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Review #1, by monee_malfoyJealousy: Tell me the truth!

18th April 2008:
ARGH!!! Finally an update...

and then that horribly evil cliff-hanger!


This is still one of my all-time favorite you two should definitely update very soon.


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Review #2, by monee_malfoyUnrighteous: Turbulent Thursday

5th March 2008:
Yay! The Sequal!!! It's off to a brilliant start, love. I wonder what is going to happen and how Draco comes into the picture. Keep up the great work, darling!


Author's Response: Yay! Haha. Thanks so much. (;

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Review #3, by monee_malfoyArabesque: Of the Nature of the Ultimate Sacrifice

26th February 2008:





Oh, my goodness...


Poor Ron...But he wanted to save her in the end...Poor Ron, poor Hermione, Poor Ginny and Harry and Draco...Hermione is going to beat herself up with guilt isn't she. *shakes head*

I tell you, you're one incredible writer. Kudos on an incredible chapter. Hope you're able to have the next one up soon, and worry not...I'm with you til the end with this fic. = )

Happy Writing!

Monee 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so kindly Monee ^_^ I am so pleased to hear you are enjoying it so immensely ^_^

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Review #4, by monee_malfoyDesire and Demise: Epilogue

16th February 2008:
HA! I knew it!!! I knew when you announced the sequal that he wouldn't have died. I bet that either the Order lied to her about his death (hence the reason the coffin was closed), or they really did think he was dead, but Polyjuice Potion was used and it was really someone else...Hmm...

Do keep us posted on the status of the sequal. = ) Brilliant job, love!

Author's Response: Nice predictions. You shall soon see if you were right! (: The sequel should be up soon, I'll put a little note in the summary of this fic when I start it up. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #5, by monee_malfoyArabesque: Of the Lord's Anger and A Discussion Between Cat and Mouse

1st February 2008:
= O


*chants* Run, Draco! Run!!!

*sigh* Wow...This is an incredible chapter. You have a wonderful ability at being able to bring across impressive imagery. Also, I have read quite a few of Majikat's works and I'm greatly looking forward to the project the two of you are taking together. I'm very excited to see what two writing geniuses can come up with. Good luck to both of you!

Wonderful chapter, dear, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. My guess, as far as the "cure" to the virus would be something along the lines of an injection, of sorts, focusing on the non-magic part...but...I'm not sure...It may mean a sacrafice on someone's part...In which case...


Do try to get the next chapter up soon. = ) Happy writing!

~Cheers!~ Monee

Author's Response: Thank you! I am very proud of my imagery -strokes imagery- Maji and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on TFO! The link to the story site is on my author's page ^_^ Very good guess for the cure.. but who said there was even a cure -maniacal laughter- I will post the next chapter as soon as I finish trudging through all my poor unanswered reviews ^_^

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Review #6, by monee_malfoyA New Kind of Forbidden: Reunion

28th January 2008:
= O

= )

Wow...those last two chapters...whew! But how truly evil of you. You give us this short little heated chapter, get us excited, then cut it short. *glares* You evil person.

I do hope you're able to get another chapter up very soon. I really love this story. I'll give you a 9/10...I'm only cutting you one short because you were evil.


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Review #7, by monee_malfoyA Perfect Charade: "Secrets Revealed"

14th January 2008:
Argh! I started reading this story ages ago when it was on here, but then I saw it updated again and I decided to read all of it over.

I really like this story and the way you've developed everything. I can't wait to see what happens at the wedding and what happens with Hermione and Draco. Hmm...Perhaps Draco will get mad after his night of drinking and show up at the wedding to demand (to Hermione, of course) that she explain what the hell her problem is...blah blah.

Tee-hee...It will be interesting, indeed. Can't wait to see what you have in store. Update soon, please!


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Review #8, by monee_malfoyThe Devil you Know: Baby Steps

8th January 2008:
Okay, so I just read this entire story last night and I must say that everything of yours that I've read, I've really liked. You have a wonderful writing style. It's truly capivating and even if the reader, for some reason, has no intention of reading the entirety of something of yours, they can't help but get hooked.

I really, really enjoyed this story. I must admit that, from the start of it, I knew Hermione would ultimately end up with Blaise, but I also must admit that a part of me (a pretty big part too) wanted her to end up with Draco. He really and truly loved her, probably will forever, and she (despite a big part of her saying otherwise) still loved him. I know she was ready to move on and be with someone who seemed "better," but, all Draco did was make a mistake. He had a moment of fear...and she permanantly walked away from him for that. It made me really sad. Even if Draco did try to manipulate her, he really, really loved her. *sigh* Poor Draco...

