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Review #1, by silverotter1The Hero Within: Chapter One

25th February 2009:
Hi~ I've been meaning to get to this for a while now...

Well, the start is excellent. Starting the story and hooking your readers is the tricky thing. Your first sentence is great-- really hooks the reader. And then the flashback scene was well done too.

I'm curious by the questions you've raised. Why is Hermione here? Why is she still alive? Why has Draco been allowed to clean and feed her? What's with no dark mark? Will Narcissa and Draco try to help her? This is great. I like stories I read to make me think. I don't really like everything spelled right out for me. It's more mysterious that way :)

One minor thing, I would like to see the entire first chap be in Draco's point of view. It was slightly jarring at the end to all of a sudden be in Hermione's head. You could have the same effect by having Draco turn and see a puzzled look on her face. That way the reader knows what you wanted to convey but you kept the continuity of Draco's POV.

You've really done well with a first chap. You've hooked the reader, seduced the reader by piquing interest in your plot and you've begun to set up the characters' traits. Overall, really good job :D

Author's Response: Hi there! It's great to see you! :) You know, I'm still waiting for an update on FIY... :D

I'm glad to hear you liked it, especially since this first chapter was written ages ago and my writing has improved a lot in that time. But that's all I can say, you'll have to read more to see for yourself. ;)

Some of your questions will sort-of be answered, but mostly not, I'm afraid. There aren't any bigger mysteries behind Hermione being kidnapped but not killed and Draco being allowed to do something nice for her - these things just happened. Narcissa has tried to keep her only son as safe as she can, hence the dark mark missing.

As for the helping thing... That's actually quite a big part of the story. You'll have to read the next chapter to know what happens. :D

That little change in the POV is actually a taste of what's to come. I'm writing this story from both of their viewpoints, but instead of using "-*- Hermione's POV -*-" sorts of things I'm just sort of sliding from one mind to another. I wanted to keep Draco 'talking' in the first chapter because it's too easy for me to lose myself in Hermione's part. She'll be in the spotlight a lot later on.

Please do tell me how you feel about the changes in POV in later chapters if you have any opinions. I don't think I've had anyone mention that in their reviews and I haven't really thought about it until now, but I'd love to know what people think!

Thank you so much for the lovely review. I really appreciate it. :)

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Review #2, by silverotter1Loss: 1/1

29th May 2008:
I must say, you are such a great stroyteller. I really liked the bit where Harry and Ron plopped down next to Draco at the wedding. I think that was my fav. part.
I can totally see Draco letting hurt and pride get in the way of his happiness. The end was so sad. I'm dramione all the way and it's hard to take when Draco doesn't get his girl *tear* :(
I thought Fred seemed like a typical guy that is smitten...he knows Hermione's with Draco, but he still tells himself its okay if he just works with her. I really enjoyed your characterization of Draco...and Hermione...and Ron and Harry. Great story all around! 10/10

Author's Response: Oh thanks! I started this as a story where fred stole hermione away from draco... but i just couldn't see that happening... draco had to lose her...

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Review #3, by silverotter1Seven Deadly Sins: Lust and Chastity

29th April 2008:
*fans self* Wow! Sinfully good!
Good luck with your exams!
:DD Emily

Author's Response: thank you -I'm so glad you're enjoying it! As for always seeking an excuse to procrastinate, so next chapter may be up soon x

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Review #4, by silverotter1Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth and Diligence

29th April 2008:
Ah, loverly! That sneaky, sly Draco! :)

Author's Response: he knows what he wants and he's certainly not afraid to shamelessly manipulate his way into getting it! x

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Review #5, by silverotter1Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony and Temperance

29th April 2008:
Exceptional! I love the idea with the chocolate frogs- I think Draco is in for a shock...Hermione will bewitch him in ore ways than one! 10/10 :D

Author's Response: Draco and there a more perfect combination? I think not. Glad you enjoyed!x

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Review #6, by silverotter1Seven Deadly Sins: Envy and Kindness

29th April 2008:
The last scene here with Draco reminds me of the old cereal commercial for Lucky Charms: "It's Magically Delicious!"
Well written, well paced, very clean writing--very enjoyable to read! On to the next chapter.

