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Review #1, by invisiblemaurader_1Welcome to the Chase: chapter.seventeen – Wild.

6th January 2012:
Assertion is awesome! Ariadne is awesome! Everything is awesome, and I still want to hug you. Because you're kind of awesome too!

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Review #2, by invisiblemaurader_1Welcome to the Chase: chapter.sixteen – Bewildered.

6th January 2012:
I love Scorpius. I want to marry Scorpius. In a completely platonic sort of way, but still. He's adorable.

And Ariadne should spend more time sitting on Al. It's fun, haha.

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Review #3, by invisiblemaurader_1Welcome to the Chase: - Flight.

5th January 2012:
In my mind, I'm squishing you to bits right now. I promise I'm not a creeper. I just think this is really cute. Or has the potential to be adorable? I don't know. I like it. I think I'm going to keep liking it. That's my plan, anyways. So keep up the good work!

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Review #4, by invisiblemaurader_1Breaking the Quidditch Code: In The Gutter

21st December 2010:
Really, again? I'm so remiss as a reviewer!

James is such a boy. I wonder what he'd do if Paloma REALLY started coming onto him. Especially if Albus was watching.

I love that James has Avery time, and that he calls it that. I hate that there is no Emerson in this chapter. Every chapter should be all about Emerson, as he is OBVIOUSLY the main character. :)

In all seriousness though, I do feel bad for Nia. She's got it bad, and James doesn't really care. That has to be tough.

Looking forward to the next!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, if Paloma really started putting on the charm...I couldn't imagine! Though I am right now. And laughing.

You're right. I need to change up my tactic since Emerson is so obvi the main in this story. Emerson/Giant Squid is the ship.

I agree about Nia. It's sad, but not at the same time to me. It's sad because she is so head-over-heels for him, but it's also obvious that it is partially for the wrong reason. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #5, by invisiblemaurader_1Breaking the Quidditch Code: Hogsmeade is for Lovers

21st December 2010:
Upon rereading, I realized I never reviewed this chapter. Shame on me. So, without further ado.*coughs*

EMERSON. I know I have stated before how much I love him. I guess I just forgot, because every time you mention him I feel like swooning or something else that's dramatic.

Lawson is an idiot and a greaseball, and he and Scorpius would be a beautiful couple. Bink is Bink-y and Fred REALLY needs to find something to do. Other than Kay Davies, that is.

I almost feel sorry for Nia, as she's such an idiot and therefore has no chance. So I still think she should get Emerson as a consolation prize. I bet they'd have tons of fun. :)

And all this talk of James's V card has me bursting into hysterics. All in all, a great chapter filled with the usual antics and hilarity. Yay you!

Author's Response: What a mean face.

I am obsessed over the factthat you love Emerson. He's so wonderful, isn't he? Emerson needs a ship. How about with the giant squid? Yes, that works well for me.

Fred absolutely cracks me up. He needs a hobby.

I don't think Nia and Emerson would last more than sex one night. She would get annoyed with him and he would look at her like she was insane.

Thank you so much! OH! And in the other responses I forgot to thank you SO MUCH for your amazing questions on my Meet the Author page. I adore answering questions, especially about my story, and they were amazing :) So thank you loads and loads!

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Review #6, by invisiblemaurader_1Hide and Seek: Pride, Prejudice, and Pleasantries

19th December 2010:


If Oliver's dead (I know, I know. I'm shutting up. I know he's not.), then so is my soul. And so help me Merlin, if sodding Bridget woke up, tried to poison the chocolates or some such nonsense, I will personally stab her in the eyeball with a fork.

Somebody HAD to have gone back to kick her. I would have. And then I also would have drawn all over her body and used permanent sticking charms to place naughty things all over her stupid face. And I would have shoved her head in the toilet.

Which is why you write the story, and I just concentrate on not gnawing my face off waiting for the next chapter. Phroar. I guess in the meantime, I'll re-read and review BTQC (OMG EMERSON I'M BACK). Because nothing else will keep me sane.

