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Review #1, by danielpickeringHarry and Cho-the way it was meant to be: the welcoming committee

7th September 2007:
I like this story. I really hope Sirus dosen't die in this one.

Author's Response: thanks for the review, you'll be happy to know I have a really special event comming up for Sirius. Keep reading to find out more

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Review #2, by danielpickeringA Different Beginning: The Sorting

28th August 2007:
That was pretty good like the interaction between Harry & Draco

Wonder how long it will take for Harry & Cho to get together

Author's Response: or will they? appearnces won't always be what they seem here...

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Review #3, by danielpickeringHarry Potter and the Third Party: Chapter 11: The Thirty Consequences of a Bad Intention

1st August 2007:
very good, hope Malfoy does what Harry said. Looking forward to your next update

Author's Response: Well, Malfoy will always be a prat, but Harry will have another eme,y to face these days. You may have a clue when you get to chapter ten.

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Review #4, by danielpickeringHarry Potter and the Third Party: Chapter 10: Maritta’s gang

31st July 2007:
Love the fact that Cho is standing up to herself as some friends to back her up. Didn't like the fact that Harry went off at Cho but soon he will realise that somethink is up.

Author's Response: Yes, Harry went off on her on the train, but he had his memory tweeked by Marietta to where he was concentrating on thinking that Cho had betrayed the DA.

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Review #5, by danielpickeringI've Always Loved Him, I Just Never Knew...: Flying Together

31st July 2007:
I love this story. Hope Harry can get Cho to like Kaycee. Like the interaction between Harry & Kaycee trying to get Ron & Hermione. Hope you get your next chapter validated soon.

I also like the banner. just a question about it thegirl on the right is most likely Kaycee but i was wondering if the actress is Autumn Reeser from The OC

Author's Response: Thanks, same here. And no, haha, it's Hayden Panettiere (Heros, Bring it On All or Nothing, Ice Princess...) I think she's really pretty. :P

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Review #6, by danielpickeringHarry Potter and the Light of the Pendant: Dumbledore's Army Revisited

19th July 2007:
very good storie can't wait for next update

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Review #7, by danielpickeringDark Secrets: Black Teaches

30th May 2007:
cool Sirus as the new DADA teacher wicked

Author's Response: thx so much. that idea just came 2 me ya no? i was just sitting there with my mind empty, then it just comes to me and i'm like "that's brilliant! why didnt i think of this be4?" anyway, thx, and glad u liked it. i'm always happy 2 get reviews

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Review #8, by danielpickeringEvangeline: An Unknown Visitor

30th May 2007:
pretty good can't wait for next chapter

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Review #9, by danielpickeringHarry Potter and the Third Party: Chapter 7: Squib in the Family

18th May 2007:
great update, can't wait for next chapter. also try out my fanfic when you get a chance

Author's Response: Thanks. I read your fic, it's really good. Some really origional ideas like the Dursly's moving, and Ginny becoming a prefect. Very good. What did you think of Cho's home life?

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Review #10, by danielpickeringHarry Potter and the Third Party: Chapter 6:The Muggle Hospital

10th May 2007:
another great chapter looking forward to more

Author's Response: Thanks again sooo much for the review! I'll hopefully post another chapter tonight, but it may take some time for the admins to ok it.
Thanks much,

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Review #11, by danielpickeringHarry Potter and the Third Party: Chapter 5: The reflecting of Cho Chang

5th May 2007:
brilliant story can't wait for more

Author's Response: Thanks sooo much for the review, I was begining to think that I wouldn't get one. Actually I had more of the story up, but because I missed a chapter, I had to start over. Another one is on the way just waiting approval. Thanks again very much for reviewing, look forward to more:D

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Review #12, by danielpickeringI don't want to be percieved the way i am I just want to be percieved the way i am: something new

4th May 2007:
Great story hope there's more

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Review #13, by danielpickeringThe Rest of Our Lives: Graduation part 2

28th April 2007:
brilliant start. Can't wait for more. Also check out my story if you get the chance

Author's Response: hey, thanks. YEah i will check out your story.

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