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Review #1, by baillierulzFinally Seeing You: Finally Seeing You

24th May 2008:

I can't believe that you've only one review for this story! one review!! that is SUCH a travesty! only because, well, this story is one of the BEST Dramione's I've read in a while. it's really different, and that's why I loved it. the whole concept of 'not being able to see' was really touching and sweet, and I loved the way you fit it into whichever perspective you were writing.
anther thing I loved, the way this oneshot changed from Draco's point of view to Hermione's, and the way you wrote it in second person, a grammatical feature I hardly ever see on this site.

I just read your other oneshot's and I'm so disappointed that not many people have taken the time to read this perfection! [sorry, I sound a bit mad. I'm prone to over-excitement, =) ]

Anyway, i just wanted to say that you are seriously underrated as an author, which is really sad. I read hundreds of stories that have millions of reviews, but aren't really good at all, while yours is.

10/10 for superb brilliance!
i loved it, it was so cute.

love, bailie

p.s- If you need a beta, you could email me at, as I spotted a few small mistakes... which aren't very noticeable, but it would make the readability slightly better... but it's already beautiful!

Author's Response: Thanks I worked on it for weeks to get all the kinks out...Thanx again

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Review #2, by baillierulzNot Once, Not Ever: Coping

20th May 2008:
i don't think i've ever reviewed this (shame on me, i know, lol) but i seriously LOVE this story, so i thought i NEEDED to review! (i swear, i've probably read ten million stories on here, and have only ever reviewed 60)

Anyway, this story is really really, um, fantastic!! (which sounds a little weird, but you know what i mean, right?)
After i read chapter 4 i cried, it was so effing sad. and i LOVE your version of Astoria and Scorpius, and the way you've so canon-ly written both Draco/Hermione.
oh! and i LOVE Lucius in this, and how he's so depressed without Narcissa (this chapter made me cry again. he stopped breathing!! poor thing)

10/10, of course! (you deserve it!!)

but OMFG. i was just reading the other reviews of your story, (which sounds really strange and stalkerish of me, but i was just interested in what everyone else thought this story.. honest, lol!!) and, anyway, i found out you were AUSTRALIAN!!!

which, coincidentally, so am I! ooh! i always love meeting/reading Aussie authors on here, because i always feel so sad and alone (well, not really) because everyone else is mostly american/english on
and in all my years on here (okay, only 1 and a 1/2) i swear i've seen less than 10 Australian writers.
which state/city do you live in?

and how old are you? sorry, that also sounds weird, but i'm just curious!

anyway, im so sorry for sounding... you know, slightly retarded in this review. oops. lol!

love baillie

Author's Response: Hello Ballie! Dearest, don't worry, you sounded far from retarded. I think we all think that we're all a little retarded--and maybe we are, but wtf can we do about it? *lol*
Well, I loved the fact you reviewed! Usually I rant on and on about how grateful I am, and knowing me I probably end up doing that, but I'll save that for later. I don't want to bore you straight off =.=
But--here I go--you've only reviewed 60 times? And you took the time to review my story?! OMG, *hugs tightly* I'm so flattered at the moment, and so glad you like this story. It's my dearest, first ever actual story, my baby, so hearing (or reading) such things is just simply fantastic (I get what you mean, don't worry!)! Which is good right now, because fantastic's needed, as it has just started raining. Damn.
I've written in canon? OMG, and you like Scorpius and Astoria?! And you cried?!! I shouldn't be happy about THAT (I talked this over with another author. We feel so bad when we say this), but it shows I managed to express things well and ... I hated that chapter, you know. I thought it was terrible, but I'm so happy you told me that! Great confidence boost :D

OMG, you're Australian too?! I've yet to have an Australian friend on here too--I've been searching for one on the forums, but they're all American or English, as you said. Do you have a forum account? I'm under the name Mahalia if you do (go to my Meet the Author topic, and follow from there).
I live in NSW (*cough* hole *cough*), and in Port Macquarie, which isn't so bad. Nice beaches :D
But what about you? Australia's such a big place ...
I'm only sixteen years old. Nearly, anyway. Next week I'm sixteen, which makes me legal for ... well, y'know *blushes* Not just driving. But yeah, how about you? Do you write? I'll take a look, once I get the time. I'm really sorry, but I have my exams on at the moment *die*, and I barely had time to write this reply! I feel so bad!
Hopefully my other reviewers will forgive me, but it's lovely getting new reviewers, and thank you so ever much!
With love,

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Review #3, by baillierulzThe Other Way Around: Part 9

9th May 2008:
oh my god!!
this story is so effing hilarious! i practically wet my pants reading the last part!!!
oooh, threesome! lol. i wouldn't have expected anything less from this story, which is one of the most original, un-cliched stories ever.. (lol, when do you ever get blaise/draco, draco/hermione and blaise/hermione at the SAME time??)
but the thing is, i never guessed it would work out like this!!! (for one, i love that draco/hermione are well, 'partly' together) but i love how it's also blaise/hermione (which i don't mind, either)


(oh, & what i love is that this fic is short and sweet, and that you've managed to create a really fantastic story with only 9 chapters...)