Also, I demand an invitation to Oliver and Jane's eventual wedding. And by that, I mean you should write about it because YOU ARE THE ONE WHO PUT IDEAS IN ALL OF OUR HEADS AND YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN BRING THEM TO LIFE.

Author's Response: Actually, Jane has this secret plot to kill Oliver. She is an unreliable narrator. HAHA!

I kind of want to make it Bridget's fault just to watch you stab her in the eyeball with a fork. Seriously. Grotesque. And interesting!

Can you imagine Bridget falling asleep with her shoes on at a party. Talk about getting written on!

Emerson better run and hide. It's about to get REAL.

I promise that at the end of this story I will have an epilogue, which will be mostly scene, and partly a description of what happens to everyone else in the story. I can't just let you all wonder, can I?

Thank you for your amazingly wonderful reviews! I'm so thankful you aren't MIA anymore!

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Review #7, by invisiblemaurader_1Hide and Seek: Raising the Drama

19th December 2010:
Oh, Oliver. When did he get so pushy and demanding and authoritative and in charge?

Okay, dumb question. Still. The boy is very prone to kissing in inappropriate places and at inappropriate times. I like it.

I also like that the girls spent time bonding with Lou. And that Jane's trying not to be a git about things. And that Fred consistently says ridiculous things about Jane's clothes.

PLEASE TELL ME THE PERSON GETTING KICKED IS SODDING BRIDGET. That Jane and Oliver shover her off the balcony and she has a moment like Janet Jackson at the Superbowl. That photographers capture it and she looks even more like idiot slutty Paris Hilton in the papers.

Because that would make my life.

Author's Response: I am so in love with Oliver and Jane snogging in inappropriate places. You know why? Because I love it. haha. Just the thought of someone being so attracted to me (aka Jane) that they need to snog them immediately in a closet is wonderful.

You'll have to wait and see about Bridget.

Thank you so much! I look forward to making your life.

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Review #8, by invisiblemaurader_1Hide and Seek: Luxe Bevington and Shrimp

19th December 2010:
You're going to kill me with your purposeful lack of description regarding the Oliver/Jane sexy time. I hope you know that.

Also, I kind of want Fred to be drunk every chapter, because he is obviously hilarious. "Oh, did we win? You know what else won- this bleeding shrimp." YES. YES IT DID FRED WEASLEY.

Katie and George win for being drunk and talking. Alicia wins for being Alicia. Angelina wins for keeping Fred upright? And obviously, Jane and Oliver win at life. Pretty much all the time.

Mostly though, you win. Because this was great!

Author's Response: Sorry! I wish I could, I really, really do.

I think Fred should just be drunk all the time, don't you? I mean, sure, people might question his alcohol intake, but at least I would laugh every time he opens his mouth.

All I do is win, win, win, no mattah wat. I hope you know what I quoted or else I'll feel silly.


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Review #9, by invisiblemaurader_1Hide and Seek: Ginger Wits and Brute Muscle

19th December 2010:
I love this. I seriously do. I love them love them LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They are so perfect together. Everything about them is love. And Alicia. Alicia is cracking me up. I can see her starting a harem with Jane's dad, Lee, and Liam, and enjoying the hell out of it. I wish Jane had given in and been more descriptive, because that was SO TOTALLY WHAT ALICIA WANTED.

And by Alicia, I mean everyone. And by everyone, I mean me!

But really. Yay awesome chapter! Quidditch and sexiness and twins and Liam (yum)and Lou Beckett with her awesome store. And not an Amanda in sight! She and Ellis should get together. They're both gits.

Congrats on the engagement, the graduation, and everything else. Including this chapter, because it's awesome.

Author's Response: Aren't they just adorable together? I love them. And Alicia. I can just imagine Jane telling Lee that Leesh fancies her father. Lee would just roll his eyes at her. I'm not so sure "more details" would be okay with the terms of service, haha.

