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Review #1, by yrrah_koob_rUnder The Stars: Under The Stars

22nd April 2007:
Love that story, its so pure, i wish there was more though!!

Author's Response: Sorry =( No more for this one shot, but I'm rather pleased you liked it yrrah koob r! Muchas Gracias!

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Review #2, by yrrah_koob_rOdd Ball: No Point

22nd April 2007:
this story rules!!plz put the next chapter ln!

Author's Response: Thanks! I will soon!

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Review #3, by yrrah_koob_rWayward Son: Chapter One: How's Life?

18th April 2007:
this is really good i give you contrafibularities!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #4, by yrrah_koob_rI want to be you girfriend!: In the Great Hall

18th April 2007:
that is odd, whats with all the singing!!

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Review #5, by yrrah_koob_rHarry Potter and the Carrier of Light: Now and then

17th April 2007:
You need to adjust alot of this grammar cus no offence this isnt brilliant writing but the story is good

Author's Response: I agree with you 100%...

But now I am completely concentrated on finishing the story and then I will do the re-editing. It is so not perfetct in many different ways. But I have many ideas about how I could improve it.

Still, thanx for your review. I appreciate it.


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Review #6, by yrrah_koob_rDying to Live: Epilogue ~ Letter from the Lost Years

16th April 2007:
I loved your story, it was very clever how you managed to make her fit with RAB, but the one thing i didnt like was that Voldemort loved someone, and that is the power the dark lord knows not, it seems wrong to have a story centralised around his girl friend. Thanks for the great story !!

Author's Response: Thank you. Ok, I see your point, I just wanted to do something different. No no, see, LOVE is the power the dark lord knows not, that is true, but in order not to feel it, you have to have FELT it. There was a time when Tom was Tom, and not the dark lord. Voldemort was his escape FROM love (in this highly fictional story :P) And she was never his girlfriend :P

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Review #7, by yrrah_koob_rDying to Live: Lost in Confusion

16th April 2007:
this is really good but id like to mention that madam pince and prff kettleburn would have been younger unless you expect them to be 100 now!!

Author's Response: They were younger, but y'know, Dumbledore was around too with a beard and all.. I don't remember, but I do know that I did some research on this, and those teacher were there when Tom was in school, so I'm quite sure that it's not another bug :P ~ Sam M

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Review #8, by yrrah_koob_rDying to Live: Prologue ~ You

16th April 2007:
this is pretty good but not accurate
u see tom riddle was in 6th year in 1948 so ur a bit off but it shows very good story qualities and is set in a different time zone from many other FFs so thanks for bringing it into th world, keep it up!!

Author's Response: And your sure of this? Because I was pretty sure... I don't remember anymore, but I was careful not to mix up the years, but maybe I got it wrong anyway, but your the only one who's brought it up.... I dunno, thank you for reviewing anyways! ^^ ~ Sam M

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