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Review #1, by yourmyhoneybunchStill Delicate: A Beginning Of Sorts

29th December 2008:
NOOO!!! Omg THAT was not supposed to happen!!! They were going to get married and Ughh! I dont like it but its good. I'm still going to read it.

I'm very GLAD you updated soo soon.

Love Jess

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Review #2, by yourmyhoneybunchDaddy Dearest: Broom Cupboard Revelations

28th November 2008:
First off I have to say I love your story!! I read it all yesturday for Thanksgiving! (Happy Late Thankgiving)

I am going to comment on more then this chapter becuase I dont feel like going and finding the others haha.

It was so cute when ever he said "I hate seeing you cry." Ahh I really thought she was going to say "I hate cying in front of you" It was like her dream coming true. The way he cared for her when she was in the cuborad was amazing because it showed he really does care for and wants to protect her.

I understand the whole thing about Rose not being able to hate her father. I loved Ron, but in this story hes scary. haha

In the last chapter Ron really scared me. I was wondering if he was going to hit her or not. I know this will sound bad but I kind of want him to hit her. Just to see it all break down. To see what Hermione and Scropius would do.

Go Rose for finally telling of her dad! Bring that inner fire out. How could James, Al, and Reagan act like that. They know how Ron treats her. Mainly Reagan she said should would help and now thats like down the toilet.

Oomg I love this story! Your an amazing writer. Hope you update realll soon.


Author's Response: Wow! Thanks so much for that amazing review!

Haha, you caught the reference back to her dream! I debated having her say that again, but I thought it would just seem too perfect, you know?

And Ron is kinda scary isn't he? Poor guy. I hope I'm not tarnishing too many people's visions of him. Because I do love Ron.

I know what you mean too about wanting to have him hit her. Again, it was one of those ideas I toyed with, but I don't think he would have in that situation, especially with this wife there.

And Rose's friends do kinda suck. I'm not gonna lie. Reagan will get her time though, don't worry.

Thanks for reviewing! I'm glad you like this story! Thanks for the awesome review!

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Review #3, by yourmyhoneybunchThe Blonde, The Brunette and the Red Head: A Marauder Tale: Together

3rd June 2008:
Again an amazing chapter. Mia and Remus were obviously going to get together. My favorite line in this chapter, of chores, comes for Charlie.

'Bring on the wolf cubs!' She laughed as Lily smacked her on the arm.

Hilarious! About you poll, Im not sure. Yes I care what happens, but its your story so your option. I love the fact that she doesnt like dating. Maybe she could be fighting with her conscious about like/dating Sirius (ew I hate being all smushy). That would be funny, but whatever you do kept it interesting, and dont forget to add in spur of the moment scenes.

Thanks for the comment on the review. I love that you said on of my best reviews. Glad to give you my opinion.


Author's Response: heh heh. I do what I can =D

I've had such great reviews for this chapter that consider Charlie and Sirius.

Yeah I hate being smushy too but you have to add in a bit of romance in the story to spice things up! =)

Danka for the review!

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Review #4, by yourmyhoneybunchThe Blonde, The Brunette and the Red Head: A Marauder Tale: Pretty Little One

30th May 2008:
I've never reviewed on this story before, but let me tell you something. I LOVE IT!. Your an amazing writer. I kind of want Sirius and Charlie to be an item, but then the fight was amazing. Sirius is my favorite character. I love Charlie’s personality. It reminds me of myself. Always hyper. I really want to know Charlie’s past background.

The Slytherins situation was a little too serious. It was kind of like a jump to it. Still no, matter what I loved it. Your story is tremendously wonderful. It makes me burst out laughing and my mom gives me weird looks. You should update very soon.

Your new reader,

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you so much! I don't know what else to say but this would have to be one of the best reviews I've ever gotten =)

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Review #5, by yourmyhoneybunchDelicate: Gimme A Break!

19th March 2008:
Yes, you are pre EVIL for stopping there.
Its amazing like every chapter.
Cant wait for the next one.

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Review #6, by yourmyhoneybunchNow you gotta kiss me!: Astronomy Tower at Midnight!

22nd January 2008:
woah that was really interesting. I always thought draco was gay

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Review #7, by yourmyhoneybunchMurder at Malfoy Manor: 14

19th January 2008:
Oh my gosh. This is really top on my list. I've never read such a good fanfiction. You left me haning the whole time. I tired to guess who the murderer was but I was wrong everytime. I was reading at night, during a strom. Totally freaked me out when Ron started to talk. Kudos for you!

Author's Response: Thank you! What a nice review!

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Review #8, by yourmyhoneybunchThree Times: none

30th December 2007:
THat was so cute it almost made me cry. I love the end "he had been counting." aww

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Review #9, by yourmyhoneybunchJealousy: Singing in the rain...

16th July 2007:
Okay with the last chapter!

"flying is just falling with style"

I kind of know who Draco would feel, if he found out that his "father" wasnt really his dad.
He has been told this lie for so long and its soo hard to beleive when someone tells you other wise.
I found out that I wasnt my daddy's little girl, but instead I found out it was someone else. It took me forever to finally get it in to my head. I'm still trying to understand the whole thing, but my mom and I aren't that close anymore, because of it.
So I would know how Draco felt.

Now about this chapter

"Singing in the rain"

I dont see way there is so much fighting going on like between the kissing. Hey, its your story not mine. You'll probably just make the next chapter just as amazing as the last ones.
Cant wait to read the new ones. Wonder whats going to happen

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Review #10, by yourmyhoneybunchJealousy: Flying is just falling with style...

12th June 2007:
Okay i'm in love, but does this title mean falling with style like she/he is falling for the other HMM!!!

Author's Response: Hey, that's a good play on words. Nah, Nat was having fun with the title since Hermione nearly falls off the broom (and it's a quote from Toy Story). That is a good idea though, haha, wish we'd thought of it. ;) Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by yourmyhoneybunchJealousy: The secret

12th June 2007:
AHHH i love your story. Its driving me crazy!

Author's Response: Oh noez! Not crazy! Hopefully it's crazy in a good way. :P Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by yourmyhoneybunchJealousy: Taken

28th May 2007:
HAAA I love your story really cant wait for the new chapter. Just saying it better come out soon or i will go crazy!

Author's Response: Oh noez! We'll have it out by at least tomorrow so you don't have to go crazy ^^ Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by yourmyhoneybunchAfter 5 Years...: A Day at the Park and another Invitation.

20th May 2007:
I like your stories, but I think you should make each chapter a little longer! Its a really cute idea. I'm going to keep on reading this one, you got me hooked on it!

Author's Response: yepp i get that alot i try to make them longer but to me i always have them the same length. im glad you're hooked on it. i like when people are hooked on my stories. =]

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