Ellis + Amanda = lurv.

Thank you so much!

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Review #10, by invisiblemaurader_1Hide and Seek: Malicious

19th December 2010:
I'm BACK. *takes a deep breath*


Oh dear God in heaven. I may actually collapse. Oh God. I literally cannot do anything but jaw-drop right now. I wish I were Jane. I hate her right now. I really do. Sodding Jane and Oliver loving HER AND SEXING HER SO SEXILY.

I don't think I can handle this. I think I need them to just go back to heavily snogging, because.hell, who am I kidding? DO IT AGAIN, DO IT AGAIN. Because now you've unleashed the demon, and I don't think anyone wants to see it go away. Least of all me. Especially if you use pretty descriptive words about Oliver and how he is the FITTEST SEXIEST MOST AWESOME SEXY SEX-DEPRIVED TEENAGE QUIDDITCH SEX GOD AND DID I MENTION THE ABS BECAUSE THOSE ARE REALLY SEXY TOO.

I literally cannot handle another drop of awesome right now. I am forcing myself to ignore the other chapters (THEY ARE SCREAMING AT ME RIGHT NOW, AND I AM SCREAMING RIGHT BACK), because if I don't, I will never survive. I will have dirty thoughts about Oliver Wood in church in five hours, and it will be all your fault.

That's right. I'll be blaming you for those. Along with Jane. And Angelina for being encouraging. And Oliver for being both the sexiest living, breathing Quidditch sex god on the planet, and the most adorable and awesome and sweet and COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY FINALLY ADMITTING HE'S IN LOVE sexy boyfriend who's in love with his really sexy and devious and malicious girlfriend.

I would be remiss if I didn't point out that I feel I should be said sexy girlfriend. But I guess I'll settle for more sexiness from the two of them.

Dear lord. Oliver's not the only one who needs a cold shower. BECAUSE THIS WAS THE SINGLE MOST AWESOME THING YOU HAVE EVER WRITTEN. At least until I read the rest.

In the meantime, everyone is awesome, most of all you, and I really think that Oliver should snap more often. Because there's no way conventional not-completely-sexually-frustrated-and-tormented sex can work for them now. I guess you've got your work cut out for you!


Author's Response: I MISSED YOU.

Seriously, where have you been all my life? Haha. I did miss you though. I adore your lovely reviews.

I hope you got up okay the next morning. I'm sure that wasn't pretty. If it makes you feel any better I was up late last night writing and had to be at work this morning at 7. That wasn't a good time at all.

Sexing her so sexily might be the best line ever. Just saying.

I'm glad you approve of the sexiness happening between them, haha. I really think it suits their relationship. We shall see what happens from here on out though. And let yourself have dirty thoughts, lol. it IS Oliver Wood after all.

You seriously crack me up!!! I'll be sure to let them know they need to have a son for you. Did you have a name picked out as well? I'll pass it along!

Thank you so much for the amazing review! I look forward to what you think of the rest of the story!

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Review #11, by invisiblemaurader_1Breaking the Quidditch Code: The Potter Family Extravaganza of Lurvv

17th February 2010:
Oh, God.

I am so amused by the fact that Harry and Ginny snog constantly. More amused than I am by James' jealousy, inability to get along with anyone but Avery for more than five minutes, and his tongue-tied reaction to her bathing suit. I can't wait to read about the rest of Italy! I have a feeling it'll be quite intense.

Author's Response: I love Harry/Ginny in this story. I can't get enough of their awesome awkwardness. We never really got a taste of them at the end of Deathly Hallows or even during, so this is how I think they would be acting. Cute and in love. You're right about intense ;) Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by invisiblemaurader_1Hide and Seek: Slytherin Sweater and the Sixties

28th January 2010:

Oh. My. Gersh. Jane's an idiot. Wow. I honestly can't believe how much of a stupid prat she is, but I love it. Poor Oliver. He was completely NOT expecting that. He's either going to die of shock (NO!!! Don't do it!), get really ridiculously into the idea before something ridiculous happens and they don't have sex, or he'll just be like "NO WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM?" Any way it happens should be really awesome.

