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Review #1, by ginnyweasley_potterVersicolor: There's A Ghost in This Room, I Think I'll Name It After All Of You

25th June 2009:
ah. the first of versicolor! yay!
lol. updates are always sporadic during the summer. it doesn't hurt me because my internet time is sporadic during the summer.
Lol. Wanting to bring a Hogwarts House Elf home. that would be akin to bringing home a toilet seat, i think. you REALLY want to, but its a part of hogwarts and would get you in serious trouble. lol.

Author's Response: Hmm . . . Toilet seat . . . Yeah, I think I may have to use that idea in the future . . .

I used to just be home all summer, so that would've worked out for consistent updates. But these past two years have been filled with wonderful away-from-home fun. :D

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Review #2, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: I'll Be There For You Through It All, Even If Saving You Sends Me To Heaven

21st June 2009:
oh god, i feel sick.
THATS SO HORRIBLE! goddess. i can't believe it.
and Peter, that sucks.
and nobody believes them and.
ah, crap. now i have to wait till tuesday.

Author's Response: Haha goddess, like instead of god? Go chicks, lol!

Don't worry . . . Tuesday shall come quickly enough. :D

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Review #3, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: On This Perfect Day, Nothing Can Go Wrong

19th June 2009:
OH! thats not cool. the fun facts thing. just because i check back every half hour. haha.
on a previous note: i got the first review last chappy! YAY!
i feel really bad going on about this chapter but the first bit was so amazing:
So comfortable in each others houses... haha. i only have one real friend(sad, i know. my choices are limited) and she's kinda a connie, so she really isn't all that comfortable getting comfy in my house, and we're always at my house. but thats so cool.
Truth or dare: i have to say, that has got to be a pretty awesome dare. AWESOME! that would be hot. lol.
It was so sad, thinking that they were all there having a blast, being idiots, eating crap, and then... they weren't.
btw, you didn't put the pov thing at the beginning, i'm guessing due to the late posting.

Author's Response: Haha, whoopsie. I'm hoping to have the Fun Facts up by the end of today.

Don't real bad - I've only got, like, one or two real friends also. It's just more fun that way.

Oh crap! I didn't? I even went to photobucket and copied the link. Well, that says loads for my attentions span. I'm gonna go fix that now . . .

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Review #4, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: You've Got a Friend In Me

15th June 2009:
ok: yummy. eduardo. perfect sirius. he is beyond yummy.
and yay for au. sometimes, i think j.k. went a little off base with her characters. but, thats what paranoia does, i guess.
The fact that Anna kept her mouth shut: awww. sad.
the fact that Anna plotted and schemed with Lily to get the boys back together:NICE!
also, my brain is fried from babysitting 7 kids 6 and under today with only the help of my crazy mom. their all insane and there was lots of blood tears and tantrums. sorry if my review isn't up to its usual par.

Author's Response: Isn't he a perfect Sirius? My friend showed me a picture of him and my Poylchromatic radar went off.

Yeah, I thought it was a nice little 'together' moment for the enemies-turned-friends.

Wow. 7?! Under 6 years old!? Holy crap, you deserve a medal of some sort . . . Especially if your mom was there. I know if my mom was there, things would probably have gone worse than they needed to . . .

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Review #5, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: Goodbye, Old You, When Love Is True

12th June 2009:
YAY!!! Darren. A nice little fillery chapter. sometimes you need some of those. Good chappy. I love Darren. And now he's got voices in his head to. haha! voices all around.
I haven't taken a drivers test yet, so no horror stories, but the first time i drove we were trying to get the car unstuck from our driveway and i backed into my moms other car, then we drove down the road and i almost backed into a ditch. it was fun.

Author's Response: I definitely thought you guys needed a nice filler after the two breakneck info chapters.

Yup, I think Anna's voices are/were contagious. And they're probably hereditary, too.

Haha. Wow, the first time I backed out of my driveway I ran over a garbage can. XD

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Review #6, by ginnyweasley_potterLilies That Fester: Lilies That Fester

12th June 2009:
wow. this was... amazing. i love your writing, as usual. i wish i had had the time to look at it when it first came out, but i was severely behind in school, and couldn't find the time when nobody was around.
I love your Lily, and your James. They're some of the best I've read.
So, she had a confrontation with some Slytherins? That would put me on edge to.
I love how its this that finally gets James to change. Some people have what happened at the end of 5th year, which really wouldn't have had much of an effect, or they choose something at the very end of 6th year, which wouldn't leave any real time for him to change. This has a really good timeline.
Again, amazing as usual. Thank you for brightening my day. Even if it is in a sick and twisted way, as this is kind of a angsty fic. haha.

