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Review #1, by JustBrilliantLost in Time: Captured

14th May 2013:
Hi there again!

Okay, first of all, I am surprised I am the only person to review so far... I feel like things are getting kind of slow around here since all the books & movies have been out for a while, but I still think it's a bit silly this chapter doesn't have any reviews yet! :o

ANYWAY, I loved this chapter like the ones before it of course :) And I knew right when he said "Voldemort" that they were in trouble lol, and I can't help thinking how odd it would be if Voldemort DID kill them BEFORE Harry destroyed him... I mean, that's just a mind-bender in itself...

Well, I hope you update again soon because I REALLY want to know how they will manage to escape the snatchers/Death Eaters!

Oh, I give you another 10/10 by the way. ;)
Until next time,
Caitlin (aka JustBrilliant)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! I was starting to get worried that I was such a slow updater I lost all of my readers! :P

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter! Haha I just love putting those four in tough situations, don't I?

I'll try to update more once summer starts! Thanks again for the lovely review. :)


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Review #2, by JustBrilliantLost in Time: Running

18th March 2013:
All I can think is 'oh my god, he threw a DESK at them!' hahaha. It's probably because I'm tired, but I thought that was funny. Anyway, I saw you had updated and was like "woohoo!" so I thought I'd come and check it out ;)

And I'm thinking that if it were me I'd be tempted to throw something at Mrs. Muggle Hotel Manager by now. I mean, drug dealers, really? lol.

I didn't think it was confusing or boring, so don't worry about that. Rather, I got all the way through and was like "I require more!"

So, I reiterate - I require more! So update when you're ready and stuff :)

Until next time,

Author's Response: Haha, a desk! I'm glad you found it funny! :P Yeah, the Hotel Manager needs to calm down a little--I really enjoyed writing her though. (For some reason annoying characters a the most fun to write!)

Thanks so much for the review, I think I'll be able to update soon! :)


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Review #3, by JustBrilliantChasing the Keeper: My Variable

8th March 2013:
Hey there sweet thang!

Firstly, I just want to apologize for not reviewing before now... How horribly crappy of me. :/

Secondly, I just re-read this first chapter and thought I'd say a few things - none of which have to do with grammar or any of that haha. ;)

Instead, I just want to point out that I actually really like your characters, especially Lily. I have to agree with some of your previous reviewers that she's getting close to being Mary Sue-ish, but she hasn't crossed that line yet. So it's OK :)

And, I actually read this first chapter before offering to be your beta ;) and I could see some real potential for a worthwhile story here. And I can STILL see that potential. So, I'm wondering why on earth you haven't sent me chapter four yet hahaha.

If you are having issues with it you can always PM me on the forums and I will try to help you however I can (If I don't respond in a timely fashion you can also e-mail me, I check my e-mail daily).

ANYWAY, I hope to hear from you soon, lovely!

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Review #4, by JustBrilliantWonderland: Wizard

5th March 2013:

Well, not die, but you know... I am just really anxious in my waiting for 18.

By the way, I think I love you... I mean, your story & your writing style, of course. ;)

Okay, I am done being creepy for today.

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Review #5, by JustBrilliantLost in Time: Tricked

7th February 2013:
I for one was totally aware that the old cook was up to something hahaha. It's like when you watch a horror movie and you're yelling at one of the people in it not to open a door or to leave while they still can haha. Anyway, my point is that you made me anxious! lol. Update soon please!

I mean... I simply MUST know what happens next! :)

Author's Response: Haha, I'm so happy you enjoyed the chapter! :) That was exactly the affect I was going for--when the reader knows what the character is up to, but the main characters don't. Anyway, thanks so much for the lovely review, it means a lot to me. ^.^


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Review #6, by JustBrilliantLost in Time: Panic

29th January 2013:
All I can say is that I REALLY wish you would update! haha. :)

Author's Response: The next chapter is almost done and should be up soon. Glad you're enjoying the story! :)


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Review #7, by JustBrilliantLost in Time: Lost

9th October 2012:
Personally, I thought this was a very good start and I would like to read more! I've always wondered what would happen if the next generation went back in time. Carry on please! (:

Author's Response: I'm so happy you like the story so far! :) The next chapter is almost done and I hope you like it just as much as this one. Again, thanks so much for reviewing!