Loved it! Can't wait for the next chapter. :)

Author's Response: She is just ridiculous. Seriously, he might keel over and die of shock like you said. Or maybe he'll strip. Who knows? Whatever happens, like you said, it'll be awesome. Or just hilarious. Thanks!

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Review #13, by invisiblemaurader_1Titch: Drunken Arguments courtesy of Firewhisky

21st December 2009:
I've been reading this story for a while now, but I believe this is the first time I've left a review, so I'll try and make it a good one to atone for my laxness.

First off, I just re-read the whole thing. This story is amazingly funny, and you have a knack for making the ridiculous seem plausible and the not-so-ridiculous seem not-so-boring. Madison is the only Ravenclaw character I've ever encountered in fanfiction that actually acts like a Ravenclaw. She's incredibly unlikeable, but that's okay, because she's also really well written. Scarlett is insane, but as that's the whole point of the story, it's okay. Because along with her insanity, which, I'll admit, is a bit beyond what most people find in their everyday lives, she's got this...shine...about her. She's sarcastic and manipulative and unreasonable, but she's got a mind of her own and a genuine affection for her friends that, when combined all together, make her just that much more real. Oliver is stupid. Don't get me wrong, I love the way you write him; he's also sarcastic and unreasonable, not to mention gorgeous, Scottish, and just plain wonderful. But he's stupid because let's face it, even Oliver Wood is a boy and therefore knows absolutely nothing.

All in all, your characters, your plot, and your writing style are absolutely fresh. This is an exceedingly enjoyable story, and Scarlett and Oliver are so easy to root for. I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter (hoping for some drunken shenanigans, a sober Oliver's denial of everything, and the mass chaos that is Scarlett Summers).

However, I do have one criticism to make, and it's about the mechanics of your writing. When you're doing descriptive paragraphs, everything is lovely and perfect. However, with your dialogue sections, there are times when you need to watch your capitalization within quotes (very rare) and, more often, your punctuation between different segments of the sentence. Like I said, I just re-read it all, and I can tell you've made some edits because things that bothered me before are no longer there. And I don't want to sound over-critical, because I really do love this story. It's refreshing and funny and unique, and I think you're brilliant. Just keep up with the good work!

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Review #14, by invisiblemaurader_1Hide and Seek: Brownies

9th December 2009:
Oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH.

My level of excitement right now goes beyond anything you've ever see from me. Really and truly. This is better than chocolate and shopping combined.


I'm seriously dancing in my bed right now. They're just so cute!! Oliver really takes the cake. I mean, really. We've always known that beneath his gruff, sarcastic Scottish exterior is a big fluffy marshmallow (well, when it comes to Jane, anyways), but seeing it in writing is beyond fantastic. He's just so sweet. A complete and utter idiot when it comes to Jane, but his jealous outbursts and gladiator costume and the EFFORT he went to with the pork and the brownies and the clean apartment. He's just wonderful.

And Jane. Oh, Jane. Just give it up already. You're in love with the boy, and everyone knows it. As if the thoughts about sex as opposed to brownies didn't make it obvious.

This was such a fantastic chapter! I'm eager to see what happens next, especially regarding Oliver's plan to get George and Katie back together. I hope it involves a naked Oliver and Jane. That would just make it perfect. :)

Author's Response: Better than chocolate and shopping? I wasn't sure that was possible. Wow. I am impressed by your excitement!

Aw, Oliver is a marshmallow. Yum! He really is, you're so right. He gets so cute and jealous and dimwitted, I do love it. He's really growing up, isn't he? As for Jane, you're right again. She's in love with the boy. Just admit it, Janey. Take a break from showing off your legs and admit it.

I'm glad you liked it! I'm not sure getting George and Katie back together will involve nakedness, but hey--they're my stories so you really never know what is going to happen. Thanks SO much for the review!