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Review #7, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: You Might Think She's Bulletproof, But She's Not

7th June 2009:
WOW. long space. thats a LOOOT of ground. haha.
Only Anna would not realize that she was having a baby until she was ACTUALLY having said baby. wow. That's, amazing. James' dad getting sick right after Harry was born? thats sad. ah.
Lol. Sirius distracting anna with star wars.

Author's Response: Yup, it was pretty streched out . . . The next chapter's even worse, and shorter, as well.

Star Wars. :D

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Review #8, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: There's No Escaping Your Love

14th May 2009:
OI! Pete.
I love Sirius' point of view. he's almost as random as Anna, but with some sense of when not to do stupid things.
I know what you mean about AP tests. mine completely fried my brain. I woke up the next morning feeling completely hung over. i couldn't even speak in full sentences. lol.

Author's Response: For some reason, I really don't like writing Sirius' POV that much, but the final product usually turns out better than I expect it to.

Man, I BEGGED my mom not to make me go to school this morning . . . She didn't really care that I didn't want to go.

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Review #9, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: It's Tough to Keep a Level Head

2nd April 2009:
YAY! new chapter! awesome. Anna really is a nutter. Can't stay on task to save her life. lol. thank you for putting out a new chapter before you left. no withdrawal for me:D chapter 60! yay. and it was in Darren's pov again! lol. -must resist cleavage- poor Darren. again, love the bromance. its awesome.

Author's Response: Maybe to save her life she could stay on task . . . But only maybe. :D

Isn't that bromance fun? Oh, yes, fun things will happen . . .

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Review #10, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: Your Teacher Preaches Class Like You're Some Kind of Jerk (Professor Twitchy)

30th March 2009:
O MI GOD! that was so funny. i almost had a hernia, i was refraining from laughing so hard(i'm still not allowed on any site other than homework. i'm quite far behind.) WHO. Twitchy. shes going to be a problem. how long will it take for Anna to kick her into Hogwarts condition? lol. Even Minnie...
I just started watching that 70's Show.(what else am i to watch at 11 pm and i'm avoiding school?) I have to say i love how you fit it all in here.
Darren and Stephen... their 'bromance' is going to be hilarious. lol
ANd she's been at hogwarts less then 24 hours and she's already in detention for... what was it, 5 weeks? i can't do math. lol. and she's seen the marauders. yay for cameos!

Author's Response: Ah, yes, Twitchy will end up being a problem. I'm still trying to decide what to do with her . . . There's a few things I'm unsure about over this whole course of the year (which will probably total only five chapters or so.)

Five weeks? Four, I think, if you don't count the one she's bound to get for Accio-ing everyone's wands across the Great Hall. But, officially, she stands at four. :D

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Review #11, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: Summer Gone/Month of Tears

25th March 2009:
haha! to most of the authors notes. sirius so deserves taylor swift. lol.

I was waiting all day monday. and tuesday for this. so thank you for finally posting! i w as so jittery. withdrawal.

I almost cried. And not the laughing through my tears of graduation(that everyone was going through) but tears because Anna's going back without them. Their gone. Off to the real world. (wait, marauders in the real world? wasn't there some kind of really huge disaster in Britain in the 70s or something? lol)
I would have acted like Anna, i'm happy to say, in this scenario. I really would've.
I just hope Stephen doesn't hope to get back together with Anna. Ever really, but at least for the first... 2 months. i have an estimation that shes going to be moping for quite a bit of that.
"Oh shut up, Annastasia. Some of us have feelings. I might cry." OI. SIRIUS GET BACK HERE. *sniffs*

YAY for long chapters!

Author's Response: Haha, sorry for giving you withdrawal. But it was just terrible - I wrote that first part (about Anna not letting go of Sirius' leg) weeks ago, and then I couldn't get past that part no matter how hard I tried. And then last night I just kinda forced the chapter out.

Umm, I'm not sure (to that natural disaster in Britain in the 70's thing) but I tried studying up on it and I couldn't find anything. The first thing I immediately thought of was the Nuclear Plant leak/explosion thing, but that was in Austria and in the 80's. If you ever find out for sure, though, let me know - I'm a bit curious now.

