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Review #1, by sparks4pixieOld enough to know better, too young to care.: Chapter 3: At School again

19th February 2011:
hahaha, this is like the television show skins. he british version. but hogwarts style. love it so far!!

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Review #2, by sparks4pixieLOVE & BROOMSTICKS: Bras, Confessions, And French Women

2nd May 2009:

you two are doing it!!

haha, such a sirius thing to say.

Author's Response: i know XD i wanted to use that line so bad, and i asked myself: who would be believable enough to use this? and i immediately thougt - SIRIUS BLACK! i'm so happy you laughed at that part :) thx for the review! *bakes cookies for reviewer*

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Review #3, by sparks4pixieMagic Under My Skin: More Letters, A Party and One Interesting Holiday: Part Two

7th April 2009:
Oo. I love the book jinx!!

Sorry, it has nothing to do with your story. But jinx is really good.

Oh I also like your story. I love the amount of friends lily has. I hate that lily hates James. I hope that goes away soon.

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Review #4, by sparks4pixieHippogriff Fever: Is this the end?

6th April 2009:
They got married?!?!?

No offense or anything but wow, that was a bit random considering they only wanted to be sex buddies.

Hilarious story though.

Author's Response: You have to mature eventually :)


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Review #5, by sparks4pixieVictoire's Song: Oh my my my...

31st December 2008:

I wrote a story just like this one (same song, same plot) about a whole year ago.

Funny, isn't it?

Author's Response: Yeah, it is pretty funny. I guess it's probably because Teddy and Victoire could have been raised together so this song can relate to them well. Especially since there is not much information in the books about them.

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Review #6, by sparks4pixieNow you're gone: Now you're gone

30th March 2008:
I wanna know what happens next! :(

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Review #7, by sparks4pixieThe Extremely Long Short Story Full Of Fairies, Bacon, Glitter, Spandex, Zipline, Hott Neville, Teddy Bears, Rocks, Fires, Dead People, And Why Haven't You Clicked Already?: Random... you know it!!!!

26th January 2008:
Must have been fun writing it.
Even if I think you belong in an asylum.

HEHE! Funny story!

Author's Response: most people do think that.. i love reviewers!!

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Review #8, by sparks4pixieThe Tale of the Marauders: The Intitiation of Sirius

18th November 2007:
AWE! Poor Sirius! Awesome Chapter! MORE JAMES AND LILY! Their my fav! You are just plain Amazing!

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Review #9, by sparks4pixiePurple: Purple

20th October 2007:
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! The flipping funniest thing ever!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Thank you!

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Review #10, by sparks4pixieHow Not To Get The Girl: How Not To Get The Girl

20th July 2007:
Funny. I can't think of anything else to say but.funny!

Author's Response: Thank you. i'm glad you thought so.

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