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Review #1, by StarBlackMissing Memories: Letters

20th June 2006:
Read this this morning after battling to get a chance to be able to. I enjoyed it as usual. After reading about a paragraph or so my fiancee said it had good imagery and I have to agree with him although your story has had great imagery so far and I am only reiterating something that I've said in the past. I did find a couple typos but they were minor so it wasn't really a problem. Overall I really liked this chapter and as usual look forward to the next one.

Author's Response: Cool! Thanks! I'm glad that you (and your fiance - congratulations!) like my story and my imagery! I'll try to update ASAP!

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Review #2, by StarBlackMissing Memories: A Caged Thing

2nd May 2006:
This is going to be a short review because I haven't got much time. First off congratulations on Berkeley! I hope you go far and achieve your dreams. Now to the story. I adored this chapter. It was smashing. It was tugging at my heartstrings from the first line of the poem. I have no negative feedback for this chapter nor for the poem. The only thing I did see was a typo in one part of the Hermione section where you spelled limbs "limps". The character development was superb. I like to think I have a keen eye for character as my favorite author is a character writer and if I may say so you write these characters so clearly. ~Ciao

Author's Response: Aw, thanks for the sweet review. I'm a character writer, most definitely; it's what I excel at the most. I'm glad that you liked the chapter. And thanks for the congratulations about Berkeley! I'm excited!

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Review #3, by StarBlackMissing Memories: No Comfort There Shall Be

1st March 2006:
Why am I almost always gone when you update? I await the updates each time and then something happens and I am not here to read the next chapter as quickly as I'd like. With the joy that I get from reading such a wonderful write I anticipate each chapter I get to read. This last chapter vivid. With the detail it made me feel as if I were watching the seen unfold which truly made me sit on the edge of my seat holding my breath as I read on. I see why Ron was with Gwyn. If someone didn't they aren't aware of the Harry Potter characters. It makes sense and I like how you made him wind up with someone like Hermione. He didn't truly get over Hermione though he thought he did. Your stories are always so dark, it makes me wonder if you are capable of writing a light piece. No matter it is still great. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to read the next chapter. Ciao!

Author's Response: No, I cannot write pieces that are light and fluffy. I started off with this story determined to make it light and fluffy...and well, you can see what happened. lol =D Glad that you love my stories so much, and that you caught on to the similarities between Gwyn and Hermione - they were intentional.

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Review #4, by StarBlackDaybreak: Willow Valley

10th February 2006:
A lot of information in the first chapter. You have attracted my attention to read on. Good write. Of course I love the twins so anything involving them is good. ;-)

Author's Response: That's so good to hear! That's what all authors hope for... that the first chapter draws them in...

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Review #5, by StarBlackI like you like a custard tart: chapter one

9th February 2006:
That was quite hilarious. It could've used a whole lot more detail and a bit more action in place of dialogue. The fact that it was purely dialogue and confusing made it funny though. It reminded me of me and my boyfriend so I liked it.

Author's Response: Frankie: i agree with quite a few of your points and thankyou for your input. it was quite a short fic so we didn't want too much detail but it is something to consider for later fics. Tasia: Yeah... I thought it was quite funny. What exactly does "action" mean??? Frankie: i've never been good at action.. you? Tasia: nah...I'm a softy. Frankie: oh well we could try.

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Review #6, by StarBlackMissing Memories: Snograndley Apartment Complex, Room 27B

10th January 2006:
I'm back again. January 20'th?!?! Please say you are kidding. Okay I will wait however impatiently I guess I must wait. I'm sure life has gotten busy for you otherwise you wouldn't put us through such agony or another 10 days wait. Hope everything is well. Ciao!

Author's Response: Everything is HECTIC, what with having tons of homework and tests and trying to earn college scholarships. Plus, I still have to go shopping for a dress for Winter Formal...hmmmm...forgot about that...but I will try to update sooner if possible. =D

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Review #7, by StarBlackThe Fall: Making History: A Shrouded Prophecy

27th December 2005:
I have only to say that you make me fall in love with your writing. That probably seems creepy but I adore your stories. I can't believe you constantly make me think of things from another POV. The flashback was awesome, as always. This elagance is what I've come to expect from your writing. I swear you should write an actual novel just so I can have a copy. :-) lol Okay enough of the amazement. I wish you would rub some of your talent off on me. Simply wonderful!

Author's Response: You know all my ideas because you are like my creative beta, my idea bouncer…hehe. I’m so glad I finally got this one out of my head (and now you don’t have to listen to it anymore)…I was so worried that it wouldn’t come out as well as it sounded in my crazy little mind. I’m glad you liked it and all of my stories. I appreciate that you enjoy my writing style and you give me hope, as you know that I often feel that my writing is getting stale. And just as a side note, you are equally as talented – I promise. So my next challenge, something linear and what others might call ‘normal’…hmmm…we’ll see. :-) As always, THANK YOU!!!

