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Review #1, by Lily Opal EvansWhisper: Let The Rain Fall

14th February 2008:
This is one of my favourite chapters, you can see how far Bellatrix has come. In the beginning she would do anything for her sisters, and now she's just leaving Meda because of something she couldn't control. I really felt the anger between the two of them in this chapter, and it's kinda sad that the strong relationship between the two of them is broken. I wonder how Narcissa is going to react to all this?

What I really liked was when Meda mentioned the birthday present. Like, once she accepted her fate she was happy, and what's going to happen to Frank?

Very well written (like always) and I wonder if this is the reason Voldemort's been waiting for? 10/10

Author's Response: well i think that bellatrix's whole problem with what meda was doing was that she really felt that meda COULD control it, but just wasn't. she just doesn't get it because the only person she really loves (besides her sisters, of course) is rodolphus, who is a perfectly respectable pureblood. i have something very special planned for frank, don't worry. it may be a stretch on bella's character, but maybe not. i dunno. we'll just have to see how it goes. i'll just tell you, though, that this wasn't the reason voldemort was waiting for. he didn't expect this anymore than bellatrix did, but it's not like he's going to tell her no. i think you're really going to like the next chapter. if my stupid computer wasn't so stupid i could probably have it done by the time i go home today, but my stupid computer is stupid so it probably won't be up until tomorrow. thanks for all of your amazing reviews!!

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Review #2, by Lily Opal EvansWhisper: Lost

14th February 2008:
They sure are sneaky with their cheating devices! Was Hannah right, and it is undetectable, or will she get caught and have it confiscated?

I'm glad that Meda is finally going against Frank and is kissing Ted, although I suppose the engaged thing may be a slight snag. Can I suggest that in the last paragraph you switch the second Bellatrix Black to a her? It might make it run a bit smoother.

Another enjoyable chapter, and I'm sad that it's coming to an end :( But I'm sure whatever you've got up your sleeve is going to be amazing.

Author's Response: lol i love that part about the cheating device because it was a completely last minute thing that i just randomly thought of, but it totally worked. and don't worry. i'll make sure that the story ends before it finishes. i'm past that phase in my life :P

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Review #3, by Lily Opal EvansWhisper: Understanding

14th February 2008:
Aww, he proposed! I know he's going to turn into a DE and all, but I still think it's sweet.
“Meda’s subconscious seems to be getting her into more and more trouble.”
^ I really liked this line, could it possibly be a forshadowing? *cue music*
I also really liked the interaction between the sisters- there was Bella who was doing what she believed was right, Meda who didn't want to fight and Cissa who was determined not to see anyone's elses point of view. Sort of. Even if I got that part wrong, I still think they contrast well. :D

Author's Response: lol yep i love how different all of the sisters are. it kind of makes you wonder how they can even like each other at all. thanks for the review!!

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Review #4, by Lily Opal EvansWhisper: Andromeda's Secret

17th January 2008:
*ponders over which reviewing hat to put on and finally decides on the one with sparkles*

Hiya, bad luck about the writers block.
I'm glad that Bella finally found out what was going on with Meda, even if she isn't exactly pleased about it.
I'll have to try that power circle thing sometime =]

"But if you do this, then I wont be mad at you. Really. I'll be your best friend in the world."

*smiles* This was my favourite part, I've heard that loads of times and it hardly ever fails to work- I like how it's the same in the Wizarding world and I liked how Bella replied to it. Also the way Cissa and Bella think her falling in love with a muggle born is a (to use Cissa's words) "really...bad...thing", I wonder how they'll try and sort it?

~Lily Opal Evans

Author's Response: wahoo! sparkley hats!! thanks googles for your awesome review! i actually have a 3-day weekend this weekend, so i'll probably most definitely have another chapter up by at least monday. so keep your eyes peeled!

