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Review #1, by Sarah_StunnerHow The Other Half Lives: Self

26th July 2007:
ooo things are getting interesting


Author's Response: Yes indeed.

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Review #2, by Sarah_StunnerIs It Normal For a Werewolf?: Is It Normal For a Werewolf?

25th July 2007:

poor Remus

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Review #3, by Sarah_StunnerWriters Block: Writers Block

23rd July 2007:

that is so sweet



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Review #4, by Sarah_StunnerGinny in Time: Prologue

10th July 2007:
ooo this one is good.
saving to favorites i hope you have a new chapter soon

Author's Response: Thank you.
The next chapter will be up soon!


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Review #5, by Sarah_StunnerThe Holy Murders: No Ram for Isaac

8th July 2007:
Lord I love this
keep it going
very interesting

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Review #6, by Sarah_StunnerGabrielle: The 5th Marauder: Uncle Tom

8th July 2007:
i love this.
please keep going
i dont like that Giselle girl

Author's Response: ick, I know I hate Giselle, it's hard to write about someone that mean, but it must be done *sigh*

thanks, and I plan on keep going =].

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Review #7, by Sarah_StunnerThrown Into the Past: Back to Reality

25th June 2007:
love this.



Author's Response: Aw thank you....that means a lot... and thanks for the fab rating.

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Review #8, by Sarah_StunnerThrown Into the Past: Getting Acquainted

25th June 2007:
ahahaha wow old people sex

Author's Response: LOL...never thought of it like it.

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Review #9, by Sarah_StunnerThrown Into the Past: The Transformation

25th June 2007:
aw Remus is like a big mutant puppy!!

Author's Response: Yeah I know...bless him - only with Wolfsbane though.

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Review #10, by Sarah_StunnerSoon To Be...: Twenty-three

24th June 2007:
gosh i love this story.
please continue or i will take matters into my own hand and hunt you down and force you to type until the end or until your fingers snap off.

love the story

Author's Response: Thanks, and it does continue

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Review #11, by Sarah_StunnerSoon To Be...: Seventeen

24th June 2007:
aww James and Lily have to get together and make babies!!


Author's Response: indeed

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Review #12, by Sarah_StunnerThe Tale of the Marauders: Pranks and Two One Night Truces

19th June 2007:
wow in this chapter you made the hate i have had for Peter Pettigrew dissappear. you made him seem like a good friend and someone you can trust.


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Review #13, by Sarah_StunnerShedding Innocent Blood: Secret Thoughts

13th June 2007:
omg i love it so far.
hey do you know the code to put a banner on the story info??

email it to me (if you know it) at

thanks it would be alot of help if you do

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!!! You should get an email soon!

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Review #14, by Sarah_StunnerOff Limits!: Epilogue

11th June 2007:
i loved this
you should make a squeal

Author's Response: Thank you. I am sorry but there will be no squeal. But thank you for your review.

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Review #15, by Sarah_StunnerLOVE & BROOMSTICKS: The Train Ride

2nd June 2007:
the picture is too hot for Peter

Author's Response: hahah yea i know, but i guess some people have their own opinions on whether it's too hot or too ugly.. i have actually had alot of reviews debating the looks of peter. but guys, thats why i put pics in there! you let you decide what you think of them! and besides, it lets your imagination go wild =P

and don't forget, peter is still a marauder! and in my story i wanted them to be someone attractive or similarly cute in some way. its peters evil inside that makes him ugly on the outside. thanks for the review!! and i agree he is a little too hot! lol

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Review #16, by Sarah_StunnerLOOK! It's a SEQUEL!: Chapter 12: The Wedding Day

1st June 2007:
I love this
please type more

Author's Response: 100/10? THANKS!!!!! I will try to type more. In fact the reception has to be broken into several chapters because they are so long.

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