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Review #8, by StarBlackMissing Memories: Snograndley Apartment Complex, Room 27B

27th December 2005:
It has taken me a while to catch up on my favorite stories. I'm glad I finally got back to this one. I must say I am quite angry with you right now for leaving such a huge cliff hanger. However, it's the perfect way to get people to come back. Not that you have to nab me with a cliff hanger because I believe you've already got me, for one, hooked till the end. I really enjoy the suspense of your story. You are really such a wonderful writer. Oh and I'm glad you took my comment in my last review about your writing like Rowling as a compliment. I didn't mean it as an insult per se. You are such a great writer. After reading your response to a certain review I can't wait till I see your name on the spine of a book in my favorite book store. You'll make a great author I'm sure. I hope you're having luck with your scholarships and essay and everything. I managed to grab up a $550 scholarship last week. So babbling sorry. In essence what I mean to say is the last two chapters (since I didn't review the previous one) were wonderful and I can't wait to see where you take Ron and Hermione next. (BTW I had the same feeling as others that Ron is going to be engaged or something. 0.o)

Author's Response: I'm becoming predictable. That is not cool at all. *scratches head* well, at least I know that my ending is original, and that you'll never guess it! And how could I not take your review that I wrote like Rowling as a compliment? She's amazing (obviously)! I do hope that I will see my name on a book eventually too, although I'm not even finished with my first novel, lol! And you know me and cliffhangers...well, I just love to torture you guys! Thank you for being so kind in your review. I will try to update sometime in early January. P.S. Good job on the scholarship! I got a $12,000 scholarship (renewable for four years) to one of my favorite schools. But I am in no way trying to show you up, of course *grins like a bumbling idiot* But a lot of scholarships I applied for I won't know if I got till April or May. Oh, well. Good luck to you in the scholarship hunt, and thanks for the luck that you wished me. Ciao!

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Review #9, by StarBlackMissing Memories: Insanity

25th November 2005:
0.0 What on Earth are you trying to do to me? Make me grow a significant amount of gray hair or just pull it all out? This chapter was so confusing. I'm still not even sure what happened. I was noticing how you were writing like Poe in the beginning and before I know it Ginny's telling Hermione she's been in a coma for 3 years. I really enjoyed reading this chapter even if I do have a head full of gray hair now. It was worth it. I look forward to seeing how you are going to pull this together. I also wish that Hermione and Ron would just hurry up and get together. Honestly you're writing like Rowling now. Will they get together or won't they get together? Just got to keep in mind that you said in the end it will all work out. Hurry up and update soon. Oh and I hope you enjoy HP4. I really liked it personally. Okay I guess that's all I have to say, ciao!

Author's Response: Me? I'm trying to make you suffer, so that I have someone to share my college apps and scholarship stress pain with! hehe, jk. I'm writing like Rowling? YAY! I know that you meant that as an insult but whatever, I take it as a compliment. and I can't get Hermione and Ron together yet, I'm having too much fun keeping them apart and making their lives miserable! lol.

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Review #10, by StarBlackThe Phantom: The Fight

12th November 2005:
I am so sorry that it took me so long. I honestly tried to leave a review before but for some reason HPFF messed up. Anyway I really liked reading this. It confused me with the live Dumbledore bit but I understand now. I liked how you made Dumbledore's character. It kept to canon nicely. On the other hand Harry and Ginny's dialogue seemed quiet out of place. I can't picture them speaking to each other like that even if they are together. Harry just seems so...childish. Again the hint at a R/HR ship was well played. I like how you incorporate the Phantom into it and can't wait to see where you go with the other chapters.

Author's Response: Ohhh Pooooo!!! I responded to this earlier, but I guess it didn't go through. So, let's see...I am glad that you liked this. I will be updating soon. I know that Harry and Ginny sounded weird. I am not very good at writing Harry/Ginny. The only reason I am putting Harry/Ginny in this is because it is 'OUT OF YOUR REALM'. So...yeah. Anyways. Thank you for the review. Well, I'm off to see wizard. :hearts: Tonya

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Review #11, by StarBlackVelvet Lies: Chapter 3

12th November 2005:
I had to comment on your A/N lol. So true. If I've learned anything about you it is that. As you already know I like this chapter except for the one part that seemed kind of out of place to me. I just can't seem to read Kiden the same anymore. Maybe it wasn't wise to read that but I still loved it. Anyways I am babbling and don't want to clutter up your reviews. Please don't kick me out of the Mandy fan club, I will obviously keep reading this and can't wait for you to update. ;-) Ciao!