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Review #15, by invisiblemaurader_1Hide and Seek: Missing You

9th December 2009:
I love you. I love you, I love you, I LOVE you.

Oliver's still an idiot. Jane has entirely too much going on in that crazy head of hers. And poor George needs therapy or something. But I love them all the same, because, well, duh. Oliver+Jane+clean apartment+confessions=good times. And because the two of them are plotting how to get George and Katie back together. Because Oliver remembered Lou Beckett. Because of all those wonderful little things that make this story so fantastic.

Great chapter, and I'm going right off to zoom through the next!

Author's Response: Aw, I feel the love! You're right about Jane. She's a crazy girl full of pure insanity. I agree about George, but I think his therapy would consist of seeing Katie. :) They love each other! Silly kids.

Oliver did remember Lou Beckett. Growing up? Perhaps.

Thank you!

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Review #16, by invisiblemaurader_1Breaking the Quidditch Code: Salads (Side of Slytherin)

7th December 2009:
I'm conflicted about this chapter. Like, seriously conflicted. Obviously it was amazing, but I still don't know what to think. On one hand, there was not NEARLY enough of Emerson. It was saddening and depressing. Also, for about two seconds I thought you'd had him poison Victoria, and I was ready to flip. Because Emerson is a whore and a prat and a whole load of other things, and yes, I could totally see him poisoning a Pygmy Puff, but I'd really prefer that he didn't. And since he didn't actually do it and it was James' own fault, I'm slightly calmer than I would be otherwise. The conflicting feelings come into play because I'm also super excited that Avery refused his offer of more dates, mainly because I no longer feel jealous of a fictional character (well, that and it means that James will realize he's madly in love with her more quickly now).

I can't believe James is being so semi-mature! He's still a thick prat (um, hello, how could he not see that Avery thought he was calling her beautiful?) but it's nice that he can manage to restrain his baser instincts for Avery's sake.

I cannot wait for the next chapter, and I'm really quite pleased that there are so many chapters left. Because obviously, more chapters means more Emerson! And Nia, because I've become quite fond of her. Even Meta, though it's more of a "You're-awesomely-written-but-I-want-to-shove-your-head-through-a-brick-wall" kind of fondness than anything else. I'm glad the next chapter's going well, and I will be checking daily to see if either story has been updated. :)

Author's Response: I am so sorry about the lack of dear Emerson. He's going to be sliding out of the limelight for a while because of "more important things", but trust me, he'll be around until the holiday break. I agree with you about the poisoning of Victoria. I think maybe Tory would just fight back and I would laugh--a whole Puff battle scene!

Isn't it exciting that James is learning? I do love it. Oh, he's growing up! They grow so fast.

I can't believe there are so many more chapters, but this story has so many more things to tell. I'm really excited about it. There are twists. I like them, a lot. I do love Emerson and Nia...and Meta I guess. Though she makes a lovely appearance in the next chapter! Thanks so much for the amazing review! Can't wait to see what you think of the next!

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Review #17, by invisiblemaurader_1Breaking the Quidditch Code: Scare Tactics (and ants)

21st November 2009:
Oh snap. IT'S BACK!

I am so unbelievably excited right now. You have no idea. I read this chapter when you first posted it, but didn't get a chance to review. Now all I can say is yay!! I'm so happy!!

I still love Emerson. I still think he's a complete and utter prat. I still love James slightly less and think that Avery is just awesome. But Lily? Lily is FANTASTIC. She just makes me smile. I don't know why. :)

I'm so looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're liking it--and yeah, back! Yay! I agree about Emerson. I really love to hate him. So I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I'm having a great time writing it. What a crazy story. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #18, by invisiblemaurader_1Hide and Seek: Linked Umbrella

20th October 2009:
Oh gosh. You're back. I'm so happy!!!

I have missed this story so much. And you. Not having your sparkling chapter updates made me quit HPFF for a while because I was so upset.