But good on you! This story was incredible and captivating. Big kudos to you!

~Cheers!~ 9/10

Author's Response: ^_^ thank you - what a lovely compliment - it is my aim as a writer to catch my audience, so thanks!

i'd picked the pairing from the beginning, but even as i was writing it, i was wanting to write her with draco too ^_^ it was hard not to, being the avid dramione writer/fan that i am.

thanks hun - so very pleased you enjoyed it!!

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Review #9, by monee_malfoyArabesque: Of Black Satin Ribbon and Cold White Ice

28th December 2007:
ARG! This is getting intense...Oh my goodness...I can't even use words to coherently describe...Please update very soon!

Author's Response: Thank you ^_^ Incoherency is always fun ^_^

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Review #10, by monee_malfoyA New Kind of Forbidden: Clean Up the Mess

26th December 2007:
Eeek! This is all a mess...Stupid Draco and Hermione for having to fall in love and get married when their kids were realizing similar feelings sooner. *sigh* Stupid lack of love having a sense of propriety. Please do post more soon!


Author's Response: Hahahaha, how right you are!
Thanks =)

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Review #11, by monee_malfoyThe Gift: A Christmas Story: Simply A Disaster

19th December 2007:
I like this story. Please do continue to write more. Hehe. It will be interesting to see how Hermione reacts in the morning when she wakes up naked and next to a naked Draco. XD


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Review #12, by monee_malfoyChanged Your World: Emotions

3rd November 2007:
AH!!! Loved it! Please write more as soon as you can!


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Review #13, by monee_malfoyChanged Your World: More Confusion

29th October 2007:
ARGH! You really need to get another chapter up...PRONTO! Mmmm...I wonder if she's going to get up and run off again. = )


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Review #14, by monee_malfoyIn His Eyes: Encounters

24th October 2007:
Oh my goodness...that was so amazingly beautiful. The whole chapter was so intimate and beautiful...I'm practically speechless...Please post more as soon as you possibly can!


Author's Response: i'm really touched by your comments. speechless? wow...that's just fantastic. i really wanted this chap to be beautiful and intimate... i'm so pleased you saw that. thank you so much!!

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Review #15, by monee_malfoyIn His Eyes: Lessons

15th October 2007:
Argackaoiwenfaoifuoenaeiowjg! Hermione is such an emotional wreck! Damn girl! Just admit you love hime and quit being so bloody stubborn!

*deep breath*

Good chapter!


Author's Response: ahhahahahaahhhh! LOL!
thanks! just keep reading and you'll be pleasurably (is that a word?) surprised.

so xx
(i checked, it is a word)

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Review #16, by monee_malfoyMaTcH mE iF yOu CaN: A Visit

14th October 2007:

This is getting good. However, I think it took far too long for this chapter to get up. I vote the next one goes up quicker. hehe. Anyway, I really liked it. There were, however, quite a few typoes and gramatical errors that made certain parts a wee bit difficult to read. Can't wait to see the rest of the next chapter! I wonder if he's really going to fire her...or if she'll convince him not to...



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Review #17, by monee_malfoyMy Last Breath: My Last Breath

14th October 2007:
Your fic instantly caught my attention because I was scrolling through and what not and came upon your fic. I read the summary and thought, "Hey, that's from New Moon!" So I clicked on it and, sure enough, you put in your disclaimer that it was, indeed, from New Moon. I absolutely ADORE those books. I think that this was also a really interesting and original take on a Draco/Hermione. You make a very valid point when you mention how Draco is really cowardly and this is really how things would probably end. Really well done! And nice to stumble across another fan of the Twilight series!


Author's Response: Hi!

Yes, I love the books as well. But I know a lot of HP fans that are fans of the Twilight Saga as well. Yeah, I love all the happy ending Dramione Fics out there as well, but I think it's more plausible for a this particular shipping to end badly and tragicly more than anything.

For one, Hermione loves her friends too much; she would never choose Draco over them, and I dont think that Harry, Ron, or Malfoy will ever become friends. It's not likely.

Two, if Hermione were to choose over her friends, the whole school would probably hate her for falling for Dumbledore's murderer (which is what they see him as). Hermione wouldnt be able to handle that, and Draco would not be able to take that much pressure eighther.

