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Review #1, by monkey1994In Fair Hogwarts: Fire and Ice

16th August 2009:
Woman. You. Best. Hurry. Up.

Author's Response: Lol I will... soonish :D

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Review #2, by monkey1994Felix Desino: A Second Chance

26th April 2009:

i totally forgot about this series ^^"
(no killing me woman)
and and and and and and
i went back
and reread the first one ( iloveyoutoo :D)
lmao. it was good.

Author's Response: oh well i'm glad to hear those kind words, hun :)

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Review #3, by monkey1994In Fair Hogwarts: The Seedtime Gambol

17th April 2009:
-kills ron again-

Author's Response: aww, don't die!!

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Review #4, by monkey1994In Fair Hogwarts: Silence In Slow Motion

17th April 2009:
-flips you off-
-walks off-


Author's Response: yeahyeahyeah, i love you too... damnit.

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Review #5, by monkey1994In Fair Hogwarts: Help

17th April 2009:
-loves ginny-
-glares at harry and hermione-
-pokes them together-

Author's Response: lol, you make me so happy sometimes XD

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Review #6, by monkey1994In Fair Hogwarts: Obsession is One Step Away From Passion

17th April 2009:
-cuts off ron's manhood-
-giggles like mad-
-flings it at dead cho-


Author's Response: oh that's just... disturbing on sooo many levels.

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Review #7, by monkey1994In Fair Hogwarts: Once or Twice

17th April 2009:

Author's Response: hehe, thanks hunn.

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Review #8, by monkey1994In Fair Hogwarts: Very Drastic Measures

17th April 2009:
[You make me not hate Ginny :D]

Author's Response: well that's the intent ;)

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Review #9, by monkey1994In Fair Hogwarts: A Change of Perspective

17th April 2009:
-ressurrects Cho-
-kills her-
-glares at harry-
-glares at hermione-


Author's Response: lol, nicee.

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Review #10, by monkey1994In Fair Hogwarts: Awkward Glances

17th April 2009:
-stabs Cho-
-dances around her body-
-glares at harry-
-glares at hermione-
-puts spell on them to make out-


Author's Response: haha, nice was to contain your emotions.

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Review #11, by monkey1994In Fair Hogwarts: In Your Dreams

17th April 2009:
-falls over feet-
-passes out-

Author's Response: hehe, thanks hunn!

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Review #12, by monkey1994In Fair Hogwarts: Changes

17th April 2009:
All I can say as I re-read this

Author's Response: well that says it all right there ;)

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Review #13, by monkey1994In Fair Hogwarts: A Very Interesting Holiday

17th April 2009:
-is just re-reading-
There is a reason why I heart this story

Author's Response: well that's great to hear!

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Review #14, by monkey1994In Fair Hogwarts: The Party

17th April 2009:
Yeah. These are late.
But I'm re-reading

Author's Response: well at least you're taking the time to revue. thanks hunn :D

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Review #15, by monkey1994In Fair Hogwarts: Prelude

17th April 2009:
-is listening to RENT and wanting to re-read Romeo and Juliet-
La la la.
I think I know how this ends :D
But woman.


Author's Response: ;) thanks hunn.

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Review #16, by monkey1994In Fair Hogwarts: Saving People Thing

11th April 2009:
This is about to be a HUGE review of ranting raving praising and feeding ideas comment :D
okay now that i have used my limit of exclamation marks for one subject, i shall go on.
Oh my gosh. NO NO NO NO NO NO! why the hell is she unconscious? why why why WHY?!
Oh my goodness. Hehheheh. I swore, it's like you were hermione and you were there. so realistic -tears up- but, why is he so daggum perfect and can't be real? harry i mean. not daniel. duh daniel is :D
we're reading romeo and juliet now. and wha- OMG. you would not DARE kill them both! i will kill you shar. i swear i will stalk you to where you live and stand outside your bedroom window with a chainsaw, gun, tape, and bad rap music. i swear if you kill them like romeo and juliet did. this will be the LAST story you EVER write