Author's Response: lol, yes the author's not...::points to self:: absolute hopeless romantic. I must say I feel weird writing this, but I'm having fun none the less. :-) And yes, I agree, once you've seen future Kiden there is just no seeing that little girl in her anymore. It's sad really. No clutter, really...I appreciate your words, but you know that already. Thank you Mandy!

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Review #12, by StarBlackVelvet Lies: Chapter 2

7th November 2005:
Stop writing Jaded and keep writing this! Ahh!!! I did not just say that. :slaps hands over mouth: That didn't just come out. I mean hurry up and finish Jaded and then get on with this one. Yeah that's what I mean. :-) I swear if you hold that comment against me you will regreat it. lol This is not as detailed as Jaded and I know what is going to happen pretty much but I really like it anyways. It just makes me smile a knowing smile and in my head say 'more, more, more'. I swear if I had anywhere near your talent I would die of happiness. Can't wait to see what happens. Ciao, the other Mandy. ;-)

Author's Response: lol! Alright stopping with Jaded and on with Velvet Lies - you said it...haha, j/k; I'm going to try and manage both for's that? Seriously though, thank you for the review...I really appreciate it, you're my biggest supporter! Thank you for always checking out my stories and kepping me writting - it really means a lot to me. Thanks!

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Review #13, by StarBlackMissing Memories: Waking Up

7th November 2005:
Well I do look forward to the next chapter. As you've said before I do have to keep in mind what will happen in the end with chapters like these. I feel so sorry for Hermione. This chapter was a bit slow but it leads into the next chapter nicely.

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #14, by StarBlackJaded: A Dangerous Request

6th November 2005:
Let me try this one more time. I want to complete the reviews from the Mandy fan club. :-) Okay so now that you have the formatting finished this chapter makes more sense. (It didn't even confuse me, and 'between you and me, That is saying something.') I liked the flow from the established story to the possibilities of the new one. Nice Chapter. Ciao!

Author's Response: Yes - the Mandy fan club! lol :-) Yes, you got a very rough version of this chapter, haha, I'm suprised you could even understand it - its like handing Potions notes to someone who asked for Transfiguration. I'm glad it didn't confuse, as I was worried about that. I'm very happy that you liked it! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by StarBlackMissing Memories: Unto Utter Desolation

30th October 2005:
Trying to get the images of blood out of my head. Great imagery as everyone has said. It really made me be able to see this happening as if in a movie. I love how you brought in Hermione's emotions and showed what was going through her mind as she was hurting herself. I'm really confused on Draco's actions though. I'm wondering why Hermione is even married to him in the first place and then after this chapter I'm even more confused because of the way he was hugging her. Well I could go on and on about this but I'll leave it there. Ciao P.S. how was the play?

Author's Response: The play went great; thanks for asking =) Hermione married Draco to try to protect Ron. Draco's motives are, as of yet, unknown (at least to the readers, not to me) and I will leave Draco's actions up to your interpretation for now. But don't feel bad, his actions are supposed to be confusing and not make any sense compared to the content of the rest of the story. It'll all make sense later, I promise =)

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Review #16, by StarBlackVelvet Lies: Chapter 1

29th October 2005:
Okay then. Well I don't think I have many adjectives left that I haven't called your stories already. :checks thesaurus: Here's one, resplendent. I liked how you wrote Sirius, it was original. Also the layout was unique. Ciao

Author's Response: I can't write anything linear, what's up with that? As always I appreciate your words, but you already know that. :-) Thank you for reading this little story and thank you even more for reviewing! Kisses!

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Review #17, by StarBlackJaded: And Now it Has Come to This

28th October 2005:
Well, well. I knew it was a good idea. I really admired this chapter. If for a lack of information is picked up in dialogue. I must say that I'm proud of the witch that put a hex on you. XD I will have to talk to you about this chapter. Anyway, my apologies for taking so long to review. I enjoyed reading this chapter and look forward to the next as always. *hugs* The other Mandy. Great minds and names. ;-) Ciao

Author's Response: Great mind and names, I agree! As, I have been hexed, it appears that two more chapters await you! And no worries about the review, it was quite hasty actually! I'm glad you thought the dialogue smoothed things over and I'm glad I put this memory in. Thank you for the advice! Kisses, the other other Mandy!

