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Review #1, by likew0ah:

4th September 2007:
I was waiting forever!!
It was totally worth it.
That was really good, at the point Hermione and Draco were using little nicknames for each other was a little weird to read but.
I love the quip about singing with Hades, funny :]
update soon por favor!

Author's Response: :) thanks for the review!! I'm glad you liked it

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Review #2, by likew0ahParents At Seventeen: The First of Many

1st September 2007:
Nice ending.

Author's Response: thansk

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Review #3, by likew0ahParents At Seventeen: A Shift In the Wind

1st September 2007:
Haha, I was wondering if he was going to give her the necklace, but with the intention of buying it for her in the first place.
Okay another stupid question about the fake babies, do they look real or do they look like the babies in license to wed?

Author's Response: nope, they look like actual babies, if you didn't know that they were made from a spell, you would think they were real

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Review #4, by likew0ahParents At Seventeen: Dada

1st September 2007:
I really like your story because it's so different.
I don't really have anything else to say besides that though, =P
it's fantastic.

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #5, by likew0ahParents At Seventeen: Falling Into Place

29th August 2007:
Question, I'm getting confused now, are the others babies real? Or are they dolls?

Author's Response: no, there fake babies made from a spell, but act like real babies

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Review #6, by likew0ahParents At Seventeen: The Start

29th August 2007:
What more can I say than that I like this the other ones? LOL
I think my favorite part about how you write is that it's not too fast or not too slow which is fantastic.
& I forgot to mention I always wondered why the Heads always had a shared bathroom but you actually didn't do it that way in the chapter before but managed to integrate it in anyways lol.

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #7, by likew0ahParents At Seventeen: The News and A New Project

29th August 2007:
I LOVE the new twist.
You make such a ridiculously hard scenario work out very well.
I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: thank you so much

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Review #8, by likew0ahParents At Seventeen: Going Back

29th August 2007:
There was something very appealing about this chapter I can't put my finger on.
I think what I really liked is that it didn't just go into some frantic pace because you were done with the prologue and Draco came in. I like the way your developing the story.
Good job.

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #9, by likew0ahThe End of the World Started With The Cruise!: Employee of the Month

28th August 2007:
Okay, I understand the want of your reviewers to be brutal, but I don't really have anything brutal to say.
One this is though, that the spaces, need to get smaller, they're huge in between all the sentences.
You put very interesting changes into the story, the magic thing is very strange, and I don't know how that would become what it is ...
but the buddybuddy relationship with Lucius is even more so, I wouldn't expect for him to change even if they couldn't use magic, but I find this story interesting so I'm going to continue reading. Good job.

Author's Response: thank you very much, the whole plot has a meaning thats all I'm gonna say. Also the spaces thingy was a malfunction thingy with my computer and I cant fix it. sorry

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Review #10, by likew0ahParents At Seventeen: How It Came To Be

28th August 2007:
The rape part of the story was unexpected, but interesting I guess, since you seem to leave a lot unexplained.
Anyways, this was a good chapter, nice start.

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #11, by likew0ahNo Strings Attached: Butting Heads

27th August 2007:
That was
Not a lot happened, but I still enjoyed it.
It was a bit jarring to see Hermione and Draco kinda do a 180 when the chapter before they were at each other's throats and then they were already considering each other, but the second part seemed very natural again.

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Review #12, by likew0ahNo Strings Attached: Head Boy vs. Head Girl

27th August 2007:
I like it.
The bickering was very realistic and I wouldn't have expected otherwise.
Good start.

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Review #13, by likew0ahProud & Prejudiced: A Single Man of Fortune

24th August 2007:
Wow interesting.
I have a lot to say, since I am enamored with the pride and prejudice story.
Okay first, why is Lavender not related to Harry? Right now I don't see a reason for that, is she interested in him or something?
The way you write Ron makes him seem different, in a good way cause he usually doesn't seem that confidant, so the same person doesn't come to mind as much.
With Ginny, it's not that she's older I'm weirded out by but that she's Jane, I feel Jane has a different confidence that Ginny wouldn't have but I get it.
Hermione I think is fantastic as Elizabeth, best character mix there.
& I know Draco hasn't shown up yet, and the character mix there also makes a lot of sense, but it makes me sad cause I like Dramione fics. lol.
You have a very interesting way of writing, you seem to pull of this older story type well, but it's a little unsettling to hear about magic and all in this story :P
Btw, I gotta say I

Author's Response: First of all, thank you for taking the time to review! Now on to the questions!

I decided not to make Lavender and Harry brother & sister for several reasons. The first was that I honestly just thought it would be too confusing, what with Ginny and Parvati already becoming Hermione's sisters. The second is that I, personally, have always had a little trouble believing that Charles and Caroline Bingley could have had the same parents and yet be so incredibly different, and therefore also difficulties remembering that they were brother & sister. So Lavender not becoming Harry's sister was a creative decision which I think was beneficial to the story!

Ron is definitely far from being the Ron we know, but that is, I'm afraid, necessary when trying to transform him into the dashing, but arrogant Mr Darcy. I take comfort, however, in convincing myself that Ron could have been a bit more like Mr Darcy at the same age (26 or so).

