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Review #1, by jkgiggleThe Serpent Rises: A Dangerous Game

4th February 2015:
So I recently stumbled upon "The Girl from Slytherin" and I have finally caught all the way up. I have been really enjoying the story so far! You do an amazing job with character development. Tor's internal struggle is AMAZING to watch unfold. The different character perspectives really adds richness to the entire world as well. The fact that Death Eaters are loving in some respects, and care for one another is awesome. Looking forward to that next update!

Author's Response: Hello!! :)

I'm so glad that you like this story! It means a lot to hear all your lovely feedback. I love writing Tor, and it's been such a great experience to write her and have her transform throughout the first book.

I'm so glad you like the character contrasts as well. They're so dynamic to write and I never know how I feel about them. :P

Thanks so much for the amazing review! :D

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Review #2, by jkgiggleStill Delicate: Intervention

8th February 2011:
i liked it! it almost made me cry :( i miss the old james. why does anybody have to grow up? ohh well, at least hes getting help. i cant wait to have him back! Aiden's prov was VERY interesting... scorpius talks about Rose all the time ehh? very interesting indeed. and yes it has been forever and a day, and i love this story and i miss is soo so please please please update as fast as you are able! thats all anyone can ask. cant wait to find out what happens next! fantastic job

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Review #3, by jkgiggleStill Delicate: Slightly Deranged

7th November 2010:
OOH NO!!! Not James! Laura?!?! Poor Daisy! Dear God Rose! and Silly Scorpius!

that sums up my reaction to this chapter besides the aww at your amazing writing, so please, keep it coming :)

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Review #4, by jkgiggle:

3rd November 2010:
I would just like to say that you complete me. well, your stories of pervs just like me complete me. while I have never had a serious crush on a professor i must say your stories have opened my eyes to new sexy men. thanks for that!

I was just rereading Waton Confessions and i must say that that story is just fantastic, and i do adore this one as well. Also I cannot wait to read Remus' side of this. Thank you for filling the world with double entendres and horny teenage girls!

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Review #5, by jkgiggleStill Delicate: Turning Tables

18th August 2010:
oh my goodness! poor Daisy... im sure she's a lovely person but do you really not think that Scorpius and Rose could be happy together? are their personalities really that different that while they will always love eachother its basically impossible that they'll ever find happiness together? :( ooh well, im not writing them off yet. fantastic story!

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Review #6, by jkgiggleStill Delicate: Arrogance

15th August 2010:
NOOO!!! what a horrible incompetent mother Daisy is! just kidding i realise that accidents happen. BUT I HOPE AIDEN IS OK!!! im really interested how your characters are goin to dig themselves out of this lovely littel plot demon you've put them in :)

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Review #7, by jkgiggleStill Delicate: Return To Hogwarts

25th July 2010:
*sigh* so good. so sad. so leaving me wanting more. if you actually get around to reading this comment, which im not sure you will cause you have so many fans - im sorry about your family. and I appreciate you continuing on with this after all of that hardship. i cant wait for the next chapter

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Review #8, by jkgiggleStill Delicate: Cry And Cry Again

30th April 2010:
wow. this is all gonna be wrapped up in 15ish chapters? cant wait to see that! fantastic writting as always

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Review #9, by jkgiggleStill Delicate: Trials and Tribulations

18th April 2010:

that is an happy face paired with an unhappy face. the first is cause ur an amazing author. really, dont stop. the second is cause i feel really really really bad for rose. so i cant wait till the next chapter to see something good happen to her... and if doesnt happen in that chapter no worries, i know it'll happen soon enough!

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Review #10, by jkgiggleStill Delicate: Daughter Dearest

3rd April 2010:
*gasp* thats insane... but shes not going to use it, unfortunatly... what in the world is Scorpius DOING?!?!?! i gues we have to wait for the next chapter... cant wait for that!

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Review #11, by jkgiggleStill Delicate: Dirt

20th March 2010:
its good to have you back. brilliant. god i miss this story! ooh Daisy Daisy Daisy... she was a hooker wasnt she? or is she really this horrible person that Scorpius doesnt know about and Rosie is going to reveal this to him and hes going to be devastated and then hes going to fall into Rosies arms and she will be proclaimed a hero by the masses... eh, its the first one isnt it? still it would be nice to be the second one... i cant wait for the next chapter!!!