Author's Response: I'm trying to figure out exactly what to say to this review...but I'm not a Hallmark card. =)

So...thanks so much! Reading your comments was always a delight and I'm just so happy that you liked this fic. D/Hr/B is my OT3 (One True Threesome) and I'm happy I finally got around to writing and completing a fic about them. =)

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Review #4, by baillierulzForgetting the Devil: Forgetting and Forgotten

28th April 2008:
I love this story already! it sounds really good, and you've only just started, so I'm excited for your next chapter!
oh... what was Draco doing? why has Hermione lost her memory?? the suspense is killing me =)

Anyway, I read your personal profile on your page, and I'm 14 too! and omfg. I need your help with a question. Since you're english (lucky! I'm only boring australian) when does your school year end?
I was reading HarryPotter, searching for the day when they leave for Summer Holidays (it's sometime in June, i think for them,) but it never says the exact date, or whether it's the end of June, or the first week, of the middle week, or whatever. I need to know for a story i might possibly be writing.

Also, when does your school term resume, after the Summer Holidays? (September 1st? lol)

Thank you so much!

lol, 10/10! Keep on writing, and quick (please!)

love baillie

Author's Response: Thank you!
My school year ends on the 18th July (although i'm not sure if that will be the same in Harry Potter?) And i go back to school on September 5th.
Hope this has been of help to you!

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Review #5, by baillierulzThe Other Way Around: Chapter 8

27th April 2008:
oh no! only one more chapter! (and this is a story i love!!) but anyway, it's worth it. Although Draco/Hermione are.. well, not going to 'end up together' (shame!! lol) i still like how this is Blaise/Hermione! and of course, this chapter was bloody hilarious!!
i totally LOVE how Draco teased Blaise about no-one knowing whether he was male or female (lol, i still read stories with Blaise as a girl!), and "my voice hadn't cracked yet," (lmao) and Blaise's supposed 'man-crush' on Draco!

lol, 10/10

Author's Response: LOL I love how cheerful your reviews are.

After reading the Draco Trilogy by Cassie Claire, I was convinced that Blaise was a girl. I'm glad he's male, though, because I really do love Blaise/Hermione and Draco/Blaise. I decided to toss in that part because Jo revealed Blaise's gender in "fifth year" and...yeah. =)

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Review #6, by baillierulzThe Other Way Around: Part 6

13th April 2008:
wow! this story is so good! i was not going to review (i hardly do, I'm more the unattached reader, browsing through!) but this cliffhanger! of all things, some Possible D/H action! (devoted d/h shipper!)
so, lol, this is my review to BEG you to update really quickly!! i don't think i could wait very long for another one of your fabulous chapters!
lol =)

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you reviewed! I wish I could update quickly, but I'm not a "trusted author" yet - you have no idea how much that bugs me, too. LOL. I hope you like part seven, when it's approved. =)

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Review #7, by baillierulzMatchmaker: Chapter 1

27th March 2008:
This story sounds v. cute, so far! I love the idea of a HOGWARTS MATCHMAKING SERVICE!! (It's such a brill idea, it deserves to be capitalised)
I hope that Hermione is matched up with *cough cough* a certain blond Slytherin. (hopefully...)

Good start to your story, and it's very good for your first fic.
On that note, can I please be your beta reader? (editor?) I'm quite good at picking up spelling/grammar mistakes, and fixing sentence structure.
Email me if you want me to beta!

lol! thanks,
love Baillie
*Looking forward to the next chapter! 10/10

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Review #8, by baillierulzThe Game of Love: Chapter One: The Beginning Of It All

17th January 2008:
YES! First reviewww!!
Wow! This is so super good! I absolutely loved this, and I've been waiting forever for someone to write and post a Bachelor-style Dramione on this site!
The idea is sooo good, and I love how you made the characters 27 years old, so it can take place in 2007!
You've written the Trio really well, and if I didn't know better, and if J.K Rowling wrote romance, I'd totally take this as part of the series! (alas, we must write the romance ourselves!)

I totally adore this story already, please write more and update soon.