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Review #5, by Lily Opal EvansTongue Tied: Love Stories

7th December 2007:
I discovered this story late last night but had to stop reading as it was around one in the morning and I was exhausted :) So that's why I didn't review earlier..
I am really really enjoying this story, the characterisation, the discription, the dialogue- everything is awesome!
I'm definitley 100% happy with this chapter and I love the way that Calliope has developed throughout the story. It's hard to believe she's the same girl from the first chapter. But that's why I love her! Her speech at the end was adorable and I really liked the way Remus said:
"I was just counting how many times you said you loved me,"

:) Thankyou so much for the excellent read, and definitley 10/10

Author's Response: Ahh yess. I know what you mean. Finding those last minute stories that get you hooked. I'm so glad you like mine!

My little 'Liope has come a long way. I'm so proud of her!

But again, thanks for reading and taking the time to leave me a lovely little review. It does wonders for my motivation!


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Review #6, by Lily Opal Evans:

30th November 2007:
I really liked the way you are introducing something from the muggle world into the wizarding world, I'm sure it will definitley be interesting. I also liked how you characterised Ron and Hermione and here's my favourite line:

“What are you doing up so late?” Ron asked, looking at her like she was one of those utterly ridiculous creatures Luna had told them about

Get better soon :D
*is looking forward to reading the next chapter, which she will do right now* *looks at clock* Okay, well after school :)

Author's Response: Hi! Ooh, yay, interesting is good!
lol, I had to put Luna in there somewhere xD
Aw, hopefully I will *is still sick*
Well....glad you like it! :)

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Review #7, by Lily Opal EvansYour Time Will Come: Giving In

25th November 2007:
Thanks for the backstory, I especially liked the bit about their parents meeting from playing golf. Just out of interest, why was Mr Potter playing golf? That would be an interesting tale.
It's nice that you showed us how Lily and James got together in this story as it was kind of a mystery, and cheese gives everything a bit of flavour :)

Author's Response: "Cheese gives everything a bit of flavour" How funny :) Thanks!!

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Review #8, by Lily Opal EvansSing a Song...: Overture

19th November 2007:
I really like the way you have made music the basis for the fic, it's definatley orginal and thanks for the explanation at the end, I'm not hot on the music letters and stuff.
Also the description in this was fantastic, I could picture the scene in my head. One mistake though, you put icy instead of ivy near the beginning. Apart from that, I thought this was very well written and I look forward to where the plot goes.

Author's Response: Hey!
Thanks so much for that. It took me quite a long time to get my head round the music stuff, and how I should incorporate them into the writing, so don't worry ^^, ... I will make sure that people like me and you don't get lost during the course of the fic.
The "icy" error must be fixed, yes, indeed.
Huggles to you for being so lovely!

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Review #9, by Lily Opal EvansYour Time Will Come: Addicted

19th November 2007:
What was the point going back to bed now?” Lily had laughed “Its almost morning” Everyone had stared at her shocked. Little Miss Lily Perfect wanted to stay up late “We could get some homework done” she added gleefully
I know this is supposed to be an actioney/ drama type fic, but I just love all the little humour parts you slip in *huggles*
I look forward to the next chapter, and by the look of things, time is running out! *cue dramatic music*
Queen of cliffies? I like it :) Can't wait to have it explained and to see what Sirius says to Poppy about him not being there when she woke up.

Author's Response: Thanks, its quite dark and angsty so i thought adding a little humor would make it more readable. After all i don't want my readers to go and go all emo! Thanks for all the reviews!!!

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Review #10, by Lily Opal EvansYour Time Will Come: Realization Of A Deadly Fate

19th November 2007:
Woah, things have definatley taken a huge turn. The plot line's really interesting and I like the details, like the letter in the previous chapters. A countdown? Maybe they'll be a clock involved somewhere?
I hope Alice gets better soon and sorry this review is short but I want to read the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: Wow, thanks. And you cotton on fast, the whole storys got an on going motif of time.

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Review #11, by Lily Opal EvansYour Time Will Come: Remember...

19th November 2007:
Ok. You just kissed her again! What is up with you? You’re turning into such a bloody pansy, letting emotions get the better of you! What are you James?
This line made me laugh :)
What I liked about this chapter was the confusion both Sirius and Poppy were going through. Sirius had no idea what he was doing and Poppy had no idea what happened. It's a shame because as soon as Poppy realised Sirius liked her, she forgot. Looks like he's going to have to start over...
Another line I liked: “Ha!” Poppy cried. “He probably pushed me in!”