But you're back! Yay! And with a BANG, if I do say so. Liam is still dishy. And Oliver, I just want to go up and hug him. He morphed from being an ass into just being the sweet and gruff Oliver we all know and love. And I LOVE HIM. I love him so much it almost makes up for his extreme prat-ness earlier.

And Jane. I love her confusion. It's so...oh, it's perfect. So perfect! I am SO GLAD you've updated, and I can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: Aw! That means so much to me. Seriously. It was really hard being away for so long, but I'm back now. Obviously the updates will not be as frequent, but I'll try to keep them as frequent as possible since I love all of the overwhelming responses! I do love Oliver too. He's really starting to realize what's is Jane. Especially since her realization with Katie and George. Gotta love them both. Even though they're ridiculous.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #19, by invisiblemaurader_1Hide and Seek: Cheese to go with that Wine?

23rd August 2009:
I'm going to pick option d: All of the above plus Oliver Wood tied to a chair in my closet. :)

Speaking of Oliver. Jealously looks extremely good on him. Well, most everything does, but it makes him less of a twat. And good on Jane. “Do you remember that time you threw a display of jewelry at me? I do.”-it was a brilliant line, and perfectly calculated to shut up even the most determined of ex-boyfriends.

Amanda needs to go crawl in an air vent and die like something small, hideous, and furry already. She's more obnoxious than Ellis, and at least he had some skill. Mandy's just a whore in training.

I still love that Dodger and Jane are still good friends. I've made the mistake of dating friends before, and it's never turned out well, so it's really nice to see a pair of people get over the whole dating/not dating thing and still genuinely like each other.

Lee should come back and put Alicia out of her misery. Fred and Angelina should hogtie George and Katie and lock them in a small enclosed space; they'd either make up or kill each other, but at least the depression would be done with.

I almost feel bad for Liam. He's cute and sweet and attentive and charming, all of the things that Oliver almost never seems to be. But alas, I have a feeling Liam's destined for disappointment. Just as I think you're destined to receive rambling reviews from me far too often. :)

Anyways. I loved this chapter, especially Oliver and Bridget's reactions to seeing Jane, and I absolutely cannot wait until the next one is posted!

Author's Response: Wow, option D is my favorite option of them all. I'm totally on board with that.

Jealousy looks fantastic on him, I so agree. And the best part is he was caught completely off guard by it. Oh, Oliver. It takes a lot to be more obnoxious than Danny Ellis. Amanda should feel proud. I'm glad you like Jane/Roger as friends. You just pointed out exactly why I wanted them as friends. It's far more common to see people not talk as ex's, but I'm good friends with a few of mine so I wanted to incorporate that into the story.

Rambling reviews are my favorite, so you're in luck :) I'm so happy you liked this chapter, thank you so much for the review and I promise to update soon after the queue thingie is reopened!

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Review #20, by invisiblemaurader_1He Just Won't Quit: One Word- Broom Closet

9th August 2009:
"Exactly-simple yet effective!" replies Wood. I can see by the gleam in his eye that Captain Obsessive is in full flight.

I don't know why, but that's my favorite line in the whole chapter.

Probably because I love Oliver. I love love LOVE him in this chapter. I simultaneously want to laugh and cry because he's so adorable. When he's not being an annoying prat, he's just It's chapters like these that remind me exactly why I'm such a Wood groupie.

And Beth. Her threats are amazing, as is her final line. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I'm definitely looking forward to the broom closet. Though I hope that Jon and Beth aren't the only ones who get trapped. *nudgenudgehinthintwinkwink* :) Seriously though. This is probably my favorite chapter yet, just because everyone's so...natural. Even though she's freaking out, Kit's still cool and can still make fun of Wood, which raises her level of awesome by about four full points. Anyways, I'll stop this review before it gets too strange. I'll just conclude with how bloody brilliant this chapter was, and that I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you for leaving such a lovely review :D

Glad you liked that line- it's a catachphrase of one of my friends. And I thought it fitted Wood perfectly :D

I'm so pleased you love Oliver in this chapter, because I know how much you you missed him in the last chapter. When he's not being a prat he is just plain adorable but of course he can only go so long without being a prat ;)

I'm so pleased you're loving Beth too. I do love writing the one-liners, they're always the funniest.