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Review #8, by JustBrilliantWonderland: Falling into Wonderland

10th August 2012:
Wow, just wow.

First off, very very few grammatical errors and no spelling mistakes as far as I saw! So kudos to you for that. Secondly, I felt that this was incredibly realistic. I could really sense (you know, see/hear/feel) everything happening in the chapter. I have a really overactive imagination so it was very vivid to me. Thirdly, Spencer is so very relatable it's just ridiculous! Ridiculously good, I mean. This also adds to the whole realistic thing, too. The Wonderland theme felt pretty spot-on. I mean, if it were me, I'd probably be thinking along the same lines. Also "what the fuck was in that chocolate?!" - I would DEFINITELY be wondering about that, too.

Well, anyway, you're simply amazing. :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! I've had a lot of fun writing this story and Spencer is just such a pleasure to write for! Thank you for reading and reviewing :D

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Review #9, by JustBrilliantThe Quiet Outcast: Hugo Weasley: Part I

28th May 2012:
I have to say that I'm quite proud of Hugo and I wanted to hug him while reading this - he's really grown on me, though I know I've already told you that haha! Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: I know, that kid always seems in need of a hug doesn't he? Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by JustBrilliantThe Quiet Outcast: Connie Bishop: Part I

12th April 2012:
Hi there! I just came across this story a few days ago and started reading it. It took me a couple of days to finish it (due to my busy schedule that I won't go into) and now I am DYING to know more. I have totally fallen in love with Hugo throughout the course of this and have really enjoyed watching him start to come out of his shell. But anyway, I look forward to your next update! :)

Author's Response: Oh, how excellent! I'm so glad that the story was able to hold your interest and that you feel a connection with Hugo. He's really stolen my heart as a character and I am going to miss him desperately when this story ends. There is another update now! I hope you like it! Thanks for everything!

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Review #11, by JustBrilliantTrouble Loves Me: Then There Was Another

9th April 2012:
I have to say that even though Scorpius doesn't like her, I find myself liking Avior just because she's kind of funny... Oh, and I keep having to shake my head at Scorpius for not being able to figure out that Lucy's a Weasley. Then again there are so many of them that I guess it would be possible for him to not be able to connect the dots lol.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to your next update! :)

Author's Response: Avior is just a big bundle of crazy fun and Scorpius is being quite naive but you never know, maybe Lucy is a muggle...(that was my awful attempt at some sort of mystery).

I'll update soon because this story is just so easy to write aha, thanks for the review :3

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Review #12, by JustBrilliantTrouble Loves Me: The First of Many

9th April 2012:
Hi there!
I actually read this chapter a while back, but re-read it now that I saw that the second chapter is up. Sorry I didn't review the first time I read it though, I tend to be bad about leaving reviews :)
Anyway, I have to say that I really like this take on Scorpius' character. I've seen different takes on him before, some not unlike yours, but I think I like yours the best. He seems to come across as awkward, like he doesn't know his place in the world yet or what he wants to do with his life and I really like this because it makes him relatable :)
Also, I really like Lucy. Despite that she seems to believe that he can speak Russian she comes across as intelligent to me. Maybe that's because she likes to hang around bookshops and is wants to be a writer (like myself).
Overall, I thought this was a good chapter and gave some good general insight to the main characters.
Anyway, I'm off to read the second chapter now!

Author's Response: Hi! Aha I do the same, there are so many stories I mean to review but always forget >.<
I love when authors don't make Scorpius out to be some evil Slytherin heart breaker (although I do love that) so i thought I'd try my own take on it :)
I was a little unsure about how I did Lucy at first but she is probably one of my favourite characters to write now so I'm glad you like her

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #13, by JustBrilliantWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twentythree – Cold.

7th April 2012:
I officially think I'm in love with you. No, not in the creepy way.
Okay, YES, in the CREEPY way... >__<
Anyway, I have some random comments:
One - Al is a tard.
Two - Ariadne makes me laugh. ESPECIALLY when Al doesn't have a shirt on...
Three - She also makes me laugh when she wakes up and doesn't remember what happened the night before.. Oh GEEZ.
Four - I think I like Emma for the last line, "Don't look at me, I'm still new here."
Oh, Five - gotta love Rose. Especially comparing her to a dormant volcano... Seems pretty spot-on hahaha.
ANYWAY, you should update this soon for me...
And the hundreds of other people, too... I suppose.

