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Review #1, by cutie_katieWhat If?: What If?

7th November 2007:
luvved the story :) hehe the house elves at the end made me laff :D xx

Author's Response: They were kinda cute, huh? Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by cutie_katieJealousy: It begins

3rd November 2007:
Poor Hermione! Great chapter, will RR the next 1! xx

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Review #3, by cutie_katieProfanity Tutorial: 15+: 15+ Profanity Tutorial

30th October 2007:
Thanks :]
helped me loads to see which words I can and can't use :P


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Review #4, by cutie_katieRandom Story that has no need for a name: The randomness...

28th October 2007:
This is the most randomest story i have ever had the fortune to come across :P I love it!

“IT WAS ME! HOLA!” screamed Voldemort, who appeared out of nowhere. - Lmao, funnily enough, I can actually see Voldy doing that...

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