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Review #1, by Potter n MioneTwo Hawks Hunting: The Last Horcrux

7th November 2009:
YES! YES! I loved it!!! Go Sev!!! Go Harry!!! Go Molly! Whooohooo! Update soon!

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Review #2, by Potter n MioneSnow Girl and the Sorcerer's Son: Hunter's Sacrifice

3rd October 2009:
Oh! Oh! Oh! Silver must live! He must live! Awesome story, Snapegirl! Totally excellent!

Author's Response: Okay and I have another for Silver living!

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Review #3, by Potter n MioneFragments: Try Until You Can't

21st July 2009:
What happens next? You can't just leave it there... When Harry goes and finds Hermione, what happens??

Author's Response: I'm working on a sequel to this, which will be everything from Harry's point of view, and will definitely resolve things. thanks for reviewing

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Review #4, by Potter n MioneHarry & Hermione: Evolution: Friendship

17th July 2009:
Excellent! Much better than the real story, of course! Ugh, I can't stand the thought of Harry and Ginny together, so I haven't even seen HBP yet... and I'm probably not going to see it at all anyhow. I actually am fond of Snape though... I like him as a character, but that's my personal opinion.

Author's Response: I'll see the movie when it comes out on DVD, but just to see how badly the book has been screwed with. And I never liked Snape. Just too evil, but he can be redeemed. I like to redeem people.

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Review #5, by Potter n MioneHarry Potter and the Four Heirs.: Discussions Whilst Shopping.

9th June 2009:
You know, I first read this fic a long time ago and I loved it, but now that I'm rereading it... all I notice are a ton of grammatical errors... really simple ones too... and your sentences are sometimes fragmented. So, you might want to go back and revise this tale now that it's complete b/c the horrendous grammar just makes hard to enjoy the story.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. When you read a story over, you basically know the plot and you begin finding errors. I will not be fixing errors since the difference between my stories show my improvement in writing. You do need to accept that this was wrote in a time where I had little experience writing.

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Review #6, by Potter n MioneHide Yourself Away: Dead Man Walking

10th May 2009:
Hi! This chapter was awesome... as usual. lol. I can't wait for Harry and Aria to get together! Take that, TOY BOY MALFOY! lol... That's a good nickname for him! That and the "Amazing Boucing Ferret." Well, onto the next installment! 10/10

Author's Response: I thought it was pretty funny, considering Malfoy thinks he's God's gift to girls . . .well not anymore thanks to Aria! Aria and Harry will slowly start to get to know each other during the course of this story.

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Review #7, by Potter n MioneHidden Agendas: Bat vs. Toad

8th May 2009:
OMG! That was awesome! Update soon!

Author's Response: I will, thanks!

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Review #8, by Potter n MioneHide Yourself Away: A Sudden Illness

1st May 2009:
Wow! You're an awesome author! I've read a couple of your other stories, and I love all of them! Update soon please! I want to know about what happens next!

Author's Response: Thanks very much1 I'm glad you're enjoying my work!

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Review #9, by Potter n MioneLords of Time And Space: Temporary Hiatus

18th December 2008:
I loved it! Christmas is in a week! YAYZ! Update soon!!!

Author's Response: Yep. Merry Christmas! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by Potter n MioneFinal Judgment: Opening Arguments

30th November 2008:
YAY! I loved it! YAY! That was awesome!

Author's Response: Thanks! I do try.

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Review #11, by Potter n MioneWaking Fred Weasley: Chapter 1 - An Idea

28th November 2008:
This is very sweet. :) Will you have a chapter about the wake?

Author's Response: I'm glad you like this little story so far. The wake will be chapter 3. There's still a bit of business to take care of in the corridor for Hermione.

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Review #12, by Potter n MioneHidden Agendas: Making a Point

20th October 2008:
Has Dumby finally come to his senses? I certainly hope so! Good work, Auror Snape! You too, Editor! I didn't find any grammatical errors as usual!

Author's Response: Yes, he has. The kind of things he saw swayed his opinion dramatically.

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Review #13, by Potter n MioneHidden Agendas: Rescue

13th October 2008:
Yum! I need some of Mrs. Krieger's lasagna! Betcha she's a better cook than Mrs. Weaslette ever was! *smirk* In your face, Weasely!!! In your face! Ahem... excuse me, Snape... Excellent chappie you have here... Keep up the good work! :)

Author's Response: Also, Harry's never had anything as luxurious as lasagna before, and definitely not with garlic bread. And it also helps that I love lasagna and garlic bread. :)

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Review #14, by Potter n MioneLords of Time And Space: Oops: Part 2

9th October 2008:
LOL, awesome... Really, a pity that the server crashed, eh? Lots of reviews were deleted... Stories too... pity...