BUT, I bring TERRIBLE news for you! Apparently, stories based on reality t.v shows are NOT allowed on! THE PAIN! lol, that was like my story, a Musical, and after posting 6 chapters, a validator told me, [so cruel... =( ] that I couldn't post my musical here, as it was a violation of copyright.. (or something like that!)
This is the quote: "we have done this for several popular story formats (diaries, based on reality tv shows and karaoke)" as in rejecting them! (tear, tear)
I just wanted to save you the cruel sting of rejection when it comes (if it does.. you might get lucky!) Rejection hurts, especially when you've been planning your story for more than half a year! Like I had! Though you can post your story on other sites, I think!

If that does happen to you, will you keep sending me this story? I really enjoy it, and I'd love to read every chapter, in case it does get blocked! my email address is =)

-Baillierulz !

Author's Response: Lol, thanks for the awesome review! I'm so glad you like it...I will be careful to not make it too much like the Bachelor. I'd be really sad if it got blocked. Keep reading! :)

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Review #9, by baillierulzSweet Revenge: Where's My Book?

15th January 2008:
LOL... '2350 reads & 31 reviews' ??? the comparison! *shock*
i normally wouldn't have reviewed this story [i just read stories, usually] but i read your authors note and i felt outrage! (not to mention something slightly reminiscent to murderous anger) because this story is like, tres magnificent! (french accent), and it should have two thousand reviews, not reads!! brilliant!
you are SUCH a talented writer, this story is sweet, funny, shocking (i was like OMFG, WTF when Draco became naked, then i started cracking up) and dramatic, and totally wonderful!
i love Draco and Hermione in this story, and Draco's diary was so cute! aww !
*snaps* to you for writing this, and achieving so much (er. that sounded slightly weird, didn't it?)
whichever.. (my new word for whatever, but yea, whatever, lol)
ooh- first review for this chapter!
also... how old are you? (not in a weird, stalkerish way) i just like to know whether authors are young teenagers, young adults, twenty plus year olds and everything, so i can see how their writing relates to their... age... or something like that.. =) anyway.
lol... what an odd review!

Author's Response: Thanks muchly for first review! I'm sixteen, and no, I don't think you're a stalker, I like to know that kind of stuff too. Good review also - not odd (ok, yes a bit.) ^_^

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Review #10, by baillierulzWhite Cloaks: The Missing Ferret

7th January 2008:
This story is so good! and I just started reading from chapter 1 and then I got to the end of chapter 6, and I was like, "No!" stupid cliffhanger! lol, this is such a brilliant and interesting story!
I read your author's note, if you were 14 when you started this, how old are you now?? the first few chapters don't look as if a 14 year old wrote them, they're so good and really advanced for a 14 year old.. (bad news for me, I'm around the same age!) Anyway, if that was confusing (which I'm sure it was) I'm looking forward to more updates on this story, please write more soon!
=) -Baillierulz

Author's Response: well actually, i've been 15 for a while now.*laughs* so basically, this story started around a year ago.hey thanks for the review!i'm glad people like my story. :)

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Review #11, by baillierulzThe Proposal: Epilogue

5th January 2008:
i just reviewed this (it was a super long review, but it didn't load so i lost it... can't trust the machine, can you? lol.. so i will recreate this review to the best i can remember.. here goes!)
lol, i just read your mission impossible, and i was like "okey-doke, i'll review!" i know i've probably already said this in a previous review, but "i effing love this story!" it's just so GOOD!
i'm so sad it's ended, but at least now i won't have to wait in suspense because of a cliffhanger of sorts at the end of a chapter!
I totally love the ending of this story, it is so fitting.. i love how Draco proposes to Hermione, because that was the whole point of this story: the Proposal (wink, wink, duh)

this story is definitely going on my favourites list, and i can't believe you wrote it in only 7 months! (my 32 chaptered story will *hopefully* be finished sept this year, though i started it last year june!!)
this is one of the most sweetest, cutest stories i've ever read i've never been good at describing things...
love it! (i'd say i loved you for writing it [i get a bit obsessed with things...])

Thankyou, and please keep writing (hopefully more Dramione!)
*baillierulz* i'm a bit weird, i know =)

Author's Response: (Never trust the review system, it hates reviews I suspect;)
I'm glad you agree with me about the end, I too thought it would be fitting with a Proposal in the end, just like in the beginning - even in the same cafe.
I didn't write it in only seven months, but I have been posting it for seven months. I actually started writing it in week seven last year (I remember because it was a vacation week for me:)
I appreciate your review and your support of my story:)
D i a
PS. You're not weird, well at least not weirder than I am anyway;)

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Review #12, by baillierulzSleep Silent: An Elemental Story: Unexpected Suprises

17th December 2007:
this is a really good story so far, but im a tad confused. did i miss something? how do Draco and Hermione know they both have 'powers'?? Was it mentioned in a previous chapter or story?