When you're dealing with a broom closet and get the Weasley Twins involved, you never know what can happen *evil grin*

And that is the biggest compliament you could give, that everyone seemed natural. That's what I was aiming for with this one, but I was concerned it seemed just too out of character for Wood and Kit to get on so well.

And the roof could have fallen down around them all and Kit would still have to make fun of someone.

And I love strange reviews so you can go on as long as you'd like :D. So pleased you liked the chapter and hope you enjoy the next one as well, it's just posted. Thank you!

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Review #21, by invisiblemaurader_1Hide and Seek: Dancing with Dishy Denters

9th August 2009:

Amanda is annoying as hell. I seriously DO want to throw her off a building. But that's why she's great. Because she's an idiot Muggle twat who abducts Jane's clothing. Poor Lou Beckett! I wonder if Amanda ever asked her about losing her virginity at fifteen. It would definitely be an interesting conversation.

And Liam Denters. He's gorgeous. And perfect. And sweet. I hate his guts. Well, not really, because he's too cute, but still. I suppose he'll make an awesome rebound date for Jane, and I would LOVE to see the pair of them run into Oliver on a date. It would serve him right, and he'd just be like a poor blinded fish. And the cackling would commence.

So I suppose I approve, not that my approval's at all necessary. But Liam is hot and perfect without being annoyingly least, so far. I want to see more of him!

Great chapter once again, and I'm looking forward to the fundraiser party. It should be interesting. Especially because I suspect dear Oliver might show up at the last minute. :) But hey, I've been wrong before, so I'll just keep my fingers crossed!

Author's Response: That's a lot of letters up there.

I can't stand Amanda. And I love all of my characters so that's saying something, haha. But I suppose I have to hate one of the characters, right? Liam is so gorgeous. You'll definitely be getting more of Mr. Denters for sure. Thanks so much for the review, I hope you like what's coming in the next!

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Review #22, by invisiblemaurader_1Hide and Seek: Are You Loony, Jane?

9th August 2009:
Oliver. Wood. Must. DIE.

Seriously. He's such a prat. I don't blame Jane for giving him the lipgloss treatment. I would have done something far more violent. But really! He's so awful! I get that he's (probably) as upset as poor Janey about their breakup, and he's purposely trying to hurt her because she hurt him, but that's taking it a bit too far. I hope he ends up with a concussion. A full-body concussion, so Bridget the whore-twat can't sink her evil claws into his gorgeous anatomy.

On a plus note, he wasn't wearing a shirt. I'll be cleaning up drool for another month or so. I think as punishment, Oliver should have to be stark naked for the next five chapters. I'm pretty sure Jane would enjoy tormenting him, and I'm positive we humble readers would enjoy seeing his distress.

Seeing as this is unlikely to happen, I'll just have to settle for reading and reviewing the next chapter. This one was brilliant, as always, and I have a feeling the next one will be even better!

Author's Response: Yeah, me either. He's a real prat and a half, though that's how Oliver deals with pain. Denial and the need to make himself seem perfect and desirable. And you're so shirt. I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #23, by invisiblemaurader_1Hide and Seek: Playing Pretend

9th August 2009:
Stop cursing, Katie! Go back to being your normal nice self. Take George back. And for the love of Merlin, stop acting like things are okay.

Oh, the drama. I thought it couldn't get any bigger. And yet it does. I just want to smack some heads together, but I trust that you have a plan. It might be supremely evil, but; aslkfjl;askjf;aslkfj;lsdafsd. I'm just so sad about all the broken relationships right now. Obviously, the world can't be all fluffy goodness all the time, but I wish it was sometimes.