Author's Response: I'm lucky I didn't lose stories, just reviews. Oh well. But thanks for reading and reviewing this.

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Review #15, by Potter n MioneWhat Becomes of Loneliness: Hogwarts

10th June 2008:
Aww... sweet! Though, u have some punctuation issues in the letter from Hermione to Lily. "when your father Ron Weasley and I" should be: when your father, Ron Weasley, and I. Otherwise, it makes it seem like Ron is her dad. Awesome chappie!

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Review #16, by Potter n MioneOne off's that never made it.: Voldemort's last curse

10th June 2008:
Well, yeah, Arthur! They love Ginny and Ron, but isn't it obvious that they love each other more? Awesome twist, Merlin! Looking forward to your next shot!!

Author's Response: I am now on the lookout for more twists to the usual tales. sorry for the delays in the updates

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Review #17, by Potter n MioneThe Sister: The Sister

5th June 2008:
WHAT? OH, HARRY! YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO HER! You know, i kinda prefer the first idea. Can u go back to it?

Author's Response: LOL. Well, I wrote what I wrote. I might write the other fic some day, but that would most likely also not end too happily. I guess I'm really into this "unrequited" thing right now. Heh. It's a phase. It will pass.

Thanks for reviewing!! :-)

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Review #18, by Potter n MioneHidden Agendas: Operation Flea Dip

1st June 2008:
It's Neville/Luna! That's the other pairing!!! Right? Awesome chapter!! 10/10

Author's Response: If you read my author's note, you'll see that I mentioned that seperately. The other pairing is one not normally seen in fanfiction.

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Review #19, by Potter n MioneLords of Time And Space: The Diary

31st May 2008:
Excellent! Love the chapter! And i love Greek mythology! :) The answer is Adam and Eve! (NOT!) lol It really is: Deucalion, son of Prometheus, and his wife Pyrrha. I think... You know, Zeus destroyed humanity in a flood. Kinda like Noah's Ark, huh?

Author's Response: EDITOR'S RESPONSE: You did it again. Deucalion and Pyrrha. And about the flood thing, there are actually a lot of cultures that have flood myths. The Mesopotamians, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Chinese... and more that I forget :)

Oh yes, and I'm glad that you love the chapter.

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Review #20, by Potter n MioneHermione Granger, Heaven sent.: Chapter 5

29th May 2008:
YAY! They have a cute little brother! Will he be a wizard?! Excellent chapter, Merlin!

Author's Response: There will be a few more surprises soon, hope you can stick around for them. thanks again for taking the time to review.

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Review #21, by Potter n MioneThe Dead Walk Again: Swami Peter

26th May 2008:
Hmm, interesting. Kinda sad though. :(

Author's Response: I know it's sad, but sometimes it happens. Always writing happy stories where they live happily ever after does get kinda boring eventually. But thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #22, by Potter n MioneLords of Time And Space: Encounters of the Gilded Kind

24th May 2008:
I love it! Awesome! Here's my answer: In Greek mythology, the story of Lycaon provides one of the earliest examples of a werewolf legend. According to one version, Lycaon was transformed into a wolf as a result of eating human flesh; one of those who were present at periodical sacrifice on Mount Lycæon was said to suffer a similar fate.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked my newest chapter.

EDITOR'S RESPONSE: You're exactly correct. Zeus turned Lycaon into a wolf as punishment.

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Review #23, by Potter n MioneThe Founders Four: Discovered

24th May 2008:
Love it! :) I'm soo glad they're safe at last!!!

Author's Response: :)

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Review #24, by Potter n MioneThe Potion that Started It All: The Only Way

22nd May 2008:
Bash! Bash! Bash them! Bash them! YAY! Update soon! :) *i hate Mrs. Weasley!*

Author's Response: Yeah, I hate her, too. Next chapter might take a while, though.

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Review #25, by Potter n MioneHarry Potter And The Pot: Harry Potter And The Pot

22nd May 2008:
Weird... i don't get it. (no offense) It was... um... mildly funny in my opinion. Mostly confusing. Is it a Star Wars parody??

Author's Response: Lol You're Not Supposed To Get It That's Why Its Funny Lol
Nah Its Not We Just Through That In There For Comedy Value

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