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Review #1, by Casey GrangerNot So Innocent: Get out of my way

12th June 2007:
only one flaw in your story, but I give you brownie points for the idea. Dumbledore said that Harry had some of Slytherian's powers only because some of Voldemort's power where tranfered into him when he tired to kill Harry, creating a bond between them. Also wouldn't the Sorting Hat not know who Harry really was. Besides, Voldemort is way too old for Lilly, when did she meet him. Any the only way I know that she would have a kid by Riddle is if he raped her.

But as I said before brownie points for the amazing idea... are you sure you aren't a Slytherain???

Author's Response: lol i've actully been told if i was at hogwarts i would be a slytherin lol.
the whole Lilly/Tom thing will be made clear in later chapters hehe! and also with dubledore and the hat i will clear it all up later.

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Review #2, by Casey GrangerA Charmed Hogwarts: Chapter One

4th June 2007:
threatening to get results, how about a compromise, I review yours if you read a review my stories, they are short

Author's Response: I don't need to bribe people to get reviews, review my story if you want - I'll review your stories if I want to. Savvy?

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Review #3, by Casey GrangerA Chance: A Chance

4th June 2007:
Love it, how is 'Dawn' feeling about all this attention?
Bless more story (yes, have resorted to begging like Sirius)

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Review #4, by Casey Granger~A Magical World or Not: Visions and Birthdays

7th May 2007:
so what happens next.. are yo going to finish the story or maybe have Emme have a vision of the future with a wedding? hehehe (poor ginny)

Author's Response: Keep reading for the rest I put up a new one about once a week... but around chapter 15 or 20 yeah she actually does...

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