Oh, Stephen. I'm going to have so much fun catching him up on everything he's missed. :D

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Review #12, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: I Left My Conscience (Stupid Conscience)

9th March 2009:
YAY! ohhh... after a weekend of chores and homework, you brightened up my monday.
Darrens pov... nice. anmd 1000 frickin reviews! boo ya!
haha... anna setting her kids on fire... the funny thing is, i can see it happening. lol.

This was a cool chapter, despite the lack of sirius and damonness. lol. I love how Darren has become just as tactless as the marauders, is still gutter-minded, but, just like the marauders, has developed a consciounce. haha. sucks to be them! lol.

Author's Response: Ugh, homework. Ugh, chores. AP exams are fast approaching and teachers are going nutso. It's terrible.

But, on a happier note, yeah - Darren has become just one great big love of gutter-mindedness. It's so weird how characters end up writing themselves. He wasn't even supposed to be a huge part of the story, originally, and now he's snuck himself into the cosy little live that Anna and the Marauders have. :D

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Review #13, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: Two Hints Lust (Three Hints Guilt)

2nd March 2009:
CONGRATULATIONS! i wish i had something else to honor this momentous occation other than a review, but alas, i do not, as i keep getting in trouble for not doing my homework.

You kept confusing Darren and Damon in this chapter, it seemed. it was rather confusing. lol.
A fool-proof method of contraception... hm. i only know of one, and seeing as Remus is oviously NOT an avid believer in abstinence... lol.

Damn his parents really were old... i'd love to be a witch.(in the hp sense) living to be old would be fun. specially if i could still be youngish through my old age. i'm going to be one of those old ladies with blue hair hitting on the old guys in the old folks home. lol.
Never recieving the talk... oh, Anna. lol. Mine was unavoidable... i had caught my parents in an uncomfortable position... it still freaks me out. lol.

Anna, despite having such an obviously young disposition, is geting more action than i am... hm. i hope shes having fun with it. lol

This was really good. they can't all have life-changing consequenses. don't berate yourself.
off to econ now... yay.

Author's Response: Haha, you're not doing your hw either? It's bad - I've got this unbelievable ability to procrastinate - I've got hw that was due today that I ended up not having to hand in to do. (Which was good, seeing as I didn't do it.)

Crap. I could've sworn I'd fixed all the Darren/Damon mix ups, but you're the second person who's pointed that out to me so, obviously not. Oh well, off to fix that now!

I got the talk from my mom - it was very short, and very awkward. And then me and my best friend accidentally got the talk from her mom, which was quite possibly the most hilarious thing I've ever sat through. :D

Haha, yeah, all that action she gets is enough to make someone jealous. Trust me, I know. ;)

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Review #14, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: I Know I'll Never Die Alone Because of All of You

23rd February 2009:
WE! carnival! with creepy guys! lol. I love long chappies to. I went away this weekend( a whole weekend, 2 full days, without my family.) and now am fully recharged and super happy to have a new chappie! yay! are we going to see more damon? I love damon. And the fact that Anna is afraid of heights... and Sirius talked her out of it... i was caught between laughing and awwing all chapter.

Lol. James and Lily snogging grotesquelly. damn i mispelled that. lol.

Author's Response: Ooo, I LOVE going away for amounts of time without my family. Over Christmas break, I went away with my friend's family - it was one of my favorite weeks al of my life. :D

Haha, you definetely are going to see some more Damon next chapter . . . Muahaha.

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Review #15, by ginnyweasley_potterL'amour, les Sourcils, et Toutes Choses Brillantes: Rendezvous

19th February 2009:
JAKE! i was worried when i found this that you wouldn't put Jake in here. i fell in love with him. i've staged fights with lils for him. she won, of course.

i'm super hyper, and this story kinda increasied it.
I love your Ginny. she's such a goof. a lot of people have made her a little Mrs. Weasley, but yours is just fun.

Author's Response: Bahaha, of course she did. She's a figher, my Lillers. But I do think you must be brave, and I'm sure you put up a good fight. Don't worry; I'm still looking for my Jacob, too. :)

I love Ginny. She's way too Ginny-like to be a Mrs. Weasley, if that makes any sense at all, which I bet it didn't.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: Tomorrow Will Shine Again Golden

10th February 2009:
AHHH! i love the marauders. Just a quick q, where the heck is Anna going to live when she comes back next year? that thought just came to me, like...holy crap, the marauders are graduating, where's anna going to sleep? lol.
Busting a shoulder... that doesn't sound pleasant. sorry.