So it's a lose-lose situation.

Thanks for the review! It's much appreciated!

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Review #18, by monee_malfoyMore Reasons than Not: Finally A Family

6th October 2007:
YAY! It was so wonderful! You definitely did not disappoint. I am curious though...I know the other "couple" you're referring to woud be Rose and Scorpius...but...I don't know...I can't tell if I'm excited by that, or a little ooged out by it. *shrugs* Oh well, I'm sure it will be great anyway. Excellent job! You really are a very gifted writer. Can't wait for the sequel!


Author's Response: I hope you're not "ooged" out...
It is, indeed, Scorpius and Rose that I will be writing the sequel about =D
You'll be able to read the first chapter really soon.

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Review #19, by monee_malfoyMore Reasons than Not: Arrival

29th September 2007:
AHH!!! I loved it. *squee* It was so cute. I'm glad they finally had the baby. And poor Draco was was a girl. Hmmm...I wonder what's going on between Rose and Scorpius. Normally, I might say they should get together because it would be cute...but then, they're going to be related that would be kind of odd...well, not "related," but they'll be step-siblings. I'm curious, it's probably because I just can't remember, but what year are Rose and Scorpius in? Anyway, lovely chapter! Please do post more soon!


Author's Response: Thanks!! I'm really happy you liked it =D
Rose and Scorpius are in their first year.

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Review #20, by monee_malfoyMore Reasons than Not: Moving

22nd September 2007:
Aww...This chapter was so wonderful and so adorable on so many levels. I loved it. The whole reunion of Hermione and Draco was so sweet. And dear little Hugo...why, he's quite mature, yeah? He obviously doesn't really get that from his daddy. hehe. Please write more soon...I really like this story.


Author's Response: Thanks!! I had so much fun letting them be all lovey-dovey finally!

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Review #21, by monee_malfoyMore Reasons than Not: Leaving

21st September 2007:
AH!!! *squee* I loved it! Yay! She's finally leaving Ron!--Of course, I mean that in the best way possible. *shifty eyes* At least understand. I just really hope that Ginny and Harry are able to accept Hermione's love for Draco. I'm a wee bit confused though. Hermione told Ron she'd be back in the morning to get Hugo, but what about Rose?--Oh, wait...*slaps hand to forehead* Duh...she's at Hogwarts. hehe...I'm a doofus. Anyway, I can't wait to see what you have in store for the next chapter! Hopefully it will be longer *prod*. hehe. Happy writing!


Author's Response: thanks, i'm glad you like it =D
yeah, i think the next one will be longer. i keep finding good places to end the chapters, though, and i don't want to give away too much at once.
thanks for reading!

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Review #22, by monee_malfoyconflict and conspiracy: Chapter Six

20th September 2007:
I thought it was a very lovely chapter. I really do like the way your story is. A lot of Draco/Hermione stories always focus on Draco not wanting to be a deatheater and being noble and switching sides all of a sudden and all that jazz, but you take on a different perspective completely. Granted, he still seems reluctant to be a deatheater, he still is one, which makes him more canon. I really admire your ability to use this side of the story. Bravo! Keep up the great work!


Author's Response: well, there's no point in him having a complete turn around in chapter one, that doesn't make sense, so i thought i'd play a bit on the fact that he's a little bit spineless in the books lol - thanks for reviewing, and i hope you enjoy the rest of the story

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Review #23, by monee_malfoyHappenstance: Enigma

18th September 2007:
Grr...grrr to you and your cliff hanger endings. It was a very good chapter and I think you should definitely post the next one very soon! I really like the pace of this story and stuff. Happy Writing!


Author's Response: I'll post as soon as I can! Cliff Hangers are fun. =]

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Review #24, by monee_malfoyIn His Eyes: Lies

17th September 2007:
AHHH! I really really really really really really really really (two hours later) really like this story. It is a very unique idea for a Draco/Hermione and I think that your writing style compliments it wonderfully. Please do update soon! Happy writing!


Author's Response: lol! thanks! i'm really really......glad you like it! and thanks for the compliments on originality and writing style. i'll be updating as soon as i can.

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Review #25, by monee_malfoyThe Fine Line: Chapter 8

17th September 2007:
I really like this story. Please do keep it up. It's awesome so far, apart from a few grammatical errors and such. Please do update it soon.


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