Author's Response: lol, thank you! x

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Review #7, by silverotter1Seven Deadly Sins: Pride & Humility

29th April 2008:
Fantastic! And Draco is so canon! I love that. I find it hard to keep Draco in character and you've done it so well. Your use of vocabulary gives the story a sophistication. (e.g. "smiling seraphically at him"..."Hermione's acerbic tone"... "Following surreptitiously after them"...) I blush to admit I went for my dictionary! Nicely done! 10/10

Author's Response: thank you so much! This story for me was a whole exercise in keeping the two characters as canon as possible, so it's great to hear you pick up on that! x

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Review #8, by silverotter1Office Love: Of Lock-ups and Make-outs

10th April 2008:
Really well written, well plotted story. Funny and smart. Even though the characters were OOC, you deveolped them well and their actions were believable. I liked the jealous/posessive Draco. You had just enough not to make him seem creepy :) 10/10!

Author's Response: thank you! I agree they were OOC :) but I'm glad you liked them despite that! Thank you for reviewing! ;)

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Review #9, by silverotter1A Series of Kisses: 1/1

2nd April 2008:
You have a very nice touch when it comes to Draco and Hermione. This was sweet with the kissing theme throughout. I liked "The Little Mermaid" bit: Singing clams in the song "Kiss the Girl"...very cute.

Author's Response: Ah thanks... dream scenes probably aren't the most sophisticated way to write a story, but oh well :)

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Review #10, by silverotter1Deadly Sins: Discussions and Revelations

15th January 2008:
Just want to say, love the new banner! Ryan Gosling! He makes me think "Draco" as well! Yum!!
xx Em

Author's Response: yay!! thanks Em! he's perfect isn't he? cheers darling!

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Review #11, by silverotter1Piles, Files, and Sleds: 1/1

15th January 2008:
Fantastic! Very well done. The pace was perfect, the plot real and believable, and Draco was the perfect balence between prat and gentleman. Hermione's mussings on him (the folders in her mind) were brilliant! So canon of her. I love Draco's gift to her (very clever!) Nice romance writing. You have a nice way with their dialogue...wity, sexy, snarkey; I absolutley love it! And I feel your stories all have an intelligence about them; a grown-up feel to them. You have a great vocabulary.

I didn't realize you were already an author over at grangerenchanted. You could easily do a series with this *hint hint*
I've been reading a lot of your work and you Never disappoint!

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Review #12, by silverotter1Drinking Games: 1/1

15th January 2008:
hi! me again...I just want to say, you should post this at granger There are many well written Hermione-centric fics at that site. This is an OUTSTANDING Dramione and all the Dramione fans over there would definatly enjoy this one! (And you could post 'So I Married a Deatheater' there as well.) Just a suggestion. :D

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Review #13, by silverotter1So I Married a Death Eater: Sorting News

15th January 2008:
Really nice writing. It flows well and your dialouge is good. I particularly enjoyed Narcissa's preceptive manner- that was a nice bit. The title is what got my attention. I recall a movie with Mike Meyers (So I Married an Axe-Murderer).

I'm glad I checked it out... the premise of going backward through their relationship is new (clever). And I really liked the note from Dom to his mum. In one short chapter you've managed to make the Malfoy children real and the reader gets invested in that. All in all, great work!

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Review #14, by silverotter1:

7th January 2008:
this is stunning. your writing flows and rolls comfortably in my mind while i read. i love how you delve into draco's mind--so deep and complex. i've always thought it (his mind) to be a dark, secret place that holds more than what appears on the surface. intersesting how maybe hermione is thinking that as well?

Author's Response: *Grins* Thank you so much for your review :D

I find Draco's mind so very interesting, and really unique, and its actually a lot of fun to explore.

As for a Hermione chapter, well its coming quite soon...I just have to write it :P

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Review #15, by silverotter1Prey: Scent and Sin

18th December 2007:
Achingly poignant. The way it reads is like…. slow, flowing honey….it rolls through ones mind pleasantly like a favorite song or poem. Very lyrical. Your use of words is superb. I’ve called you a wordsmith before and you truly are.

I love Draco’s emotion in this-- the conflict within him is heart rendering; and he goes to her. It’s raw beauty. Male emotions are hard to capture in writing like this and you do it so well here.

Hermione in this is…fantastic. I love her candor and courage, yes- courage to take what she wants and needs.

I love that he watched her sleep: what was he thinking? I want to believe he felt an aching need to lie back down and hold her….to leave behind his destiny or to meet with her a new destiny.

I can’t wait for more. (Wait- you made your dear readers wait my dear, but this was worth the wait.)


Author's Response: Em! Your reviews always brighten my day, truly they do - there is always something poetic about them... how you manage to convey that in a review I shall never know :P

There really was something poignant about this chapter - I felt it as I was writing it.. conflicting emotions about it drawing to an end.