Author's Response: lol. your not the only one that's confused. please keep reading, everything will be explained.


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Review #13, by baillierulzNumbers: Two

27th November 2007:
hello, me again! I really like this story, and I'm glad you update fast! This story is really going well, and i look forward to finding out who the mysterious MURDERER is!! lol :D

i'm sorry for the super SLOW updating of my chapter 7, but DIRE circumstances have prevented me from posting. (chapter 1- the new [bad] version will be updated as soon as possible and i explain everything there!)
anyway, 10/10 for this chapter... i especially love how you write harry/ron/hermione and Malfoy (or draco...), it's very realistic!!! snaps for you! the ending is very suspenseful *for now* keeps it very interesting!!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks Baillie. :) I love it when you read my stories, cos you always leave a review! *hugs* I've got more planned, but I guess I ought to get down to writing again, else I'll catch up with the chapters I've already done. By the way, if you have any ideas or suggestions, don't hesistate to shout out. I tend to hit a block about halfway through with ideas, but I'm determined I wont let it happen with this one, so ideas are very much appreciated.To be honest, I'm not even sure who the murderer is yet!! eek... I've got some thoughts though, so hopefully it works itself out as I write. :) Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #14, by baillierulzBrush Up Your Shakespeare: Brush Up Your Shakespeare

16th November 2007:
hello!! because i'm like a huge draco/hermione fan, i decided to start reading scorpius/rose stories & i really enjoyed this! it was so sweet :D
i love how you manged to include the original lines from Romeo and Juliet!
aww! this story is cute as! i like how they're both smart ravenclaws.. and best friends!

Author's Response: Well, I'm not a dramione fan, but I do like the idea of Rose and Scorpius, and however you found it, I'm glad you stumbled on to my story. Thanks for reading!

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Review #15, by baillierulzMurder at Malfoy Manor: 2

7th November 2007:
i have one thing to say, and that is.. WOW! ok, not really a word, but this is one brilliant story! and quite funny actually! you're such a fabulous author (i've read most of your stories, devouring them in awe..)
i laughed out loud when Blaise announced he'd been spying on them!! lol! i love draco/hermione in this story... and i quite despise ron/hermione, so i love that ron is such a... well, something annoying anyway in this story!
11/10... if i could! well, 10/10 then..
oh wait, i never finished! i love the way how this is only chapter 2, yet it is filled with suspense, affairs (haha), love and just really good stuff!

(not such a good job at explaining, but i hope you like this review!)

write more (please) :D

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I loved the review! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

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Review #16, by baillierulzInsanity: Hidden Secrets

7th November 2007:
i really like this story! and the banner is hot! i'm looking forward to find out what draco wanted to show her, and why he's following her around!! i read the first chapter and i was like.. oooh! this is grr-eat!
you HAVE to write more.. (well, not really, but i'd love if you did!)!! :D

Author's Response: haha, I'm glad you like it so much!! I'm deffinitly going to write more =D

thankies for reading and rating ^_^

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Review #17, by baillierulzNumbers: A Victory

5th November 2007:
although the first chapter isn't validated yet, this one is BRILLAINT!
this is a really great story already! 10/10
I love the way you've written Draco, and Hermione.. he's mean and she's able to stand up for herself.
also, the summary is really attractive, (if that makes sense?) coz it really intrigued me to read :D
keep writing more! (i wish this chapter was longer)!
by the way.. does this by any chance happen to be like the t.v show? lol

Author's Response: No, i didn't intend it to be like the tv show... to be honest, I sort of got the idea from Se7en, the movie... but it just sort of clicked, and I liked the idea, so I got stuck into it... I've got several chapters already written out, so I have to type them up and post them soon... :) Thanks for reviewing Baillie! *hugs*

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Review #18, by baillierulzSame Old Saturday Night: Just The Beginning

20th September 2007:
hey! i decided to read and review because no one else has, and i think EVERY author should get some feedback! i like the way the story is going so far, it seems cute!
you could use some more descriptive language, but that is my only advice for now :D i hope you tell us how and why she changed soon!
also, omg i'm reading that exact same book as we speak (oh, well as i review) im not up to the part where edward tells her but im looking forward to it.. it's such a lovely book!
keep up the writing :D

Author's Response: thanks. sorry about the language part. i was writing fast.

but thank you so much for this. i do love reviews.

