...

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Review #6, by gmk_rci93Daddy's Hands: Epilogue

26th August 2007:
This was great!

Author's Response: thank ya! :D

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Review #7, by gmk_rci93Finally: Finally

16th August 2007:
you're amazing
& I totally love this, it's a great story, keep writing!


Author's Response: thanks! I have another story out too called "All Was Well". I also have a story waiting to get validated. Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #8, by gmk_rci93Puzzled Feelings: Chapter 7

7th August 2007:
more! please?

Author's Response: its comin in the next few days!!

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Review #9, by gmk_rci93Ship of Love: Part Three: Confessions and Kisses

27th July 2007:
you MUST have a sequel
i lovee this story and i want more.
great job 10/10

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Review #10, by gmk_rci93Eleven Years Later: The House of Weasley

23rd July 2007:
Much better then the actual ending!

Author's Response: Oh, I don't know about that. THe real ending wasn't bad, just underdeveloped. Mine will probably go in the complete opposite direction and have way too much information to be a standalone epilogue.

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Review #11, by gmk_rci93Battling Boundaries: Chapter 11

19th July 2007:
but good chapter

Author's Response: thanks! glad you liked it.

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Review #12, by gmk_rci93The Long Road Ahead: Pride and Finality

19th July 2007:

Author's Response: Oh ... I don't know about that. I think I am going to take some time off ... after I read DH we will see what kind of mood I'm in. LoL

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Review #13, by gmk_rci93Daddy's Hands: The Whole Truth

3rd July 2007:
My stomach lurched when i read this
i love it!

Author's Response: WOO!

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Review #14, by gmk_rci93While You Were Gone: THE WEDDING REHERSAL

3rd July 2007:
This story is amazing and needs to be updated majorly!

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Review #15, by gmk_rci93Battling Boundaries: Chapter 9

2nd July 2007:
oh my gosh i love this story!
update soon!

Author's Response: I have...5 more days!

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Review #16, by gmk_rci93Daddy's Hands: I Won't Tell

24th June 2007:
this is so unfair you can not just like end!
this is so goood!
keep it upp and add the next chapter soon!

Author's Response: thank you sooo much!!!

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Review #17, by gmk_rci93What Must Be Done: Chapter 2

15th June 2007:
i like this!

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to read and review!! I really appreciate it! :)

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Review #18, by gmk_rci93Chocolate: A Survivor's Guide to Sirius Black: I Hate You More (Snogging in a Broom Closet)

13th June 2007:
This is a really good story
one of my favorites
keep it up =]

Author's Response: Tally: Thanks! =)
Eileen: merci!

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Review #19, by gmk_rci93Harry and Ginny and the Dark Avengers: CHAPTER SIX: Countless Ron's and Harry's

13th June 2007:
I love this-it's amazing!
and the banner is the coolest! i love it!

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Review #20, by gmk_rci93The Test: Commence Testing!

13th June 2007:
AMAZING! I love your style of writing, i want more!
you need to write more! please? *gives the sad pouty face*

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Review #21, by gmk_rci93The Price of Love: Chapter 13

10th June 2007:
I love your style of writing
its amazing
great story =]

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