As for your thoughts on Hermione in this chapter... well I quite agree with you. She was brave and I think it showed tremendous strength of character to take that step. As strange as it sounds (seeing as I write them this way) I feel connected to my versions of Draco and Hermione and am intrigued to see how the end will unfold (though essentially I know what will happen).

The final chapter and epilogue are written and need only to be fleshed out a bit... so the wait for the next chapter shouldn't be too long. Hopefully during the christmas period as a gift to all of you :P


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Review #16, by silverotter1Deadly Sins: The Co-existence of Shame and Bliss

12th December 2007:
*sighs dreamily* okay, words fail but i'll try. lovely...tender, romantic.
drama filled (ginny and harry). i loved the drunken harry- of course the poor sod has been through hell his whole life, i think it's totally believable that he and ginny would have marriage problems and he'd be drinking like a fish.

thank you for the draco/hermione scrumptious. i could almost feel the tangle of warm sheets... of all the draco's in dramione-land i love your tendar romantic draco the best (i hope he is sincere)
thank you, kate for this intriguing story.
(i have to wonder if you've got some twisty evil plot up your sleeve ;) )

Author's Response: thanks hun - i;'m glad you liked it and see? i promised you a reunion scene - that was you wasn't it? lol. its been ages since i answered reviews!!

i can tell you that yes, draco is sincere - that i can give away.

evil twisty plot? who me? heehee possibly....

thanks again hunny!!

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Review #17, by silverotter1An Ignorant Lover: Chapter One

4th December 2007:
'So, he was using her, she knew that. But sometimes being used and taken advantage of was the closest thing to being wanted and needed. Sometimes, when that's all you have, you love it anyway.'

this is a lovely piece. it drew me into hermione's pain and the way she was losing herself in draco. i like how draco wasn't an obnoxious prick at the end of their relationship...he just admited to being what he is--no apology. it was almost eerie, the way he reacted to her love and pain.

the above quote from your story is profound. writing like that comes from your gut. i can only imagine that you have experienced pain like this in order to draw on that emotion and pour it into your writing. reminds me of a quote from hemingway..."there's nothing to writing, you just sit down at the typewriter and bleed."
you've laid bare some raw emotion in this work. very enjoyable read 10/10

Author's Response: I adored you review. I am so happy, because you got exactly what I wanted my audience to get. And yes, I have been through something similiar pain to Hermione's...I think thats why I could make it so emotional and pull it off. I wrote it during a time I was really troubled, and I sometimes I think people's best works come when they're emotional.

I'm so glad you liked it, and I really appreciated your in-depth review. And I love the Hemingway quote.

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Review #18, by silverotter1Deadly Sins: Let it all crash

20th November 2007:
ah! *pulls hair*

woah- seriously this story is a roller coaster ride of emotion. and you do emotion like no other, kate!
the opening with draco was fantastic. well done with the intimate thoughts and torments of a tough, passionate; yet weak and needy man...(have i told you i love this story?) outstanding-really.

the fight with pansy threw me... you twisty chick! and i love the hermione ron stuff (what the hell?) i do have one cut off the chapter too soon!! (hence the screaming and hair pulling mentioned above) OMG i what a reunion sex scene woman! *points*
ha ha! great as usual...more soon!

Author's Response: now emily, don't go bald ^_^
thank you - i love writing emotion! its so powerful and i feel rather god-like tormenting my characters so much, heehee.
and thank you - draco is my fav character to write, no matter what mood he is in or which side he swings too. he's just divine as a character study.
too soon?? sorry xD the next chapter is not too far away. a reunion scene hey? maybe...
thanks emily!!

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Review #19, by silverotter1Deadly Sins: Tangled up in Reason

6th November 2007:
uh! i feel as if i've been kicked in the gut...
the restrained, deep emotion you show in draco was skillfully done and poor hermione, i really felt sick too! I like how you play with the fedelity issues: ginny is so distraught over harry's cheating, yet hermione is/was draco's mistress. i like the complications/implications...i wonder, who going to end up dead? is pansy really pregnant? (stupid draco :( )
all i can say is more--soon!

Author's Response: wow thank you - what a compliment. as i've said, i love writing draco, esp an emotional and torn draco.

hmmm questions...that i cannot answer ^_^

next chapter will be up soon!

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Review #20, by silverotter1The Other Way Around: Chapter One

2nd November 2007:
i like your beginnig chap's intriguing and fast paced. i really like how you paint draco in the opening paragraphs (the peacock quill was a nice touch) and your blaise is great- i enjoyed your take on his character and the past/present relationship with draco. nice background into-you weaved a good story from the cannon events.
and the biggest smile came from hermione's comment: 'so who's going to do me first.' lol! :) that was really smooth...a little foreshadowing possibly? can't wait for update.