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Review #19, by baillierulzLove Prevailing: An Offer of Redemption

25th August 2007:
oooh! hello, im baillie the author of Life's a Musical-especially when you're a wizard. ok, lol, thats such a long title! but i wanted to say thanks for always reviewing my story, so i read yours and my verdict: REALLY GREAT!
i love the element of mystery in this, had i not known this would be a dramione, i wouldnt have known it was draco (well, not really). i also love how you portrayed voldemort, you're able to create such a sense of evil when you write about him, and thats such an important thing i think when you're writing, so 'Kudos' to you!
you're a very good author!
i really enjoyed your summary too! it made me very excited for things to come with draco/hermione in this story, so i hope you keep it up!
omg! i read your little bio on your page and OMG im from australia too! lol, a lot of stories have british culture (or american) & i have like practically no understanding of school holidays in england/america or terms or when their new school year starts apart from books i've read. and thats a shame too, coz i want to write a story where draco/hermione go to a muggle school!!! but anyway, your being aussie makes me feel not so *alone* in the hpff wrld, coz i hardly ever come across a fellow aussie writer.. so thanks! keep writing (please) :D

Author's Response: Hey! I'm having a little trouble with this one, so I apologise in advance if it's ages between updates, but I will do my best to finish it, just for you!
It was kind of the idea that you wouldn't be able to guess who it was before Hermione revealed it, but the only thing I have to say about it is I'm really sorry that its so corny, the surprise and everything...but i couldn't think of a way to do it in a more original fashion!!!
lol isn't it a small world? I've found only one other person that I definitely know is Ausiie, and thats cos he's a friend of mine anyway. But I understand perfectly what you're talking about trying to understand British culture. The other idea is, instead of sending them to a British muggle schol, why not bring them to Australia for a bit??? It could work...might be difficult thinking up a plausible excuse, but it could work....
Thank you so much for reviewing!!! I promise I will continue to keep an eye on your story too... :) *hugs* thank you so much!

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Review #20, by baillierulzWho Am I?: The Plan

9th August 2007:
wow! i totally like this chapter!
especially, the arguing over the names part, i swear to god, i laughed so hard!
especially at the "i'm white" lol! i love draco in this fic, you're a VERY good writer :]
keep on writing! personally, (sorry for this) i never read this story coz it had a boring summary, but im glad i took the chance!
keep it up

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Review #21, by baillierulzApples, Oranges, and the Trees They Fall From: Apples, Oranges, and the Trees They Fall From

9th August 2007:
i enjoyed this! i am so happy that j.k. rowling left a pairing open! (rose+scorpius) this story is unusual and unique, which makes it very good, especially after reading DH i was sad because i thought ron/hermione would ahve gotten togther straight after hogwarts finished which would have gotten rid of any dramione hope left! so thats why i love how you added a draco/hermione element, while it is still a happy ron/hermione!
9 staars :]

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it! I like keeping things canon, so I was happy to find a way I could work my OTP into it. :D

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Review #22, by baillierulzA Tale of Cinderella: Unexpected Endowment

14th July 2007:
OMG! that was soo good! it was perfect~ it was one of the BEST STORIES I'VE EVER READ OF DRAMIONE! you're a really talented writer! and i love the idea of this and how you could turn a cinderella story into a dramione! (i love dramione fanfictions!) so, this deserves a rating of 100/10 but... obviously thats impossible so= 10/10!!! WELL DONE!

Author's Response: Aw, well thank you! I'm glad you liked it so =D. Thanks for such a nice review filled with flattery :P. Hah, thanks for the rating!

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Review #23, by baillierulzSpiraling Guilt: Lost Brother

13th July 2007:
this is one of the absolute best stories on this site! i loved every chapter! i loved everypart! you are seriously one of the best writers ever! at the beginning i was so worried zach and hermione would be together and then came draco (drool) and i was like yay! i love how u wrote this, perfect tiiming and everything, i would give it 20/10 but i cant.. lol. so 10/10!

Author's Response: thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it

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Review #24, by baillierulzWhat Witches Want: A Truth Revealed

7th July 2007:
wow, this is very very good!
short, sweet, simple and brilliant!!! love it!

Author's Response: thank you =]

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Review #25, by baillierulzWhat Witches Want: Unpleasent Surprises

7th July 2007:
wow! this is getting really good! its so creative, i think this is one of the best ones so far by ideas! coz lol draco DOES think he knows everything, he thinks he is gods gift to women! aaah. but i still love him! lol!
keep it up, p.s which book does it say pansy has blonde hair? i think she suits as a blonde!

Author's Response: thank you =] umm i believe it is the first book... im not quite sure its been a while since ive read books 1-4 but i did say it =D thanks again!

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