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Review #14, by JustBrilliantSaving James: Patrol From Hell

7th April 2012:
Oh nargles, you have to update this soon or I'm going to... I was about to say die, but if I die then I won't know what happens next :O
Anyway, the ending of this chapter really had me going, so kudos to that! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked it!
I should have an update up pretty soon, promise!

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Review #15, by JustBrilliantNew Wounds: Broken Hearts Across England

27th July 2011:
I spy with my little eye... An Alice in Wonderland reference?
Hmmm. Haha, anyway I'm liking this so far!
by the way, I do like all of the fluff - most of what I write is pretty dark so I look for fluff and humor when I'm reading.. ;)

Author's Response: Fluff makes the world more soft! The Alice in Wonderland? You might need to clue me in on that one cus I have no memory of it! = ) Glad you're liking it!!

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Review #16, by JustBrilliantA Broken Heart: Never

26th July 2011:
Ahhh I love the ending :P
Ohhh by my last comment in my last review I was talking about the Luna/Peter fic you had posted a while back, not this fic or it's sequel ;)
I have to admit I also like Luna/Harry, so I will go ahead and be reading the sequel anyway x)

Author's Response: Yeah, I felt the Luna-Peter was just going in circles so I took it down. Glad you liked this one though and be for warned...more fluff is to come in the sequel...its like a pillow in it! = ) glad you liked this one!!

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Review #17, by JustBrilliantA Broken Heart: Back To Square One

26th July 2011:
Haha, I love Peter in the past six chapters.. Wow, I didn't realize I had read that much already!
But yeah, just the way that Peter kind of sees through Edmund makes me smile.
The whole story is making me smile! :P
On another note - I'm glad I'm not crazy and I hope that something comes along for Luna/Peter haha.

Author's Response: ...don't read the sequel in responce to your last comment ; ) Glad you like it! And glad it's good enough to keep you focused and reading w/o tracking the time! = ) thnx for the review! and I'm glad I made you smile!

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Review #18, by JustBrilliantA Broken Heart: Leaving Hogwarts

25th July 2011:
So. about this bit here..
"He looks like he's eating her face." She continued; her expression so innocent and her eyes so curious and disgusted."
First of all, this sounds like something Luna would say (I LOVE LUNA). Second of all, it's something that I have said several times before. Third of all, it had me laughing so hard that my sister - who was sitting across the room from me - looked at me like I had gone bonkers.
I really like how this starts - especially the bits with Luna and how Hermione gets into Narnia; I could just see it really happening.
Oh, and I have a question - were you the one that had a Luna/Peter story that took place in Hogwarts or am I just crazy? If so, then is it deleted or am I just crazy? I just thought it was adorable and now I can't find it anymore..
Anyway, 10/10
I'll review again when it isn't one in the morning.. :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it so much!! Yeah I did have a Luna-Percy, but I felt like I kept repeating the same plot for each story so I took it down till I could figure out where I want it to go exactly. I am still brainstorming it but I didn't want it just sitting there incomplete for a long time. = ) glad you like it and thx for the review!!

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Review #19, by JustBrilliantSuck it Up: First Dates Bite

13th July 2011:
Ooh, me like me like. 10/10 :P

I saw on your story summary that you were wondering about how to get the banner on. Idk if you got any assistance with this or not, but I thought I'd try to help you if I could. If it's animated this may or may not work - I really don't know. But if not then you just save the banner into a file on your computer (for me, I just save to My Pictures file that's already on the computer), upload it to an image-sharing website (I use Photobucket for example), and then copy the link of the image from that website, then you come onto hpff and go to edit the story summary and press the little button on the top that's like a small mountain (when you hold the cursor over it then it'll say "upload an image" or something like that), and then you put the link into the box that pops up - it'll tell you were to put the link, no worries.

I think you may know most of the whole procedure I just gave you, but I thought I'd go ahead and include everything just in case.

If that doesn't work, then go to tda or wherever/whoever you got it from and ask someone about it.