Oh well. Pardon my ranting. I actually quite enjoyed this chapter. Partly because I love girly activities like shopping, and partly because I know that Katie is in denial. She has to be. And eventually she will snap out of it, and, well, I'm a bad person, but I can't wait for the fallout! Another awesome chapter, and I'm off to read the next!

Author's Response: I do have a plan, in fact, so I'm glad you're not smacking heads together because that could lead to hospital visits I'm not sure I can pay for since they're my characters. I'm glad you liked it! I love shopping too. It's always nice. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #24, by invisiblemaurader_1Hide and Seek: No Reasons for Restless Napkins

9th August 2009:
Oh, wow. I have too many chapters to catch up on. *facepalm*

Katie. Katie, Katie, Katie, Katie. What is your problem, girl? Seriously. Who breaks up over napkins?? If I didn't feel sorry for them both, I'd poke her in the eyeball for being ridiculous. Don't be afraid of true love, Katie!! Just accept George for who he is, and you'll have your nice pretty napkins and everyone will be happy.

I love that Jane is writing to Roger. I just think it's cute. I want her and Oliver to suck it up already, but I realize they've got a while to go before that happens. So I'm happy she's not moping with her nail polish any longer. Mopy Jane is almost bad as Napkin-Woman!

Awesome chapter, even with everyone angsting. Off to review the next one!

Author's Response: They are both at extreme fault, though obviously Katie looks way more guilty because of her assertive nature in dealing with things like that. Ah well, hopefully things work out all right. I'm glad you like Jane and Roger's relationship. :) Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #25, by invisiblemaurader_1Breaking the Quidditch Code: Preposterous Pink Puddifoots

5th August 2009:
Oh, gosh.

Emerson's a whore. A dirty, rotten, complete gorgeous prig of a manwhore. And he's so hateful!! I have to say, I love it. :) I feel bad for James though (but good for him that he's learning to control himself!), but if Emmy's as much of a slut as he insinuates, eventually he'll end up with several STDs, James will end up with Avery, and Nia and I will step in to comfort the Head Boy. Well, until I get rid of her so I can have him all to myself. :P

Seriously, though. I love how evil he's getting. At first he was just your normal twat of a Head Boy; like Percy Weasley, only attractive and. Plus the whole sexually active part, but I digress. In the last few chapters, he's become more and more of a cross between James I/ Snape on the bad boy meter. Especially with the whole "Ten points for breathing" thing. A total Snape move. So it's safe to say that I now love Emerson more than ever. Granted, I sort of want to hit him upside the head, but I have problems showing affection, so that's not that unusual.

And James. James is so sweet. First he sticks to his promise to Avery, even though Emmy's being extremely provoking. And yet he still plans on feeding Victoria all those ties, which just makes him better because it means he's not going to be perfect. And then he gives Nia his shirt (lucky girl). Resists hexing and/or destroying Meta. Plus he has to polish his broom, which is such a wonderful euphemism. I love Nia more with every chapter, and I want somebody to step in and help Bink with the kitten essay!

I do wonder though: what exactly will James be caught at? My first thought is entirely innapropriate and highly unlikely, so I'm very intrigued. Overall, this was an awesome chapter, and I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: I am seriously cracking up at the thought of Emerson as Emmy. I think that should catch on. From somewhere, I'm not sure where. It's brilliant. He really is getting evil. I wanted to beef that up because he is meant to be completely trying to get into James's head through the whole story and just be an annoying force but for a few chapters people started feel bad for him and I just couldn't have that. He's not that type of guy--he's exactly what you described him as. Evil, man whore, gorgeous, etc.

I'm glad you like Nia! I love her too. She's so much fun to write. Maybe she should tutor Bink so he could finally get a little action. That would be nice for him, the poor boy!

As for James...your first thought (whatever it may be, but I do have a good idea), though unlikely, made me laugh really loud. I hope you enjoy him getting caught! Thanks so much for the wonderful review!

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