Author's Response: Hehehe. Confusion always makes a good storyline :)

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Review #12, by Lily Opal EvansYour Time Will Come: A (not so) pleasant intrusion

18th November 2007:
heya chloe!
I really like the starting to this story, my favourite part was:
To overcome her boredom, she used her wand and painted 2 eyes and a mouth around the knots making it into a smiley face. The face winked at her and stuck out its tongue making the girl laugh. She was happy with her work and for a few moments that bubble of boredom that had grown in the pit of her stomach seemed to have been punctuated.
But then remembering that ‘defacing’ the school was obviously against the rules, she quickly muttered “Scourgify!” and the face vanished as quickly as it had appeared. Then she giggled at the fact that she’d defaced school property with a face,

I liked it because it was cute, but sort of personal as well. I also liked Sirius' comments about the badge, because although it was mean it does show the basics of their relationship.
A very nice start and I'll review the rest tomorrow:) I look forward to seeing what happens between Poppy and Sirius- especially how they'll react after the intrusion.
Is Poppy's surname Beau?

Author's Response: Yeah it is and it means beautiful in french. I thought it was a nice touch.

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Review #13, by Lily Opal EvansWhere Loyalties Lie: Dumbledore

16th November 2007:
Hey there Carly!
Even though I've already read this chapter I couldn't resist reading it again! Although you've probably already heard what I'm going to say, I'll write it again :)
My favourite part in this is probably Dumbledore's thoughts about Lily and James.
Here are some of my favourite lines:

I prayed that he wouldn’t ruin his chances by saying something dumb
“I’m sorry Headmaster, but I don’t think this is very funny! How are we going to get anything done, if we’re always arguing?”
Minerva jumped up at once, as did many other teachers, to round up the animals. I held back my laughter as I watched the Slytherins flee the Great Hall. Once again the infamous marauders had pulled off an oh-so-successful prank.

They're not in order though.
I'm still writing the next chapter, but it's coming on okay. I'll pm you with some further ideas. yay for our story!
Lily/ Leonie

Author's Response: hey! I didn't expect to see you here! lol I'm glad you like Dumbledore's thoughts. I wasn't sure if they were in character or not, but now I know that they are!

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Review #14, by Lily Opal EvansSo Non-Platonic: Incognito

4th November 2007:
Is Cedric going to break up with Hallie? If so then yay and no at the same time. Yay because she'll see that she should be with oliver but no because she'll get her heart broken. But maybe she needs to get her heart broken to have happiness?
I'm glad you got this chapter up and I enjoyed it. I think you showed the tenseness between Oliver and Hallie very well, and I also liked it when Oliver got up infront of the class to apologise.
Quirrell looked murderous with a piece of chalk slowly breaking itself into pieces in the air. That was one of my favourite lines, it just seemed very Quirrell-y.

Author's Response: hahaha thanks! And yes sometimes the things that hurt the most are the things that keep us going on in life.

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Review #15, by Lily Opal Evans:

15th October 2007:
hey, it's me. I'm glad this finallly got validated as it was worth the wait :)

I thought this was really original- especially with the talking books. I also loved how you made me feel bad for Xenophilius even though I don't like him that much ;)
The line I really liked was: Are you sure? Are you sure about that? If you do die, there's nothing to say you were here. You haven't done anything good on your life. Bilius tossed and turned, but it didn't help.
If you help Xenophilius, then you will have made a difference in the world. And if not, then at least you tried. Go on. You know what to do.

Thanks for the really good read and for taking up the challenge XD Also, Mr Dentus- sort of like dentist? Is he ,Mr Dentus, a DE? Or is he just doing what he thinks is right? Thanks again, and I hope you had fun writing this :)
Lily Opal

Author's Response: I'm glad it was worth the wait! If you know what i mean.

Originally it was going to be completely different, but I just couldn't get it started, so I changed my mind, used the Rotfang Conspiracy, an Auror instead of the Minister, and Xenophilius coming for help instead of Bilius overhearing something. I think, on a whole, it turned out a lot better.

