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Review #26, by dawnelizabeth:

24th August 2007:

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Review #27, by dawnelizabethThe girl on the inside: a bad joke....

23rd August 2007:
like lots, please continue

Author's Response: thank you thank you...

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Review #28, by dawnelizabethForbidden Lust: Epilogue: The Halloween Ball

18th August 2007:
so i really dont know what to say..
happy birthday!
and please continue with the next stroy

Author's Response: thanks! :D dw first chapter already written! just wait a little!

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Review #29, by dawnelizabethDirty Dishes: Dirty Dishes

16th August 2007:
oh wow...
are you going to make another one?

Author's Response: Its waiting for validation as we speak!

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Review #30, by dawnelizabethA Story With No Name: For Draco

13th August 2007:
thats erally sad, but it was a good story

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Review #31, by dawnelizabethSnape's lost child: Chapter 12

9th August 2007:
this is amazing.
i cant believe you ended it there.
please continue!

Author's Response: Haha. Thanks.

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Review #32, by dawnelizabethA Vampireís Promise: Knock Damnit!

6th August 2007:
please continue
some of ur words are mixed up.

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Review #33, by dawnelizabethLove Game: You Can't Go Back.

14th June 2007:
the only thing thats really weird about hermione is that she actualluy did something about her situation, and i think you did a really good job with ron and harry' reactions.

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Review #34, by dawnelizabethSome Things Are Meant To Be: What Happened

8th June 2007:
so are dracos friends her friends?

Author's Response: Hmm, no, thats not exactly whats happened. I dont want to say anything here though so i dont give anything away =D


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Review #35, by dawnelizabethA Story With No Name: Almost Too Late

6th June 2007:
you could have them at the hospital, draco telling the how the fight went, or u could have it back at the school.
i really like this story

Author's Response: Nice suggestions! Sadly, Dennis seems to have a problem with READING them. Anyway, we really appreciate your effort, thank you!

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Review #36, by dawnelizabethSave Yourself: Confrontations

1st June 2007:
this was so amazingly hot, a tad out of character, but its fanfic, right?
is this the end of the story? if it is it was ended well

Author's Response: No it's not the end. I'm working out some kinks.

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Review #37, by dawnelizabethHermione's secret: What happened?

31st May 2007:
i love the way this is going...please continue
.whats going on woth harry and ginny?

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Review #38, by dawnelizabethA New Hermione: New Students

31st May 2007:
i like
please continue

Author's Response: thanx

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Review #39, by dawnelizabethA New Hermione: Why Are We In Your Room?!? Hogsmeade

31st May 2007:
some of the words in the song are wrong i think.but i like the story

Author's Response: i got it off of a website so i don't know if the lyrics are wrong sorry

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