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Review #12, by jkgiggleRegretfully Yours: Not All Moonlight and Roses

9th November 2009:
i dont think shes competley over Draco. there is still something that she had managed to give him that she just cant throw away, even if she cant love him the way he deserves... *sigh*

Author's Response: You are right, she isn't over him, because it is hard to ever really lose love that you have had for someone, but she does aknowledge that it wasn't true love like she shares with Ron. Thanks so much as always.

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Review #13, by jkgiggleStill Delicate: A Time For Wine

5th November 2009:
ooh dear. more drama. really Scorpius i think we should talk to the kid about this a little bit. nobody ever talks to the kid... *sigh and crosses fingers for a happy ending* excellent chapter as always. cant wait for the next one

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Review #14, by jkgiggleRegretfully Yours: And He Scores!

19th October 2009:
so adorable
lol for the linus and Mitzi.
poor George
GO RON!!! good for him. and good for hermione. i hope she enjoyed that more than Draco

Author's Response: She did... she definitely did. Glad you liked it. Poor poor George, first he gets turned down and then he is going to have to deal with Molly's wrath.
Thanks so much as always.

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Review #15, by jkgiggleRegretfully Yours: Second Half of the Second, First Date

7th October 2009:
very interesting chapter... lol. poor mrs weasley/Ron and Hermione. that would definatly be very akward

Author's Response: I know... awkward all around. Thanks as always

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Review #16, by jkgiggleRegretfully Yours: Second, First Date

28th September 2009:
lol. poor Ron and Hermione. but its good that they're starting right were they left off. good ole arguing

Author's Response: Thanks, that is how I thought of it too, besides needing to break up that tension. :)

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Review #17, by jkgiggleRegretfully Yours: Afterglow

25th September 2009:
wow... who was IT? i wanna know. really really badly. so you should, ya know, update with a new chapter. quickly. just putting that out there. good chapter. cant wait for the next, and Hermione is gonna be PISSED!!! how exciting. till next time

Author's Response: I'll never tell! (okay so I will, next chapter) I will try and update it this Sunday, but I am having some writers block and I want to make sure that everything is all set. Thanks for continuing to read.

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Review #18, by jkgiggleStill Delicate: Repercussions

20th September 2009:
ugg, i always feel bad when people plagerize, cause then it just makes the author feel like crap, and a lot of times it ends up making the readers loose out on a really good story. so im sorry for that.

umm... not sure how i feel about this chapter. i mean... hmm. yeah, sorry, not to crazy about it. i kinda just want Rose to be the good person for once. it also seems like we've hit this little plot line already. im hope that you take this somewhere new, lead us on a bit. maybe?

love this story, plz keep writing!!! update soon!

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Review #19, by jkgiggleDaddy's Little Girl: Don't Do Anything Stupid

16th September 2009:
oops, now Hermione is in trouble... i bet she should be as well. GO HERMIONE!

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Review #20, by jkgiggleDaddy's Little Girl: The Blythe Baby

13th September 2009:
wow, those were some pretty intense bits there. im glad that you made both arguments convincing. it really brings a lot to the story. thanks for writing

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Review #21, by jkgiggleRegretfully Yours: Finally

13th September 2009:
aww, sooo adorable. i really wish i had read the wrong chapter... but at the same time im glad i read it in order so... GOOD CHAPTER!! and i would have been mortified if i was Hermione or Ron and i walked in on that... lol, poor Mr and Mrs Weasley. hurry and post that chapter in the correct place! thanks for writing

Author's Response: LOL - I will do my best to get it up either tomorrow or Tuesday... I still have some editing to work out.
Yeah, it would definitely have been an awkward and brain numbing experience. Glad you liked and thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #22, by jkgiggleDaddy's Little Girl: Falling Apart

26th August 2009:
stupid Ron. really, come on. hold urself together!!! anywho, cant wait to read about the trial

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Review #23, by jkgiggleDaddy's Little Girl: Held Accountable

21st August 2009:
yeah, thats right Ron, leave everything to her

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Review #24, by jkgiggleRegretfully Yours: Roadside Snog

21st August 2009:
wow. no way. thats insane. i love it soo much!!!

Author's Response: So glad you liked it, thanks.

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Review #25, by jkgiggleRegretfully Yours: The Aftermath

17th August 2009:
i under whats going on with Linus... hmm. i wanna know. maybe you should weave that in somewhere. besides that, good chapter

Author's Response: Oh dont you worry, we will definitely find out more about Linus. I love him too much to not include it. :)

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