The talking books just came into my mind as I wrote 'upset the books', because I thought, wouldn't it be funny, and so completely true of the magical world, to have talking books?

And Mr Dentus was a Death Eater, one of the earlier ones, trying to infiltrate the ministry.

Thanks so much for reading it! (and for making me write it!)

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Review #16, by Lily Opal EvansTen Things To Do: Stolen

12th October 2007:
hi, it's me, Lily Opal Evans from the forums but I guess you allready knew that :)

I like where this story is going- it will be interesting to see how many things on the list that the girls actually complete. I think maybe May and Remus will get together- maybe. It will be good to see how everyone reacts after this night, although by the end of this chapter they seem to be on good terms all ready- but will that change? Good plot, looking forward to see how it develops :)

Author's Response: yeah i figured it out! : ) thanks for the review im workin on how i want it all to turn out, but its hard because i started this story and just wrote as i went, i didnt make a plan or anything so as of now i have no idea whats gonna happen next....(such bad writing habits i know)

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Review #17, by Lily Opal EvansSaying Yes: The Ultimate Question

26th September 2007:
hi! I liked how you made it one biig chapter rather than two smaller ones, I know I would have been full of suspense waiting to find out what would have happened. Tessa is great- Blubber Man. lol, I wonder if he'll appreciate it? or would it just sink into the many folds of his skin?

Author's Response: lol good point..... man i'm so glad i finally got this chapter out.... time for the next one!
thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by Lily Opal EvansMy Baby Girls Wedding: Lily Evans and James Potter

21st September 2007:
in a way i feel bad for edward, he's just being protective, but it's too much. At least Kendra knows what she's doing:) and yay for Lily and James! I liked the way that Edward was pretending to be happy but :
"Yippee,” I growled heading towards the door" do you think anyone noticed?

Author's Response: No. Lily and James were the only ones in the room, and they were too busy being all mushy and in love to notice.

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Review #19, by Lily Opal EvansForget Him: Forget Him.

18th September 2007:
wow. again.
That was definatley an emotionally powerful one shot. I'm almost in tears, two brilliant anngsts in one day- i need some fluff lol.
Siriusly, it was amazing! I saw that challenge and that closing line of the note-
"To quote you, there will be no suffering at all, if only you would forget me."
To me, that line seemed spiteful and i went cold, she was showing it's not easy to forget someone you love and, just, wow. Now i've lost all my interesting ajectives!
One thing i did notice though was that you put `know one else who seemed to want her` rather than no-one.
The change in hermione- especially through the library reference- really showed how much she was greiving.
Have fun doing your homework *groans* i have to do mine tomorrow :(

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm so glad you liked it =) & so sorry I haven't gotten to reading one of your yet. I will! I promise...I just don't have a lot of time lately.
I'll fix that ;) Thank you for pointing it out!

Ha, thanks again =)

xx Lily

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Review #20, by Lily Opal EvansHer Silver Heart Necklace: Her Silver Heart Necklace

18th September 2007:
woah, that's about all I can say. Wait a minute while I think of some more adjectives.
That was amazing, you painted (or wrote really) the scene beautifully even if it was beautifully tragic. Snape's emotions throughout this sort of overwhelmed me- you wrote them so well. The journey of the necklace has come to a close, there was this line i really liked somewhere:
"He left his heart with her that day, both literally and figuratively. He would never be able to forget her, never be able to love anyone else, never be able to move on. He would never not be thinking about her."

I'm a sucker for something literal, and irony.
Lily Opal Evans/ JasperandAlice

Author's Response: Thank you! I love reviews like this.
It's weird though, I find I can either write angst or fluff fanfics. I can't make others it's good you like this =)
Thank you for the fabulous review. It took some effort to get Snape right =)

Thanks again!!

xx Lily

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Review #21, by Lily Opal EvansA Lost Chance: The Seven

18th September 2007:
woo! Lily/Rose is accepting who she is- well, not completley but it's a start. I liked the part where Rose thought she didn't deserve to be Lily, it's kinda sad that she's jealous of her former self all because of an evil person who jynxed her because she was great :(
And I'm guessing Voldie's not best pleased with losing his `daughter`. There's going to be a showdown if he arrives at hogwarts..

