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Review #1, by singingsoulLetters to Mum: A Yule Brawl POV: ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

29th June 2007:
Another fantastic one-shot.

Great introduction, excellent use of letters to portay the different character's views and excellent portayal of Molly Weasley who was very convincingly worried throughout the stories.

I really have nothing bad to say about this, and nothing that will help make it better because I can't see how it could be better.

9/10 - Singingsoul

Author's Response:
I'm glad you like it - does happy dance. I love this story SO much. The letters and Molly were fun to write.

Thanks for a great review...

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Review #2, by singingsoulSeamus Day Out: Neville: the Hero

27th June 2007:

It was a very interesting story to read and is a good way to explain what happened in the time she was gone. Also you caught the characters perfectly, especially in that arguement at the end.

It was a nice touch adding the memory to Hermione's character with the unresolved emotions for Fred thing.

All in all an excellent fic that I very much enjoyed reading and I can't wait to read more of your fics.

Author's Response:
Thanks sweetie... I'm so glad you liked it. And to read that you thought I got the characters down perfectly makes my day.

I love Fred and Hermione as a ship... Sorry you won't know the whole story until you read my second lit baby that's in the planning stage...

Glad you like it. I slip missing moments in all my stories...

Thanks for reviewing!

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