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Review #18, by StarBlackJaded: With Arms Wide Open

25th October 2005:
Okay. er...not sure what to say about this chapter. I liked it but for some reason not as much as previous chapters. Anyway I'm glad you included Madeline's family at least a bit more, for some reason I really like those character. Something I don't believe I've told you yet is how well you have done in creating and building up the character of Madeline. Oh and don't worry you've got my attention till the end, at least, this is such a mysterious piece. Now off to wonder what Isaac has done. :-) Ciao

Author's Response: So, soon a return…hehe. I’m glad that you liked it but sorry to hear that it was not as good as earlier chapters. I do hope the ending will not disappoint you. You really like Madeline’s family? That’s interesting. I’m also quite pleased that you like Madeline and think she’s well done. I’m always a little hesitant of OC’s and promoting them because people are so critical of them. As always, I appreciate your reviews they make me happy. Kisses, Joela

Author's Response: Would you consider reading a story about Madeline and her family? Because if you are I would most certainly consider writing it.

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Review #19, by StarBlackJaded: Sweet Dreams Sereth

25th October 2005:
Me again. I'm the first to review this time. :-) As usual the chapter was brilliant. I have to say, unless you're planning on taking that nightmare somwhere, you let your opinions of Severus slip in. lol I caught myself laughing at it though. You can't possibly mean that you are ending with 7 chapters. I swear what is it with you and Rowling and the number 7? Well I hope that you can wrap all the questions up in the next two chapters and I wish you luck.

Author's Response: Ah Mandy! I'm so glad to see you here again! I'm thrilled that you have kept up with this piece! hehe, though I didn't mean to, I can't hide my distaste for Severus forever...I think Madeline is getting a little frustrated with him too - that helps in letting me be mean. I'm glad I could get a laugh, I was hoping for one...perhaps I should have added soap too. Yes, there are only 7 sections to this piece, as I see it from here (the last one might be a little long and end up being broken in two). However I'm only counting on 7. I'm glad you liked this chapter, it is my least favorite but it's necessary so I ran with it. I do hope you like the ending I've planned out for this piece...I'm so glad that you've come back to check up on this story and see if it's been updated - I appreciate your reviews, your reading, and your enjoyment of this strange little tale. Thank you very, very much!

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Review #20, by StarBlackHarry Potter and the Ghost of Godrics Hollow: The Mystery Woman

23rd October 2005:
Ooh... who is this mystery woman? I enjoyed reading this as it kept me intrigued all the way through. Nice ending. It is mysterious enough to make the reader have to come back in order to find out more. Nice write. < Star >

Author's Response: Thank you, Star. I just love a good mystery! I appreciate you taking the time to read and review.

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Review #21, by StarBlackJaded: Not Quite What Was Intended

23rd October 2005:
Lovely. You are going to continue to make me push my thoughts of Snape aside aren't you? lol This chapter was interesting. I hope you give us more information about Madeline's family. Yet again I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Ah StarBlack, you understand my pain as well then! I have had to push my horrible thoughts about all the evil things I would like to do to that horrible, nasty, terrible, (add your own expletive here) piece of trash, Snape, myself. I want to hate him, I want to loath him, but she won’t let me…Madeline won’t let me – haha! I am so pleased that you stayed with this story and I’m delighted that you reviewed! Likewise, I’m thrilled that you enjoyed this chapter. I had a little bit of difficulty with it, as I find my style of action sort of hasty, and that always worries me some – but I knew where I needed it to go. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you (I can’t say it enough) so much for reviewing and even more so for enjoying this piece!

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Review #22, by StarBlackCafe on the Corner: Cafe on the Corner

22nd October 2005:
Okay complete reversal of the other songfic. This was was heart warming. It made the tears (that still happened to be streaming) go away. Wonderful! :-)

Author's Response: lol thank you ^_^

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Review #23, by StarBlackEvery Time You Say Good Bye: Every Time You Say Good Bye

22nd October 2005:
Definitely a tearjerker. I was crying by the end of that one even though it was so short. I'd say well done. For some constructive criticism although the words of the son were well matched it seemed that it would have been more from Harry's POV. Just my opinion. Anyways...*grabs some tissues* nice tearjerker.

Author's Response: lol...umm, whats the "words of the son?" that doesn't make sense...The very end has Harry coming home, if that's what you were thinking. umm other than that, thanx for reivewing I'm all happy now :)

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Review #24, by StarBlackFreya: You Have the Right to Remain Silent.

20th October 2005:
I really liked this chapter. Your beta seems to have your typos and descriptiveness all under control. XD

Author's Response: ... I hope I have got something to do with it as well :) !

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Review #25, by StarBlackFreya: What Is To Come.

20th October 2005:
Good chapter. Now this chapter has actually got me interested. Nice move leaving us with a question in our head that can only be answered by reading more.

Author's Response: Thank you! I am glad you find it more interesting (I wouldn't want you to get bored!)

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