Hope that helps,
-Caitlin (:

Author's Response: Thank you Caitlin for your instructions:) Actually, the only thing I'm having trouble with is getting to the direct link :/ but I'll figure it out! Thanks for your review and I appreciate it a lot:)

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Review #20, by JustBrilliantPretty Boy: Juice-y

11th July 2011:
Heheheh. I've already read the first 19 chapters of WTTC and the first chapter of DV and now I've read the first chapter of PB and just...
Dear LORD hahahaha.
ANYWAY, I think that for a girl writing a male POV this was pretty great. Especially when describing how he feels about 'girlie' things. I know you've written up to chapter 7 (possibly farther) but I thought I'd just say that writing in the opposite sex's POV gets easier the more you do it.. Since I'm currently writing a fic from a male POV too haha.. But I think you may already be figuring that out.. :D
...and I'm not a creeper. Promishhh.

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Review #21, by JustBrilliantDéjà Vu: Visions, Full Names, and Silent Conversations

11th July 2011:
I seriously considered leaving a review that was nothing but "hahahahahahaha heheheh ahahahahahahahah," but I decided that would be really annoying.
Every scene in the first chapter made me laugh at some point :D
My favorite: I love the usage of the full names. 1) It's funny basically no matter what, and 2) Dear God JKR gave them hysterical names (although I respect them all very much) so it's even MORE hirarious..
Yes, hiRarious.
Tis a word.
..that I made up.
You're officially the first author that I'm favoriting. ;)

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Review #22, by JustBrilliantEaster Affairs: Six

11th July 2011:
Yay new chapter! :D
I was a little surprised that it was just that Michelle doesn't like her sister's friends because I was assuming that she just didn't like him because he's a wizard.. HOWEVER, I do understand the whole not-liking-your-younger-sister's-friends thing.. Seeing as I have a younger sister...
I thought it was kind of cute how it ended though, what with Michelle avoiding eye contact with him and all..
One last thought - all I could think at the end of this chapter was: "And the plot thickens.."
Believe me, I know how frustrating it is when your muse leaves - mine left for three and a half years and only just recently came back - so I hope it comes back to you soon. :)

Author's Response: Yes :) Sorry it took me so long to respond to your review.
Well, to Michelle, her sister's probably the most annoying person in the world, so whomever Lori befriends is automatically not in Michelle's good books :)
I'm glad you liked that, thanks!
Ugh, I know. I hope it comes back soon :P
Thank you for your review!

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Review #23, by JustBrilliantAzkaban: My Darkness.

28th June 2011:
To be honest, it never really occured to me how awful life in Azkaban could be. I don't know why, it just didn't. Even when Rowling would write about the really dark times in Harry's life I couldn't grasp at just how bad it could be, but I guess that's because she didn't want the story to be too mature for her younger readers (that and I haven't read the series since 2007). Your story really did grab ahold of how bad it could be and plunged me right into the story, I forgot I was reading a story on a fanfiction site and felt like I was really in the mind of this tortured man, re-living everything as he re-lived it. I want so desperately to read more so I can experience that again, but it was just so depressing (which is a compliment as I know it's what you were aiming at) I don't know if I could handle anymore of it today. I will review again when I can.

Author's Response: I've always wanted to know more about Azkaban, so writing about it was always something I wanted to do. Then I had all these shiny plunnys and the rest came all together.

I'm really interested in mental illness and things like that too (having lived with someone with one for most of my life), so I really wanted to get his inner thoughts right. I'm so glad you took the time to read and review. Thanks for such a lovely review :)


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Review #24, by JustBrilliantEaster Affairs: Five

26th June 2011:
So I really love where this story is going and I really wish you would update it soon :)
But I'm kind of disappointed that I'm the only one that's reviewed this chapter :/ So I understand if that's why you haven't updated it in a while.
Anyway, I wonder if Michelle will ever be mature enough to just say what her problem is. . .

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm very glad you liked it! I'm sorry about that - I haven't been very motivated to write for this lately. I do have some more chapters written, so maybe I can update soon, but I'm just a little frustrated that my muse has just left. Hopefully it'll be back soon as well :P
Anyway - sorry about my rambling. Michelle will reveal what her problem is before too long, don't worry :)
Thank you for your review! :D

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Review #25, by JustBrilliantWelcome to the Chase: chapter.nineteen - Catch.

8th June 2011:
This is just absolutely brilliant, methinks you should update this soon. :)


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