On another note- I'm ALWAYS quoting from your story. its like my new obsession. lol. I keep going on and on about Anna or Sirius or Remus. lol.

Anna wanting to be Mary Poppins is SO hilarious. lol. thats really cool. lol

Author's Response: Aha! You noticed! :D Well, that creates a bit of a conflict for her Seventh year, doesn't it? . . . Muahaha. :D

Ooo, I feel special. :D So thank you. :D

Wow, 4 :D in a very short space of writing. I guess that makes five, lol.

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Review #17, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: All That Glitters Is Gold

31st January 2009:
I like the new banner. its awesome! really frigin colorful! and the new update was relly sweet! i love how you put in that taking-the-bludgers-out-of-play thing in there. it was way to awesome to wait some 5 years for an appearance. lol. short chapter, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun.
And as sadistic as it seems that i love it when you get mad, i do. cuz then you update. and updating is good. very good. i like updates.

Congrats on the awesome 50 chapter landmark! WOOOHO! I was going to respond to something you'd said in response to my comment on the previous chapter, but i forgot and i'm not going to go back and look at what you said now. maybe next time.

Author's Response: The new banner makes me smile so much. So much prettiness in only 110x700 pixels. :D

It's not too sadistic; it's understandable, at least. It's not to bad when I get angry, either, because I get over it quickly enough. And you lot get a chapter out of it. :D

Haha, woot laziness!

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Review #18, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: So What Did You Think I Would Say?

28th January 2009:
YAY! anna and sirius, the devil duo, back again! woo hoo! I came on and checked before i have to get started on school( online schooling, heaven. most of the time) and i practically peed my pance when i realized you had updated! YAY! i love updates. theirs always a dry spell around... the school year... and it gets really annoying when you have like 300 stories on various sites that you REALLY want updated and nobodys updating.

I think you gave damon a last name, because Mrs. Potter introduced ANna to his dad, and that wouldn';t be by first name.

Losing things sucks. My computer crashed(oh, a year ago) and i had all my fanfics on it. and the hard copies(various notebooks) were... somehwhere. finding things in my room, not so much a pleasure. at all. seriously, you ever read ZITS? that cartoon about teenagers? anyway... my room is that bad. my mom is afraid to go in itl. everyone is afraid to go in it. lol. so... needless to say... updating... didn't turn out to well. :,(. but yay for you finding it!

Author's Response: Online schooling. Ooo. Is it college? Or somehow high school?

I hate that - that whole not updating thing, so I try not to get too attached to stories. (And I usually only read completed ones anyways cause there's always a huge chance that the author won't finish the story, no matter how far in they are, and how many fans the story has. For example: Have you ever read Match? I read my way through 40-something extremely long chapters, and nothing's been posted since summer. It's hopeless. :(

I've never read ZITS, but I have an idea about the room; I'm sure mine is close to that (before my mom throws a hissy fit and I have to clean it, anyways.) :D

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Review #19, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: We Know It's Never Simple, Never Easy

13th January 2009:
he IS such a girl. makes me think back to the cvhapter before BOB. "we know who's the girl in THIS relationship" i think that might actually be an exact reference. or close.
He's taking this pretty well. thats good. very good. good sign. Either that or he's heading for a fall. hm... haha. he asked for advice from Jason... i'm not sure if thats wise or not, he's almost as immature as they are. lol. update soon, PLEASE? *note the use of my irresistable puppy face. its almost as good as Edward's dazzling. i swear it*

Author's Response: We don't get to see Jason's reply until later - much later. However, we do get to see Sirius take it.

Update soon . . . A puppy face that's almost as good as Edward's dazzling. Hmm . . . Is this his movie dazzle, or the book dazzle? Because they're completely different.

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Review #20, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: This Has Been Said So Many Times

8th January 2009:
MAH! actually, i don't know what emotion that is supposed to show. but its an emotion, let me tell you. meep. wow. theirs bad anna, awesome anna, and... damn, anna! lol. The second scenario... so funny. like, really funny. What pov are you going to do next? when are you updating?

Author's Response: Haha, I love indeterminable emotions. They're always nice.

The second scenario, yeah, that's quite possibly one of my favorite things that I've written for this story. Not THE favorite, but definetely up there.

