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Review #1, by lily_ginny47Memoirs of a Red Headed Witch: The Horse and the Stag

4th May 2011:
Miss. I Have a Boyfriend So Don’t Think I Still Like Harry

epic win :)

Author's Response: yes. i adore writing the twins :)

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Review #2, by lily_ginny47Memoirs of a Red Headed Witch: The Broken Hearted Resolve

4th May 2011:
You're really good with this :) keep it up

Author's Response: I will thanks!

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Review #3, by lily_ginny47The life and lies (to herself) of Lily Evans: Platform 9 3/4

13th June 2008:
Hey, it's a nice story. don't worry about the grammar and happens all the time. I mean, when i started The Tale of Two Potters, i was so excited i had some spelling mistakes...haha

very good job!

Author's Response: Thanks! Keep up the good work on your stories!

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Review #4, by lily_ginny47Incomprehensible Circumstances: Escaping Petunia

24th April 2008:

hehe, i can't stop giggling really...haha, makes me feel warm...loved the way James and Lily beat of those goon type of gurls...


Author's Response: A w thanks. I m so glad this makes you happy

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Review #5, by lily_ginny47The Apple Game: I will marry............

20th April 2008:

haha, this one's cute. very cute, seeing i love the L/J pairing and i'm a die-hard fan of apples...hehe, very nice story... =)


Author's Response: Thanks! I am very honored that you like me story that much! Thank you so much for reviewing!

super Granger

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Review #6, by lily_ginny47Yellow Daisy: Yellow Daisy

20th April 2008:

i just want to say that this a cute story. i love one-shots you see, and this is one of the cutest. haha,


Author's Response: thanks for your review. I like one-shots too. They are so much easier to write as well. I'm really glad you thought it was cute. i like cute stories. Thanks.
Lollie :D

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Review #7, by lily_ginny47Time To Let Her Go: Time To Let Her Go

28th October 2007:
thanks 4 making this story, u really did a good job\!!

Author's Response: Wow! Very few people thank me for the stories I write! Thank you! I'm really glad that you enjoyed reading it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by lily_ginny47Defeating Pottie: Defeating Pottie

26th October 2007:
HAHAHAHAHA!! this is funnier!!

u should write one with Ginny, Luna and Neville reading fan fics!

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Review #9, by lily_ginny47The Golden Trio Reads Fanfiction: The Golden Trio Reads Fanfiction

26th October 2007:
this is so funny. did u know i laughed with their reactions?

great idea! who would've thought they'd read a story about themselves...hahahaha!!

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Review #10, by lily_ginny47Daddy's Little Girl: Daddy's Little Girl

11th October 2007:
i was very touched by your story, yes, you're great at making Arthur's idea of Ginny seeing nothing is always mentioned in the books,

very good!

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Review #11, by lily_ginny47The Boy Who Lived and The Mother Who Died: The Boy Who Lived and The Mother Who Died

14th September 2007:
i wonder why no one has given this a's FANTASTIC! it explains a lot you know, very much and i really appreaciated it, hope you update soon, it's so nice


Author's Response: thanks, i dont know why i have no reviews either haha...
i actually don't think i will update it, i had meant for it to be a one-shot, but if people really like it, i might be able to make it into a short story or something, just continuing to point out Snape's POV and stuff...tell me what you think!

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Review #12, by lily_ginny47All Was Well: “Seven Years Later…”

14th September 2007:
i think Al's like his grandfather a bit, u know. usually i wud imagine him like Harry, meek and quiet but it's your story anyways, and love it...

does Al like Anita???

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Review #13, by lily_ginny47All Was Well: "Our Fathers Famous Last Word's"

14th September 2007:
hi!! this is the second story where i found my name

the first one is about Albus and his cousins too, this one's good too...oh my !!

hahaha, ten over ten!!

anyways, in the other story i was placed in Gryffindor, here i'm in Hufflepuff but it's okay!!


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Review #14, by lily_ginny47I Must Not Tell Lies: The Dawning

14th September 2007:
hi dom!!

nice story, brilliant, love the title and love the banner, great job! i'd give you a 10/10!! Yipee!!!

thanks 4 d love them! hoping this would repay your kindness!! hhahahaha, so corny...but so true...well, gotta go, hope for the next chapter,

see ya!