Author's Response: Thank you! I've submitted part two, but it seems to be taking a while to become validated. I wonder how long it will take until I'm a trusted author...Hmm.

Anyways, thanks! =]

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Review #21, by silverotter1Murder at Malfoy Manor: 1

26th October 2007:
oh, oh, oh! punkindoodle- you know i love you and all your awesome dramione fics!
i've been reading this on another fic site and it is FANTASTIC! (how on earth will you...uh...clean it up for this prissy site!?) lol!

Author's Response: It will be very challenging, but I hope I can do it! There isn't alot of smut, but there is a lot of swearing. thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by silverotter1The Scorpions Kiss: Chapter 3

19th October 2007:
ha ha! draco is such a rogue. i love how he said,' Granger I had no idea you were this fresh with the men,' cute and funny!

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Review #23, by silverotter1The Devil you Know: Spiralling

17th October 2007:
ugh! ouch! i can totally feel hermione's humiliation and shame. i really do think marla is a liar. she wants blaise but the hallway encounter-innocent. and i don't believe blaise hates hermione- mad as hell, brusied ego, yes...but hate-no.
i just don't know what to think about draco. i want to believe his feelings are genuine and all his actions were born of his desperation to hold onto hermione...but it could be a game to him too- only wanted her back because she moved on with blaise.
you've got me SO confused! as confused as poor hermione. NICE work, as usual. great love triangle-all twisty and such.

Author's Response: hmmm interesting thoughts emily... but you know i can't tell you if you're right ^_- will find out! heehee confused still hunny? cool *grins* i even confused myself at some point writing this...but now i know where it ends!!

thanks hunny!!
Kate xx

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Review #24, by silverotter1Deadly Sins: Of the Heart

12th October 2007:
Whoa- My gut is twisted in knots.
I hardly know what to say *stares dumbly into space*
The range of emotion in Draco this chap is…intense. What a rollercoaster. Well done!! So REAL. A man struggling within himself- the affair/his marriage…he’s really in the thick of it. You portray this so completely and convincingly; outstanding.
And Pansy! Her accusations were…(no words). That scene with she and Draco was spectacular. I love how her prim and proper self whipped up all that emotion and blasted him. I love how she turned it around on him. *thinks to self* …she knows, she must know about Hermione. But she’s keeping that trump card under wraps. *laughs gleefully*
And Draco! He goes from contemplating Hermione’s y’s and t’s (oh he’s in deep) to guiltily kissing his wife. He really need’s a shag, huh?

You’ve got me thinking: Harry’s affair-WTF? Ginny’s disappearance- more than meets the eye. Ron- ??? He’s involved with something??? Pansy/Ron- ?revenge?

This mystery/romance is your thing. Your style is perfect for it. Snappy, stylish, intelligent- intrigue and pathos abound!!
10/10 love it!
emily :]

Author's Response: hey em!! thanks hunny. i love writing draco - its always a goal to make him as deeply human as i can, because he is that way to me - very deeply flawed. and yes, he is right in the middle of it alright!!

glad you liked my pansy/draco scene! that was fun to write. pansy is fun to write.

poor draco. he needs something...

thanks hun *hugs* you rock!!
Kate xx

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Review #25, by silverotter1Absence of Trust: Of Dreams and Recollections

11th October 2007:
here is a story that has grabbed my attention. comments
1. i like the intrigue you've set up with the assassin deal.
2. i liked the flashback to the first kiss. flashback can be overused and not executed well. your flashback seemed natural and essential to the story.
3. i don't generally like 1st person pov on ff because a lot of times it seems forced and there the risk of suffering writer intrusion. you've done marvelously with it. you've captured hermione, her thoughts... her mannerisms... i liked the library scene with the book. and the kiss with ron. i truly felt i was in her head. well done!
4. your use of vocabulary is great. not overdone. this makes for an intelligent read. you demonstrate a command for language.
5. the dialogue was natural and had good flow. i enjoyed the exchange with draco prior to the kiss. you captured his arrogance but allowed for that spark of interest that hermione herself was experiencing.

i would suggest, if you haven't already, to write out your plot points to the end of the story. keep a notebook near you so you can jot down scenes that come to you out of the blue. sometimes, i find at the strangest times, an extraordinary scene floats into my head that works great in the story i'm writing. driving, just waking…etc.
your style is great. you need a rock solid plot to keep going, and it would seem so far you have just that!
i hope you don't mind my suggestions. its just that this is a great story and i would love to read all of it!! i think you've done a fantastic job on this so far. keep it up!

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