Sirius' POV is next. It's not my favorite chapter at all, but it's an important transition chapter. I will probably be updating either next any time from Monday to Thursday. So, look out for the chapter. :D

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Review #21, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: You Think You're On Top Of The World (Anna, Can't You Ever Not Screw Something Up?)

3rd January 2009:
SWEET! anyway, this is my early morning(er...11 am) break(pre-work) from school. lol.this is going to be SO helter-skelter. seriously. wow. i love it! the veritaserum was awesome, but the memory potion was just perfect! lol. A couple chapters from darrens pov could be cool. never know wat he's thinking. wow. update son. please?

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so glad everyone seems to be responding to this chapter better than they have to the last few. :D

Oh, and you can expect an update next Friday - because I already know that I'll be in a bad mood, and posting chapters makes me smile. I just finished up the chapter, and it's a pretty funny one, if I do say so myself.

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Review #22, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: How Much I Care, How Bad You Are

25th December 2008:
YAY! of all the christmas presents, this is... the one that will get me in the most trouble. lol. i'm supposed to be cleaning for dinner. lol. but this was really good. i'm really anxious about the next couple, seeing as you said they were really crucial. and by the last chapter... and the second authors note... just know your treading into dangerous waters here. lol. jk, really. but PLEASE update soon. and know that i believe in you. lol.

Author's Response: Ha, this chapter got me in trouble with myself. I was up so late finishing it last night and that internal Christmas alarm woke me up so early. So now I'm dead tired.

I will definetely update sometime withint the next week and a half - being off from school means my brain isn't being completely juiced. :D

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Review #23, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: Just When You Think That You're In Control - Here It Goes Again

7th December 2008:
AWKWARD! lol. nice. don't u just love those awkward conversations? generally i just skip them and try to figure out what they said, but i actually made it through that I love James. he's such a good friend. haha. when two of your best friends are 'mutual casual daters' its kind of hard to find a balance. but he did it... i think. lol.

AWWW! i'm so happy Anna finally decided to be more with Sirius. its so sweet. update SOOOPER suun. lol. erm... Super soon. please?

Author's Response: Ha! I hate awkward parts in movies, because they're just THAT awkward, and I feel the peoples pain. Well, I used to, now i just love awkward moments and stuff.

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Review #24, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: She Steals the Spotlight

1st December 2008:
haha. self worshiping. gotta love Anna. lol.

I love the interaction between the group. the whole dynamic, its hardly changed with anna and sirius's thing. but it has, you know? that kind of thing thats inperceptible to those partaking, but when you look at it from the outside, its so obvious. Their so comfortable, so warm, and quirky.

Got a little darren in there to. get him a girl! everyone needs a rebound! lol.
As for updating before next sunday: muchos gracios. lol. i can't spell in english, dont know what i was thinking trying spanish. but: THANK YOU! honestly, its awesome. i love you. and your all that gets me through the week! lol.

Author's Response: It's awesome of you to notice those subtle changes in the relationship, not everyone would. But I think it's an important part of Sirius and Anna's characters, and what's going to come, that they've barely changed.

As for Darren, I've got a little something cooking up for him in my head, just have to figure out how to get in onto paper (or into computer) succesfully.

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Review #25, by ginnyweasley_potterPolychromatic: You Could Break Me Apart

1st December 2008:
AH! oh, i'm so happy! this was really good. i mean, i always love when you have jame's point of view. its really really fun. a completely different perspective. of course, i always get reallly reallly confused. anywho. two chapters:yay! awesome. i love you. your amazing.

The marauders with a concience:who woulda thunk it! and Anna KNOWS what a concience is! about time she learned something new. lol. and i spelt concience right, without using the spell checker in word. what a wonderful day it is!

Ah... The long anticipated Twilight movie. spectacular, i think. except that Taylor Lautner. i don't like him. lol. i would love to tell you who i would use as actors if this were to be a movie, but i'm so damn picky. if i randomly come across a picture of someone i think would fit perfectly, i'll let you know. although... for Anna, and this might purely be because of the randomness of her hair, the lead singer of Paramore(who is not an actress, i know, but pretend) might make a good fit.

so... i'll comment on the next chapter as well. toodles!

Author's Response: I love writing James - it's just a far cry from Anna (no matter how similar their minds are) and it entertains me a lot.

Really? You didn't like Taylor!? I thought he was phenomenal! In fact, the only one I didn't like was Kristen. Unfortunetely, I thought the acting was a little sub par, considering the amount of talent that they all have, but it was an alright movie. More entertaining than good, though.

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