Ashley :)

Author's Response: next chapter should validated tomorrow and thank you in one review you have more than repaid my kindness just be sure to keep track of the story as i keep track of urs :D thanks ashley :)

Yippppeeee! Lol


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Review #15, by lily_ginny47Jealousy Between Twins Over A Potter: Been Caught Stealing

8th September 2007:
oh no!!! what's George gonna do???

Author's Response: Good question, and i really dont know yet lol

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Review #16, by lily_ginny47A New Generation: Boats

7th September 2007:
hi!!! so love this chapter, why?

because my name's on it!! hahaha, yeah great chapter very much. albus is all nervous. i'm sure he'll be in Gryffindor, and by the way, thanks for making me Gryffindor...

you see, my name's Ashley too!
do i sense something brewing for her?

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Review #17, by lily_ginny47The Brothers Potter: Sibling Rivalry (With some Weasley cousins thrown in)

4th September 2007:
wow, amazing, great epilogue! hope to see a sequel!

Author's Response: sequel is on its way don't worry

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Review #18, by lily_ginny47Jealousy Between Twins Over A Potter: Summer Loving, Having A Blast!

26th August 2007:
hi, reader huh?

just happened to pass by and made me wonder what'll happen when this happens to Harry and the twins..

very creative ;) no one thought of this, sometimes, i do eww but hey it's humurous! :D

Author's Response: Hey I'm sort of new too, well i joined more than six weeks ago but anyway, yeah thanks! I wondered that to so i searched through stories and saw no one had bothered to make anything like that so i was like ' well why not?' and got started and now i have a whole lot written :-) Yes im not good a romantic stuff and when i read things over i do go eww to lol but thanks!

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Review #19, by lily_ginny47The Brothers Potter: When Potters Fly

26th August 2007:
nice one, love it when Albie flew...hahahaha,

an epilogue sure sounds great hope you make it nice and good!! 10/10! hehehe, great job!


Author's Response: haha so did i =p
and ill try my best =]

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Review #20, by lily_ginny47The Brothers Potter: Naming a Flower

23rd August 2007:
so it was Albie who named her huh? impressive and very nice, is James still mad at his sister, hope he doesn't

he's such a a dear, isn't he =D

Author's Response: that it was i wanted a cute way for ehr to be named i was going to have james name her orignally but seeing as he is still not that fond of his sister it seemed more fitting albus should do it jsut to make james feel that bit more distant toward her but dont worry he should come around next chapter or so =] and yes he is

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Review #21, by lily_ginny47The Brothers Potter: The Birth and Death of Heroes

23rd August 2007:
it's me again!!

oh sorry for the delay reading, too busy with my story.but i missed this story too much.

and Teddy learned the reality of his parents, nice one. hope you went deeper with him but it's okay...he can't handle it yet, i guess. and you're soo good!! up to the next chapter

by the way-
my name's Ashley Kathleen...

sounds like Joanne Kathleen Rowling...hahahaha! just call me ashley!

Author's Response: haha its ok and i know iwas going to go deeper but i thought he was too young and what eleven year old would want to know that much perhaps when he's older he will find out everything haha its jsut like harry all over again and hello ashley im Rachael =]

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Review #22, by lily_ginny47Lovesick: Chapter 14

20th August 2007:
ahahahaha!! nice story!

u see the last chapter i read b4 was when lily got the letter...

this is awesom!!

Author's Response: thankkkkkk youu

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Review #23, by lily_ginny47Lovesick: Chapter 1

20th August 2007:
hello there!

u know? i read this story months ago and i wanted to read it again...although i didn't catch the title...and look, i was surfing the net when i found this again!

it's so good to be reunited!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you reunited

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Review #24, by lily_ginny47The Brothers Potter: A Mungos Mix Up

15th August 2007:
man, i hope Ginny's not nervous when it's her time to give birth...i know she's a brave girl...

and those witches are so rude...Ginny was just asking for help!

Author's Response: hehe i doubt she will be she is a brave girl =] and i know the nerve of some people thinking they're better than others haha

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Review #25, by lily_ginny47Whispers of the Willows: Fields of Innocence

10th August 2007:
oh my, i really would like to read how Teddy and Victorie are going to patch up here...really, great story...

Author's Response: Oh, well, they aren't really fighting ^_^ But thanks hun!

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