I really can't emphasize more that though Ginny has taken Jane's role, she is NOT Jane. Ginny has kept her own personnality, if not a more subdued version of it, because I really didn't want her to become the shy, modest, humble creature that is Jane Bennet, as that would make her grossly OOC. In Pride and Prejudice, Jane loses Mr Bingley because she is too shy; in this version, I have hopefully arranged things so Ginny will lose Harry because of other reasons more suitable to her own character!

As I wrote to another reviewer, I did think about making this Dramione for a short while, but then decided against it, finding it too complicated to make Harry his friend and so on. What's more, I was already writing a Dramione fic (first chapter now posted, if ever you're interested!) and wanted to try something canon :)

As for the magic in this story being unsettling... unfortunately I'm afraid that's what one gets when you cross Rowling with Austen (or at least tries to!) :)

Thank you so much for reviewing and I'm glad you thought the story interesting, even if there may be a few glitches you disliked!

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Review #14, by likew0ahLost Memories: Snapped.

21st August 2007:
Interesting turn of events.
I kinda like that Blaise isn't 100% evil unlike in all other stories usually.
Good job.

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Review #15, by likew0ahLost Memories: Patient in St. Mungo's.

21st August 2007:
Really good, I liked it a lot.
There were a few things that were grammatically wrong, like his & her's and tenses, but overall.
The way you write is very appealing to a reader like myself. good job :D

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Review #16, by likew0ahLost Memories: Prologue

20th August 2007:
So cute!!
Really nicely written.
Question, who's

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Review #17, by likew0ahBuy Me Love: All In The Family

19th August 2007:
NO WAY! Did you really dedicate this chapter to me?!?! [well I hope so, cause I couldn't be really sure, cause it was wh0a instead of w0ah...but noone else has a name similar to mine do they?]
Anways, I'm going to go on like you did dedicate to me, and if you didnt..hehe ^^
Well I'm glad I get to comment first! :D
LOVE that Oliver Wood is back, I simply loved him in the movies, very clever.
I really liked this chapter too, I like how you don't have Draco's mysterious enamoring of Hermione like so many, including myself =P, have done.
Fantastic chappie..and thanks so much!!! [ I hope, =P]

Author's Response: -facepalm- Ahh! I'm sorry hun! I'll recorrect the spelling immediately. But of course I dedicated, hehe. I really couldn't decide if I wanted Oliver as the groom, but decided he would be least expected between him and Viktor. I'm glad you enjoy my Draco and Hermione, and thank you for reviewing again. =)

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Review #18, by likew0ahSecret Lusts: Unwanted Imaginings

2nd August 2007:
Really good chapter,
I thought the beginning was amazing. :)

Author's Response: thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it

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Review #19, by likew0ah:

28th July 2007:
This has been edited for the content?
Wow, you successfully still got the point across very well. =P
I love Michael Buble so good choice.
Love it as usual, update soon!

Author's Response: lol yeah very edited...about four times before it got validated :) hahaha...oh well :D thanks for the review hun!! glad you liked it!! and glad to find another lover of Michael Buble!! he's the best!

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Review #20, by likew0ah:

19th July 2007:
I would go as far as to say, I love you, in a totally rash way. :D
Sorry, I'm temporarily crazy, and I have problems, but this story just keeps getting better. Holy Crap.

Author's Response: aww thanks!! *blush* I'm so glad you like it so much!! and darlin' i love ya too!!

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Review #21, by likew0ahWhat Witches Want: What girls want

18th July 2007:
Best chapter,
I really liked it.
It's was wound up very nicely.
Good job.

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #22, by likew0ahMy Best Friends Girlfriend: Starting Summer

17th July 2007:
VERY interesting plot.
It's also very interesting that you put it into a 1st person perspective, because the stories are usually 3rd person.
I was a little confused about the job part, was there a time lapse from when she was there last?
It was well written, except I think there were some spelling errors like 'strait' but besides that...
It's very entertaining, putting it in my faves. :]
[Is this your first review for this story? Then yay, if someone beat me, oh well =P]

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Review #23, by likew0ahA Second Glance: Prologue

14th July 2007:
I just wanted to say when I first saw what you had written, I just said "Oh my gosh" out loud. You write sooo much for each chapter, kudos. I could never do that...I don't do that lol.
I found it very interesting you didn't do what most people do in Dramione fics, they have Draco turn to the good side by joining the Order of the Phoenix, so that was interesting.
There were some spelling errors, like plain/veins/and grown, but I don't know if it's pointless telling you this since you're already on like chapter 10.
Good job.

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Review #24, by likew0ah:

14th July 2007:
I was shocked and delighted to see what you did with this chapter.
As amazing as this story is, I kind of expected it to go as other stories do, but you added a depth to it, I didn't expect.
It just makes the story more intriguing & developed.
Great job, update soon!

Author's Response: thank you! i'm glad that it was unexpected, because predictable stories are fun sometimes, but then the unpredictable ones are much more exciting :) thank you for the kind words and the sweet review!!

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Review #25, by likew0ahBuy Me Love: Flight Education

13th July 2007:
Wait what? hahaha.
Isn't her cousin a muggle?
Anyways, this was really cute, I liked it.
There were some spelling and grammar errors, like stewardess and one sentence just stopped midway, and it was funny how bratty Malfoy can be sometimes. Good job, update soon!

Author's Response: Hahah, yes her cousin is a muggle. I thought it would be good to actually be able to write one of those relationships where a muggle marries a witch/wizard. Thanks for the review!

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