Author's Response: yeah, kinda. and yeah, it is sad, but she does have to go through some emotion to make the story real... i hate making her sad, though. I always feel like i know my characters personally.

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Review #22, by Lily Opal EvansSo Non-Platonic: Rules of Attraction

16th September 2007:
yay! Oliver showed Hallie how he feels! Just not at the right time...
Hmmm, not sure Hallie is going to be so forgiving- and what about Eve?
I really enjoyed reading this and am glad I stumbled upon it today :) The guys really have no clue do they?
good luck with classes- I'm supposed to be doing my english homework right now so one last thing- Who will Hallie choose?dun dun dun!
I really love the hopelessness of Oliver's situation and how he is so confused by all of it. Can't wait to see where it goes!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yes the main conflict is if they'll ever figure out how right they are together....a tad sad really. As for homework, I have a psychology exam tomorrow and I havent studied at all! LOL wish me luck

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Review #23, by Lily Opal EvansMary Sue: The Girl With Two Names

15th September 2007:
oh! i spotted another one "Well, it's a good thing I don't live forever then" or something along those lines--philosophers stone hehee.
I really enjoyed this, it's original and extremely well thought out! It must have taken you ages to plan it against the books!
Thanks for telling me it was up and I will check it out when you have the next chapter- oh, is there going to be a chapter on Deathly Hallows and are their only going to be 6/7 chapters?

Author's Response: lol I haven't read the books in awhile so there might be some I add in unknowingly xD anyways, yes only 7 chapters and the last will be on HPatDH :)

It took a surprisingly short time to plan the story against the books actually...only two days haha, but I think it will come out good.

I'm glad you liked it and I hope it stays original, the next chapter should be up soon!

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Review #24, by Lily Opal EvansWhisper: The Power of Denial

12th September 2007:
yay! you didn't leave us hanging! interesting theory about cissa though. Is cissa's near death experience going to show meda not to waste life and that she should not go ahead with the arranged marraige?

i suppose the Dark Lord has realised how strong the Black Sisters bond is - if he hadn't before. Typical, you try to save us with a cliff hanger but leave us with another one (which is even bigger b'coz i like meda most ;)
great chapter and i loved it (as always)

Author's Response: hehe. yes, i'm mean like that :) i couldn't leave you hanging with that, though. i'm not that mean :P i think that meda's resolution is probably going to happen in the next chapter, and if not it'll definitely be the chapter after. i'm sick of her keeping secrets from bellatrix. i think you'll love bellatrix's reaction to meda's secret, though :)

i actually was thinking about adding something in that showed voldemort's realization of the bond that bellatrix has with her sisters, but it didn't really seem to fit because there would've been no way for bellatrix to know what was going on. it inspired me to write something about it, though, so that issue will probably be addressed soon. i hope you like the way meda's story turns out. although, this story is not officially AU, so meda is eventually going to have to break away from her sisters...

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Review #25, by Lily Opal EvansWhisper: Deadly Control

12th September 2007:
woah, that was a turn up for the books! i definatley wasn't expecting that! there's something fishy about that owl... (hehe)
Hmm, why did Bella let her sister harm (or attempt to harm) something she loved? woo! meda sorted everything out- well kinda. it will be interesting to see their relationships once they are back at hogwarts.

There was one line i really liked and that was this one:“We don’t hate each other,” Bellatrix said. “I just happened to go through a spell of disliking him intensely when I figured out what he was doing to you.”
i see some bella humour in there! this quote also reminds me of my friend except she isn't evil.

I'm also wondering when we are going to find out meda's troubles. Is she starting to head in the direction the crystal ball showed her (which she feared)???

Author's Response: yay! a review! actually, as you'll see in the next chapter, the owl didn't have anything to do with what happened to narcissa. the reason that bella let her use the curse on fioran, though, was because she knew that cissa wasn't going to hurt him. the imperious curse doesn't really hurt the victim. you'll just have to wait and find out what happens :D

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