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Review #1, by blueacidpopThe Baby Project: Chapter Five

29th May 2008:
really good job, please update soon

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Review #2, by blueacidpopTo Be a Snape: Summertime Begins

11th March 2008:
keep up the fantastic work!

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Review #3, by blueacidpopDraco's Five Night Stand: Big suprise

25th November 2007:
lol, are the other girls pregnant too?

Author's Response: maybe...
xx peachessssss

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Review #4, by blueacidpopTo Be a Snape: The Snape Men Are Crazy

16th November 2007:
great chapter, cat wait for another update

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Review #5, by blueacidpopFor Love And Money: Daddy Dearest

4th November 2007:
is there a sequel?

Author's Response: Not yet... It's been ages since I wrote this fic but I haven't ruled a sequel out yet

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Review #6, by blueacidpopFor Love And Money: Seeking Salvation

4th November 2007:
you are so evil

Author's Response: Lol yup :-)

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Review #7, by blueacidpopThe Lioness's Son: The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

3rd November 2007:
i love your story! it took me forever to read and im sorry but i couldnt be bothered reviewing every chapter lol

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Review #8, by blueacidpopIt's Not About The Money: Roses

31st October 2007:
this story is really going along well, its a great read!
Cake and Kisses

Author's Response: Thank you so much.

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Review #9, by blueacidpopHidden Agenda: Epilogue

14th October 2007:
great finish, i just loved it. a sequel would be highly appreciated lol
cake and kisses

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Review #10, by blueacidpopBaby of Mine: The Order's Plan

9th October 2007:
hey, love the story, i would leve a longer review but im in detention
cake and kisses

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Review #11, by blueacidpopRedemption: Redemption

3rd October 2007:
this story is awesome, i really liked the way you did flash backs. it rocks. can you read my D/H oneshot? its called if only i didn't listen to father. :) good job
Cake and Kisses blueacidpop

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I think I will check out your story

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Review #12, by blueacidpopGone: A Broken Heart In Hogsmeade

18th September 2007:
omg i love this chapter, best one yet! please update soon and read my hg/dm story, if only i didnt listen to father.
Cake and Kisses

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Review #13, by blueacidpopVampire Project: Chapter Four - Friends? Part Two

18th September 2007:
you definately do not deserve a hateful review, lol. its a really good story and i absolutely love it. right before i read this story i was on my fanfiction account and you should have seen the review i got from someoe. it was horrible. my first story is called this dress was my mothers, read it if you feel like it. i know its not the best, but hey it was my first go,
keep up the good work
Cakes and Kisses

Author's Response: Aww, first time authors should defiently NOT get a horrible review! Next time they write you, just delete it without even looking at it. No one deserves to be treated like that. Thanks for the review!

- Jessie

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Review #14, by blueacidpopFallen Hard: Fallen Hard

10th September 2007:
c'mon, that isnt an ending. please add more on!

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Review #15, by blueacidpopThis dress was my mothers: The raging of hormones

15th August 2007:
i decided to review my own story, LAME-LAME-LAME-LAME-LAME

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Review #16, by blueacidpopTo Be a Snape: The World Cup

7th July 2007:
i would like to say that over the last couple of months your story has been the oly one that i have been this interested in. you are defiately talented with a great story line. as i sit here at present i hope that you do indeed finish this story, and not abandon it like so many others.
good luck, update soon!
Blueacidpop :)

Author's Response: Thank you soooooo much! it is so flattering and nice to hear that my stories are being enjoyed so much. as for abandoning the story, you have no worries on that front, i will DEFINATELY finish this story, but i forewarn you it will be a VERY loooong story....i haven't decided how long yet, but rest assured it will be several chapters long. anyways, thank you again for the stellar review! i'll update soon! :D

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Review #17, by blueacidpopBeautiful Summer: The Pig's Sty

6th July 2007:
this story is wayy funny and i an ejoyig it emencely, please add another chapter

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Review #18, by blueacidpopGames & Surprises: Waking Up,Potions and Notes

26th June 2007:
This is such a good story, it would be such a shame not to complete it. i really wish i had your writing skills.

Author's Response: Aww thankies luv :) I will complete it sooner or later really, Im just really stuck with it.
My writing skills arent that good but thankyou for complimentin them anyways =D
Thanks for reading n reviewin =D x x

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Review #19, by blueacidpopTurned Tables: Turned Tables

24th June 2007:
i absolutely love your story. it is one of the best i have read in a long, long time. could you please write another chapter, im dying from crappy fanfiction! AH

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Review #20, by blueacidpopA Whole New Me: The Boys

22nd June 2007:
your storys is really good, im enjoying reading it. my first ones going to be poster soon so you better read it! lolplease update soon T'will be a 10 when its finished

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Review #21, by blueacidpopThe Baby Project: Hogsmeade and the Visiting Viktor

14th June 2007:
omg i love this story! i cant wait until you write more, its the best!

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Review #22, by blueacidpopParty in the House: The Party

6th June 2007:
i loved the bit about the boxers, very humerous

Author's Response: Thanks! I was unsure wether or not that would sound dorky or humorous. I guess it was funny!

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Review #23, by blueacidpopWhen Worlds Collide: It was only a dream...

5th June 2007:
this story is soo good, i love it. you should be proud i never review but i thought you desirved it. please write another chapter and if you love me include tim-tams. if your not from aus there a chocolate biscuite. m[drools...]
p.s youll only get a 10 rating when the storys over

Author's Response: haha yay! I feel special lol! Thx so much for taking the time to review! lol tim tams sound yummy lol I I most certainly will try to put it in somewhere :P thx so much!~Jaymee

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Review #24, by blueacidpopClair De Lune: Lily's Birthday Without James...Or Is It?

1st June 2007:
please hurry and update again
i like this story

Author's Response: i will hurry as much as i can! glad you like it!

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Review #25, by blueacidpopMy Reflection: Graduation

31st May 2007:
omfg i absolutely loved your story!

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