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Review #26, by lily_ginny47The Brothers Potter: Lunch and Surprises

8th August 2007:
ouch, hermione's water just broke?

ow...make sure Hermione recovers, can't bear to read that Ron's in misery again...great chapter...

Author's Response: yup it did and ill try my best *evil laugh*

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Review #27, by lily_ginny47A New Generation: Doors

5th August 2007:
Albus doesn't know what Harry did, eh? yeah, i've always thought of that...knew he wouldn't tell his son yet

great so far...

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Review #28, by lily_ginny47Harry Missed You: II: Horcruxes, Once Again

4th August 2007: sweet...

loved it...

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #29, by lily_ginny47Harry Missed You: II: No Clue Where You're Going

4th August 2007:
aw, Harry/Ginny arguments...precious moments.

ARGH! What about GIRLS?! i for one think girls outrule the world of men...they are so clueless sometimes, don't you think?

they think we're weird what abouy them?

Author's Response: Lol - guys are definately weird, and completely out rule the men of the world. XD Thanks!

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Review #30, by lily_ginny47Harry Missed You: II: Bundle of Joy

4th August 2007:
haha, yes it would look funny on the front page of the Daily Prophet:

"The Boy Who Lived Massacred by Girflriend"

the Daily Prophet would swarm with admirers...great job!

Author's Response: Lol that you!

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Review #31, by lily_ginny47The Brothers Potter: Baby Kicks!

4th August 2007:
aw, knew James wud be stubborn...Albus got his dad's side...

so...yeah, always wondering when will teddy lupin come, i expect he's already talking here...

Author's Response: yup james is a stubborn lil thing
yup he'll be in the next chapter i should know im halfway through writing it =] it will be up tomorrow xD

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Review #32, by lily_ginny47The Brothers Potter: Scans and Genders

4th August 2007:

nice, making me fuss over for being held up...hahaha...nice way to do so...story great so far,,,

James doesn't want another baby? 4give me but he's my fave among Harry's children...

Author's Response: hehe anytime =] and nope he doesn't but he's only 3 and he's mine too reminds me of my brother thats probably why although that being said i dont like my brother that much at time haha

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Review #33, by lily_ginny47The Brothers Potter: One Big Happy Family

4th August 2007:
i quite agree that Percy is a pompous idiot, power-hungry ministry loving moron...(exagerrated) but hey...he's cool.

anyways, James gets too long here...first Albie, now Grandma Wheezy...weird names he comes up with...

Author's Response: hehe glad you agree with me and i know ive extended James's character a bit but i love that little guy he's so cute i think its mainly because ive centered him on how my baby brother acted when he was that age
thanks for le review

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Review #34, by lily_ginny47The Edge of Greatness: The Edge of Greatness

10th July 2007:

that almost made me cry...i thought i was going to faint...

anyways, very brilliant story, ah well...i just hope that in the Book seven that no one ever dies. From what i have been informed...someone will die...but that's life, right?

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #35, by lily_ginny47Harry Potter and the Help of a Girl: The Invitation

11th May 2007:
hey...Hermione you doing? well i see you're a fine author. i like chapter one, very interesting. good for reading my story're review inspires me...

Author's Response: Hey! I'm doing fine. Thanks for reviewing. People tell me all the time that I inspire them in their reviews...but their stories are just so interesting and I like to put what I actually feel down. Thanks again!!

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Review #36, by lily_ginny47Opposites Attract: Chapter One: Meet the Cast

3rd May 2007:
i hope it gets validated

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