And yes. I am your short crazy psychopath friend. but you kinda need me to make you laugh and cry at the same time dontcha? so dont you dare go trying to kill me >:D
oh and
e325973895729835723985729835732532 stars out of 10

and yeah. i meant to put E in there ;D

Author's Response: one. I HAVE A LIFE YA KNOZ!
two. becase she wuz a baddd gurrl
three. he IS real!! what are you talking about?!?! HE IS REAL, DAMNIT!!!
four. you mean you didn't know they died before you read the play? i thought it was common knowledge... hehe. *wink*

you won't kill me, because now that you've revealed your methods... you have no chanse! i'll be prepared!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAAA!


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Review #17, by monkey1994In Fair Hogwarts: Comatose; I'll Never Wake Up Without An Overdose of You

19th January 2009:
WOP! This was like, ah-mazing. Aside that you spelled my name wrong >.> Katelin is how it's spelled. Sheesh. Haha. But anyways. It was amazing. Aside from I wanted Ron to get beat up a little more. Puhlease, if I was Harry (... just go along with it perv) and I love Hermione that much (...GO ALONG I KNOW HOW YOU THINK... i think xD) I would beat the living shit out of Ron. Like, he would be in a coma. HA!! Okay. Get out of playing along. ANYWAYSSS, I may create like a Harry Potter SIMS people. I may be bored. I don't know. Make chapter go faster. Need help? Contact moi!
Man. I wanted this to be longer! Oh well.

Author's Response: well im sorry that there are just so many ways to spell your name *sob*. and harry has to have SOME morals, unlike some people i know, ahem. and i am already a billion steps ahead of you, i got sims of harry, hermione, ron, luna, draco, and ginny, graduated them from college, and made harry and hermione have lots and lots of babies!!

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Review #18, by monkey1994I Love You, Too: Unrequited

2nd January 2009:
and what happens next?
i'm not lying.
my eye is twitching

Author's Response: hahh, welll i'm planning on writing a sequal if my mind thinks of one other than the really cliche one i already have :/

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Review #19, by monkey1994Move Along: Normalicy

2nd June 2008:
YAY!! wooh. sounds good. lol.i i dont know what to put! keep in touch!

Author's Response: hehe, thanks : )) and i'll try!!

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Review #20, by monkey1994Move Along: Comfort

2nd June 2008:
YAY! i knoww..ive been gone like FOREVER! but im BACK! lol. good start..i need to work on my story..hmm *now where did i put my story and pen?* lol.GOOD JOB!

Author's Response: yeah... i missed ur reviews : ( but now ur back : )) yayy! and thank you : ))

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Review #21, by monkey1994Misery's Company: Chapter 6

20th January 2008:

Author's Response: YES!!

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Review #22, by monkey1994Why Us?: Epilouge

28th December 2007:
*tears* why must it end!
but good ending
It's funny Emma sounds like me!
what to say
you need to write a sequel to this
if you don''t i will hunt you down
jk jk
now only if jk rowling will rewrite the 7th book
keep in touch!

Author's Response: aww thanxx :D emma was my favorite to write, actually. im seriously considering a sequel. and i dropped some very subtle hints as to what it will be about...can u guess?

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Review #23, by monkey1994The Owlery: The Owlery

25th December 2007:
thats so sweet
thats like all you can say

Author's Response: Good on ya girl! All us Harmony shippers are delusional! And proud!!! XD! L xxx

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Review #24, by monkey1994All I Want For Christmas Is You: All I Want For Christmas Is You

25th December 2007:
see j.k rowling
seriously..i LOVE her to death but i mean HELLO h/hr is way better than r/hr
well i like..wait..LOVE this

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I totally agree, Hermione deserves someone with a BIT more brains... L xxx

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Review #25, by monkey1994Misery's Company: Chapter 4

15th December 2007:
i LOVE her outburst
i could just see her doing that
good chappie

Author's Response: Yeah me too.

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